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Notes on 12-13-13

I felt the ground shake under me, an earthquake is coming soon.

Friday — Islands —

“The great George will fall ill”

She will pass around 18th, 19th.

I had a vision of a man sitting in the seat. He seemed fairly young in the vision, and was holding a black gun. “He plans to do great harm”

Eric’s Comments: Friday, as in today, it could be another Friday? They wrote the words out, that’s different, I would have to assume we are connecting this to a previous prediction perhaps an earthquake. “She” has to be their previous message of “Nancy”.  I will be asking more about the man with the gun.

Notes on 12-11-13


I had a visual of the US flag up close. “Now the star will become apart of the process.”

“There is going to be a spill, captain.. 13.. this is a mess.. deadline.. they charge you to fix it.”

Cracker.. 20.. 27.. India.. earthquake

The French / UNs presence in Central African Republic greatly mounts to a much larger one.. a more practical approach ends up working.

The iconic Nancy will pass. heart

I had a visual of a large car bomb going off.

Glossary Reference: Numbers

Eric’s Comments: 1:47 sounds like Jan 4th as a marked date.  Several months ago they predicted that the US would add a state to the country, 51 states. It sounds like that situation is going to be in the spotlight. The India earthquake was an old prediction they seem to be adding these key numbers.
We plan to go back in the next few days and ask for more details so expect to see these predictions again with more information if we are successful.

Prediction 2: Nancy Passes Away

The great Nancy of 91 passes away. The western world will pay their respects. The spiritual realm greets her with a song and dance on the 19th.

This is an old prediction, thats timing was incorrect, but they continue to point it out as a situation that is still coming soon.

Expected Time Frame: Spring of 2012