Notes on 12-2-13

I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.

“Cracker coming in 17 minutes.” That puts it around the 19th or between 18th and 20th.  They showed a map of India , but also mentioned China. “The Cracker will affect the fragile outliner” — A damaging earthquake in 17 days

I said, “So I am assuming the Florida Hurricane is a failed prediction” Spirit responded. “Hold you tongue, fall is not over yet, it will be horribly huge” Fall officially ends December 20th.

The 16th is marked.

“NOW” A prediction is due to happen in the next few days.

Glossary Reference: Minutes, Cracker, Whopper

Eric’s Comments: Number 7 could be a date. There were 4 bullets but I heard 5 shots, perhaps I am looking to much into the details?
Outliner? Perhaps they mean on the out skirts of the nation that has the earthquake, its location is sketchy and perhaps it crosses borders in an area that has very unstable buildings.
We are still expecting a Florida hurricane even though the season is over. They mention ‘horribly huge’ which could just be linking this message to the previous ‘whopper’ that is forming.


23 thoughts on “Notes on 12-2-13”

  1. It is not a hurricane that hits Florida, but a huge tsunami caused by remnants from comet ISON (the Blue now Red Kachina of Hopi prophecy) Amen Amen

    The Son of Man says: Get your hearts and minds in order mankind. Get your houses in order!!!! You will be judged. The Tribulation begins December 21@11:11 p.m. CST.

  2. A Hurricane or winter storm equivalent around Florida is not out of the question, as sea surface temperatures are still very warm here. Over the weekend, the southern part of Italy saw 30 ft. waves in the med. from a cyclone. Extreme weather is the norm now and very few places will be exempt from it.

      1. As much as I’ve seen in Italian news (no international news coverage so far): With a wave of 11,8 meters = 38 ft at the coast of Crotone (Southern Italy), forced by subtropical cyclone “Neptune”, a new Italian record might have been set today.

        Quoting in translation:
        Stormy sea invades countries of the Ionian coast as if it were a tsunami.
        It is a National Historic record: never in Italy such a high wave was measured, will mean: for more than 30 years, since there have been official surveys with buoys off the various ports. The previous record dates back a few days ago in Sardinia: At Capo Caccia on November 11, 2013, during the “Storm of St. Martin” a wave was measured with 10.5 meters. Two extreme events so close together really are a clear sign of how much the Italian climate is becoming more extreme.

        Images within this link

  3. I am wondering what the “fragile outliners” are. I google it and an “outliner” comes up as a software program. What’s interesting is that they speak of outliners in terms of being “fragile”. Thought that was weird. But am wondering Eric what your “gut instinct” is telling you? It couldn’t be a reference to a place, “Silicon Valley” or the Seattle (Apple) area could it? Or mistaken for the word “outlier” which has to do with bridge structures (I believe)? Sorry if that’s a big leap there, tend to over think things. In reference to the crayons/ markers…I simply think of kids in elementary school. Lets hope it’s not another school tragedy thats about to unfold. Unfortunately it sounds like there will be something that happens in Florida before the end of the month. My Sister and Brother-In-Law live in the Lake Mary area and I will defenitely warn them! Thanks so much for your dedication Eric.

    1. Fragile outliner? I think they are saying these earthquakes in India/China will be moderate in size but the area will be ‘fragile’ and therefore extensive damage is expected especially in India. Outliner could just be a reference to the border of India.
      They shy away from presented a magnitude because some nations are equipped to handle earthquakes and some are still working towards that.

  4. re: cracker ….. Eq in india along the border with Afghanistan and or Nepal? The fragile could be a reference to Afghanistan or Nepal as both are politically and economically fragile.

    re: shooting – thoughts are that an adult male, age 17 or older that was once considered a nice person shoots four people ( four shots ), the fifth shot is a suicide shot or a shot from a bystander or police officer that takes down the male aggressor. 7 days, 7 weeks, don’t know.

    1. Its possible, but I don’t think that’s what they are referring to, in some ways its possible that the magnitude of the earthquake isn’t huge, but the damage will be heavy because of the fragile buildings.

      1. yeah like an outline. when drawing a building, you would draw the outline and that sets up how its going to look. if the “outline” is fragile, it would collapse easily. Or it could just mean something on the coast outline.

  5. we need better gun control. or better safeties on guns like a bio lock. I am all about the right to bear arms. however when that right was written people were not shooting up schools and movie theaters. Also whats with CO and their shooting up everything? Definitely not moving there.

    1. I agree with updating laws for the times we r in. So better gun control amongst other things. I guess nothing is going to happen until it affects the politicians, who make the laws, personally in some way, and people start taking real responsibility for the weapons they own and the children they have. It’s not always the case, but as a single Mother who’s raised three kids, I’m really tired of seeing those parents who think their kids are going to raise themselves. So again, I don’t know what the case was here in this recent Colorado incident but I really feel that it’s got to be a combined effort of many things along with gun control.

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