Halloween Blitz Personal Readings with Eric Leigh-Pink

You have read my endless World Predictions given to me by the Spiritual Realm in an orbit of time and space, in a place both distant and far. I have predicted the fury of Covid, I blacked out the date, January 6th, I warned you of Putins Invasion, After the King of Terror fell I warned you ISIS would rise, and with it we predicted the Paris Attacks and Belgium Attacks. We have predicted endless tragedy with the hopes of altering the nightmares of tomorrow. On this Hallows Eve, because lets be clear I embody all things Halloween, I offer you my gift. Allow me to predict your tomorrow and allow the Spiritual to advise, guide, and predict you. You have 3 days from the moment this is posted, to request your reading from Bea my profoundly wonderful Secretary. Three days to make your request at “Half Off” the cost of our Reading, but there is a catch. You must know my work and craft. In your email request to Bea, share with us another accurate world prediction I made, not on my list from above, one equal to its accuracy. What do you consider my most accurate world prediction? Please add your required quiz answer to your email request. With Zoom in hand I can do readings anywhere around the world, bring your family or just bring your lover and together I will predict your tomorrow.

One Hour Readings normally 120$ will be 60$. Please use Venmo or the half hour button on our site to pay for your Hour reading.

Half Hour Readings normally 60$ will be 30$. Please use your Venmo or personal paypal for all payments.

Bea sets up all appointments. at worldwidepredictions@yahoo.com for Eric, please include your full name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Location of Birth, Country City, or Time Zone, and possible days you are available for your reading. Looking forward to talking with you. Three days starts now. Happy Halloween

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  1. YourAverageNeighbor Avatar

    Eric thanks for sharing this with us. Off topic, I would like to ask about the current war in the Middle East. I’ve heard rumours that there would be a false flag attack on U.S.S Gerald Ford which would be executed in the same fashion as the U.S.S Liberty incident in order to drag Iran into this war. If I recall there were predictions of yours regarding military ship bombing in the Middle East and also another prediction regarding a possible war in Iran. What does the spirits have to say about this? Thanks in advance

  2. Nicole Avatar

    Have you seen the Hurricane Otis stuff Eric? That has to be the Mexico storm you saw with the rapid unexpected intensification – so scary and sad!

  3.  Avatar

    Eric, do the recent predictions about baseball uniforms and red hats and two men have anything to do with the Maine shooter?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Those hats had weight. I do not recall seeing them in the Maine shooting. What tragedy.

  4. Pete Medium Avatar

    This Week My Blog Reviews The Accuracy Of Some Early Predictions Including From 2011. And November heralds the beginning of much change and upheaval for the next four or five years.

  5. Sara Avatar

    Are you doing okay? Haven’t seen you post in a while.

  6. Itk Avatar

    Sara, he just posted today; see the posts about Russia.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Oh, okay, I didn’t see those posts yet. Thanks.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It’s been crazy busy. The blitz was huge! I actually have plenty to post, but i still need to edit and refine.

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