Predictions 5-2-16


I asked, what happens in California? I had a visual of a monstrous looking hand, with a black reptile looking skin and large fang like nails reach out to the state.

I had a visual of tiles on a floor, they had extensive blood on them.

“When the beast is damaged.. this is how they respond.”

“This will happen.. weeks away.”

California will be attacked, the implication was a port again. Usually when they refer to a beast its an organization or group, they have in the past referred to the Nazi’s as a beast. They also have clarified the timeframe as weeks away. Not sure why they presented it with such urgency before. But if that’s the case I have to assume “In 2” means two months.

“Obama will have an accident.. injury.. and require medical attention.”

“There will be one massive landslide/mudslide that will engulf so much.. so much damage”

They implied this location had something to do with a river.

I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak.

Please do not go directly to the worst case,  they are not predicting the end of the world in any way. I understand the biblical reference of the ‘black horse’ and the four horsemen, but note the source, these Spirits have a direct connection to the Heavens, and they know religion far greater than you or I could ever imagine, so using biblical references are very common for them. I believe the prediction is simply warning us that a great famine is coming.


Skype Readings

I am very excited to report; as of June 1st we will replace email readings with Skype readings.

All email readings will come to an end on June 1st. Their will be exceptions made for those with a language barrier but all other email readings are coming to a close. Also on June 1st (sorry not before then) we roll out Skype readings for everyone outside of the United States. These readings will only be available from 8pm pacific time to 12 pm pacific time Monday-Saturday.


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  1. Avatar

    Would it be possible for me to get the e-mails. I don’t do skype. Too old to learn 🙁 Thank you for all your efforts to help people! Sally Calvert

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      If your interested in a reading please email me at Yes assuming that phone is out of the question then email readings work for me. Its not something in stone, but we are trying to pivot.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Thanks Eric, I’m happy to hear that you do the reading via email as I don’t use the Skype. I”m getting old too to learn new things to keep up with.

        Blessings to you and Spirits!

    2. star48 Avatar

      Sally, it is very easy…if a 90 year old can do it ,you can…
      if you need assistance go to Best Buy…the Geek squad, is truly helpful.,I am sure there are other organizations that could assist you.,,it opens your life to new experiences, and can connect you with family and friends…so they can stay in touch with you..,
      Please do not dismiss it out of hand.. You are never too old to learn..( my opinion and experience with 79 yr old and. 92 year old…)

  2. velvetmaggot Avatar

    Sometime in the first couple weeks of April I had that spider dream with one being a black spider with a yellow dot on it’s back. I felt this strong urge to tell you about it, and I did share, but it didn’t really fit anywhere then, do yellow dots mean anything in your area? Or spiders with yellow dots?

    1. Mari Avatar

      Ps i think its a black widow..

      1. star48 Avatar

        Mari..hi..”The” black widow has a red marking..

      2. mari Avatar


    2. Mari Avatar

      i am hemini also. June 11 double sign
      and double numbers.. Is sometimes
      like 4 people in one body!
      Re your reference to primaries..
      Re teump endorsements by white
      brotherhood.. Do u think they will cause
      problems/ violence if he doesnt win
      CA primary?

    3. mari Avatar

      not sure if relevant but there is a gang tattoo which can symbolize racism or brotherhood spider with yellow dot on back, or can be any color dot depending on the gang..there is also a terrorist flag all black with a yellow dot in center..

  3. caseyatthebat Avatar

    Is this great famine you were shown, does it just effect the U.S. Or is it worldwide? Nor did you mention a time frame (beginning and/or duration). Or were you shown just a possible event in the very far future?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      This year. The expected location is both India area and Africa, but we need to confirm.

      1. Julia Avatar

        Eric, if you google Ethiopia drought 2016, you will see that the famine is already happening. Six million children are hungry, and things are expected to worsen,

      2. Caseyatthebat Avatar

        Geez, poor Africa can’t get a break. They have had one famine after the other somewhere on that continent for over 20 years.
        I’m surprised about India, only because they have those yearly monsoons.

  4. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    California and “weeks away”, may be referring to the California primaries, which will take place on June 7th (my birthday)…five weeks away. As ugly as things have gotten with the orchestrated mobs, the next step is for law enforcement there to use deadly force or lose their own lives. I equate floor “tiles”, with Mexican tiles. This could also be a reference to the mobs of Mexican nationals protesting as well.

    1. Mari Avatar

      Gemini? Me tooo… June 11. Twin sign and
      twin digits!!like living with 4 other people!
      But gifted with intuition! Happy to meet u.
      Have a great night

  5. VR Avatar

    Skype is out of the question for me, I regret.

  6. teleile Avatar

    Are you aware that it is against Divine Law to accept money, or even ‘donations’ or gifts, for any spiritual information? (Yes, you can break the law, and tens of thousands of psychics do; but as with breaking an earthly law, there are consequences later). You are charging $100 an hour for readings, which is $100 too much. 🙂
    We all have hands, and can find other ways to support ourselves.

    1. Mary Avatar

      Eric is blessed with his gifts and not breaking any law. I disagree, Teleile.. He has a gift to support himself. Just as I use sign language and I’m deaf. Is that against the Divine law by sharing my gift to communicate with deaf children. I’m being paid as a teacher to teach deaf. God gave us a gift to use without any ashamed. $100 is very reasonable as others famous physics charged as much as $500 and plus. Eric is charging very low and wants to help many people to his very best. Please do not be hard on others as it can be harmful to your soul in return. You are forgiven and stay peace with your very soul. It’s the only way that helps your soul by being kind to others.

      Have a blessed day to you!

    2. anthony Avatar

      Well you might as well throw out all religious infrastructure onto the streets and let them beg for breaf.thats what inmans monks priests do. I hear they also beg old ladies to leave there property to the chuch bcc when they die in their will. Were coming to a time of paid services going forward were spiritual advice will be seeked without having to beg for food and shelter.there is no light in money but enough is enough. I can see the government sponsoring retirement,or helping with retirement. The church of,rome should be shot. Honor those that have served. I believe the age 75. Splurge for those that have served.

  7. melbrake Avatar

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, in the East rise the Devil’s Triangle which was a key symbol to the NAZI, recently had visions of NAZI attacks.

  8. rhona Avatar

    divinity dies not issue consequences here there is balance . No Angel God or devine source has a problem with people helping people and the intention of saving lives it just doesnt make sense..we live in 2016 notice its ben two thousand and sixteen years since the calander changed after the master christ walked the earth …making a living with love and humanity in your heart is rewarding not punishable …thats old energy surfacing ..i get where you are coming from. but even the masters accepted food clothing and even money to be distributed for teir needs or that of others they met on their journey that were in greater need than themselves
    If we all lived by freebies it is open to abuse and no sincerity it honors the gift it doesnt deface it
    Eric is most reasinable in his charges .if he he was to be paid for all the insight he gives the world on this site he would be a millionaire ..look at the bigger picture of what is happening here..
    This is a response to your comment and my opinion on the subject you raised .thank you for that it gave me the chance to say he us a beautiful soul wthat is forfilling his missiin in life admirabley
    i have not had a reading from Eric but thise that have aleays feel better ..speaks for itself i would say.

  9. anthony Avatar

    Im leaving California this week. Sending golden dome over California. Drought is finished by next year. I see green which is life. Cia nsa fbi can handle the threats.sounds like someone is coming in. My guess Arizona

  10. rhona Avatar

    Anthony thank you …with you in spirit take care …thats is the news i like to hear….may the dome shine bright and full of love

  11. Ivetta Avatar

    Obama is said to have an accident before May 15th. So, I have that he shouldn’t really recover from, but he does.

  12. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 what are you doing burning lol the midnight oil now
    they are purple color code for depth and mag ….deep purple deep lilac shallow ..purple is 4-5 mag
    on the same page again ..i did think about American planes Indians as i started …i have a wrought iron circle that im twining with rainbow wool it loiks as though it has grids of the planet criss crossing and i have feathers gand kids a family have given me interwoven in it represent the family circles interconectedness through ancesters i love it …..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, jules104,
      a side note..
      New volcano eruption..on another Island…Bristol Island ( UK) south sandwich Island
      Been lots of activity out there…luckily waaay out there..

  13. teleile Avatar

    I was not talking at all about religion. Yes, it is fine to earn money from working, whether teaching sign language or baking bread. And I am not being hard on Eric nor saying he is a ‘bad’ person.
    But it is a Universal law – not ‘religious’ law – that one must not use spiritual abilities or knowledge in any way that benefits the self. That includes other things, money is only the coarsest benefit.
    That includes psychics, mediums, and astrologers. Yes, it’s an inconvenient law, but don’t shoot the messenger, please, I didn’t make it, I’m only telling you about it!
    I am an intuitive astrologer, and would be very rich if I charged for my help, but I don’t, I work with my hands to support myself.
    Spiritual information is given freely, and we are to give it freely. It’s just a fact; and a very unpalatable one to most, I am used to being vilified if I mention it.

    1. caseyatthebat Avatar

      I was always told that a truly gifted person, whether, psychic, astrologer etc, does not charge but offers their “gifts” freely. I have known some that will accept a donation, but do not require it. But many do as it is a source of income and it is what it is. Not adding my two cents to be critical, just to support Teleile that I have heard also, what she states.

    2. Mary Avatar

      Sorry for misunderstanding. Hope you have a blessed day.


  14. Christophilos Avatar

    Teleile…………….interesting concept. God bless your service. Don’t know where you got the idea of the “Universal law.” Do you have a Scripture reference to share regarding this? Question: How did Jesus and the apostles get bankrolled?

    1. teleile Avatar

      Jesus never charged anyone. The *community* supported Him. Not individuals paying for individual help. Can you see the difference?

  15. star48 Avatar

    SWC, after I read this post ran across this article – Indian River county
    #1″.Most talk about terror targets during the years has revolved around large gatherings of people or heavily used modes of transportation. But as the United States uncovered more about al-Qaida’s plans after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, explicit plans were found that involved attacks on food and water supplies, federal officials said.”
    #2. “Stevens’ course is designed to increase awareness about the threat of agroterrorism, which could happen with a terrorist using a drones to strike a farm with chemical or biological contaminants.”
    To read full article..


  16. star48 Avatar

    I comment about an article.
    …report of Intentional food contamination.arrest..
    Investigating other stores.
    “ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — The FBI says a man is in custody after he admitted to spraying a contaminant that officials believe contained mice poison on unpackaged food at several Michigan grocery stores.”


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What a horrible man.

      1. star48 Avatar

        I agree…I think this us a snapshot…and they have not listed his motive…or affiliation.
        ( my opinion) agroterrorism has been overlooked.
        As food will become more important …due to drought, famine..etc.,
        ..will spiders look to hit us….targeting water and food.? I think yes…

  17. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 an aside to your aside rember i pisted herd islan big ben surprised scientists with an explosive display during research ..well an interesting point Bristol island 59° 02.0’s and Herd Island 53 4′ s lattitudes ..when i searched their distance apart it is almost a straight line …it made me smile though as map diagram link produced a huge smilely face conecting them ..just thought i would share

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, Jules104, SWC
      new report..,on tsunami risk for N.Z.
      Tsunami risk: World’s shallowest slow-motion earthquakes detected offshore of New Zealand — ScienceDaily

    2. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, another Volcano has erupted…Strato..will attach link it is towards the bottom..
      With this new Global Monitoring system glitches or ( ?) I have had to go outside the box to get info….I found this new site.,funny they have some of the things I have posted from other here goes (?)

  18. rhona Avatar

    STAR 48 i think yes too agroterrorism has been in my thoughts for a very ling time but in my travels to stores i have tried to white light these vulnerable areas in our shops just simply as i shop ..its a real and try to keep my thoughts positive its such a low life act

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Great idea, Rona! I’m going to do that, too. Can you imagine if that idea spreads to help prevent that in the stores, how much difference it could make? Thanks!

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Mine also Rhona, Star48, SWC. I believe they will start to work smarter not harder in a sense. For some reason I am not getting all of the comments. In case I have missed any.

  19. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, SWC
    lots of movement..Swarms in AZ..
    Largest EQ near Lava Bed Park!

  20. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, hold on to your socks..
    Swarms of EQ ‘s near and around Mt. St. Helen. ,yep

  21. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104,
    wired came out just after this announcement that Magma is just recharging at Mt. St. Helen’s.. That is why EQ’s. .(do I see a trend here?)

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Sorry Star48, just checked site. Haven’t been getting all of the comments put out. Sorry if I’ve missed any.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        We just made some adjustments to get rid of some of the trolling so the comments were down for a few hours. I would guess its just a glitch during that time, let me know if its still an issue moving forward.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Eric. Do you know if it’s on my end why I need to keep signing in here and then into the WordPress account? I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong. It keeps asking for my sign in info every time I want to reply or comment. It didn’t use to do that.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I am sure its a glitch.

  22. rhona Avatar

    swampy 11 thanks i agree its a simple step to task and it just a matter of seeing it over all fresh produce etc
    happy lighting

  23. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,Jules104, SWC..
    Regarding Pennsylvania …5/04/2016 — New Fault + Large crack in ground forms in Pennsylvania / East Coast USA


  24. star48 Avatar

    I think that the USGS is sending out all these alerts to diffuse attention..
    Or to hurt us with so much information…it tests credibility ?
    What do you think?
    “WARNINGS ISSUED after Sunday Earthquake in Kentucky — INTENSE FEAR of Massive “New Madrid Fault Zone” Quake Soon!”

    1. star48 Avatar

      Not hurt hit us…

  25. rhona Avatar

    star 48 jules 104 Swc my eldest son and i werr just talking about this 5 min ago…he started convo….something really big is coming ..and you know i dont get into this but i can feel something coming and its going to be more over next twelve months ….
    maybe another planet like planet x hehsaid …

    him daying this and iaddrd nothing to
    convo just noded

  26. star48 Avatar

    Rhona,and son, Jules104, SWC…
    This is a perfect time to make sure you have a family Plan in place..
    Someone who is a pivot contact out of your country or that you can check in .
    Also make what if plans..—so that everyone knows ” the Plan”
    So not everybody is running around looking for each other.,wasting energy and time,
    A gathering good for the plan …hrs later? Or next day?
    Plan for sheltering in place or to evacuate ..
    .gathering important papers ..( insurance, deeds, birth cert, wills,etc)
    This is a good idea as a family to do…I remember when I was 20 yrs old,
    There was a once in a lifetime family emergency, no parents, one out of state, the other in coma..
    We had no family plan in place. I learned from that..I want everyone, to just think,plan once..
    So no one , children included need experience, anything close to that..
    One day, one conversation, a plan…it replaces fear…if you have a plan..Blessings!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48, I agree everyone should have a plan in place. I found this on dutchsinse recently. A new study from the Geoscience folks. Sounds similar to what he’s been saying all these years. I’ve added the link in case anyone’s interested. Either way I think there is a lot of change going on underneath our feet.

  27. rhona Avatar

    MariaT and this article as adjunct to yours it mentiins saltan sea that Mari was worried about a few days ago when 1 if 5 volcanos in the area had a notable eruption

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhonda, I did not add,
      while on differant sites, ran across a woman, who she and her friends complained of Loud Booms…not from Camp Pendelton, ( she knows those sounds.,)
      No booms from Anza to SDiego, she lives in Menifee.,all her friends are looking for answers.,,
      So lots of unease, unrest. People just want answers…no massaging, no redirection,just the facts.
      Because it is a first person account I am looking for reports, so I can comment officially.,,
      I will keep you informed…Blessings.., hope you saw my comment about a plan…?

  28. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 yes i do believe it is to defuse the nd confuse but why? ‘
    do you remember the Cental word i was getting …so this could imply the New Madrid fault as article stated La Central
    Mt st Helens …oh my goidness
    yes Star we all have talked about about espcape routes and supplies i have emergency blankets medici and water on hand and who are able to pick grandchildren up fom coastal
    day care
    im on to it and would wast no time if i even sniffed an event thanks for the reminder but having daid that i feel we are ok

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, article about
      Ruapehus Crater Lake..(North Island, NZ)
      I remember that major area well went all to Lake Taupo ,Rotorua and surrounding environ.
      There are 3 volcanos around there…?

  29. rhona Avatar

    star 48 i was reading also about that boom…what are yiyr thoughts …

  30. rhona Avatar

    Swc Star i found this article on Ramapi Fault now im nit sayung it is respisible for the srack in pennsylvania but Blair county is within 161 miles of this fault who knows with all thats occuring lately.

  31. rhona Avatar

    Thats Ramapo fault

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, I think St. Louis is starting a small amount of land subsidence ?
      ( unusual occurance ) or small instability..?

  32. rhona Avatar

    Swc looks like i lost the original article i wanted to post that mentioned saltan. sea
    Mari i will.c if i can find

  33. rhona Avatar

    i have lost the plot not the article…i already posted it a few comments above
    oh well !

  34. rhona Avatar

    Swc Star 48 Mari this is article that mentions Salton Sea …found it and got it right this time …took a few deep breaths and focused i really wanted you to see this because of your intuition

    1. Mari Avatar

      I cant open the article. Is some kind of
      glitch. Oh. I forgot. Happy friday!
      I am on east coast and i am “cosmically
      overwhelmed”. Its like a bucket of
      different pieces of conferti being thrown
      on my head and each little piece is
      a piece of info. And someone is saying
      hey u got 60 seconds to sort it All
      and u will win a million dollars. But
      evwn for the prize i couldnt do it. Cant
      really explain properly. But something
      is not right. Really terribly wrong and
      i am trying to figure it out. Part of is
      we are being given wrong info and not
      enuf info at same time by Spirits and.
      media and everywhere else Like if it is
      unleashed there will be chaos. I will
      try to decipher some more. My migraines
      are like brain aneurisms. Overwhelming
      and i am dropping things all over the place ( i work
      in a lab) and completely scattered

  35. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 have not recieved anything from you is everything A Okay …touch base ..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona just checked on site. I am not getting my comments. I will just go to Erics site until I fix the issue. Thanks for checking. Blessings. Lots to catch up on.

  36. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    This has got to fit one of your predictions. If the fire reaches the oil sands on the other side, this may cause climate change to speed up. 88,000 people is an entire medium sized city. The city is called Fort McMurray, Alberta. I thought of the ‘military base’ prediction.
    Helicopters, trucks set to remove 88,000 residents north of Canadian wildfire

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks I will take a look.

    2. Mari Avatar

      It could fit a past predictipn but i am new
      here so maybe eric will be better able to
      find it
      I feel this fire was deliberate. The oil
      fields will be completely destroyed
      They were 2nd largest oil fields in the
      world after saudi arabia.
      Destroy the canada oil we go back to
      buying from saudi. Saudi regains its
      billion dollars a day loss. Oil prices get
      driven back up. Lots of people make
      Sacrifice many for good of a few. Stalin
      I think.

      1. Julia Avatar

        Canadian here. The news said they think that this fire was caused by a careless cigarette. The grass is very dry due to a lack of snowpack and unseasonably warm temperatures this year. The average temp in Fort MacMurray is about 14C now and it’s been 30C. Fort MacMurray is a town which services the oil industry. The oil camps are further north. We have wildfires burning in BC as well, due to the unseasonably warm temperatures this year. In Vancouver our plants are about a month ahead. My blueberry bushes already have berries and our local strawberries will start coming in this week. Indontnthink there’s an evil plan here, just an early fire season, thankfully, only one life has been lost, a 15 year old girl in a collision as people were evacuating in heavy smoke. People have really been pulling together to help the displaced. Even our recent Syrian refugees have been assisting,

    3. star48 Avatar

      Jon Blue, FYI
      another fire at Fort St. John, also by oil sands, and operations along the same latitude ..strange…coincidence ?

    4. star48 Avatar

      Jon Blue
      report of ANOTHER fire in EDMONTON..
      I think they are being set…purposely started…no lightning…
      Photo: Brushfire in Wood Willow neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta – @BoyerMichel

  37. Julia Avatar

    That should be the average temperature is usually 14C and it has been 30C lately, about 85 for you Americans.

  38. rhona Avatar

    hi Eric Jon Blue…
    Julia careless act and such extreme effect …prayes to all of you…
    i vcime across the video senario entry Eric and even though you say they are not confirmed predictions its quite co- incidental quite” the visual was beyond clear i coul d feel the heat from the town ” 8-4-16….. PNW…Yellowstone…Fort MacMurray..burners are bushfires you say …


  39. rhona Avatar

    jules 104 i had a hunch something like that was going on for you ..i hope it gets sorted real soon with all the probs i hear im glad i dont get noifications ..t can be a task just checking site..good to hear from you stay well

  40. rhona Avatar

    link for burner comment 6-12-14

  41. rhona Avatar

    Mari if you scrill to mt post May 6 at 2.32 i rectified the link that shiwed a 404 could not place it as a reply directly under error as my phone wont lock onto reply and just scrolls when i type….urgh …
    Mari it seems all comunicatiin is scrbled and confusing maybe mercury is retrograde i will check …even my daughter went to the wrong place for a family lunch today ..her sister texed her but she read it wrong …hope your migrain settls quickly as i have said bfore i used to be hopitalised with mine more though getting older has its rewards
    blessings love and light …did yiu catch my hint that coq 10 150x 2 a day aling with magnesium is very helpful ..x

  42. rhona Avatar

    Mari yep Murcury is retrograde have a read…communication with spirit could get scattered too as its being channeled to 3d humanity which is under planetary infulences all to do eith electromagnetic influences

  43. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Eric
    , A major occurance has happened..the mainstream reporting has not caught up…
    5 ISLANDS have disappeared.. Gone from Solomon Chain..,

    1. Mary Avatar

      Star: When did the 5 Solomon Islands disappeared?

      Thanks to those sent the links. I even saw huge crack in Pennsylvania and in Lindley, Tx. Not sure the spelling of the town in Texas. Wow…not that good…something definitely up. The big ones are coming very soon. Have the emergency, dry food and bottles of water ready just in case.

      Praying and keep your “seat belts on”. US will be be next “shaken”.

      Mari: I had horrible migraines yesterday and the day before. It’s stopped for now. It comes and goes. :/


      1. star48 Avatar

        Mary, looked up around 8 differant articles..,many are using the same source material
        They do not date..the discovery, only mention their theory on why..erosion and wave action.
        However found a differant source with a tool belt..
        His off line comment is interesting..
        ” I suppose the “Climate Change-ologists” will claim global warming has melted glacial ice and all the excess water just happened to hang out at the Solomon Islands and drown them ,,,I think it may be more like the Solomons sitting on that Escarpment above the New Hebrides trench and the Pac. Plate is slipping to the NE with respect to the Australian plate …sort of sliding down a ramp so as to make the 5 Islands in question submerge.”

        So the jury is still out. Still getting confirmation ( May take some time..)

      2. Mari Avatar

        hi mary
        Hope u r feeling better today. I had a bad
        migraine wed thurs fri and ysterdy
        Gone now. Something going on. And
        not going to stop soon. What i think is bad is
        that its not one big thing and then over.
        This is many things comung from several
        directions at once. Like they are “communicating”
        with each other and working on same
        plan. I have not felt this kind of energy
        before except right after 9 11
        Its like i am on one of those people mover
        things at the airport. Like things are
        floating but not grounded
        ⛅️ mari

      3. Mari Avatar

        Hi mary
        Are u feeling not well today?
        Earthquake swarms mt st helen
        i think will provoke CA
        If i get migraine in next few days
        will let u know

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Sheesh what next right? Thanks for updates Star48.

  44. star48 Avatar

    Checked with Different sites…not climate change from 2.differant sites
    Tectonic …
    Due to previous data..gathered. See Dutchsinse you tube or Facebook..( heart Logo surrounded black). Blessings everyone..

  45. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 im not surprised to hear 5 islands have disappeared due to tectonics with Venuatu and the solimins going off as much as they have i even mentioned to family something has ti give up there its way overthe top and there is more to come ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      Funny, the exact moment you sent reply..I commented on another thread to you.,
      Did you see comment.about this subject ..I am laughing…
      As A famous actress once said ” hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride”

  46. rhona Avatar

    Hi Julia hope all stay safe and prayers for all if you up there in Macmurray it looked horrific on the news report..
    in australia bush fire is our greatest worry …our south west is still recovering
    woulnt mind some of those blueberries i eat a punit every other day…
    thinking of you all

    1. Julia Avatar

      Thanks, Rhona!
      This is very much like a bush fire.first the grasses catch fire, then the trees. It has been so hot and dry and summer hasn’t started yet. The fires up north are growing larger by the day and threatening to spread into neighbouring provinces. We also have fires in Northern BC, and are unable to send forest fighters next door to Alberta as they are needed here. I’m about as close to Fort McMurray as I am to California. Like Australia, Canada is a very large country.,blest’ spray for rain!

  47. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 thats funny it never ceases to amaze me how you Jules and myself are so in sync / tune Jules popped on line just after i enquired if she was ok as she said she wasnt getting any notifications
    Bette Davis and the line
    ” fasten your seat belts its going to be a bumpy night ” Famous misquotes lol
    i thought it was ride too

  48. rhona Avatar

    Julia keep us updated please …Yes ..sometimes if conditions are atmospherically right the fire can generate rain add prayer to that and hope it happens ..will pray for additional firefighters too ..i will keep you all in my thoughts …as i said touch base often

    1. Jules104 Avatar

      Praying for you also Julia and your beautiful country, Canada. Praying for bucket fulls of rain to come your way and put out those fires up there!

  49. rhona Avatar

    SWC Casino Royale just played on radio
    could be marker oo7…we will c

  50. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Landslide in China..
    See.Some 30 workers reported trapped after landslide hits construction site in China’s Taining County – People’s Daily China

  51. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Eric
    “IS said to use homing pigeons to communicateJordan intercepts bird carrying messages between terror operatives as group attempts to bypass Western intel gathering”


  52. […] Predictions 5-2-16   “There will be one massive landslide/mudslide that will engulf so much.. so much damage”. They implied this location had something to do with a river. […]

  53. star48 Avatar

    May 21st is Armed Forces Day…also a a Full Moon…

  54. star48 Avatar

    SWC, could the beast damaged be El Chapo. ( drug lord)
    He is to be extradited to US…New York..

  55. star48 Avatar

    I ran across some information just released..May, 2016
    Update. About Magnetic Fields..
    .this could contribute to feeling weird, head, body aches..etc..
    I put this under thread — Magnetic Field old posting..I think I will add here too..
    So many have been talking about body issues, This could be contributing?
    I leave it to you to discuss..

  56. jules104 Avatar

    Theses post had to do with a coin and swastika and the word Louisiana spelled out with a target symbol. Could it relate to this post? Could that be a ship or submarine?

  57. […] Predictions 5-2-16   I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak. […]

  58. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    ISIS calling for Lone Wolf attacks on Europe and America

  59. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Serious Water issues “like Flint” some worse..with chemicals..not only lead..
    This report showcases Alabama, but tags – Michigan, West Virginis,as well as Tennesee River issues..

  60. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, mid west..water. ( they mention flint )
    New way of looking at drought?

  61. star48 Avatar

    Nazi ( neo) in Sacramento mass casualties..stabbing someone..

    You made mention in this post the beast…Nazi? In your notes..

    See.Officials say multiple people stabbed outside California state capital in Sacramento after clashes between neo-Nazis and counter demonstrators – Los Angeles Times

  62. star48 Avatar

    your visual “I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak.”

    I read this article when I got to the picture —-this post popped into my head..—had to post..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  63. star48 Avatar

    Guatemala,Nicaragua,El Salvador,and Honduras. drought, and famine forecast..

    Thousands of people in southern Guatemala are suffering from a prolonged drought after years of below-average rainfall. The drought has now resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being left hungry. The situation is particularly bad in the “dry corridor”, a region in the south of the country which extends into neighbouring Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. Guatemala normally expects plentiful rains between May and October – but the dry corridor endures a highly variable climate. The current drought issues started in 2012 when the rains were erratic and vastly below average. Since then, the traditional vegetable crops, such as corn, have not grown properly due to the lack of water. In the areas of Jalapa, Chiquimula and Santa Rosa, children suffering from severe malnutrition – whose symptoms include dangerously low weight, dehydrated skin and hair loss – have been admitted to hospital. It is estimated that approximately 2.8 million people are effected by the drought, with 900,000 at risk of malnutrition and in need of immediate support. Despite the desperate situation, neither the government nor international aid agencies have sufficient resources to support those in need, amid estimations that only about half of them are receiving support. Diego Recalde, a representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Guatemala, warned that food support wounld only provide a temporary solution. He said that it was important to think about long-term approaches that would improve the soil and ensure the conservation of watershed and water supply. Deforestation, coupled with torrential downpours from tropical weather such as hurricanes, has allowed vast amounts of precious top soil to be washed away, and reduced the ability of the land to capture water. Without this being addressed, the crops that have been growing for decades will continue to fail – even if the rains return.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info. We are actually working on new predictions for that region

  64. star48 Avatar

    Eric, more disturbing trends..
    NC toxicologist says water near Duke Energy’s coal ash pits is not safe to drink; accuses public health official of unethical practice after they gave OK to drink that water – AP

  65. star48 Avatar

    Eric, more..water issues..
    Temporary lines keep water flowing in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, after oil spill; officials say city’s water slowly returning to normal – CBC

  66. star48 Avatar

    Boil order for 34 municipalities-counties in the middle of US.

  67. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Corpus Christe…Tx..
    Small areas…can now use regular tap …majority area cannot..

  68. […] Predictions 5-2-16   I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak. […]

  69. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::I had a visual I was standing on a desolate land with a dead tree off to the side. In front of me was a black horse that looked sickly and weak.


    Nine years into a crisis that shows no sign of abating, 11 million people in the Lake Chad basin are in need of urgent help, a high-level conference has heard.

    More than two million people have been displaced and five million regularly do not have access to enough food in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, where the armed group Boko Haram has waged a nine-year insurgency. The insecurity means people who are used to supporting themselves have no access to the land they farm or waters they fish in, making them dependent on outside help.

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