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I have the most incredible job in the world. Who can say their job is to communicate with heaven for all of you. Who puts that on their resume. Then the splendor of my daily rollercoaster begins. I have no idea how the ride will go other than exciting. Here is a day in the life of Eric Leigh-Pink.
I just completed the first reading of the morning, so I burn sage to remove all the energy I just consumed. Sage clears energies. Its function is a resetting of all things. As soon as the sage fills the room, I open the door a bit to let it air out. With my eyes closed, I can feel the spiritual energy leave my body. I can feel the empty shell I am. Then I burn Lavender or Myrrh. I feel the energy return but purified. Then in the most magical splendor, the room fills with pools of this beautiful energy that looks like crystal clear water with a shimmer. It moves in multiple swirls within the room. This is what fuels the reading. There is one corner space that has what I can only describe as a fountain that pours spiritual energy down. It feels incredible. I see it as sparkling water with an unusual bright glow. The heavens are filled with this energy. Without it, the information will not flow. I sit under this fountain and allow the power to pour down on me. It moves like a water fountain splashing on me. While it pours, I can feel myself bob up and down. Vibrations, as they say. Then a jolting flash of light. Marcus begins the same way every single time. “Are you ready?” I, in turn, nod.
A flood of random information comes through. These are all the puzzle pieces of your entire reading. The information will come in completely random.
An image of an axe pops up. Then an echoing voice, “I told her! I told you!” A visual of a leprechaun smiling, then winking, A graphic of flames burning. Visual of a mic dropping. Then this meditation before the reading ended with a visual of lightning crashing. The fountain of energy begins to drip now as it has filled the room slowly like a swirling floor fog.
Lightning represents God. To see it is to say; God was there. Like a child on Christmas Day, I am excited to see how this plays out. There is no greater symbol to see. It perfectly reflects his will. Lightning is an unstoppable force of pure power. Illuminating everything, it comes in a flash and leaves just as quickly, always leaving you in doubt. Was God there? Like a father not wanting to intrude on their children’s moment, our creator quickly helps and quickly steps back.
Now I move to the opposite chair. This is my everyday work chair with candles, trays for the sage, the books I write in, multiple cups, and my toy ducks. As I sit, all the spirits start arriving, like a convention forming. Introductions are happening. Your guides, my client’s deceased family, meet my guides, discussing what will take place. The order in which they will talk. The process will unfold. It’s as if your relatives were on tour and my guides are hosting the tour.
Fun Fact: they make this an event. I mean, sometimes there are other Spirits just hanging out to see these unique circumstances play out. Yes, we have an audience watching from the Spiritual realm; it at times has a party atmosphere. Think about it. It is a reunion of past individuals, and they’re going to enjoy themselves.
As the clock ticks to the phone call, then Marcus occupies the fountain chair. All the other Spirits stand in one corner. If needed, the fourth corner is occupied by ‘guard spirits’. That is very rare, though. It does happen, you would love to see Uncle Bill, but he was a very bad man in life. The spiritual realm isn’t like here; there, everything dark is under the thumb of heaven. So the guards hold the role of a security force.
Marcus puts up his finger when we are ready. Then I call. I have a book in front of me with a pen readily available for everything that is about to happen.
Fun Fact: When your meditating, focus on nothing. It is true they could read the signals of our brainwaves, see what we are focusing on, or you could have an open book in front of you, write your questions and leave it for Spirit to read with their eyes. Much more simple.
“Hi, is this John? My name is Eric Leigh-Pink. Are you ready for your reading? The first thing I will do is give the spirits the floor, let them tell you what they feel you need to know, and if we have time, we will get to the questions. I know we only have 30 minutes so that I will speak fast.”
“I had questions about my wife?” John said.
Marcus quickly points to his wrist. As if implying stick to the process and watch the time.
“Hi John, let’s just try it their way.. see what happens, ok.”
“Ok,” he said, slightly concerned. Then, with such splendor, the energy begins to move, like water swirling and fire dancing. The orchestra is now playing. The spirits begin to float around. I close my eyes, and the visual begins. Here we go. It literally feels like a rollercoaster setting off.
Sometimes the client feels it. Especially in-person readings, when the energy rises, they will say, “Did you feel that?” and I will smile, thinking you have no idea.
Then I close my eyes. At first, I see the blackness behind my eyes. Then I see mist like the air right before the rain as you drive. It forms into gas like structures of light, like heat from a barbecue but much more colorful. At this moment, the energy splashes against me, and it feels so awesome, like standing on a shoreline and a wave consuming you. There is a sudden crackling / electric sound. Then I am in a tunnel. The same tunnel every time. There is an odd glimmer to the ground. I always put my fingers on this ancient wall for luck. I walk down the tunnel into a beautiful light. So warm. I always wondered if the tunnel was a real place or in my mind? It is always exactly the same.
Then the vision begins. The visions move at a hyperbolic state, with speed. Try and imagine seeing something just slightly on fast forward. Or slices of information sliced like bread.
I had a visual of an oven door. Michelle and Marcus, who are my guides for this specific reading, examine the oven, open it, stick their heads inside. “Sorry, there is no bun in here.. maybe later?”
Fun Fact: We haven’t talked about this at all, but Michelle is my better half, my soulmate. A conversation for another day.
Then a booming voice interrupts us. “Where there is a will… life finds its way.”
Let me explain the process here. There are always two, perhaps three Spirits representing us in reading. Marcus is in charge of readings, so his role is that of a director or conductor. Michelle will be assisting in this process. If we don’t understand something, she will find an alternate message, normally in the form of a voice. Macabe, our boss, which we don’t see, is most likely the booming voice, observing from afar. Ensuring the overall ship is sailing the right way.
Then it fades to black. I had a visual I was walking down a hall. Everything was like a black and white movie. On the wall was a set of pictures. The child in all the portraits was in color. It was the only thing in color in the entire house. Then it shifted to show me standing in the Sedona desert. This is where I would first cross paths with my creator, so its significance is clear. Then lightning everywhere lit up the night sky. God was here, in this person’s life! Standing next to them! Then the visual shifted to show a college-aged man jump into a large body of water and pull someone up who was unconscious. Then the visual shifted to show the shadow of a very fit man dressed as a firefighter. Smoke billowed everywhere. He then swung a large ax at the door, again and again. Then I floated up like a balloon until I was outside.
Fun Fact: The view of a Spirit is 360 degrees. It takes a bit of visual adjustment to do this job.
The building was on fire. I looked to see this large city from the skyline. Then boom, one large bolt of lightning came crashing down. The visual shifted to show that same firefighter race through smoke carrying an injured woman. Then it faded to black.
It’s important to understand I can feel the warmth of the fire, the breeze of the sky as I look down from the clouds, the smell of ash, I can smell the chlorine right before he jumped into the pool. It really does feel like I am there. In one reading, I actually became seasick; the reading was for a sailor. I always cringe slightly when we talk about your health because the best way to interpret one’s health problems is to feel it.

Then the visual shifted to show the Price is Right game playing. This is where our rollercoaster shifts direction. I was literally on the stage floor with Bob Barker holding his mic. Bob looked good! But I was a ghost just observing.
“Lep, welcome back, friend. You have three doors to choose from. Which one do you choose?” Bob said in his awesome voice. Smiling at a Leprechaun?
I turned around to see the oddest thing. A leprechaun was playing the Price is Right and choosing a door? Lep gave it some thought and pointed to the middle door. There was a huge, almost stadium-like crowd clapping. Boom! All this confetti shot through the door. The Leprechaun bounced up and down wildly, the crowd cheered. Then Bob went up and congratulated the Leprechaun. Then two young individuals rolled out gold bars on a tray. Then the visual shifted to show the floor of a stage. A woman walked to the center of a stage, stood in the middle of the stage, and dropped the mic.
Then before the visual was finished, before I saw the end, I felt this pullback, followed by John’s voice.

“Excuse me, are you there?” John said
Was he seriously interrupting my Picasso piece? It’s like interrupting a song playing, you can get it back, but it’s not the same. Now I have to start over. Who interrupts Picasso!
“John, please be patient. Give me a minute to hear what they have to say.”
“Oh, Ok,” he said
Then a Spirit takes center stage. I know this because a glow presents itself at the center of the room, politely demanding the stage. As the one in charge, I have to give her the green light, so I do. This means we aren’t concluding the Price is Right saga. But I give it to her all the same.

“I told her! I told her not to marry that loser! Didn’t I say that, honey?” I heard loudly, and I mean, this soul had to get that off her chest.
Then I had a visual of an older woman with the thickest glasses cooking a large pot of soup in what looked like an industrial kitchen.
“Do you want some chicken noodle soup?” She said with a cute smile.
All of the windows have fog on the other side. Thick heavy fog. This clarifies I am talking to a real soul. This person isn’t just a symbol.
Then it shifts back to Marcus. My eyes shift around a bit, then I come back to earth. I begin explaining the details of each visual to John, followed by my interpretation.
I have been making World Predictions for about a decade now and consider myself a novice. Readings, on the other hand, have been going since I was a teenager, I have done this so many times that the symbols are consistently familiar. Let’s put it this way the Leprechaun and I are on a first-name basis.
“Ok, so those are the messages, John let me give you my interpretation. Let’s start with the first message. I am sorry to say; if you were looking for a baby, it’s not right now. It is coming through.
It’s that next message that is so exciting. I am assuming they are talking about your child. He is going to be a hero of some kind. Seriously he is going to be a huge hero. (I find myself saying things repetitively in readings. I don’t know why. ) Wow. I am curious what does your son do for a living.”
“He is a firefighter in training,” John admitted.
Now we can talk about the firefighter prediction more, but I move on because it’s just 30 minutes.
“Ok.. the next message is luck—pure luck and success. I mean, wow, doors opening. A leprechaun and for a woman on the stage. I so want a message like that! Someone has success coming. Do you know what they are talking about? Does this make sense to you?”
I honestly have no idea what they are talking about. I give you what they say. My role here is that of an interpreter. Their language mixed into ours. I always find it amazing how they answer your questions in this manner.
John explains that his wife has plans to go back to acting. She wants to give it another chance. He is concerned about finances because her venture is affecting their money. The Spirits have countered with their own opinion, “The price is right.” Always look for hidden messages; they are always there. The odd messages are so fruitful. In this one message, they came to clarify multiple spots. For instance, the crowd was extra-large, Bob’s stage and another stage, all layered to reflect ‘acting’. Why so silly, though.
This is hard to explain; so much of what we do is so gritty, so rough, humanity can be so viciously cruel at times, and we seek out problems to solve. It’s a job that can be very emotional. As such, everyone always involved jokes and pokes fun. We try very hard to make it light and welcoming like the Television show Cheers. We do it because our work can be tough to see, especially the World Predictions and cases. This is why the work is presented in a light manner.
Then there is the lovely lady. I learn this is his mother. His sister is currently going through a nasty divorce. According to the story, she was never a fan of what is now an ex-husband. She worked at a soup kitchen and had serious issues with her eyes at the end of her life. It’s important that you understand; they are fixed on providing a message that I can understand. Most importantly, here is personality; this person was assertive, loud, passionate, and slightly rude—all features of the actual historical person. Your personality has direct ties to your soul.

“Can you look into my brother Joe?” John asked.

“I need his full name and age,” I asked.
Why do I need that? Why do I need to ask what time you were born? We need a focal point. We need something to focus our massive telescope at. Giving me a name and time simplifies that process; otherwise, we have to start over with the tunnel and warm light, glimmer, touching the wall, and time is ticking here, people.
Fun Fact: When my younger sister goes out on a date. I always say, “Make sure you get a full name and date of birth.” That way, I can make sure she isn’t dating some loser, and yes, that is clearly an abuse of my power, very tiny, though.
If you asked me to look into someone with just their first name like “Tim.” How many Tim’s are out there? We need the details. The more information I have, the more information you will have.
After giving his full name, I visualize a man getting into a car, a Volkswagen bus. His eyes were bloodshot in the mirror. He was clearly intoxicated. Then he raced off. Then the visual shifted to show flashing red and blue lights in the rear mirror. Then a visual of handcuffs coming out.
Now I explained to John, listen, your brother needs to be very careful, not driving under the influence or getting arrested. I was confident in the interpretation. But that’s not what happened. The brother’s car was stolen, the person who stole the car was a heavy drug user, and later the police found the vehicle and arrested the thief.
That is the consistent flaw of my work. You see, a Spirit looked at that future. Then they told your guides. Your guides told my guides. Then my guides communicate it to me. So you can see there is room for errors. If you received a reading from me, you know what I am talking about. That ever so slightly perfect prediction of your future with that one piece just a bit off. Now clearly, we could skip some steps, but that will never happen. No Spirit communicates with me without going through my guides first. It’s a barrier to ensure nothing evil crosses me, like shields surrounding me. When we make the World Predictions, we have guards outside protecting the house. These guards are Bruce Lee times ten. I try not to upset them. I have seen them in action; it’s a sight! To be clear, I am not expecting some grand battle out of Lord of the Rings; this is more about a force that doesn’t want me meddling in its affairs. We are throwing rocks at the house of everything wrong with this world or you. We do it while ensuring Dwayne Johnson is standing behind us.
Now we move on to the wrap-up. John, unfortunately, did not get many questions in. That is the unfortunate reality. I don’t have time to chit chat much with you. I want to ensure you get your messages, this lack of interaction between us is something I need to improve on.
“John, any last questions before I ask; is there anything else you need to know?”
“Go for it.” I think he gave up on questions

I closed my eyes. A band was playing like Mumford and Sons. We stood in a small pub with a stage. Marcus stood by my side. He handed me a gold key.
“Here is the key to all your problems.. because the reality is that you create so many of your own problems.. here is the answer to making your life so much better.”
Then with such beauty, everyone begins to dance with such exuberant joy. The room filled up with dancing, happy people. The band played with exuberance. People in the crowd stopped to toast their friends. Then the key turned into an envelope. I opened it. Right before I did, Marcus touched my hand, pausing me for a moment. “This message comes from the highest authority. All of this can be John’s.” Then he opened his arms, reflecting what John could have.
Then I opened it. It read; Be Humble.
After saying our goodbyes, I wrap up. This is where your family members say, “Thank you.” Some of them graciously go out of their way. Then we edit and critique our own work. Sometimes flow is an issue. Sometimes some interruptions affect the orchestra playing. Sometimes I forget a message. Today it’s one small correction. They point out how I should have emphasized the “middle door” that was important. Most of the time, I don’t know how the reading goes. Nor would I ask. I am here to give you their message. I serve them; my interest in their satisfaction. I am like the moon, only here to reflect their light in the darkness. It’s important that you understand I work for them, for heaven, and they will be represented to the best of my abilities. That trumps my human obligations.
I always imagine the World Predictions as a chummy band of Spirits and one pudgy human charging at a great hoard of beasts on our horses going to battle, all-knowing fully well the odds are against us. It’s us fighting the vilest creatures, and we are going to strike, giving it our all. Maybe just maybe we can pull this off and alter the future forever. What you might not recognize is if one domino falls, the others follow.
Readings are more like being invited to apple pie and tea at Grandmas and Grandpa. All so they can give you their opinion, their advice, their knowledge. “You know, dear. I think you should do this.” Once they start talking, it’s best you sip your tea and listen. No one is better equipped to advise than those who already achieved life; these are beings that already fought the trials life offers. They fought and won. So when I receive advice from our floating “grandparents,” I listen. Please make no mistake, though, our two works here are not the same.

Please share your experiences as a spiritualist, I would love to post it. I am going to give others one more day. Then I will post all of our different ways of providing Spiritual Personal Readings.

Questions? Comments? Here and now.
I leave you with a final message from Bea, who sets up all your readings before you speak to me. Use email! It isn’t very clear switching from email to Facebook, to texts, to Twitter. Please email us for all reading requests. That’s Bea’s two cents at our forum.

To set up a reading with Eric Leigh-Pink contact Bea at  

Thank you, M, P, and B for letting me use pieces of their readings.

33 responses to “Personal Readings A Look Behind The Scenes”

  1. Stephen Avatar

    I think something people might be afraid of is that we all have secrets or past actions we are ashamed of. And we fear a psychic or medium can see all of this! I know somebody who used to work for an internet search engine. He told me about all the shocking things people would search for – strange sexual fetishes, looking for medical/legal advice about shameful things, and embarrassing questions. Don’t worry! The job of a reading like what Eric does is not to reveal and rehash all the embarrassing things you have hidden away in your closet!

    Instead it is to warn you and advise you about things you don’t realize… about yourself and about the path you are on. Maybe you are blinded by pride or fear into not seeing an opportunity to find the love your life or your dream job. Or maybe there is a danger to your health or well-being you don’t realize. I think Eric and his friends see their job as opening doors for you, not running an inquisition.

    Don’t be afraid. It will be a big help.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      ” think something people might be afraid of is that we all have secrets or past actions we are ashamed of. And we fear a psychic or medium can see all of this!:
      From the perspective of someone visiting a psychic, especially for the first time, yes there is this apprehension that we psychics are mind readers.
      In fact, to read a person’s mind would be a total invasion of privacy.

      What happens is the person’s own personal Guidance, and we all have Guidance, permits what the clients wants information on to the psychic’s Guidance Team.
      In my case, after I’d finished the session, I would remember little to nothing of the details of the information I was privileged to pass on.
      Even now, as I’m interacting with you, Eric or others currently, I have absolutely no personal knowledge of any of you.
      However, it has been the case where I have chatted a comment, in one of these forums that related to the person’s concern at the time.
      In other words, a psychic can pass on information in a helping nature to some one, without have a clue that they doing it.
      Our Spirit Friends work in mysterious ways.

  2. Cindy Avatar

    This was so beautiful Eric! I learned a lot reading this and Thank you for you gift (and Thank you to your guides 😘)..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


      1. jbm Avatar

        My first thought was this is way cool, a term used in my high school days. I feel so excited right now after reading this that I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Cindy Avatar

    WOW! That’s just amazing! Thank you and your guides for everything you do to help us!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

  4. petemedium Avatar

    I am about to turn 74. I was raised a Catholic in the days of Benedictions and older customs of the Church.
    My first recollection of my psychic perspective was when I would see a golden vortex around certain priests in Mass or an opposite feeling and wanting to leave the church with others.
    I received thrashings from my father that I could never understand, until later in life, different family member and friends told me of things I’d said that I couldn’t recall saying at the time.
    At school I’d often be sent out of the class or receive six of the best again for things that I can’t recall saying.
    One incidence was when one of my school teacher expressed excitement at the news that Australia would have fully functioning Nuclear generated power supply all over the country by the late nineteen fifties to early sixtys.
    It wasn’t until a school reunion, many years later, that a few of my class mates explained that I had shot up in class and told the teacher that Australia wouldn’t have any Nuclear Generators because its too dangerous. We only have one small Nuclear reactor for medical reasons. We don’t have one Nuclear power generator.

    I now know that I am a conscious trance medium, and as my friends will attest, ask a question on any matters and you’re sure to get an interesting reply: And I may have no idea what I said, or what I’m talking about.

    Though I used to do personal readings, I stopped around ten years ago, preferring instead to address small groups of interested people on what I call the Light Path, A Psychic’s Journey. More recently I started my Blog where many of those who visit here also pose questions to me, which my Spirit Friends answer a week or two later in a Blog. Again I am in conscious trance mode at the time.

    So Eric this is a bit of me and my God given Gift. As you would know, there is a whole book work that I could share, if you want me to. Thanks for the opportunity, and on going permission to link my site to yours. Pete

    1. christine Avatar

      Yes Pete and Eric have answered some amazing questions.
      It is interesting to know the various ways people connect.
      Kindest regards

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I post this message, I would love to share it today.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Eric, was that to me? If so, definitely, I’d be honoured.

  5. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker


    I recommend paying for a longer reading. The time truly does fly & sometimes a message will come through & neither you nor Eric can make heads or tails of it. Eric will work to get clarification but we don’t always understand.

    For me, most of my questions are answered before I can ask. This is good.

    When it comes time to ask questions, please have them prepared in advance. You might have different questions come to mind during the reading.

    Also, the way you word a question affects the answers you get. I always don’t know how to frame a question. This is another reason to let Mr. Eric (or whomever) communicate with you first.

    As for health readings, yeah. I feel bad asking about my health because I’ve been having bizarre issues for several years. I know how I feel so I can imagine Mr. Eric & CD feel horrible! I truly am sorry.

    I do recommend a reading from Mr. Eric. Zoom calls work too. I prefer the Zoom, I felt the communication was more effective & I was less likely to accidentally interrupt Mr. Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks! I do have to warn people the international version of zoom is a bit off at times on working. It did work well for you!

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Yes it did and I loved it! It was also nice seeing you. I got a nice surprise!

    2. petemedium Avatar

      In my piece above I didn’t mention any of the processes of how I used to do my psychic sessions, and you’re right, as Eric said in his case, a good psychic will already know/have knowledge of the primary reason a person has come in the first place.
      When a person entered the room for a session. I would get the least as possible information from them, other than their feed back after I explained the process.
      I explained that if I didn’t get the areas of concern for them being there in the first part of the session, that I’d offer them their money back and the session would end.
      I’d first start with a complete commitment to my Spirit Friends, who worked with the client’s Spirit Friends, and then I cover an area of what I was told was the primary reason for their coming.
      There certainly were occasions when I would return a person’s money and end the session. One memorable time was when a particular woman came to me with the sole intention of getting dirt on her ex so she could take him to court. I started by saying in my introductory piece that my Spirit Friends were concerned for her mind state and welfare.
      Six months later we heard she had committed suicide.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Shoot me an email with some detail so I can post your process.

        1. petemedium Avatar

          Hi Eric. Heading out for a couple of hours, but on my return I’ll get an email together. Thank again mate.

      2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Wow, that is messed up!

  6. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I have told you this before, Eric; but having a reading from you and Spirit is amazing. And its like talking to an old friend, someone you have known for a long time. I call it my “psychic checkup” He makes the reading comfortable and I even got a message for my next door neighbor that was unexpected. The name of the neighbor was even correct, You will hear some amazing things. I usually get soooo excited I talk too much! But that is just me! Thank you Eric and Spirit for putting up with me! LOL But seriously, if you have not requested a reading…DO IT! You will be very glad you did!

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Wow this subject sure has me chatting this morning (Aussie time). Y
      And Donna, you bring up a point that’s worth sharing.
      Prior to the close down due to the Covid 19, I was invited around six to eight times a year as guest medium at a local Spiritualist gathering where I did platform work.
      Every time it came to giving a message to the woman who ran the Church gathering, I would inevitably have one for her husband, who was not into anything of a psychic nature.
      Noticeable 1): Bob, there’s a break in the back fence where your horses could get out.
      She confirmed with a chuckle that she had been harping on to Bob to fix it.
      Noticable 2): What’s Bob doing in the shed, he seems to have gone manic?
      She laughed that a plumbing fitting had broken, he had to turn off the water, and this being a Sunday – the next day was a public holiday – he was desperate to find something to fix the leak.
      I saw a strange tap-like fitting hanging above the shed door, which she later told me was perfect.

      I did get that she and Bob would be travelling over seas the following year, which she doubted. Their daughter had won a cruise and couldn’t take it, so they did a deal and mom and dad went instead of daughter and her husband. Pete

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  7. Shannon Avatar

    Thank you for taking the time to compose this. We all receive our gifts in different ways, so it is so interesting to me to know how it works for others. I receive my information by connecting with the earth. I firmly have to visualize that I am fully connected as everything comes through to me with that connection. I clear my energy by grounding myself to earth and pulling energy up through my feet through my legs and back out through my root chakra. I then pull in energy from the cosmos and cycle it down from my crown, my spine merging with energy from root chakra. Then back to my front up my chest to my head and then back down into the ground. I call on my solar plexes to envelope a golden sphere of protection around my self and the individual I am reading. I call in my guides for protection and ask only speak through my higher self to the higher self of the client. My information comes in packets of information. I can ask to see something and and then get movie in my third eye along with the full emotions of the topic. The information also comes in as I am talking to the client. I will get big chills and then Know I am on to something and the information I am speaking is not my own by coming from spirit. Birthcharts also help as I know exactly who I am connecting with and no one else.

    I have done three readings with Eric and they are so awesome. I have blocks when it comes to myself so he really helps me figure things and is always right on the money. I think it is really great you are trying to bring the spiritual community together in a new innovative way. Kudos.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I share this. Over a post.

      1. Shannon Avatar

        Sure if you think it will help. Many thanks.

  8. justin Avatar

    a repost of an answer i gave to star puzzler a while ago abouy my experiences

    “Justin do you relate to any of that?”

    Yes! some similarities indeed, however a lot inconsistencies in my abilities..
    Not as in often wrong, but as in it pops up and fucks off whenever it pleases.
    I think i can say that 80% of the stuff i get are correct “predicted”.
    Directly or indirectly, wanted or not wanted. somehow, someway and somewhere.
    Yesterday, Today or in the Future.

    (wanted to say 90% but that doesnt feel right for me to say. too arrogant and high number.)

    The different abilities that i have experienced so far are:
    Seeing, Hearing, Sensing, Feeling, just simply Knowing ,(random) stuff from and of people, objects, situations etc. in past present and future.

    Could be right standing in front of me or living on the other side of the planet.
    Could be right happening in the moment or 50 years ago or into future… or more
    it is very random with my antenna.

    Can be through, visions, fragments, flashes, sounds, words, emotions, a song that miracle miracle pops up, angel numbers, something on the internet or even someone just talking (lying). etc

    Dreams with info has happened but not prominent.
    I even had experiences once with taste and smell food that where with somebody far away from me.

    My abilities can be partly traced back to my childhood, both at home and school. I had to take care and mentally defend myself from a young age.
    But i also likely inherited something from both my grandmothers and from past lives.
    I am also sensitive (no HSP) and autistic. and other medical stuff.

    So origins of my abilties are like my abilities.. random and everywhere a bit.
    Rarely i get blocked/blacked out/blank when getting or wanting information. except on me.
    I basically almost never get information about myself or my life.
    Only sometimes (vague) hints and tips of near future things that comes on my path.
    Others have to channel and get that kind of information for me.. which can sometimes be frustrating.

    Might have missed something in my story but i think you get a picture.
    Or just ask

    Star: Any path in life is not easy, it is designed that way. so we can learn and elevate.
    On life i always say:

    Shit is Life, Life is Shit, Shit Happens.

  9. Star Puzzler Avatar
    Star Puzzler

    I have had quite a few readings from Eric and it is amazing to me how good his process is. I usually write down a list of questions to ask before our appointment and in the first 20 minutes when Eric communicates to Spirit they usually answer a few of them immediately. One time after a reading I was concerned (probably needlessly so) about whether my own guides had a voice and were able to communicate on my behalf. I didn’t say that to Eric…the next reading I had with Eric I was told that my guides were there and that they had some things to say directly to me through Eric. So I knew that my concerns were being taken into consideration by Eric’s guides and that they wanted to assure me that my guides had a voice in the reading. I sometimes worry about little things like that. The Spirit guides already know what I am anxious about and will let me know that everything is being considered and handled in the best way. I no longer worry much about anything other than trying to write down the messages so I don’t forget any. The Spirits Eric talks to are great as teachers and guides. Eric always gives me good advice also about my own connection to Spirit and how to strengthen it. I have been grateful for those suggestions they definitely help. I am progressing in this area but I am not sure where my Spiritual path will lead. It helps to get a reading and do a “check-in” with Spirit to see where I am in my Spiritual Journey. Without Eric’s help I would feel a little bit like I might be on the wrong path or something. I just wanted to put that out there. Thanks to Eric and his guides for all they do…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your description is very nice.

  10. Angieraye03 Avatar

    This has me pondering my reading from Eric. First off, it was amazing! Secondly there was no doom and gloom really. He had told me that someone I knew was very shortly going to pass, but someone who has been sick for quite some time. After some initial alarm , I could truly think of no-one. Then, that night I had heard that someone I hadn’t seen or talked to in 30+ years had just passed after a long battle with cancer! I couldn’t believe it.
    I fear I was one who interrupted Piccaso. I feel rather sheepish now. After reading his process, I can’t believe I interrupted Picasso! I will certainly will hold my thoughts until they are asked for. What a beautiful thing to behold.
    We had talked about my kids, myself and my husband. Eric had told me my husband would be getting a new job in which he would have some questions of “what are we doing this for?”. We thought it would have to do with his high moral compass because of the agency he was going into. Turns out he’s just bored. Lol. I see that now, and how it was interpreted.
    At the end of the session he told me i should be careful when at the beach and to wear shoes. I had just come home from being at the beach with no plans of going back. So I was a bit perplexed as was he. We hung up and was processing what was said. I had a giggle bubble up and laughed out loud because at the beach, when we were walking back I stepped on something sharp and hurt my foot. (I have no idea why i didn’t remember when talking to him!) I felt like someone was watching me with a smirk on their face. The sense of humor tickled me.
    I certainly plan on having another session with him and spirits. I find it fascinating and comforting that our guides help in the process as well.
    Reading other experiences and the processes of others in this forum and the way others connect to the spirit world and their spirituality gives me a lot to think about and how I connect, or don’t connect to that aspect of my life.
    Thank you for this post.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  11. jules104 Avatar

    Wow thanks so much for explaining how it works for you Eric when you are doing readings. I love the Picasso part… thinking I did that also, found it hard just waiting for Spirit… but now I get it!
    Just laughing picturing that Picasso being painted and me interrupting. 😆
    You really have quite a job to do and how you connect along with everything else is really so fascinating. Thank You so much for taking the time to enlighten all of us Eric. You are such a wonderful gift to humanity.

  12. Hugo Avatar

    I had a wonderful reading with Eric. Beforehand I was a bit nervous -it is a date with destiny. But Eric sounded like a very kind and natural person and suddenly I felt really ease.

    He was silent for about 5 minutes as he listened to his spirits, Then he told me my biggest influence was that I once lived in the west of Scotland in the 16th century. There was a lot of conflict. I was involved in many sword fights. I was then given the task of protecting children. This consumed the whole of my waking life.

    He then warned me of a friend who was always intoxicated and had no sense of responsibility and also of a fire in the house.

    He put me in touch with my Mother and we laid a lot of things to rest and put a lot of things straight and made up which was a wonderful feeling and something we couldn’t do in the living world.

    He then told me the tasks set out for me in life, which is to remove barriers between people and build things in collaboration with others.

    He told me many things about my family that only I would know and understand which was amazing. There is no other way he would know these things other than through spiritual means.

    At the end I really didn’t want to go, I could have stayed there for hours.

    Thanks Eric for lending me your precious time. It was a great help and a lovely experience.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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