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Some of the greatest stories to share with you are the countless personal readings I have done over the years. Before World Predictions was ever a consideration, I have been predicting your future, for almost three decades now. That is a lot of readings and a lot of stories.
‘But I am personally forbidden to share your information. It’s true, I literally burn the books I write your readings in as if your information where spy worthy. Nothing is ever shared, and that is some really untapped awesome stories.
‘I have an interesting idea. What if you shared your greatest experience with all of us. A prediction I made. A moment you had with my guides. Then in a very unique way I will retell the story from my perspective along with your story. What if I showed you in real time how it all works. What are the Spirits doing when they predict your future? How does it work behind the scenes. Names of course would be changed but it would make for an interesting read, but only if your bold enough to share with millions. For your consideration, all of my fans, become apart of the story here on our World Prediction Site.

Baby Eric for fun

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  1. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Aweee baby Eric! Wow so cute! Of course having my sons was special for me! Nothing cuter than a baby boy! Hope you take lots of pictures of your new sons too! My sons had tons of hair even as little babies and triple crown parts parts hard to get hair to lay flat! Lol.
    Take care.

  2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I will have to go through my archives. You are right, lots of stories!

    I want to share a story that can show how miscommunication can give the appearance of a “false” reading or how the client could go in the wrong direction. I “knew” where I needed to live. Mr. Eric gave descriptors & insisted where I wanted was not the place. I am currently where I want to live & his descriptions match!

    I’m leaving out details to keep this short.

    Off the top of my head, you talked about where I would move. I had been trying for years to move into a specific apartment complex.

    1). Y’all said I was looking in the wrong part of town.

    Reality —> I was at the time you made the prediction. I had given up on the place I am at now. I did ask about it & y’all said “No.”

    2). Y’all did say I would live near a school,

    Reality —> I live near one the oldest & best elementary schools in the state. It is historic for a somewhat sad reason.

    3). the location would be closer to my school to the point I could walk there,

    Reality —> YES

    4) you saw a bridge or train tracks

    Reality—> Yes to both! Train does have to cross a bridge.

    5). I would be placed in a unit that had a lot of older people in it

    Reality —> Yes

    6). You saw fireworks & thought I might live near someone place people go to to play.

    Reality —> Fireworks went off on New Years. Right above my head! I won’t give more details for privacy reasons. There are parks & walking trails nearby. Also museums & concert venues.

    7). You said I would live near a street name that has a reference to a major film [name withheld for privacy].

    Reality —> YES

    8). The apartment complex name has to do with a plant, a flower or tree but Mr. Eric felt it was a flower.

    Reality —> YES

    1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
      T W Longtime Lurker

      CORRECTION—> I meant in the building & surrounding buildings, not my specific apart.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  3. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Mr. Eric’s eyes are the same!

  4. Mary Avatar

    A sad one. You asked which family member had mental problems and I answered naming an elderly relative of my husband’s, who had dementia. You were very concerned that he wasn’t taking his medication. I didn’t know what to do with this information as my relationship with my husband’s family was always a little tenuous. Later there was a crisis because the elderly relative had indeed not been taking his medication. I still feel bad about this one.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I wouldn’t. It’s information they ‘hope’ you catch. They know what’s happening and like an audience in the seats they are only saying what they see at a distance. But they know the odds are not in their favor. But you recognized it.

  5. adventuresofashton Avatar

    Please tell me we are not about to begin world war 3

    1. mk Avatar

      Oh dear Biden leading America into WW3 with Russia. This should be interesting.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        War is not interesting or exciting, fyI.

  6. Rmf Avatar

    Wierd stuff going on Eric. Markets are crashing, Europe seems to be on the brink of war and China is causing concern in the pacific . Is all this going to blow over or are we on the brink of something.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Blow over might be to strong. I am not expecting WW3, the prediction of 6-5-16 sums it up on the post. That’s what I am expecting here.

  7. R2D2 Avatar

    Omg!!! Adorable baby Eric! Happy baby at that. So, so sweet.💜💚🧡💛💙❤

    I have so many he predicted I don’t know where to start!!!! Let’s start with a community one. During a reading with Eric he suddenly heard hooves. For the record…its not good. He saw a violent assault. A very evil person committing a violent crime. Upsetting to Eric I kept listening and scribbling down as fast as possible. The message was meant to ascertain if I was in danger and/or others.
    What happened? During that EXACT time frame a women was violently assaulted, with box cutters, raped in her car in a parking lot of a family park. It was on the news within in hour. The women is alive. I sent the news clip to him.
    Eric saw an approach to a car…in a park not far from me. Park: Was 5 miles away!!! Um they got the evil man. Ohhhhh that wasn’t a fun story. Ok. Ok. A few more.
    He asked about my son. Is he dating anyone? I see hearts…hearts…hearts. I hear Barry Manilow. Lol. “How deep is your love…how deep is your love?” Well my son dated no one during college sticking to the books. He met a girl he was gaga over at the time of the reading. Omg I lost it. How did you know that?! I squealed. Heehee. Tell him not to get distracted Eric says. Eric? He did get distracted. Hahaha.

    Unfortunately my sister in law died of lung cancer in her early 50’s a few years back. Months prior I knew she was going downhill. In the reading I said. When? Very reluctantly becoming quiet and sweetly apologetic, he said end of Oct/beginning of Nov. She died smack in the middle of the timeframe. Sad but incredible! A later reading my sister in law came through describing the flowers I bought for her memorial. He says she says….”Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love them” Well Eric had no idea this would be her EXACT verbiage when alive. She would repeat Thank you often. Eric described the plant to a tee. Also he said in the reading, an intrusive moment….I smell coffee why do I smell coffee? Its strooooong. My niece, her daughter worked at Starbucks!!!! The message? Was for my niece who needed that confirmation so bad as she missed her Mom terribly. ❤
    Eric THANK YOU for providing comfort when I needed and to be aware where needed. Seriously, I could of lost sleep had it not been for your intuitive insight. Many blessings your way.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would love to share this. Is that Ok.

      1. R2D2 Avatar


        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Can you do me a favor and email your reading recap, so I can start writing it up. Something to copy and paste or quote. Thanks so much.

          1. R2D2 Avatar

            Will do. Just saw this comment.

  8. Fabian Avatar

    Am I late to the party to give out my testimonial? I hope not, but if I was then I am so sorry!

    Anyway, here’s mine testimonial of my journey to Worldwide Predictions:

    I was skeptical of psychics in the past and had been consultations with a few of them. Some were good while others were rather shady. Then, I heard about Eric Leigh Pink and Worldwide Predictions. He’s a very interesting individual who I started to trust but I have some trust issues with people. However, with him, I can rely on him.

    The first time I have spoken with him was a few years ago, sometime around 2017 if I can recall, and he, through his spiritual friends, told me that I needed to go to the gym to workout my body which at that time I didn’t go due to anxiety issues. He also explained that I was going to move to a different place. Turns out it the company that I am working for was moving to a new location twenty miles from my house. Inconvenient but I managed to find a comfortable route to go without getting on the freeway (California, go figure haha).

    There were some other concerns such as one of my family members has lung problems. I told Eric it was my grandfather because he used to smoke and last year he had colon cancer and survived it. However, he had a mild stroke and a blood clot which forced him to be in the hospital for over a month. Good news, his speech and eating has improved and he’s going to be working on getting his balance back.

    The last time I had talked to Eric was last May and as usual I had huge anxiety issues, but Eric put me at ease and said that everything is going to be ok with me. I had to take some notes to be sure to follow the advices he and the spirits are giving me because I am kinda like a bull sitting on the train tracks not moving. Speaking of bull, Eric told me that I was supposed to meet the love of my life somewhere in the mall or at a convention center (something in regards to similar interests). This person has a bubbly personality with dark hair. He also said to me to GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS AND GET OFF THE ONLINE DATING SITES (Sorry for the yelling). That’s still in progress and I have stopped getting on the sites about a couple of weeks ago.

    As for my weight, Eric has told me that I always look at myself in the window/mirror. He told me to work on myself and the good news is that I have started last July, two months after speaking with him, and have lost over sixty pounds! I’m still working on my body so I can get down to the 180s or 170s, but winter time is making my weight gain back. So, I am currently working on that and I hope by February of this year I will sign up for the gym.

    As for finances, he explained that my financial hole is filling up because it used to be empty. I explained to him regarding on how I basically tried to help others but not myself. Currently, that too is still a work in progress but I have managed to invest in some stocks. Is it going to make me rich? I don’t know but I really want to be financially comfortable, secured, and independent.

    Wow… That was long! Sorry about that but these are some of the things Eric and I have been talking about but one thing that I really want to work on is how to relax and enjoy life because Eric said that I need to. It’s just that life is not always fun and you got to really take care of yourself. My grandfather always to think positive. If he was able to beat cancer twice, survived the Korean War, and other health issues, then what do I need to complain about? He has a great life and so I can too!

    Thank you so much, Eric and the spirits! You have helped me with my journey so far even though I am a stubborn, or rather hard headed, young man. Hopefully we can talk again soon!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you!

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