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Wow I was absent. I am very sorry about that. We are back and with our new step, we return with a crazy idea. The idea is a simple one but is expected to have many obstacles for us to figure out.

World Predictions: For year’s now we have predicted events, locations, but what if we flipped this entire process on it’s head. With the cycles of the moon guiding us what would happen if we predicted time itself and I reported back to you? Would that work? We have done it before. World Predictions: November 3rd So it does work. But does it work better than our current work? We are about to find out. Be patient with me as we test a different way of predicting the future. However the Spirits and I have very high hopes for the idea.

Personal Readings: There was a time when you could just shoot me a text, send a FB or Twitter message asking for a reading to see your future. Then I of course would say yes. Because of our massive growth those days have passed. Now every time you make a request I in turn hand it to my secretary Bea so she can add it to the list. So unfortunately you are falling in the back of the line, of her already multiple email appointments. So please use and make your reading request through my wonderful Secretary who can get you a scheduled reading much faster than Eric. I in turn will continue to sit in my perch reading all of your futures.

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5 thoughts on “Personal Readings with Eric

    1. Instead of asking who will be the president on Election Day. (the event) Ask Spirit what will unfold on November 3rd. Instead of predicting ‘events we will be peaking through that moment in time.

      1. Understood. That makes a lot of sense. A lot of times what comes out seems premature on the timeline and I start to think “well maybe it could be this…” but as time moves forward the predictions fall into place and what seemed unlikely…is likely…like when you predicted the northern Ireland thing, the middle east peace deal was being broadcast through the media and I thought this has to be about the Israel peace deal… but the realities of what is going on in northern Ireland is now being reported on and it makes perfect sense. Excited to see how this method works. Seeing how you are interested in doing it by moon phase, maybe in the future delving into other astrological transits could help. A lot of the work Nostradamus did mentions planetary relationships. According to Einstein time is not absolute, so working on the backdrop of space-time might be helpful.

  1. So will you be asking specific days, months and years? It could be very broad. But, I guess the old way was broad too. Lol. We know election days but not what day an earthquake will hit. So I’m wondering how some predictions will unfold. I, however, have no doubt in you and spirit. Will your personal readings also be in this be form?
    Also, Im happy to see you back.

    1. The readings and world predictions operate differently. So no I am not expecting any change there. I don’t see us having it that exact but just like prince Philip we should be able to narrow the timeline by days.

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