Class Two: The Language of the Spiritual Realm.

Join us.
Class Two
The second class has arrived.
Learn the Language of the Spiritual Realm.
May 12th at 6:00 PM Pacific

If you missed the first class there are still plenty of Spots.
Learn How to Connect To the Spiritual Realm.
Class One
Day Class: April 15th 2023 at 9am pacific time
Or Night Class: April 21st 2023 at 6pm pacific time
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to reserve your zoom Spot, the classes are 60$ and the payment button is linked to the Personal Reading Page.


So now your connected to the Spiritual Realm, but what does these messages mean? Why are they presented as riddles? The messages you will receive will be strange and symbolic and story telling, but have meaning and structure. Let me teach you the Language of Spirit. In this class we will also teach you about flow. Once you connect to the Spiritual Realm there will be an issue with flowing information. The information just stopped. Where did Spirit go? This is an issue with flow. I will give you cues on how to keep the information flowing and flowing and your connection strong. Then a third part, a secret to amplifying your connection.

Here is your test. Real messages for you to solve. This is one of the many things I will teach you:

What could it mean?
Each of these messages from the Spiritual Realm could be summed up in one word but that’s not how Spirit communicates. It’s always a story.

I had a vision, of a slice of toast burning, in the toaster oven. On the counter 4 more slices of bread fresh and available.

I had a vision of an airplane flying off the ground. Rising in the air

I had a vision of a dirt ground, nothing but dirt, out of the ground one small plant sprouted.

I had a vision of a book, then Spirit showed me the back of the book and showed me the last page.

11:11 ?

You have seen it in two messages now what does it mean?
The Ancient One Speaks To Give Me A Miracle.
World Prediction 2-1-23

Give us your answers in the comment section.

Just this once.
If you attending my very first class in March we are inviting you back at no charge, perhaps you missed a part, or want to see the finessed version of the class. You are welcome to attend. Just for those who already attended the first class

2 responses to “Class Two: The Language of the Spiritual Realm.”

  1. javamyworld Avatar

    My Review of the 1st Class:
    Before the class, my dreams were more like “take what I could get” and after I woke up, I would wonder “what was that about” and try to find out through dream interpretation sites online. It’s amazing how many different types of interpretations for one dream concept you can find online.

    I took this class to improve my meditation and spiritual connection techniques. I didn’t know about the candle or other means of letting Spirit know I’m ready to connect. In fact, I didn’t know anything. Eric explained all that and in detail in the class.

    Since then, I bought an LED candle for my bedside, and I have more vividness, lucidity, and communication in my dreams in that I’m asking questions during the dreams and getting the answers in real time. I never had that before. I really like this new, enlightened way better.

    Also, my intuition has gotten a lot sharper. I’m still pretty new in this journey, and I know I have lots more to experience. I keep a journal of my dreams, but some of those messages I just don’t get.

    Thank you Eric for being our teacher. 😊 I look forward to the next class.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you! There are rules in place to figure out the riddles they give, always look at it from an angle of symbolism.

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