Personal Readings

Are you interested in a personal reading? Please contact us at to set up your own personal reading with Eric and converse with the Spirits.

Under the Personal Reading page you can see a Q and A over the many questions people ask. In the comment section there are also testimonials from those who have had readings.

In other news we are now in full swing of testing our new process of predicting events that are expected within days instead of months. The hope is to eventually make predictions that unfold within a timeframe less than a month. Even more idea then that is to make predictions that unfold within a 7 day period. I have voiced my concerns over events that happen too quickly and how that might infringe on our ability to alter it. Unfortunately because of our 3-6 month testing period they are not taking any questions as we all work to master this. We will still be doing Truths, but their focus right now is trying to make this unique process work. If it does work, it will take over.


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