Thanks ‘L’ for allowing me to share this.

I wanted to share a conversation I had with an avid fan who was getting her first reading. She has been following the site since its inception three years ago, we talked briefly how much has changed since then and  I asked her jokingly what took so long to get a reading. She said that she was always too nervous to ask about her future, expecting it to be horrible news, just like the world predictions. It wasn’t until she conversed with another fan that assured her that wasn’t the case when getting a reading from me.  I was floored, both shocked and confused. Did everyone else assume that a reading from Spirit would be fairly identical to the horror I post here? So I want to take this moment to clarify

For the last 20 years I have been giving personal readings, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of serving Spirit making it my only source of income. Its a way for you to connect to the same spirits that make these world predictions and more importantly converse with those who have guided you your entire life. It is designed to provide spiritual guidance, peek through the window of what’s to come, show the path and purpose of why your here and connect you to loved ones who have passed away, all of which we squeeze in an hour.

This blog on the other hand is completely different. We seek out the absolute worse horrors the world has to offer. We are in constant search of the next tragedy because we truly believe one day that with enough attention and information we can alter the tragedy and make everyone’s life just a little bit better. But I am still a novice. I have only been posting predictions for the last 3-4 years, I look forward to seeing how uniquely different the world predictions are when I have 20 years of experience writing these posts.

So for all of you avid fans who have considered getting a reading but have their doubts, I hope I have removed any misconceptions you might have.

Finally for those of you who have received a reading from Spirit, please use the comment section of this post to share your experience, so others can get an idea of what to expect.

For details on getting a personal reading go to:

http://worldwidepredictions.com/personal-readings/  or just email me at elppredictions@yahoo.com

23 responses to “Misconceptions”

  1. LCL Avatar

    I received a personal reading from Eric in December 2014. Like you, I was apprehensive about what I would hear. However, it was a lovely positive interaction. Eric was a pleasure to speak to and he answered all my questions. To anyone thinking about getting a reading I would highly recommend that you do.

  2. star48 Avatar

    I am thunderstruck that you have had this response from some people
    You have only shown compassion and great love. How can anyone think that spirit could be anything but the same?
    Your reading with aid from spirit was instructive..enlightening and very positive. Truly a gift.
    For everyone –you are invited to see for yourself ! I challenge you!

  3. Tamra Avatar

    Eric’s readings are not only worth every penny, they are extremely accurate!!! I have had two readings with him… I have yet to recieve any bad news. I have not heard from anyone who has passed on but will ask during my next reading. If you are considering a reading I would personally recommend it.

  4. Lia Avatar

    Eric, Another possibility is that while you’re obviously very predictive, you never show who you are that I know of; no image of you smiling, no broadcasted voice, no podcast radio show, no positive website with inspirational messages. Juxtapose your disaster predictions next to an excellent psychic who knows how to show herself ( or himself) as friendly, available and offering hope. Look up Bee Herz to get an idea about what I mean. I am just trying to be helpful to you, Eric. Maybe you should expand your website to include a positive offshoot? Or, create a separate website that links to this one. You are gifted and humble, but perhaps too humble. I wish you all the best! 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the advice, but that is done on purpose. We want to make every effort to create a direct line between you and Spirit, note how there is never “I” but “We”, As such there is minimal focus on myself its all about them. We have discussed a podcast interview, that is an option. Your right though we clearly have an image of doom and gloom, that needs to be fixed.

      1. milusine Avatar

        I have been following you for a couple of years now. I also think positive predictions would be important. We need to also have a sense of hope from what’s coming to the world.

        I also have a question about bringing attention to these gloomy predictions: we often hear Law of Attraction type of things like “what you focus on, grows”. If we bring our attention to the tragedies predicted without a clear way/instruction on how to shift them, my concern is that we only increase its energy by continuously seeing it dark. It’s like someone telling you not to imagine an elephant. Unfortunately that’s all you can think of.
        I hope I make sense.
        Is there a way for Spirit to guide us more clearly on how they want us to use our energy/attention to shift things. Is it by prayers? Is it by visualising the exact opposite of the prediction? What are the steps?
        Thank you for your dedicated work. I hope one day we get a worldwide predictions for good news 😀

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I agree and understand. I think if you asked Spirit they would say they aren’t quite ready yet. What is not talked about is that its the second half of the Century that is horrifying, and they are starting all of this really early to get a jump start and a following. However, we can make a difference now. Take the Philippines. Two years ago we made a prediction about an earthquake then a typhoon, both of which happened, last year Spirit did it again and now people over there want specific direction and information of what is coming next, so we are well on our way of making a difference over a longer period of time. The key right now is to grow and grow the audience, share these messages with like minds even if its after the prediction happened. I know Spirit will give their more clear cut direction when its time.

  5. Seeker Avatar

    My readings with Eric have always been upbeat and positive. There was never anything alarming whatsoever. I enjoy talking to Eric – he is such a kind soul and it is a real treat to get a reading from him.

  6. LL Avatar

    I’ve had two readings with Eric so far. Both have been extraordinary in their accuracy. Some things you might not be able to relate to immediately, but that could be because they are symbolic. For example: he saw me with a short-lived job as a train conductor and that I was a customer service-type person. I thought, “Nope, no way. Not me at all.” However – I later spent a few days helping a friend build a website that dealt with a very large company’s customer service training division. There was the customer service and the train. He saw someone jump off a ship and heard, “Man overboard!” A few weeks later, my friend’s husband, a Navy vet, committed suicide. I didn’t understand the connection until my mother told me that a Navy friend explained that when another Navy vet dies, they call it “Man overboard.” Other things, like plumbing problems, my mom having rodent issues where they were trapping things (skunks) were correct, as well as when my company would get funding, new products coming in, us changing the way we would promote the company, etc. For 2015, he saw the sun shining on me and that it would be a good year – a completion of a karmic cycle. Some of the other things that he saw are starting to happen, and I am often returning to the transcription I made of the reading and being amazed. As for being afraid at what you’ll hear – problems are part of life. I would rather know and perhaps be able to avoid future issues. Eric is a very warm, funny, guy and his readings are surprising. I actually “hijacked” the reading. I was asking a question in my head as Eric was concentrating on Spirit. He shook his head and laughed and said it was odd, but Spirit was answering a question he hadn’t asked. They were saying, “Oh, you’ll get that, but not right now.” I was asking when I would get a better job and my dream home. I will definitely consult Eric again in the near future

  7. jules104 Avatar

    Eric has done readings for both of my daughters and as always they were very informative , helpful and accurate. There was never any doom and gloom feeling what so ever, but rather just the opposite. Eric is a very humble, loving, gracious soul. I would highly recommend a reading from Him for anyone who feels in need of one. And in my opinion, the cost is very low for the amount of information you receive from Eric and Spirit. Happy Readings and Blessings To All. 😊

  8. Mary Pratt Avatar

    Last summer I received a reading from Eric. I appreciated his connection with Spirit; Eric’s message was honest and caring. I’ve always thought I was a little psychic, but Spirit, through Eric, put that idea to rest.

  9. Harvey Avatar

    I totally agree with a lot of replies about Eric. He is down to earth and very humble. It’s what I like about him that is honest and sincere. I will definitely count on him for my future reading. Never had one but I will. 🙂 Thanks, and truly appreciate sharing your selfless and gifts with the universe. It’s very rare.

  10. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    I have watched this site and Eric’s predictions grow so much in the last few years since I found his website. It has been an honor to watch him grow and his predictions to get faster and more clear. I have never once thought that when you get a reading from Eric that it would be “doom and gloom”. I haven’t got my reading “yet”…I decided that I wanted one and that I would have one during Christmas time 2014. I have been waiting for the right time for me and I see that as very soon!! I’m so excited to set up a reading with Eric and for some reason I think that it will not be the only one but the first of many. I highly respect what he does on this site to aid and help humanity.

    Thanks Eric
    I hope to contact you for a reading very soon!

    Kelly 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks it has grown so much, I remember how excited I would be that 300 people came to the site, and in December we crossed the million mark, its so massive . Let me know when your ready.

  11. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Thank you everyone it has been a very heart felt moment to read all of these comments from you!

  12. swampy11 Avatar

    I’ve had a couple of readings from Eric and found it’s very helpful and hopeful. There’s a mixture of hope with a few warnings here and there. He said I’d be involved in buying and selling of property. I’ll never forget I immediately thought, “There’s no way I could do something like that. I know nothing about such things and can’t afford to buy any property.” Lo and behold, a friend living out of state was begging for help to find someone to either rent or buy her uncle’s property here! I’ve been resistant, but found there were some ways I could help and join forces with her. As a result, I’m earning some much-needed cash (and not buying). That’s just one example of several things he said that came to fruition.

  13. anthony Avatar

    Once the world figures out god sees everything and it all starts with thought the world will change. The ones who don’t believe don’t believe in god. Hence the difference between spirit and matter. Humans being matter. So your connected to source father son and mother above. You come from the stars. The people who cause you the most grief in your life are light takers. They believe self which is matter hence the two forces of good vs evil. Jesus was a seer and so was his mother such as yourself. This was written and taken out of bible. You can call jesus arch angel michael and his twin is arch angel Gabriel. Happy easter. Best advice on reading is to stop trying to put a square peg in a circle. Things change, people change, and direction then changes. Don’t use for personal gain as their is no money in heaven. Secret of love. What you love will be taken away from you hence the difference between spirit and matter

  14. anthony Avatar

    Just remember going forward 10 percent of your profit goes towards charity. You are the church, you are the charity. Create your own karma. By giving to another charity karma is passing thru them. If you have a lot of monies you can join together under one thought. If you don’t have monies you can help by thought alone by helping someone else by elevating their soul to a higher purpose. Free is what will set you free. That is the crown

  15. anthony Avatar

    The spirit you are talking to. What possessions does he have. Nothing. For this is the secret to prosperity. All men are mortal and all gods are immortal men.

  16. jwoo75 Avatar

    I know I’m late to the party, but Eric’s reading for me was tremendously positive. Here’s an excerpt from it, just to give you an idea:
    “Time to make things big. Its time for expansion.. for growth. its time for the prime rib to be layed out on the table. It will work.
    I had a visual of a pot of water, you planted several seeds, you kept pouring the water over one of the seeds in the ground but nothing happened, nothing changed. Then they wrote 2015, then you saw the plant begin to sprout, it grew fast and begin to bloom into a flower…”
    I’m taking some risks, and it’s scary, but I feel confident I’m on the right track with my decisions. The rest of his reading (which I didn’t include above) confirms this.
    I highly recommend a reading from Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  17. ladylazarus76 Avatar

    Just looking back on these posts about Eric’s readings…I have been following this blog for a couple of years now. I happened on it accidentally and have been gripped ever since. I am ceaselessly amazed at the accuracy of these predictions.
    I have a life long interest in seers and Eric for me is definitely a contemporary seer.
    I really would love a reading with Eric and have no doubt it will be nothing but positive, as those who are truly working with spirit only work with the purest of hearts.

    I am looking forward to my reading once I arrange it.

    Just a question…I had a strange experience the other day where by I was in a room of people at a family gathering and I had a weird tingle on the top of my head ( I have through past experience learned that this for me is a precursor for some sort of paranormal event) and I literally felt breath on my cheek and my ear drum vibrated I ‘heard’ a young male say ‘ha ha ‘…the room was full of people but no one was with in a few feet radius. I have been experiencing this sensation of vibration on my eardrum as if someone is trying to whisper in my ear for while now.

    I truly feel that spirit is trying to speak with me but I’m just not on the right frequency.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Keep in mind its a long path towards a conversation. There was a time where all I could here Spirit say “Hi!” now they can have lengthy conversations. But even that takes hours and hours of meditation.

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