World Predictions Changing?

Oh Yes! At the beginning of the year I told you of an idea, What if we just focused on predicting what was coming immediately next. Would it work better? Did it work better? Are you kidding! It shocked me, and as you might expect, that rarely happens. Take a look at the year of predictions.World Predictions: The Year 2022-12 in Review Our new focus will be solely on predicting the immediate future now. This plan worked and now I am all in. We still have structural plans to our blog that you helped fund and pay for, we plan to build a separate page of just the predictions, listed in order as a reference point. Thank you so much for helping me making this dream come true with you generosity., and in 2023 we finish our construction project thanks to you!

For 10 years you have seen me predict the Worlds future. Now that practice has closed. As such the man behind the work must move front and center. We now pull away the curtain. So here I am. We have a lot of ideas in the back burner, brewing with splendor. Ideas that has me using my voice to represent them in every way. Now we work towards Eric Leigh-Pink becoming front and center to all his work with the Spiritual Realm. So call us if you would like an interview, or perhaps your apart of a Spiritual community, I would love to poke my head and share their divine voice. Its time for me to represent them in every way.

Personal Readings have also sprouted! I have been doing personal readings for almost 30 years now. I assumed my development was complete, but new strange gifts blossom in my personal readings that I give you. I don’t know if you noticed but they are starting to answer your questions before you ask. Then something brand new. You, can now ask about the world. The two forces are melding and merging. I look forward to the next 10 years. Just so you know the end of our journey is also being written right now. World predictions that are so beyond distant are being written for a much later date. So much new talents sprouting. My uncle Nostradamus would be so pleased. Exciting times for me at World Predictions

Do you want to know your future? I know some of you are questioning, should I ask about my future, seems scary right? No thats just the nightmares you read here. Our world is not a reflection of your life. I offer you splendor, Tea with that old Grandma, you know the one thats been around for millions of years, and she just can’t stop talking, giving you endless predictions and advice on your life.

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