Multiple Earthquakes in PhilippInes

Please pray for the safety of all those in the Philippines.
It is unfortunate we failed to gather the location for this specific message.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-23-19 I had a visual I was looking down to the ground. Then suddenly I saw a large crack in the ground. 

“First will come a moderate quake.. then a larger more damaging quake will follow.. two earthquakes back to back.”

This visual of a crack implies an earthquake, but also verifies that what they are talking about is coming around the corner because the crack happened right next to me (close)

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  1. Elaine Wefer Avatar
    Elaine Wefer

    Didn’t Edgar Cayce say an earthquake in one area triggers another one in another country? I think I read something like that .

  2. petemedium Avatar

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  3. ladyatraina Avatar

    Lot of quakes hit in Indonesia…. Large 7.1 earlier today…..

    1. star48 Avatar


      Today’s quake was the 7th of November and the 122nd major quake, (M6 or higher) of 2019, at the same time of the year in 2018, 113 major quakes had been reported, in 2017, just 92, 2017 had the lowest number of major quakes recorded this century with just 111.

  4. star48 Avatar


    M 6.6
    13 km E of San Pedro, Philippines
    00:03:48 (UTC)
    12.021°N 124.123°E…
    10.0 km depth

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Was there a lot of damage?

    1. star48 Avatar

      Link is not correct…see below…

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Was there heavy damage?

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eric the report states there was no major damage due to the earthquake being at 120 km depth.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


          1. star48 Avatar

            Thank you for following through for me.
            Power went out for 20 hrs..

  5. star48 Avatar

    Philippines 🇵🇭 earthquake 2020
    M 6.3 –
    2 km SE of Calatagan, Philippines
    23:43:42 (UTC)
    13.817°N 120.646°E…
    114.0 km depth

  6. star48 Avatar

    M 7.0
    210 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines
    12:23:05 (UTC)
    5.007°N 127.517°E…
    95.8 km depth

  7. jules104 Avatar

    Eric Star48 asked me to post this older prediction. Mention of Philippines earthquake.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Don’t forget the new one..7.0M

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