Multiple Earthquakes in PhilippInes

Please pray for the safety of all those in the Philippines.
It is unfortunate we failed to gather the location for this specific message.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-23-19 I had a visual I was looking down to the ground. Then suddenly I saw a large crack in the ground. 

“First will come a moderate quake.. then a larger more damaging quake will follow.. two earthquakes back to back.”

This visual of a crack implies an earthquake, but also verifies that what they are talking about is coming around the corner because the crack happened right next to me (close)

18 thoughts on “Multiple Earthquakes in PhilippInes

  1. Didn’t Edgar Cayce say an earthquake in one area triggers another one in another country? I think I read something like that .

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          1. Jules104,
            Thank you for following through for me.
            Power went out for 20 hrs..

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