World Predictions 7-19-19

I was meditating this morning when I heard: “Earthquake.. your in the middle of an earthquake.. can you feel it?”

Spirit is either predicting a California earthquake very soon or they are reminding me that one of our other earthquake predictions is about to happen.

I had a visual I was standing in between two trains at a train station, one of the trains was about to depart and I felt an ominous sense of dread.

The implication was Europe. Perhaps Germany.

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50 thoughts on “World Predictions 7-19-19

  1. Eric I can’t help but feel this particular earthquake is related to the prediction of “God is coming… Our Father is arriving” , and it’s about all the scandals being exposed, ones still to be exposed, etc. Spirits even mentioned the months of Oct and Dec being the focal point for this prediction. I don’t feel this prediction has been completed yet, but that’s just my opinion. Is it possible that atleast one of these predicted upcoming earthquakes could be about the times we are in and not an actual earthquake, as in metaphorical?

    1. The world is shifting quickly, going back to its higher vibration, all on it are going with it, so yes for those who belief I religion it’s heading home and your god energy is going to come in stronger than before, you’ll all feel the immense overpower love

  2. We had a 2.2 earthquake here in Pennsylvania today. Not usual for this part of the country.

      1. Hi Eric, the east coast gets earthquakes. They are rarer but could be super dangerous. Do you remember when Virginia/Washington DC had an earthquake August 23, 2011? It was 5.8 magnitude with several aftershocks of 4.6ish. It cracked the Washington Monument which was shut down for several years to fix the crack. Also keep in mind the most forgotten and most dangerous in the country is the New Madrid Fault which runs parallel to the Mississippi River right thru downtown St Louis and up to almost Chicago. It is said when it erupts, it will destroy the entire Midwest. When it last erupted in the late 1700s, it made the Mississippi River run backwards for a week. The only earthquake I’ve ever felt (and I live in San Diego), was the small one that hit Illinois in the early morning hours 4am back in like 2007. It rattled My china cabinet.

        1. Jon blue. happy to see you are still with us. couldn’t a earthquake activate Yellowstone? I was wondering if their is fault lines underneath.

          1. Hi Allen! Thanks so much. I still enjoy Eric’s connection as it helps me understand my own continuing vivid dreams and visions. And I enjoy your replies along with Sarah, Pete’s and Jules and others. The answer to your question of Yellowstone caldera is that it’s more the volcano will activate earthquakes as magma rises. An earthquake could, over time activate it but it’s more magma rising making earthquakes happen around it. PBS did a great special once on the volcanos in Italy that did a detailed analysis. I personally believe the New Madrid Fault will break before Yellowstone super volcano blows.
            Hope all is well. Stay alert and also keep positive in all you do for yourself and others and we will be okay. And Eric, keep focusing and don’t let us distract you too much.

      2. We get them here in upstate NY/Adirondacks… There is a big fault line that runs through to Canada

  3. Eric what is your gut telling you, northern CA or southern CA?
    Thanks for what you do.

    1. I plan to ask tonight. My gut tells me they are most likely talking about an existing prediction like New Zealand or Chile quake. Right before an earthquake happens especially a big one I feel off, as if I was adrift on an ocean, I believe that is what they might be referencing. However the message was new and different.

  4. Hi Eric. I’ve duplicated this from a previous posting to you. I think it’s important as you may be excluding people, certainly not of your doing, from contacting personally:

    Eric, I would love to make personal contact with you via my Google email account, but I am being locked out by Microsoft. I either have to have/make a Microsoft (email) account or I’m blocked.

    Are you aware of this???

    And I’m wondering if anyone else, with a Google/gmail, or other email accounts, are having trouble emailing Eric, especially for a psychic reading from him. Every attempt I have made at contacting him, ends up with me having a frozen Microsoft email page.

    Any one else having the same problem??? Pete

    1. pete. did you set up a facebook account? this is another way to privately. use messager. to email, eric as well. check also, that you don’t have a virus on your computer,

      1. Thanks to you both but that isn’t the problem/situation. When I click on Eric’s email connection, the Microsoft Email …. bluish in colour … dominates my screen and wants me to sign up with them. I use Google for almost everything, including emails, but Microsoft demands I use it’s service to contact Eric. I then have to Controll/alt/delete to get out of that window. Allen yes with Facebook. Hadn’t thought of that. Thank you.

        1. Ah right your computer has the app listed as the default email program. So right click over the email address, copy as, and paste into gmail.

  5. Just had a solid 3.5 shake, 8.7 is deep near the center of Christchurch, 4 minutes ago. Havent felt a shake like that for a while. More to come?

  6. Borrego Springs, CA had a couple earthquakes…wonder if it’ll hit there? Remember prediction hearing the word “Bodego”? Just a thought. New Zealand and south America (Chile) have really been ramped up. Yikes. Its looking like events unfolding.

  7. R2D2 that caught my eye as well. ongoing quake swarm for last 24 hrs 16km E of Ridgecrest, CA.

    1. Mk- some higher magnitudes in Ridgecrest, CA over 4.0 too. Thought aftershocks were suppose to decrease not increase but I’m sure USGS will say normal.

  8. While readying your post I heard two words, “East” and “Kyrgyzstan”.

  9. There’s reports that Ruth Ginsburg is battling cancer for the third time. Does that conform the prediction of her passing will unfold and the “elephant” part means that there’ll be right wing justice in her place? I don’t mean to go off topic but it’s something I just noticed now.

    1. Anonymous — Her passing will confirm the prediction since the prediction said she will pass, didn’t say how but did give a date for when.

  10. rumours? sorry but I’m not even an American and I know there are no rumours, it is she herself that said she is recovering from a third battle with cancer where she had two whatever’s removed last year.. She herself has said she is very much alive. Problem with this site is all the energy people put out looking for predictions to happen.

    1. I’m not looking out for them to happen or trying to start trouble. I’m just genuinely curious in putting things to together, so in case if ever happens. I know things can be altered and changed, so by knowing some stuff ahead we can do what we can to change the outcomes.

      1. What do you want to alter? People who pass in accidents, or terrorist events, etc pass so because that is there way they have chosen before incarnating to leave. I’ve spent a long time helping people to pass over to spirit, not once have I taken someone over who has died tragically whose wasn’t up. Note once have I taken someone over who had committed attrocities who weren’t welcomed back into spirit. Sadly when people make predictions or truth from a place of political or religious bias they more often than not are predicting their own fears and energy blocks. This world is not the dark place you could think it is by seeing all the negative predictions s made here. It is actually rapidly shifting and raising its vibration taking this whole world and all on it home to a much higher vibration. Walk away from negative predictions, walk away from the news, spend more time outside and mediating and you will see how close to home you are and how this world has already shifted away from so much darkness.

        This blog has such low muddy energy, people playing in lower vibrations and if you don’t support what is said here boy do they throw energy attacks your way, but lower energy is all it is and wasted

      2. Aiden if all you continue to do is attack other people on this site then I am going to have to block you. Your attacking someone who genuinely wants to improve the future, really? Why are you attacking everyone with an opinion here?

    2. thank you aidan, for expressing your oponions! a lot of us, who have been here a long time, can tell by certain posts, who KEEPS trying to be negative,time after time and tear down, others peoples oponions and self confidence. this website, is for sharing knowledge, oponions etc, it is here, to change the bad into good. be GRATEFUL, that this site reaches so many, and that so many CARE. thank you for being on this site, may truth touch your heart, and may you imbrace other peoples oponions, that may be different than your own.

  11. eric. hoping you are doing ok! hoping you are getting enough of rest. take care of yourself!

  12. Eric and Bea I’ve come to this s blog too long to know if your not posting that you are facing challenging times. I send you both love and healing and thank you for all that you have given us🌟

  13. The impeachment process has begun against Donald Trump. Jerry Nadler and various Constitutional experts have said so.

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