Puerto Rico’s 2nd Earthquake

Two major earthquakes back to back, which explains why they showed two separate numbers. So utterly tragic. Please pray for all those in Puerto Rico.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-6-20 I had a visual of either a horrible earthquake or building collapse. In the visual an old building collapsed crushing everything around it.

WORLD PREDICTION 9-24-19 – EARTHQUAKE I had a visual of an earthquake striking an Island.

“Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Now.. you only have minutes (days) left.”

629 or are they saying 6 to 9

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  1. Sara Avatar

    Yikes. I hope that’s it for the quakes. Puerto Ricans must be stressed out with all this going on.

  2.  Avatar

    what if the 629 means 2 6 pointer quakes and than a 9 quake?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t believe so. It becoming common for them to place a prediction between a gap of time as two possible timeframes in this case it was two events. Sometime between 6th-9th.

  3. star48 Avatar



    More than 500 earthquakes have rattled the Puerto Rico region in 10 days. There may be more to come


  4.  Avatar

    Any idea if it will stop, my family lives in the area of the earthquakes and I don’t know how much more their frayed nerves can take. Anxiety is at a all time high.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask

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