World Predictions 4-23-20

I heard “earthquake.. earthquake” and again Spirit pointed to an area in the Caribbean.
In previous predictions it was specifically Jamaica: WORLD PREDICTION: CARIBBEAN EARTHQUAKE

I had a visual of Texas, then it shifted to show flooding, huge massive amounts of water covering huge swaths of land..
I had a visual of the US Map then spirit painted southern Florida black, and then painted it again. The visual shifted. I was on the ground of what looked like Miami looking out at the ocean to see one epic storm coming. Black, huge, the wind rushing against my posture.
The question is the storm a hurricane? Or symbolic to troubling times.

I am in search of a charity (charities) fund to raise money for the first responders. Specifically those first responders that might fall ill with Covid19. My hope is that all of us here help raise money for those who are on a mission to save our lives. We have an obligation to take care of one another. To treat each other better than we would want to be treated. If you know of a legitimate charity please post it in the comment section with link. Thanks

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  1. Hope you are doing well Erik🙏🏼

    No charity I know of…
    Mexico entered phase 3 yesterday – many large companies are making protective gear for the workers or like Corona beer, providing free water for people in Meixco city…

    As countries make their own decisions on how to deal with this virus it feels like we ( the people ) are becoming connected by it more than anything as citizens of earth.

    Much love and light

  2. Will the flooding in Texas be Hurricane related and as bad as Hurricane Harvey in 2017? Or just from heavy rain in various parts of Texas? It’s a pretty big state so was hoping to narrow it down a bit.

  3. Hi Eric, Cleveland Clinic has a website for donating to First Responders, also, FOX8CLEVELAND has a first responders site. Those would be credible. Also Harvest for Hunger, donate to help those who aren’t working, laid off, the food banks across the US are running out of money, kids going hungry. I just read an article that we are headed for a famine all over the world. I think everyone who can should plant a garden and eat from it yourself and share it too. I am thinking of donating 2 acres for a garden, till it and plant it, get help with it and donate it to the local food bank.
    If everyone did that locally it would spread. There is going to be a meat shortage, but the good news we don’t need meat to live. We can eat veggies, can veggies and live! We should also raise chickens, even backyard chickens for eggs and SHARE! Plant and SHARE! Get help, contact your local food bank with your idea. If we could ALL do something, we could feed families this summer and beyond. The Government MAY not be able to help you! Federal Government is now telling the states to go BANKRUPT. Food banks may not be funded. Get ready now and prepare for yourselves and OTHERS.
    Good idea if you are unemployed. Have time on your hands. Gardening is great for kids too! You will be less depressed if you get out in nature. You still can have a job and help others too..Stay busy, stay outside. Even a patio garden!

  4. Oh, there are plenty of videos online and blogs on gardening too, Most of our land around here goes for unfortunately food for angus beef. I mean 1000s of acres! Corn, hay etc. Since they have no place to sell it and aren’t going to make a profit and possibly even cant process it, things are going to have to change.

  5. hey eric, the month of May, is going to be a big weather month for America. one day, in a vision, I saw, people, riding boats, in the street, in Miami, but is this for all of south Florida, or just Miami area? the water did not go away, in my vision, millions of damage, and very big problems, with insurance companies, not wanting to pay out, and a governor, who protects big business, and people, come second. eastern seaboard of America, will also get hit, but from rising water, also, just think about the voting nightmare, and the virus damage, that isn’t being address properly. thank you for all you do, please stay healthy, as well, as the readers, out here. SOO many changes, happening ,SOO fast, very hard to adjust to them……

  6. Eric,SWC,

    Most of the charity for first responders..
    Was directed ..locally,

    with some exceptions (911etc)

    Now with all the needs —many new organizations are opening and establishing ..due to the unprecedented need..
    So will hopefully add ..more links…when I am sure they are authentic…

  7. Hey Eric

    Do you see a Second Wave of COVID19 later this year? Many other psychics have predicted this and im wondering what you can see from this.

  8. Erik, I think that you see sometimes more, than you will tell us, so we have to read between the lines, I understand also, that sometimes what you see, is for yourself unbelievable, and it is than difficult to tell us, there for you wait, to see, how it develops.

    So all the other psychics, tells what they have seen and you think they should not have done it so fast, first they should have wait and see ?.

    But I like your site and be a “member of your club” for so long. I like also the comments from the other readers.

    1. Sometimes psychics can’t share what they see if they want to remain among the living.

        1. Yes, He abruptly left his briefing. No questions taken from the press. Does that fit your vision? We, the SWC are taking an educational guess of your vision.

          1. It was like an odd dream, he literally threw a towel in the vision and walked away. This happened Friday? I will take a look and post later after today’s conference.

      1. Sure looks like it as he didn’t take a single question after the press conference/briefing. Thanks Star 48 for your great summaries. I always appreciate them. 😊

  9. I think we really need some positive visions on here as of late. It would be nice to also focus on the good things to come.

    Just to remind ourselves that not everything is gloomy.

  10. prediction about mexico and the word new, , possibly new mexico:

    “ New Mexico governor closes road to city of Galip to control spread of corona virus”

    1. Eric,Tempestmm326
      Here is the link

      The governor of New Mexico invoked the state’s Riot Control Act on Friday as she sealed off all roads to nonessential traffic in the city of Gallup to help control a surging coronavirus outbreak in the former trading post city on the outskirts of the Navajo Nation.

  11. Eric,
    Ref:::I (had a visual of Texas), then it shifted to show flooding, huge massive amounts of water covering huge swaths of land..
    I had a visual of the US Map then spirit painted southern Florida black, and then painted it again. The visual shifted. I was on the ground of what looked like Miami looking out at the ocean to see one epic storm coming. Black, huge, the wind rushing against my posture.

    Persistent heavy rains over the weekend triggered severe flooding in parts of Florida, with a total of 185.4 mm (7.3 inches) recorded in Miami over a 48-hour period to Monday, May 25– the city’s heaviest two-day rainfall since 2012. Another bout of intense downpour hit the city on Tuesday evening, May 26, leaving many areas underwater. At 12:30 UTC on Wednesday, May 27, the disturbance that brought heavy rains organized into Tropical Storm “Bertha” — the second named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

  12. Eric,SWC,
    Tropical storm “Cristobal”

    Louisiana …

    Water levels were running about 5.9 feet above normal tide level Sunday afternoon at Shell Beach, Louisiana, along the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, southeast of New Orleans near the southern shore of Lake Borgne.

    In New Orleans, storm surge was surpassing 3.5 feet on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain Sunday afternoon.

    Storm surge caused water to cover roads near Waveland and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, where water levels were nearly 6 feet above normal Sunday afternoon.

  13. Eric,SWC,
    Background information on T/S Cristobal
    Rare crossover storm✔️

    Tropical Storm Cristobal already has claimed its fame as the earliest third named tropical storm system on record in the Atlantic basin. It also did something else that had AccuWeather Lead Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski saying, “This does not happen very often.”

    Cristobal developed from the leftovers of Tropical Storm Amanda, the first named storm of the Pacific hurricane season. Amanda pummeled areas of Central America during the final weekend of May, causing at least 26 deaths and forcing at least 8,000 people to be evacuated in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

    Amanda appeared to wrap up off the coast of Guatemala, but then it moved inland over the country, which is “rare to see … let alone during late May,” Kottlowski said.

  14. Eric,
    Ref::had a visual of Texas, then it shifted to show flooding, huge massive amounts of water covering huge swaths of land..



    Month’s worth of rain falls overnight near Houston

    People in the Houston area awoke on Thursday morning to flooded streets and rising rivers as overnight storms unloaded inches of rain across the region.

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