World Predictions 5-16-19

I had a visual of people being introduced on a stage. There was a large audience in the background, then there was a large explosion next to or around the stage, the visual quickly shifted to blackness preventing me from seeing the after effects. “Demo”  I could here someone say Julie at the beginning of the visual.

“Right now a plot unfolds to kill the presidents enemies.”

Multiple times I have picked up a feeling that a large quake is about to unfold. I feel an unease on the ground beneath me.

“This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

“Humanity the destructive force of climate change is at your doorstep” 

We do have the China earthquake prediction that is expected in a mid month time frame.  Demo could be Democrats? I am a bit confused if the first two messages are related or separate. 


72 thoughts on “World Predictions 5-16-19

  1. “Demo” is a short form for many different things: (1) destruction of something by explosives, (2) in music, a brief or new recording, usually by unknown artist, (3) a “demonstration” as in “showing how to do something” or a test of an item, or (4) a short (but not commomly used expression) for a “demonstration” by people for or against a person, group, or action.
    “Julie” as a name is of French origin. There are several fairly well-known personages with this name who are newscasters or reporters, and many models, singers, & actresses.

  2. Typed in “julie democrats” and this was the first thing:

    “2020 Democrats Import Grass-Roots Activism Into Their Campaign Staffs

    “Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the activist and granddaughter of the legendary labor leader Cesar “Chavez, is working on the campaign of Senator Kamala Harris.”

    • A magnitude 4.5 or 4.6 was felt in Israel yesterday as well. Epicenter was in the Mediterranean….but was felt all the way in Jerusalem….the people in the Mosque said they felt the building shaking. (Oddly enough, yesterday marked the first day of the first year after the 70 year nation anniversary.)
      But…earthquakes are increasing….and….weather patterns are changing….but all these things may have something to do with magnetic north polar shift…which is erratically, but steadily, moving away from Canada and towards Siberia. (Rapidly….if one considers past movement). This can be accounted for by either external magnetic solar system changes, or changes which would also affect lessening of strength of magnetic core flow deep under Canada’s surface. At any rate, these changes also affect tectonic plate movements and volcanic activity as well…..all over the earth….like a “house of cards”….

  3. Eric,
    Who are the people plotting to harm trumps enemies? Are they people in government? Do you see them being successful? I assume you are talking about US President? Disturbing. Thanks for all you do!

    • Mary, (and Eric)…..I noticed the word “president’s” was not capitalized….? Am wondering, why one would assume it is the President of the United States?just one example…. Maduro has already begun to arrest and jail….and who knows what else?….to his political enemies. Just the other day, a person in their “congress” who does not agree with Maduro regieme was hauled away to jail. This is just the beginning.
      Am wondering if this could be applicable to another country.
      In this country, it looks as though President Trump and associates are responding to critics through the legal process–think new investigations are turning up some very questionable issues….and the news is coming out that there will soon be serious legal troubles for many of those who actually conspired to “take down” this president since before the 2016 election. This goes all the way back to prior to election–so–if USA–“which president?” is a valid question.

      • The capitalization (or lack thereof) of “president” is immaterial.

        The word is properly capitalized only when used with a full name or surname (President Joe Doe, President Doe) or when formally referring to “the Office of the President of X.”

    • Mary – Reminds me of the Trump supporter in Florida who had a van with all bunch of pictures of Democratic politicians with crosshairs over their faces and who also sent fake pipe bombs to all of the politicians who Trump/Faux News had attacked and the politicians who had been outspoken against Trump. Also reminds me of that white supremacist Coast Guard Trump supporter who had a Democratic/media kill list he was plotting to carry out.

      • Dan,
        I guess my mind travelled to sinister forces in government, which I do think exists. There isn’t faux news regarding trump; he created the idea of fake news and repeats it constantly so much so that people start to believe it. Our country is divided because of that and other reasons. Netanyahu in Israel practices the same playbook. And they are buddies. I ask daily for clarity for our country and that peaceful times will return.

    • Steve, you did notice the photograph and location in the article, right? The fact is, that there are several major countries in that area that utilize coal as their major source of energy WITHOUT emmission controls. You can go to any city in that country and see people routinely wearing facemasks outside because of pollution. And…coal-fired nuclear power plants also being built at an unprecidented rate in that country. The USA is, in fact, (and in comparitive size to other nations like it) one of the LOWEST producers of CO2 in
      the world. One of the reasons is because we transitioned from utilizing coal as a standard household furnace fuel (1950’s) to oil and gas. But also…the stringent emmission controls on those electrical producing facilities that DO use it. We have one near here…and the air here is CLEAN! The unwillingness of the other major countries in the world who utilize coal to curb emmissions is the leading cause of this increase. Just because the “fuel industry” predicted it, does not mean they were complicit. The country that is the worst offender, uses its own resources. The USA has BY AN ENORMOUS PERCENTAGE the largest untapped reserves of coal in the world.

      • CO2 is CO2. Whether from coal, gas or petroleum, the pollutants are increasing at an alarming rate. If we want to continue burning coal for power generation, gas as a heating alternative, fly planes or drive cars at a beyond critical lever of CO2 production, we have to increase the absorption of said pollutant gasses.
        Other than the prohibition of the destruction of ALL trees in the world, what is the alternative? The oceans are no longer absorbing CO2, they are releasing it.
        I am a coward. I can’t tell you what Spirit has told me will be out status in twenty years onwards from now … and I would hate to be in Eric’s shoes for what he either knows now, or will be told in the not too distant future.

      • amatoanne — Omg! Read the article’s title and you’ll quickly notice how the photograph of a Chinese steel mill is irrelevant to the article because the 1982 Exxon prediction was about how high GLOBAL CARBON EMISSIONS would be today due to humans burning fossil fuels – aka: coal, oil and gas.

        Unlike what you did, the article and the 1982 Exxon prediction didn’t focus on any one country being the biggest polluter at one particular time or focus on any type of fossil fuel being used or done away with by certain countries at any particular time. Why? Because it didn’t matter since the continued use of fossil fuels globally – no matter what kind – by humans still raises CO2 levels.

        You do realize that just like coal, oil and gas are fossil fuels too and aren’t clean energies either, right?

      • amatoanne – You obviously didn’t notice how the photograph and location in the article wasn’t important since the 1982 Exxon prediction was about GLOBAL CARBON EMISSIONS – i.e. every carbon-emitting country around the world. The type of fossil fuel was also irrelevant and not a point they ever made because all fossil fuels increase CO2 levels if burned over time.

  4. There is a prediction about Mike Pence being unconscious after getting attacked on stage, however I am not sure that prediction matches with this one; to be fair though, I’m sure there are people out there who consider Pence to be one of the president’s enemies too.

  5. Having been married to someone who retired as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist in the Military… the first thing I think of is “explosive ordnance”. “Demo” a military phrase for demolition. Heard it many times over the years. It would make total sense to me for Trump and those around him to want to take down his “enemies”. I also wonder if it’s referencing some type of Political Rally or Military Ceremony.

  6. “Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the activist and granddaughter of the legendary labor leader Cesar “Chavez, is working on the campaign of Senator Kamala Harris.”

    Senator Kamala Harris will host an organizing event for her Presidential campaign at Los Angeles Southwest College on Sunday, May 19.
    Doors open at 2:30pm PST & event program begins at 3:00PM PST.
    Eric …. this is Senator Kamala Harris Email for the Event :

  7. Another Psychic says there will be a lot of earthquakes, then the big one. Connected to where the 70’s Rockford Files TV Show was Filmed.

  8. Eric,
    Ref:::Humanity the destructive force of climate change is at your doorstep”


    China 🇨🇳
    Crop destroying pest enters China amid devasting swine fever epidemic.

    The moth originated in the tropical regions of Central America and has since spread throughout the Americas. It is a warm-weather species.

    In the United States, it thrives in the hot, humid southern regions. Farmers in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and California must contend with the insect year-round.

  9. Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars,is doing a summer tour.They are already touring.Thats the only “Julie” Incan think of at the moment.

    Also,Thomas Rhett is performing tomorrow night outside Seattle.

  10. Was this an indoor stage or outdoor?
    People being introduced sounds like a debate stage or perhaps a campaign stage.

  11. Eric, tonight (May 18) is the Eurovision final. In Tel Aviv. Fighting has been escalating in Israel and I’m sure extremists would view the competition as a symbol of what they hate of the secular world.

  12. Lol, American values baby! Like I said before: If you’re a soldier in the military, you’re better off raping and murdering women and children rather than exposing the war crimes of war criminal soldiers because you won’t get pardoned for doing the right thing by our presidents. Lol, Happy Memorial Day!

    “President Trump has requested the immediate preparation of paperwork needed to pardon several service members accused or convicted of war crimes, indicating that he plans to pardon the men around Memorial Day”

    • One day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher [pictured above] shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking w/ other girls on the riverbank. She dropped, clutching her stomach, & the other girls dragged her away.

      A mass murderer according to Senior Seals: “Would order needless risks, to fire rockets at houses for no apparent reason. He routinely parked an armored truck on a Tigris River bridge & emptied the truck’s heavy machine gun into neighborhoods on twith no discernible targets.”

      Trump is also considering pardoning: Green Beret Mathew Golsteyn, accused of killing an unarmed civilian; Nicholas Slatten, Blackwater guard found guilty of shooting dozens of unarmed Iraqis; & snipers accused of defiling a dead Taliban fighter’s corpse.

      Not surprisingly, Trump is taking his cues from FoxNews & Republican congress people, who all “have portrayed them as being unfairly punished for trying to do their job.” According to the NYT as of now he plans to do this on Memorial Day. When he does these pardons, it will be unprecedented.

      Twitter on this:

      • God, I hope that guy doesn’t get pardoned. Murdering civilians like that is a war-crime, and no one should get off easy for those crimes.

        Most people in the US military are decent, good people, and this guy brings shame on them and on decent people everywhere.

  13. My immediate sense was that the stage explosion was at a democrats’ debate. , especially with there being a debate moderator named Julie. Wouldn’t any Democratic candidate be one of the President’s enemies?

    • This prediction could go a completely different direction, and be about a country outside of the US, for instance an attack in Venezuela against those who oppose Maduro.

  14. Eric,
    China 🇨🇳
    Event details

    Earthquake in China on May 19 2019 04:53 AM (UTC).

    As of Saturday noon, 476 people have been affected after a 5.1-magnitude earthquake jolted northeast China’s Jilin Province, local authorities said. Around 167 households were damaged due to the quake in Ningjiang District of the city of Songyuan, among which 33 households suffered from serious house damages. 75 people have been relocated and no casualties or injuries have been reported. The earthquake has caused direct economic loss of over 3 million yuan (around 435,600 U.S. dollars). The first batch of disaster-relief supplies have reached the quake-afflicted region at 2:00 p.m. Saturday with other emergency efforts underway, the city’s office of emergency management said. The earthquake hit at 6:24 a.m. Saturday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC). The epicenter was monitored at 45.3 degrees north latitude and 124.75 degrees east longitude. The quake struck at a depth of 10 km, the center said in a statement.

  15. Eric,
    Ref:::Humanity the destructive force of climate change is at your doorstep”

    Argentina 🇦🇷
    Crops destroyed or damaged
    Severe floods affecting Argentinan province of Santiago del Estero this month affected around 600 000 hectares (1 480 000 acres) of crops and caused at least 700 people to evacuate.
    In a recently released report, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology estimated there are 600 000 ha (1 480 000 acres) of crops affected by heavy rain and flooded roads, which interrupted the harvest of soy, corn and alfalfa crops.

    In some areas, crops were under 40 cm (15.7 inches) of water, so owners decided to abandon them.

  16. Eric,SWC

    Australia 🇦🇺
    Worst drought in 116 years..

    The worst drought in more than a century is affecting parts of Australia, causing severe grain shortage in what is usually an outstanding surplus producing country.

    The condition resulted in a significant shipment of wheat from Canada, approved on May 9 and expected to arrive in the next 6 to 8 weeks, according to the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

  17. Eric can you give us any clues to who or what group would be doing the plotting for the, “killing Trumps enemies”, part of the prediction?
    Maybe we could pin the person or group of people down if we had more info.

  18. Eric could this old prediction about the bridge attack in the area of Nancy Pelosi, (San Francisco’s 12th District) be related?
    The Democratic Party State Convention is being held at the Moscone Center, Friday 31 May – 2 June. It’s in the same area as the Bay Bridge and where Nancy Pelosi’s SF 12th District Office is. There will be multiple Democratic candidates attending and multiple caucuses there as well. The CA Young Democrats (CYD) will be joining the event also.

    • Thanks for the link Cal. It’s pretty sad when this is such a serious issue for all of humanity. More and more lately I’m seeing all decency, truth, good judgment and morals thrown right out the window due to greed and power.

  19. Eric,

    New Kids on The Block,is doing a summer tour with 4 other acts.
    I know you said somewhere,there was someone introducing 3 acts?

  20. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::::Humanity the destructive force of climate change is at your doorstep”

    Salmon industry on verge of collapse…

    A sudden surge in algae has killed at least eight million salmon in one week across Norwegian fish farms, the state-owned Norwegian Seafood Council has said.
    The enormous algal blooms, due to recent warm weather, have spread rapidly around Norway’s northern coast, sticking to fishes’ gills and suffocating them.
    Wild fish can swim away from the lethal clouds of aquatic organisms, but farmed fish are trapped. The algae are continuing to spread, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries said.

  21. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

    Extreme heat…
    A special weather statement was issued by the NWS in Atlanta, Georgia, advising of unseasonably high temperatures, specifically highs of 96 on Sunday and Monday and continuing through the middle of next week.

    “The chance for precipitation will remain virtually nil,” the weather service in Atlanta said.

    “Please take extra precautions for the heat by remaining hydrated, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, and limiting strenuous activities when spending time outdoors,” the NWS in Atlanta said in their statement.

  22. “Demo” – Democrat
    “Julie” – July
    July 14, 2019 – Iowa Democrat Corn Feed (party convention expecting thousands to attend)
    Bomb at stage – Most likely, some form of attack during get together…

  23. Eric,SWC,
    Ref::::This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

    Israel 🇮🇱
    Severe Heatwave
    Severe heatwave, record-breaking in parts of the country, is affecting Israel over the past couple of days, along with numerous devastating wildfires in multiple locations across the country.

    Central Israel has been severely affected by forest fires in the last 24 hours, with up to 500 ha (1 235 acres) burned and 15 villages and small towns evacuated.

    The majority of wildfires are raging in areas between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where temperatures are approximately 43.5 °C (110.3 °F).

    Firefighters are battling the blazes since Thursday, May 23, TV7 Israel News reports:

  24. Eric
    Ref:::This summer an epic heat wave arrives like no other.”

    Japan 🇯🇵
    Heat wave
    Event details

    Heat Wave in Japan on May 24 2019 06:26 AM (UTC).

    Unseasonably hot weather continued across Japan on Friday, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius in some areas before noon. Weather officials are urging people to take precautions against heatstroke. They say temperatures reached 30.9 degrees in Oita Prefecture, southwestern Japan, 29.3 degrees in Tokyo and 29.1 degrees in Kyoto. The officials are forecasting daytime highs of 31 degrees in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and 30 degrees in Osaka. Temperatures are expected to rise above 35 degrees in some parts of western, eastern and northern Japan on Sunday. The unusually hot weather is expected to continue until Monday.


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