World Predictions 1-29-20

I had a visual the map of New Zealand.

I had a visual of an airplane grounded, then a new model came out, the paint still drying, but that model had engine issues.

I had a visual of a set of crackers, it was fairly large. That represents an earthquake around the corner.

I had a visual of a great portion of Texas. A massive storm was coming. Then it showed so many places underwater. An epic flood was coming.

I don’t think Texas is now but a bit later in the year.
The earthquake is most likely tied to New Zealand, they have in the past talked about 1,.2. However I have a sliver of doubt because the message was given yesterday in the early morning. Then the Jamaica earthquake happened.

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  1. Raymond Avatar

    Maybe the new plane with engine issues is the 777X from Boeing.
    It flew for the first time last week.

    Perhaps the flooding will be a hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. Trevor Avatar

    “Boeing completes successful first flight of new model amid 737 Max woes”

    “Boeing completed a successful first flight of its new model 777X jetliner Saturday amid the company’s woes with its still-grounded 737 Max planes, according to the company.”

    1. Trevor Avatar

      I just remembered the airplane prediction that mentioned “777” and this new model is a 777X jetline.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Me too!

  3. Laura Avatar

    Maybe the 1 2 is Jamaica then NZ eq?

  4.  Avatar

    your prediction 26 aug 2018 talked of plane attack for new zealand. planes grounded due to this event. and a small quake after.
    this prediction and image u posted 26 aug 2018 mentions it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are two different plane attacks, one strikes New Zealand, the other is global, and strikes multiple locations.

  5. allen Avatar

    hey Eric, no mention, yet, about Florida? watching the birds and animals, they are not acting right. a big storm in February? still have a very bad feeling, for the month of October, for all of south Florida, with massive amount of water damage. I pray, that I am wrong, but things are changing so fast, and weather changes, are speeding up, am I the only one who can FEEL, the changes?

  6. midlife krisis Avatar

    Hi, Eric. Can we get an update about the coronavirus? I’m a little anxious being in Korea. Thank you!

  7.  Avatar

    Hi, Eric. Can you please give an update when you have time about the coronavirus? I’m a bit anxious being in Asia at the moment. Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

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