World Predictions 1-29-20

I had a visual the map of New Zealand.

I had a visual of an airplane grounded, then a new model came out, the paint still drying, but that model had engine issues.

I had a visual of a set of crackers, it was fairly large. That represents an earthquake around the corner.

I had a visual of a great portion of Texas. A massive storm was coming. Then it showed so many places underwater. An epic flood was coming.

I don’t think Texas is now but a bit later in the year.
The earthquake is most likely tied to New Zealand, they have in the past talked about 1,.2. However I have a sliver of doubt because the message was given yesterday in the early morning. Then the Jamaica earthquake happened.

12 thoughts on “World Predictions 1-29-20

  1. Maybe the new plane with engine issues is the 777X from Boeing.
    It flew for the first time last week.

    Perhaps the flooding will be a hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico.

    1. I just remembered the airplane prediction that mentioned “777” and this new model is a 777X jetline.

  2. your prediction 26 aug 2018 talked of plane attack for new zealand. planes grounded due to this event. and a small quake after.
    this prediction and image u posted 26 aug 2018 mentions it.

  3. hey Eric, no mention, yet, about Florida? watching the birds and animals, they are not acting right. a big storm in February? still have a very bad feeling, for the month of October, for all of south Florida, with massive amount of water damage. I pray, that I am wrong, but things are changing so fast, and weather changes, are speeding up, am I the only one who can FEEL, the changes?

  4. Hi, Eric. Can you please give an update when you have time about the coronavirus? I’m a bit anxious being in Asia at the moment. Thank you!

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