Republicans Pull Bill

The denied part now looks like its in reference to the failed vote.

Predictions 2-19-17   TrumpCare  Is Spirit referring to what’s happening in the news now, prior to the bill being passed? Perhaps they are saying the bill won’t become law? Is that what they mean by ‘denied’?   “The new health care in the US, will not serve the poor.. denied”



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  1. Blessings Avatar

    What they were wanting to pass would have been horrible for low income of all ages. Looks like Spirit and you got it right.

  2. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Prayers do work…what a relief that this bill failed…denied….spirit was right on

  3. Mary b Avatar
    Mary b

    Thank god it failed!!!!

  4. Sara Avatar

    This is the wrong place to post this question, but anyway–do you have any updates on the hijacked airplane, or why the dates 27 and 30 are marked?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Unfortunately just what is there. Timeframe still seems to be April 2nd.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        For what it’s worth Eric, the new moon seems to be triggering the predictions some what. Has been for the past two months. If that is true then a few days before and up to a week after the 27/28th, next week, could be very interesting.

  5. Tot Avatar

    Happy for the people!!!

  6. Debbie Avatar

    I don’t think it’s over with yet. There’s an energy saying that the ACA has bought some time, for now, and it looks to be repealed in 2018. What’s it’s replaced with will not be beneficial to the elderly, poor, etc.

    1. Karen Avatar

      I believe the denied part that Spirit was talking about will be the passage of another health care package that will come later and it will not be benificial to the poor or working class. I don’t think this is the end of it.
      The ACA was always thought of as a starting point and changes would be made later to it, maybe to make it universal health care, something everyone would get. The passage of the ACA was in hopes of moving forward.
      I am glad that the GOP plan didn’t pass, I’m not sure, but I suspect the attitude of this administration “it’s my way or we leave it” could have turned some who were going to vote for it away. People don’t want to be bullied in to doing anything. Time will tell.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Or that other prediction could be the congress damaging the ACA on purpose.

  7. Debbie Avatar

    It was something I read back in Feb.

  8. Shannon Avatar

    I don’t usually comment on political stuff but all I can say is ‘Thank goodness!’ even though I am not holding out much hope in the future. What a mess this administration is.

  9. Violet319 Avatar

    The President is a very,very vengeful man, I don’t believe he will let this battle go. Eric, I hope your spirits will let us know some more about this.

    1. Tot Avatar

      I have a bad feeling when I see him. Very little good there.

    2. Karen Avatar

      He is, but he also will likely blame everyone else and just refuse to help out on anything health care related.
      i do wonder if he would be willing to pick the battle against those who voted no, it seems all in Washington have secrets, some that are just coming to light. We may find out more about those elected officials (if we can believe anything that is reported).

  10. anthony Avatar

    First mistake of the leader of the usa. He picked paul Ryan who is no doctor. Let Tom price build in the eyes of a doctor without no interference. That’s what he is best at. You need to be a very smart guy to run a hosiptal. Next is cost.why is obama care in a death spirial. Insurance companies. Obama care is a blessing. You have to see it thru a different set of eyes. In short the insurance companies are really in charge and you need a person to say bye bye.

    1. myseventh Avatar

      I not a fan of the ACA, my coverage is worse, the cost and deductibles are much higher. I also have family members and friends that have nothing but issues when trying to use it. I am thinking is that the denied is what come next, the insurance companies are pulling out because they are losing money, it won’t be long before you will not be able to get coverage or only have one choice either case, those wanting insurance will be denied due to no insurers or just can not afford it.

      1. Karen Avatar

        Unfortunately the insurance companies have us over a barrel, even with insurance through work our insurance started skyrocketing long before the ACA was even talked about. The insurance companies that have pulled out have said they are losing money, but in fact their profits are in the billions. They aren’t being honest.
        If this had passed then the healthy people who had to have coverage through the ACA would likely drop it and this is actually where they are making money to pay for those who are the sickest. They would have refused people with the new one as well. So sad.

    2. anita Avatar

      The problem with Trumpcare is that it would’ve costed more (premiums would’ve been higher) and covered less (24 million Americans off by 2026) — it would’ve also given a total of $600 billion in tax credits to the top 10% wealthiest people in the country ($200,000 per person in the 10%) and allowed for insurance executives making $500,000 or more to have a hefty tax cut. Best option, in my opinion, is to take away the middle man (i.e., insurance companies) and provide medicare for all — highest approved gov’t program: 75% of Americans approve. The insurance company debacle with Obamacare did originally have measures to amend those future problems/current problems but Republicans chose to obstruct any further legislation for the next 7 years. Too bad they spent those 7 years obstructing and not coming up with a better plan than Obamacare.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Very sensible Anita!

    3. Karen Avatar

      Agreed. The insurance companies make profits in the billions and they don’t want to lose any of that money. Between the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies is where the people end up losing the most.

    4. myseventh Avatar

      There is no doubt that the insurance lobby has major influence in the government and there is almost no chance that any bill would actually help the common person. If you go back to before the ACA the insurance companies had lobbied for laws to limit where you can purchase insurance and who can sell it. This was all sold to the public by saying we are protecting you. The ACA is just another insurance backed bill, where the insurance companies looked at the demographics and said there is over 30 million people not paying us, we need a bill to make them pay. Now we have another bill trying to be sold to us by saying it will replace the ACA, and no doubt another disguised shake down.
      They are trying to keep the public confused, insurance is not what is needed, healthcare is what is needed. By keeping insurance as the topic the public stays distracted.
      In my opinion the government is too corrupt to be allowed to oversee something as important as healthcare, just look at the VA. And there is there is too much money to be made so this topic draws the crooks. Because most people will do anything to protect a sick loved one.

  11. anthony Avatar

    the difference between a king and a president. this is what trump should do to the insurance companies plus many others in the related fields of health care.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

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