This prediction has happened.  Is Spirit referring to what’s happening in the news now, prior to the bill being passed? Perhaps they are saying the bill won’t become law? Is that what they mean by ‘denied’?

Predictions 2-19-17   “The new health care in the US, will not serve the poor.. denied”



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  1. Karen Avatar

    It would be great if that’s what they meant by denied, since I think collectively we all thought the poor would be denied services. Thanks for clearing that up!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That would be nice.

  2. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair is all so confusing lately

  3. sick of it Avatar
    sick of it

    This makes me doubt everything else you have ever said. There isn’t even a bill passed yet. There is nothing called “Trumpcare” yet. Maybe you should ask yourself if you are hearing from Spirit only what you want to hear.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Fox is calling it TrumpCare. Your worried about the name really?

      1. sick of it Avatar
        sick of it

        I am concerned about the content, and everyone freaking out when we don’t even know all the details. I notice you ignored my last sentence.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Sick of it,
      To be fair, Eric was just stating a theory on the prediction–that “denied” may have meant the bill/plan itself will be denied. He wasn’t saying for sure what will happen with it.
      And I’ve heard several news reporters nickname it “Trumpcare” too, even back during the debates, so Eric wasn’t saying that term with any bias or sarcasm.

      You’re right though, people shouldn’t freak out about the plan until we know exactly what the new plan contains.

      1. swampy11 Avatar

        Well said, Sara. I thought about that, too. Thanks!

    3. Karen Avatar

      To be fair, any change in the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare would be renamed for the president who advocated for it, it’s the same thing that happened to Obama and truly many people think the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are two totally different things. Astounding I know, but true.

      I am fairly new here, a few months, but I have read through many of Eric/Spirit’s predictions and I haven’t read any that would suggest Eric’s political leanings. I believe he puts out what Spirit(s) says and adds nothing to it. In fact, when asked about some parts of predictions Eric has said on many comments that he wasn’t sure what they mean by something or that he did not include something because he didn’t get the full understanding of it.

      I would urge you to read through past predictions and comments and I believe you will find that he does not talk politics or his beliefs. I have yet to decide or figure out where he stands on political issues.

      The most frequent thing I have read is his urging prayers for people who have been harmed or involved when a prediction comes to pass. With that said, I have no idea either his religious beliefs or denomination, and to be honest, political party affiliation or church affiliation makes no difference to me because most of us here are here in hopes to help Eric and Spirit reach the day that these predictions and their timing come together in order to help warn people and save lives.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        I fully support your statement Karen. Well said.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    So sad for all Americans, seems everything is in such a muddled at the moment, you should all have a health service that is free for all poor Americans not rich people like ours in the uk.

    1. Pete Medium Avatar
      Pete Medium

      Yes Lisa I agree. I cannot believe Americans insurance companies make profit out of the sick, elderly and incapacitated. As a 70 year old with minimal health issues I don’t pay any insurance, pay a maximum $40 for any doctors consultation and in the case of a minor hernia operation a few years ago, paid nothing for the hospital or after care. We also have a PBS or Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme where the cost of prescription medication is Government controlled. I know this isn’t Spiritual and I apologise for that, but it is informative and I hope I’m not perceived as intruding. Pete

  5. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Eric, thank you for all that you do. I appreciate your gift more and more as time goes on.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. Karen Avatar

      I completely agree. To put yourself out there to help people is inspiring, no matter what.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        Ditto to both Linda and Karen’s comments.

  6. anthony Avatar

    First obama and now trump. With current path good chance the republican party will not be elected ever again. Blowing the biggest opportunity of a life time. Elijah

    1. anthony Avatar
      most abortions would never happen if women had it for free. lets start with quality.

      1. keokihi Avatar

        I don’t always agree with your posts, but I did want to thank you for this post and the CBC link, I posted it on Pinterest.

      2. rmf Avatar

        You just hit a a subject I’ve been struggling with all my life. I’m a very strong supporter of Women’s rights, human rights for that matter. I’ve spent a good part of my life putting my life on the line defending those rights. When it come to abortion I struggle, because I want to know when does God say a human life begins? Is it at conception. birth or sometime in-between? Eric or any of you with the psychic gift do you know? If you do please help me with this struggle. I strongly believe a woman has a right to set her own course in life, but what about the baby? Thanks in advance for you help with my struggle.

    2. Mary Avatar

      It doesn’t make sense for taking all the work work for affordable health care then the new president took it to changed it and put it in his name. Who gets the credit for Obama Care? Actually it started by hillary clinton’s.

      Very sad.

    3. Mary Avatar

      This is so true. They are just operatives of the corporate and global elite. I am afraid Trump is going to try too hard to get along with them since he has so much opposition elsewhere.

  7. Tot Avatar

    I took it to mean that the poor won’t have healthcare, along with the elderly and sick.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am going to ask them for clarity. I can’t imagine a situation where they would deny the poor people.

      1. Karen Avatar

        It could affect a great number of people, but mostly the poor or middle class if, for example, the coverage of pre-existing illnesses/diseases weren’t covered. Before the Affordable Care Act insurance companies had the right to not cover any pre-existing things, some would pick up coverage after six months and some would not pick up coverage at all. This could be seen as being denied treatment if a person couldn’t afford the out of pocket expenses. I’m not saying what they are proposing would put this back in place, just using an example of how treatment could be denied.

  8. Elaine Avatar

    Denied – service to the poor.

  9. Sara19 Avatar


    I have a very serious question to ask you concerning my personal reading and the San Francisco attack prediction. Is there a way to email you or will that cost money? I think you will find it very interesting.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Go ahead and email me, I would have to read it first. Thanks.

  10. anthony Avatar

    if your working you pay into the system, Everything is covered. There is no caps on any issue or disease. You will not have to sell your house to pay for any medical bills. If your unemployed,stay at home mother,homeless,etc etc the insurance companies need to be addressed in particular wages and fraud!
    lets talk about old age and retirement homes. another issue that must be addressed have to take care of your own.

  11. Christophilos Avatar

    Are you still swallowing the lie? This is not “health care,” this is “insurance.” Nothing is being done regarding “health care.” This is fiddling with how it is paid for by inserting a third party between you and your doctor. It is as if you paid somebody to pay for your groceries. Now the third party has your money and has to create a business including buildings and employees to disperse the money. You really think this would make groceries cheaper? Health care is provided by doctors and nurses. If cutting costs was really serious, we could cut out the doctor who shows up in the room and tells the nurse (who already knows what to do) what the nurse should do. Just pay the nurse doing the work. Okay, this is simplifying things, but a smart person should understand what I’m suggesting.

    1. sick of it Avatar
      sick of it

      Amen! Insurance does not equal care! We are arguing the wrong thing! Example, we are self pay when we go to the doc. My husband just had a hip replacement in December. If it was paid for with insurance it would cost $75,000. We wrote a check for $21,000 because we were self pay. You tell me where all the extra money goes. If we would put the relationship between doc and patient closer, and increase competition, the costs would go down! And I get sick of hearing people say that we (the US, republicans, whoever) would deny the poor health care! The US is the MOST generous country that has ever existed! When there is a major disaster in the world, who gives the most?? The US! Look it up!

      1. Luna tic Avatar
        Luna tic

        Eric that is.

      2. anthony Avatar

        dont bite the hand that feeds you. insurance. its all tied together. Insurance companies are in the business of making profit. They raise rates and deductables. Same goes for the drug medication. Becuase its made for profit, wages go thru the roof. Heathcare companies come to canada to entice all the nurses,doctors once graduated to come to the usa. Brain drain. We have to put our wages up because of the usa otherwise they leave. a doctor who is specialized should not be making 5 million etc… and same goes for general making over a million at one time. To add fuel to the fire, lets add unions. Lets look at collection companies for medicare for the poor. So write a check for 21k but look at this.Personal income is an individual’s total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources. The US Census Bureau reported a median personal income of $30,240 for all workers over age 15 with income, and a mean personal income of $44,510 based on the Current Population Survey for 2015.[

  12. ryan Avatar

    Even if this bill doesn’t become law, a revised bill would very likely do the same. Not trying to be divisive or too political, but Republican policies have a proven track record of favoring the wealthy while denying or removing services that help the poor.

    1. ryan Avatar

      “The GOP health bill is a $600 billion tax cut — almost entirely for the wealthy” — This is disgusting if true:

  13. rhona Avatar

    Eric sorry .not sure where to pist this .does it fit any predictions ..
    Hospital shooting in Afghanistan
    Horific ..Prayers to victims and families ..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that very very tragic.

  14. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    It seems that way. Some Republicans are refusing to support it.

  15. Sara Avatar

    A bit of humor here:
    I don’t have the link, but there’s a cartoon that sums up politics nicely–it starts with an image of a mother and young son watching TV, and the writing on TV says “May not be suitable for children” and the mother is covering her son’s eyes….
    …then it cuts to a nearly identical scene with the mother and son, only this time the TV screen says “POLITICS” in big letters and the kid is covering his mother’s eyes. You could just see the kid’s expression was like, “I can’t let her see this, she’ll go off into a political rant!”
    I cracked up when I saw it, because it probably sums up how tired kids are of their parents talking politics!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      So very true!

  16. Mary Avatar

    Why can’t USA be like New Zealand ‘s ways as they provided free education and health care services? High taxes but worth it!

  17. Irish Eyes Avatar
    Irish Eyes

    The current “TrumpDontCare” bill is not intended to pass. It was never intended to pass – but it is a smokescreen to hide the cash/oil/sanctions plot going on right now. It is the scrim used to attract attention from the real wheels spinning underneath. The bill is supposed to fail in the Senate – that will give the GOP more ammo to spew hatred at the Dems going into the 2018 mid-term elections. Please note that we cannot use the same election system as in 2016 – the vote counting machines were hacked and our votes changed. Not the vote receiving machines, but the ones they fed into, the second line of hardware – our votes were not counted as cast. Therefore, we have to fight for a paper-based system until the digital one is upgraded – and that will not happen under Trump, why should it? But back to the diseased bill – it is written to fail, to hide the Putin/oil/lift sanctions plot currently in motion. Do not take your eyes or ears off the oil scandal. Not for a second.

    1. Karben Avatar

      Irish Eyes – What exactly is going on with the cash/oil/sanctions that we are not seeing because all eyes are on the health care bill?

  18. Tot Avatar

    Well it does appear that many millions won’t have access to healthcare. Shakes head….

    1. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Makes me sick, tot…hasn’t made it through yet…

    2. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Tot, there will be an uprising that this country has not seen in 60 years

  19. Joy Parks Avatar
    Joy Parks

    Clearly the spirits knew what they were talking about — 24 million Americans uninsured. That’s almost 4/5s of my country. Granted, our socialized medical care has its flaws, but no one ever dies because they can’t afford care– or goes bankrupt because they got sick.

  20. […] 2-19-17   TrumpCare  Is Spirit referring to what’s happening in the news now, prior to the bill being passed? […]

  21. Cody Avatar

    SCOOP: Trump’s Medicaid block grants are now called “Healthy Adult Opportunity,” will let states limit patients’ benefits and available drugs.

  22. Cody Avatar

    “Trump rejects Obamacare special enrollment period amid pandemic”

    “Trump officials have decided against reopening Obamacare enrollment to uninsured Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, defying calls from health insurers and Dems to create a special sign-up window amid the health crisis”

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