Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

Here is a visual of what the Spirits predict will be the path of the Florida Hurricane, but emphasis this is a mammoth Hurricane that will affect the majority of the entire coast of Florida, they also added that the southern tip of Florida would be thrashed.

The Eye of the Hurricane
The Eye of the Hurricane

The sum of all the previous predictions about Florida.
Notes on 9-9-13 Florida Hurricane

Notes on 3-16-13

Clarity on a previous message:
“The mammoths storms of 2013, the whoppers are coming. Such a massively high tide.”
They have clarified this prediction below is more about a timeframe of the most horrible global storms of 2013 that are about to arrive as the year closes. Its destruction based on the rising sea levels, the tide will be a massive problem.

Previous message:
I saw a large clay square plate that was shattered and crushed. Followed by the words TIDE.
I am unfortunately familiar with this message. They have used the clay plate visual before, the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. It’s a visual of how overwhelmingly destructive a situation is.

9 thoughts on “Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

  1. Do you know if this hurricain will reach up to nj and are they showing you any devistation close to what we experienced with sandy in that area again. We were hit so hard last year I can’t imagine that we are that prepared to be hit again that hard. Thank you

    1. Hi Kelly. Yes, they made mention of a storm but in no way put a north east coast storm on their top lists. The Philippines, Japan, South Mexico and Florida were the worst hit, so I think you ok from that type of damage. When they predicted Hurricane Sandy we kept it brief but understood it would be big, (Hurricane Sandy: Summary of P 29 & 48) now we are trying to give as much details as possible for the really big ones, and this year seems all about Florida for the US. Check Notes on 3-16-13

  2. Hi Eric,
    I have been following your site for a months now as much of what you are shown and told ring true with many of my own feelings. I guess I would call myself a sensitive as I can regularly feel the emotions of spirits and at times see them but getting back to the point. I had a “dream” (which is what I call it when I get these floods of emotion with some visuals) of standing outside my Florida home, there was a lot of wind and rain and I could hear trees snapping, I could see pumpkins on front porches as well as some sparse Halloween decorations. This was so close to what your original prediction was that I have been following very closely. Well, I saw this story today: http://news.yahoo.com/tropical-storm-karen-forms-gulf-mexico-130449616.html
    and thought that this might be the up coming storm. If it moves slightly more to the east it could very well fit with the path you have put forth. I wanted to make you and others aware of it as soon as possible to hopefully put out some positive energy and perhaps mitigate some of the destructiveness. On a side note, and I know it is a little early to inquire, but have you been told of anything major coming in November ( not just talking about storms) as I had the most intense feeling I have ever encountered when focusing on that month. It was a feeling of such dread and panic it took me most of the day to rid myself of such emotions. This has been the only time in my life that I have felt these particular emotions so strong that they practically crippled me. Anyway, I just wanted to share and I hope that those bad feelings where just associated with a passing dark spirit and not a prelude to an “event”.
    All my best and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for all the info. We all need to work towards making people aware and helping them prepare. The last few months of 2013 is expected to bring the worst of the storms for Florida and then possibly Japan and Philippines again. We also have the dreadful Tsunami expected on the west coast which they predict will happen by Jan. Then they are predicting some huge frost that will affect crops. Its possible you seeing the sum of it all.

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