Notes on 5-10-15

“Around May 20th.. earthquake.. injuries.. destruction.. in California” — Spirits Voice

They implied the LA area, but then pointed east and north.

I had a visual of houses under water, horrible flooding so large that everything in the town was consumed and under water.

“Oh how bad it will be.. such horrible storms.. Australia will be flooded extensively.. Spring.”

Are they talking about US spring, or Australia spring?

“Drugs.. Chicago area.”

I had a visual of a town in mourning. Several teenagers had died from an overdose, or the drug was poisonous. All of them had died around the same time. In the vision the drug was synthetic. The vision ended with a funeral, there was leaves falling in the background.

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  1. What do you mean by “synthetic” Eric? Do you mean like an over the counter drug? (Reason I ask is uncertain of meaning….all those capsule poisonings years ago….was it Tylonol?…Isn’t that also considered a synthetic drug?). Or so you feel it is an illegal drug?

    1. “Bath Salts” would be at top of the list. There are certain hard drugs that are very dangerous like Heroin but still comes from a plant, still making it semi natural. Bath salts, meth, are synthetic, man made, chemical created.

  2. Eric I wonder if the Earthquake in Los Angeles CA will be felt in the Northeastern part of CA….that might be why Spirit showed you north and east. Or on the same day CA and a state in the Northeastern part of the US??

  3. Eric there has been a lot of talk about people overdosing on synthetic marijuana lately. I wonder if this could be it. It use to be a big problem in Colorado, being sold in gas stations/mini marts under K2, Spice, bath salts, sending many kids to the emergency room and killing one.

    1. Thank you for he articles jules…praying and certainly sending light and energy to all areas in question…at the moment the quakes are wide spread and very energetic…i see around japan and papua is still rocking….we are in for a very prayerful compassionate time …to all over our globe i wish you well and stay safe….blessings

    1. Thanks Star48. So sad to throw away their precious life. I never been involved drugs, not once and don’t wanna know how they do it. I just know it’s bad for brain and teeth. I feel terrible for young kids that doesn’t know any better. They just need love.

  4. Could this have to do with the Saturn or gas planet post? I read that the Earth passes directly between Saturn and the Sun May 23rd, (the 22nd for the Americas), and Saturn is directly opposite the sun and closest to earth at the same time then. I think this all happens between May 22-23. Just wondering if this could somehow effect the planet. Also is the “houses under water” part for Australia or the earthquake?

    1. Well salt is used to clense bad spirits. I use Epson salt when relaxing in the tub when chilling out. I have also heard to put circle around your house in regards of using salt keeping bad spirits away. Any whoo I hope god of mercy does not allow this to happen. I’m checking out from this site as I’m traveling to usa.

  5. Eric do you know if the flooding was for Ca or Australia? Just wondering if it could have to do with the old levees in California holding up if an earthquake hit in the right spot. Recently was in the news. I believe Sacramento may be a big area for risk of flooding also.

    1. Jules when you said Sacramento that gave me the chills since that’s where I live….the levees here fourtanetly have been fixed and upgraded. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen but with this horrible drought were in I don’t think we need to worry. When Eric said flooding I did think about the Pacific Costal Event that has been talked about.

      1. Hi Kellyrosepalmer. Glad to hear that the levees there have been upgraded. Maybe the drought is actually a blessing in disguise for California RIGHT NOW. Just hope it doesn’t go on for to much longer. I have also heard of the expected Global Coastal Event. I can’t imagine it’s as bad as “CA falling into the ocean”, and all. But I do believe it’s always a good idea to be prepared as well as you can be for a large earthquake on the West Coast somewhere. And the guy does have some good points he’s making with the planetary alignments. But really I am starting to feel like you should be prepared to have a large earthquake just about anywhere these days with all of the fracking that’s going on. Droughts also with the whole climate change which I believe man has just exacerbated with their greed and ignorance. I wish they would ban it all. Just my opinion I know, but it seems like we are just destroying so much of this beautiful planet we have been given. It makes me think of the Joni Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi”, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot …they don’t know what they got till it’s gone. Praying for the Planet and All who live on it. Blessings Kellyrosepalmer and site family.

      2. I think the drought makes it more likely for a flood. Flash floods, landslides, and with the strong El Niño brewing, its very likely California will get significant rainfall this coming year. Which California needs, but there is a definite downside- flooding/landslides. The dry dehydrated ground wont be able to absorb the fluids fast enough. However I feel this prediction is hinting more towards Australia who is facing the same dangers from a strong El Niño.

        1. That’s true about the flash flooding Lehayla and doesn’t sound good either. When I lived in the Mojave desert I remember it doing just that on the parched land. I’d not thought about that. Thanks. I just hope May comes and goes without any destructive coastal events anywhere.

      3. Another possibility is the sea level rise. Many homes have been evacuated this year along the Oregon coast due to erosion from the rising sea levels. Much of our coast is cliffs and every year we lose almost a foot. I imagine its the same worldwide in many areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a coastal landslide somewhere sensing houses into the water. Its going to happen eventually, if not now, then sometime in the following years.


        This was Washington last winter. The entire PNW has been fighting erosion for a long time. We have very big and strong waves, especially during winter and fall. The average wave size has drastically gone from 33feet to 46 since 1990. And eastern Canada is facing similar issues, as well as some south eastern beaches and others in the UK. Its something people dont often think about, but climate change and rising sea levels are making it a more immediate hazard. If you walk along Rockaway beach, there is miles of beachfront homes just feet from the bluff and cliff edges. Though interesting enough, the more south you go, the land is rising faster than the sea level from tectonic plate movement. Places that were once a major tsunami hazard zone are now some of the safer beaches. Just more proof that our planet is developing and changing every day.

      5. Jules and Lehayla,

        First thanks Jules thanks for the blessings. I do really hop this drought does end but gradually. Lehayla is so right about the possibilities of flash flooding. Although where I live it has not been a problem. We here in California are in some serious need of water!! Because not is there only a lack of water above but there is a huge lack of groundwater and in some places the groundwater has dried up. It takes so much longer for us to replenish the groundwater then on the surface. Luckily with Sacramento being such a flood prone city they have measures in place that should the river start flooding that they have places where they could open up and let the mass of water escape into certain areas that are not populated. The way I feel is that our poor earth is hurting and is fighting back lately due to all the damage, destruction and pain inflicted on her. I really have a huge feeling that something big is about to happen really soon. I can physically feel the energy building….to what I can’t say but I definetly think it’s related to our environment. I’m very worried with the lack of rain that we have got and now we are getting a day or two here then sunshine to where the vegetation is growing out of control. Even though there have been so BIG fires in California the fire season’s around here have been pretty tame compared to what they were in 08. I think this is going to be a HUGE fire season here and with such a lack of water it’s going to be rough! There are already some nasty burn scars but I think it will be much worse. I need we are in an El Nino. I just hope we start to get some water back and not have devestating effects from it.

  6. Hey Eric another pchyic predicted an Asteroid will hit the water near Brisbane and Brisbane will be wiped out around the time of our Spring she said 23 27 Sep what is you feed back on this

      1. Eric, I noticed the trajectory of fireballs going beyond the inner planets
        So they would go by the gas planets(outer)
        See.,On May. 11, 2015, the network reported 13 fireballs.
        (9 sporadics, 3 eta Aquariids, 1 eta Lyrid)

        In this diagram of the inner solar system, all of the fireball orbits intersect at a single point–Earth. The orbits are color-coded by velocity, from slow (red) to fast (blue). [Larger image] [movies]

    1. Oh my, Dorothy. I wish no one would say that. I’ve Heard Of That also. The pyschi said when the asteroid hit the earth. It will be covered in water or flooded. That was last I heard in 2012. I think it will happen before WW III. idk.

      1. I have dreamed about an unprecedented event… different times *month’s apart), like a continuation… highly vivid… I saw the west coast been completely destroyed… a US battle ship that was resting on it’s side on top of debris of what was left of a city… I remember walking towards the ship asking myself what happened, when someone present responded: something terrible! I ask if we (humans) did it and he responded: yes! Then I asked if was going to happen soon and the answer was yes. I asked how and he told me that I would see it. Then I woke up… for months I wonder if I was crazy… then when I sudden forgot about it, I had another dream… I was petrified with what I was seen! I found myself sitting above the clouds, looking down to see Hawaii and all the islands around then I saw something round and not too big hit the ocean but I don’t think that was a meteor but more like a man made device… so powerful, after hit the waters it generated waves one in each direction of the globe and many more after each one… didn’t seemed much from where I was but suddenly I found myself in someone else body… to see through her eyes what she saw! It was very early in Hawaii, the woman was singing while she cleaned her home… then suddenly she felt as if someone had pulled the carpet under her feet, she looked down and was nothing wrong, then she went outside, the house was right at the beach… elevated for high tides… she looked around and was no one there was too early, looked peaceful and calm, then she looked towards the ocean and I felt her body petrified in fear… then I looked towards the ocean only to be petrified myself… far in a distance was a huge wave coming towards her, huge! She looked back at the mountain behind her to see that the wave far in the distance was already greater than the mountain! Then in another dream I saw myself with my family in our home 2 hours away from San Francisco, it was complete darkness, no electricity anywhere and I saw my son hugged with my husband crying petrified in fear as I felt the house been dragged and falling apart, I looked through the window only to hear this horrible grinding sound and see a wave greater than Mount Diablo coming toward us. These dreams came in different times and last week, I found myself inside a huge ship like a cruise ship, at least 3 floors high, floating high above the clouds as if was waiting to rescue a great amount of souls… what do you think about my dreams Eric? My dreams started in 2013.

          1. Yes I do live in Northern California. Maybe that’s what it means, radical change in my life. I was confused since I had dreams in the past that did came true and they are always very vivid.
            Thank you, Eric

    2. it’s false, this planet is rather well protected. dont buy into fear predictions

  7. I’ve been having visions/feelings of a powerful quake. Strong enough to throw me around the room. Very scary

  8. Thank you eric …is the flooding in the east of australia or west …greatly would appreciate spirits guidance on this….i have been holding energy for the west coast of your country for a few days now and checking
    Several times a day i feel it very strongly….my thoughts and love with

    you all…

  9. Hi all, I think on this one, the timing is “out of whack” by a couple of weeks, we, here in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area, on the East Coast of Australia, have just gone thru unprecedented sudden storms and flooding, including major damage to Power, Water and Railway infrastructure, including “Blackouts” for 3 or more days, so I think this MAY be a prediction that has just passed.

  10. It seems the world conscience is in chaos and we need to go to a higher vibration. No more war would be the start. This is what I have been told. Religious organizations such as the catholic church who has investments in companies that bid on war contracts amongst other things need to be reexamined. See article on turkey loan of 52 billion to the vatican. Pope of peace? At one time they owned an ammunition facility. God sees all things and it is wise people start paying attention to the signs. On top of all this the mother is about to barf with all the polutation

    1. Sometimes you need to detach from all the negativity such as news. Nothing positive. Someone should create a paper about positive stories that happen everyday thru out the world. Half empty or half full. Man is born from woman but it is man creating war. World war 3 is coming and it’s the end of ignorance. It’s between you and god and no one else. God has a wife. We need to have a worldwide cease fire quickly. End this Syria war. 5 card stud. Play the cards you are dealt but you do get to throw as many of your cards away to get a better hand. Start from scratch. Goal is peace. Throw out the rest. When you think you have a full house someone else might have a royal flush to sweep the filth away.

  11. Middle east should blast the pink Floyd tune money because certain rulers think about self and no one else

      1. To Argentina: wow thats bad….I cant understand the language but saw the date and time as predicted on May 28, 2015 at 23;00 (11:00pm). Magnitude between 9 to 9.5. I would close my eyes.

        Who did the video? Geologist?

      2. Eric, can you please ask the Spirits to confirm if its in California and will it be bad as 9 to 9.8 richter scales? Cuz it’s really bad as what showed in the video that Argentina sent. I don’t understand the language. the solar system showed how it will affect by the Saturn and Sun when the earth move pass between them. Just pray it will reduce to 4 richter scale, not 10.

        1. It will not be that big. They have in the past with Haiyan, and Sandy mentioned ‘a number of deaths’, in this prediction they only talk about injuries and destruction.

      3. Dear Harvey, Argentina posted a link written in Spanish and is the same information that is in the video in English .

        The speaker in the video and the one who is responsible for the theory described is a Dutch, Frank Hoogervorst, who is dedicated to calculations of planetary positions and other ( related ) with important dates.

      4. Thanks Caro. I looked it up and surprising what Frank discovered in numerology. His theory is rather interesting. It matched the angle along the planets on a certain day that caused major earthquakes, so it could be next on May 28th as what Nastrodumas predicted. Eric’s Spirits are aware there will be another major earthquake as well as it matches the alignment along the planets. The earth itself knew when it will trigger during the time of the alignment with the various planets that evolved between the Sun, the earth and the planets. It evolved and draw the gravity toward to the inner core then pulled outward from the core that created and affected the outer crusts of the planet(s). It makes sense to me. SO, I will keep my eyes on May 28th.

        I am grateful for Eric and his Spirits in helping putting the pieces of puzzles together to figure out the concepts of what and when such as earthquakes. It helps me what to look for and how it functions.

  12. 5 principles for peacefull co existence. Article today that China is destined to interfere in israel Palestine conflict along with india

  13. Exactly what I seen in my dream about LA… HUGE earthquake with massive destruction and flooding….like a tsunami. I literally lived it in my dream

    1. I had the same kind of vivid dream about 3 weeks ago. I awoke and looked up where I might’ve been. I believe it was San Diego beaches in my dream (tsunami part).

      1. Mine started in LA at a college or government like building…I remember it being an old marble/cement building and it was beautiful…we were looking for I think room 6 where we knew we would be safe….we knew the quake was coming. I watched it hit from the window as people who didn’t know it was coming were being killed… long story, but in the end I waited for the water to come and the building to buckle. I knew we were going to die.

    2. Mitmits, I think your dream may be as real as it may happen during the Earth passing between the Sun and Saturn on May 22 or 23, or May 28 and 29th. The line is aim at the North America towards to West Coast. It can be huge as it will be affecting by the Saturn. I will find out which day on May 22/23 or May 28/29. I don’t know why there are two different dates by different theorists. Lets pray its not worst.

  14. Pope fransis said the best line today about war. To defend money and possessions. The cause of everything. One of the better popes. The spiritual leader of Iran is no angel as when he took power he stole property from people and is worth over a billion dollars. Hamas in Palestine. 3 billionaires off the backs of the poor. And the sheep believe what they are told and listen to who feeds them. You would think with all of these spiritual leaders around the world they would band together to stop the injustice that is happening.

  15. All my compassion and prayers to the people of Napal and surrounding thoughts are with you from the chambers of my heart..words fail me so my love and light will fill the sorry your in such devistating circumstance..this is beyond imagination you should have a second big quake may the energies of the earth around you queten in peace

  16. i am a psychic and i generally avoid telling what i see besides for my clients… but from last few months its too many visions… the one vision my energies tell me to say here is ” I saw new york and a very big wave coming and a very major bridge collapsing and lot of deaths in and around USA…

  17. I would like to thank the conductor for all is help in giving us a heads up to potential acts of destruction plus the father who is silent. His name Is arch angel Samuel. I think Eric needs some water from john the I ask the conductor and fellow angels to help with drought and possible quake in California. Thanks for all your help and lessons. The pope of egypt needs assistance in bring peace to the region. See what you can do.

  18. Just got the feelings what if we have the triple earthquakes like Nepal, then Japan then California all in same day. That’d be freaky weird.

      1. Oh my…got me to think again. What if it impacted on Nepal then Japan and slowly will impact California during the Saturn passing on May 22/23 or May 28/29?? Just a thought.

    1. Hi Tom, When is this movie “San Andreas” coming? I can’t believe it. Why now at this time? It can’t be coincidence. I don’t pay attention to the movies as I’m too busy. When I saw that title. I sank.

    1. At least many of the residents have a good sense of humor about it. Many joking on Twitter about going for a swim and shipping the rain water to Cali. Another event proving humanity can stay positive during even the worst of time. Very inspiring.

      My friend just moved back to Fort Worth because she was tired of the PNW rain. Apparently she brought it with her! Definitely keeping them all in my thoughts. I cant imagine what they are going through. Very scary.

  19. Hi all just wanted to let you know from a geologist side the planets aligning do not cause Earthquakes its all to do with the earths crust and plates moving

  20. Hi Lehayla yes the sun moon and earth do have some effect but some people believe when other planets align it causes all sorts of problems

  21. It’s shocking from Edgar Cayce ‘ s predicted when the Calif will fall under water. Read on. One of the questions was “What do we need to be aware of the earth?” His reply was:” be ready for the coming of the Lord.” That when He will come.

    Also, Nastrodumas predicted the saturn, venus, mars, and others (all 5 or 6 planets will be aligned the earth and the sun.) Dutch Frank H. figured out with NASA tools to figure all out the past earthquakes with time frames. It makes sense on May 28th.

    All 4 matches (included Eric’s prediction) predicted same thing. Nepal already happened then Calif will be hard hit.

    1. Hi Harvey. I saw that info also. Pretty interesting but I think Eric’s Spirits are telling him that the earthquake will not be as bad as Nepals. Eric lives in Southern Cal so I would think his Spirits would be “screaming” at him to leave the area if that was the case. I think something may occur but perhaps not the whole of CA and West Coast going into the ocean. Just my thoughts though. Blessings.

    2. the future is not set in stone, predictions of the past have changed because the path of the world has changed. the planet is raising up through the vibrations and doing rather good, pole flips, etc, not going to happen.

    3. i don’t remember Edgar Cayce ever mentioning Nepal, he did say before big CA eartquake there will be activities in Vesuvius and Palee

  22. Jules, Hi I honestly do not know what to say about that. I put the clues and pieces of info together that it is possible. It may not happen at this time but what if it occurs on May 28 as Dutch Frank put his theory together that fits the earthquakes patterns. It’s 99% accurate with the solar systems that contributed to major earthquakes on earth. It’s all part of the earth revolution. It fascinated to understand how it happened, what caused it and what is the purpose to create the earth map over the years. There are the history that buried the lands under the sea and it continue to happen. Why, I’d keep digging to find out more about it. There are a lot that we don’t know but the answers have always been there that no one really know why. There are very little know of who we are and our relationship with the earth and beyond that.

    However, it’s possible that the Calif earthquakes may not be not be a major one but it just began when it occurred in Nepal as Cayce ‘ s predicted and others as well. Cayce predicted that It has begun in east of Nepal but I suspected it could be in the processing of earthquakes until it’s fulfilled the predictions. I’m only shared with you of my notes that I digged out and putting the stories that fit together. Should I be silent what I find out and not share with you all? I can and respect that. Another thing, I too thought it would be the end of the world when it was on May 21, 2012. It turned out to be false. It was ridiculous for some reasons. If anyone disagree with me, I’m all ears and looking at all sides. Hope it helps answered your question. Eric’s Spirits are real and true without a doubt. I’m not a physic but a dreamer, 6th sense and investigator. Blessings.

    1. Hi Harvey. I totally get the investigating researching sixth sense putting it all together sort of thing. I’ve always been interested in that type of stuff to. I’m just going by what Eric’s Spirits are telling him. Hopefully they are correct and it won’t be as bad as a 9.? I am not offended by what you have to say on the blog at all, find your input very interesting. That’s what makes the site is everyone’s input I think. Hope I didn’t come off as on my high horse earlier. Always glad to hear your input Harvey. Blessings.

      1. Just my 2 cents. Its more about keeping a level head. I remember when I predicted the asteroid/meteor that hit Russia. Everyone said I was making a doomsday prophecy and the world would cease to exist. But I never said anything like that. But the event happened in Russia and it did its damage. So lets keep a level head in these predictions.

        1. Totally agree Eric. You should be prepared, cautious, have a plan in place for earthquakes etc. But don’t allow fear to control our lives and consume us. We want to be living in the here and now and appreciate everything that’s been given to us on a daily basis. I have faith that whatever happens we can eventually make this world a better place for every plant animal and person who lives on planet Earth. Blessings All

  23. Hi Jules, Not at all. no offensive. I am hoping that Eric’s spirits are right that its not going to be major one, But on other notes from different predictors that have similar messages that was very old messages years ago. It stated at this month of May and the solar systems. Just keep the fingers crossed that it is not going to be a major quake in Calif. But in reality THAT DAY will happen but the question is WHEN as not knowing. I have read Cayce’s predictions in the past and reread it again. I was spook by Cayce’s predictions that it matched to Nepal quakes that when it began before the Calif’s major earth quakes as go under water then NYC. I have to go back and go step by step. but just don’t worry. If it happens. We all know it will be a long trails ahead of us, not just quakes but also wars, govt, no value in currencies, banks closed, etc. Even to this days, alot of people don’t believe it will happen. It’s shocking when I heard them say that. I think that trail is probably about 20 years or so that last a long time. I feel terrible for my 2 teenagers (now 13 and 18), that have to survive in that time as we all will face it one day. I’m just more worry about how we live day by day on food and keep the house with no jobs. I’m just not prepared at all. But I am seeing alot of signs already that fulfilled the predictions. I’m sort of denying it but Im just chicken out to face it reality.I don’t have emergency money in our account. We’d go broke. We both are working parents. Again, I know we all be on our owns with out the FEMA and Govt help. They will be helpless also. I think I said it enough. But Eric….you are fortunate to have the Spirits guided you. Very lucky. Alot of us will be in the dark. I just wish none of these are true. Blessings and take care!

    1. I have some things that may or may not ease your worry. First off, California is most likely not going to end up underwater do to an earthquake. In fact most of the west coast is rising. As for a major quake, California is moving northwest- to out in perspective, in millions of years, LA will be perpendicular to San Francisco. What could send the western US underwater would need to be: Massive super volcanic eruption(s), a meteor/asteroid, rising sea levels from polar ice caps melting (which could be accelerated depending on the effect of a massive quake/volcanic eruption/climate change). Now such predictions could be misinterpreted as a giant tsunami sensing the state underwater, but the water would recede. Or drastic weather changes that constantly flooded California.
      As for finances, I wouldn’t worry as much. When a disaster happens that is so severe, you will want to worry more about stocking up food, rations, and water. Those will be the times we will be surviving on instinct, community, and common sense. Though its smart to have savings, and definitely would be beneficial, its not going to be what protects or saves you in the end. Your own strength and knowledge will be your most valuable aid. So please, dont let money add stress to your life, its the least important factor in the end. I’m sure you will survive because it’s our human nature to do so. And if there is one thing we’ve learned from endless worldwide disasters, there is an entire world ready to send aid when needed. Even in the worst of them, humanity males ot happen and we recover because we are strong, intelligent, brave, instinctual, and kind when the time calls for it.

  24. Harvey: I am a member of ARE (ie.Cayse’s membership)
    please tell me where his predictions of this earthquake may be found, in connection to Nepal. I have all of his info and have never read about this from him. I would be very interested, and if I missed it in the past I would love to look it over/re-read it. Please give me the number of his reading when you have the time. Blessings always.

    1. Hi JB, I’ve enclosed the link of Cayce ‘ s prediction. I’m not the member of ARE of Cayce. I put several pieces or puzzles of similar predictions that is fit the descriptions. Look above and see if you got the link. Let me know your thought. I’m all ear. My assumption it could be much later but it struck me when Dutch Frank Hoogervorst analyzed and dedicated calculations of planetary positions with important dates. Frank stated that it’s most likely direct aligned towards North America on West coastal when the time of Saturn pass btw the Sun and earth, along few other planets on the night of 28 or 29th of May at 23:00 (11:00pm). The link of Frank Hoogervorst is enclosed above. Okay that’s one puzzle.

      The second puzzle is Nastrodumas predicted the month of May is hard and trembling. Also he mentioned the exact planets specifically as predicted just as what Frank stated.

      The third puzzle is Edgar Cayce predicted the Cali will be under water. The question was asked when that will happen. Edgar replied that when the east of Nepal started earthquakes ( in the Mediterranean and Iten (spelling?) and breaking up then we will know that its the beginning of process for Calif go under sea. It’s not just Cali. Japan will be gone as well. then NY much later.

      So, that’s the example of similar predictions that almost fit the descriptions from different predictors. It is not my intention to scare anyone. I only share the info from what I gathered of 3 or more that are very similar. It got on my nerved when Frank shared his opinion that it is possible on May 28th or 29th. Nastrodumas stated “May” and mentioned the specific solar planets that it’s already here in a week from now. And thirdly, it was a little eerie when Cayce ‘ s mentioned of knowing when it will happen next after the earthquakes breaking up in east of Nepal.

      Again, I am not a physic but a dreamer, sixth sense and investigator. In adding, Eric’s Spirits said earthquakes in North west of US coastal. I believe when Eeic said the Spirits said it will be destructive and injured, so it may not be a big one but enough to damaged and hurt some. Let’s hope so!

      Please know that the predictions are not 100% accurate. It happened some but not all of the Cayce’s and Nastrodumas’s predictions. No need to be scared.

      JB, hope to hear your feedback as you are the member of ARE. So, what do you think what it means in Cayce’s interpretation of his dreams?


      1. Okay the spelling is “Etna”. Mediterranean and Etna is around or in east of Nepal.



        1. Hi Harvey. First off I’m not trying to be a smart a$$, so please don’t take it that way. Mt Etna is in Sicily. Then I think the two volcanos Edgar Cayce was speaking of were Mt Vesuvius in Italy and Mt Pelee in the Caribbean. I do think there may have been some earthquake activity recently in the Caribbean, though I’d need to double check that, not sure about Mt Vesuvius. Here is a link for the Edgar Cauce article I am referencing of that helps.

          Totally agree with the prayer aspect, sending out light and love and positive intent into the universe. Blessings

      2. My thoughts exactly, Mt Etna is very far from Nepal geographically i don’t see the connection at all, unless i missed something; but when if Mt Vesuvius and Mt Pelee will start to have significant activities I’m packing my bags 🙂

      3. Thanks Jules and Edivalle,
        Vesuvuis and Pele as I didn’t know there were other names by these two as Mt volcanoes. Let me go back and read Cayce’s answers as how did I find these two in east of Nepal. I just typed up those names and it showed in east of Nepal. Let me take another look. Thanks for looking into it. Be right back shortly. It’d make sense if it’s not connected to Nepal ‘ s incident.

        Blessing. ke


        I learned that Vesuvuis is east of Naples, not Nepal. It’s southeast of Rome. My apologies.

        Edivalle is right! If Mt. Vesuvuis and Mt Pelee started to activate. LEAVE! Mt Pelee has a gruesome history of killing 30,000 people on the island alone, only 2 survived (I think the year in 1904). Frighten and horrifying!

        Now, I eliminated pieces of puzzle of the Cayce’s prediction as it’s NOT connected to Nepal’s recent quakes. It’s good to know! 😉

        Thanks for correction my error.

  25. Eric in relation to the earthquake around 20 May…could that match with the 10-14-14 post for earthquake, wed, 1 left, over 500 losses, Northern California, San Fransisco area, such horror? You were questioning if the Spirits were saying wednesday. That would match up with this wednesday the 20th of May. Also, all of the posts under 2-15-15, the Golden Gate Bridge, the dinosaur, a very old prediction is about to happen in the west, the tsunami, Hawaii, Vancouver, British Columbia, Washington State. I am just wondering if these are related to this earthquake time period. Oh and the part all around the anniversary -25-. The Mt Saint Helens 35th eruption anniversary is on the 18th, and the Mt Lassen 100th eruption anniversary is on the 22nd.

      1. Also, when you said “a very old prediction is about to happen in the west….” Does that mean “repeating” the same old history in SF? Just a thought.

        Totally forgot about this past October’s post. Let’s hope not and pray.

      2. It’s weird. “One left”? Made me wondering if one more left of after shock like Nepal ‘ s great quakes. It’s horrible tragedy.

    1. You kind of just blew my mind Jules, connecting all those together. Its almost seamless o.o

      1. Hi Lehayla. I don’t know. I kind of wanted to just see what Eric and others thought about it also. Get some input maybe. I hope I don’t start sounding like I am just running off in all directions at times. It just seemed to fit a lot of what’s been happening lately. The “wed”,and the “May 20th” definetley was a match though. I am praying for everyone there on the beautiful West Coast this week.


  27. Hello everyone blessings and much love to you all…eric i have been trying to pin point australian flooding and came up with 1-5-15 notes on place of candy spirit ref…there is a man in australia that calls himself the candy man…his aim is to be aus answer to Hugh Hefner..he has a masion on the gold coast in queenland …i include the link interest and maybe a pathway to the flooding…just a thought…



    1. Located East of San Diego. It repeated 7 times with an hour and 15 minutes time frame. Stay alert!

      1. Harvey, this is the list.. So Far

        13km WNW of Calipatria, California
        2015-05-20 22:06:12 UTC-07:000.6 km

        13km WNW of Calipatria, California
        2015-05-20 20:52:23 UTC-07:003.2 km
        14km WNW of Calipatria, California
        2015-05-20 20:51:02 UTC-07:003.5 km
        13km WNW of Calipatria, California
        2015-05-20 20:19:18 UTC-07:005.7 km
        13km WNW of Calipatria, California
        2015-05-20 20:18:07 UTC-07:005.5 km
        15km NNW of Westmorland, California
        2015-05-20 20:15:29 UTC-07:001.0 km

  29. Star48 and Eric. Right now, I’m interested observing the 11pm behavior patterns as it affected these last 2 nights which is the strongest point. So I keep taking note for 11pm pattern until may 28 and 29th. Think about how it slowly rotated aligned the planets. I’m looking at the bigger picture to pinpoint where it may come from that caused the effects.

      1. I saw that also Star48, Harvey… and thought it quite interesting. Strange really, but considering the times we are in and all that is happening with earth changes maybe not? It really does seem like “what next?!” sort of year lately.

  30. Star48 and Jules, it’s rather interesting observation that many around the world are acceleration in earthquake activities these last few days. It made me wondering if the Saturn is slowly toward to the Sun and passing btw the earth for the May 28 at 11pm. It made me think if it creates the pressure in galaxy’s void and pick up.on gravity on earth’s outer crust as well. Just a theory. I’m taking the journal notes. I’m hoping the Yellowstone will be o.k. I suspected it may increase the magma slightly.

    1. Interesting stuff indeed. I guess we will see by the end of the month right? Just a fun interesting fact I read the other day…The Yellowstone caldera would equal 11 Grand Canyons full of magma. Sheesh. Well hopefully that will be a long ways off!

      1. Jules104, FYI..
        Here is the list of earthquakes at Yellowstone
        As you can see there was a 3 on the 18th.

      2. What!? Jules, can you get the link for me please? Thanks. I’m aware it’s slowly rising but that’s huge?!

    1. Hi Star48. Just wanted to let you know there is a TORCON 4 for Little Rock area. Not high but storms will be moving in today and tomorrow. I know your daughter lives there so just wanted to give you a reminder. I’m sure you are already all over that though. :\ Blessings

      1. Yes, still pouring in central TX and Oklahoma. Glad my daughter’s Girl scout troop canceled their camp out nearby Wichita Falls. It evacuated that night.

        1. Harvey stay safe there in Texas. “Turn around don’t drown!” (I’m still seeing people on the tv try to drive through the water.). Praying for you and your family and All of Texas. On the bright side, I think they are reporting the Texas drought is over! Blessings.

  31. Thanks Jules, didn’t realized how bad it was till I saw the pictures on internet. I’m grateful that my daughter didn’t go camp out nearby the Wichita Falls in Texas where it reported to evacuate. She had plan B that she went to the prom that Friday night in downtown of Dallas. I dread for the worst as the storms and tornado warning. She witnessed the people drove through high water. She and her friends didn’t dare to do that. I instructed her not to fool around with high water that is not to mess around with. She text letting me know that she is safe at her friend’s house at 2 am. But it was very nerve wreck especially the high school and college kids dare to risk thinking it’s cool and fun but IT IS NOT OKAY. My gosh..I hope and pray that others are missing will be found okay. I don’t want to know that they all drowned.

    1. Yes, Jules, Texas drought is over. We got very green and flowers bloomed that rarely bloom in hard clay! Very soggy to take the dogs. Had to wipe the mud off my boots.

      1. We here in a Denver, CO have actually been getting a lot of rain also. (For this area which is considered high desert till you get to the mountains/foothills where I am at). I haven’t even turned on my sprinklers yet and the grass is so green. I’ve never seen it this green. And it’s usually getting close to the 90s by now. It’s still in the 60s. Still getting pockets of snow in the mountains. The weather is surely different this year than what I’m use to. But I’ve only lived here since 2008, so who knows. I’d like some summer weather soon before it starts snowing again in October! :(. The bright side is I am saving a bunch on the water bill! LOL.

        1. Jules104, used to have home in Evergreen…still beautiful weather, it sounds like..
          Sounds like a great weather year..for you.. Enjoy…blessings to you and yours..

          1. Thanks Star48. Yes it is beautiful weather, though I’d like to get a move on with summer, but I’m sure that will happen soon enough and I’ll be wishing for Fall temps then. I’m right near Bear Creek Lake, which has overflowed its banks and now I can see the tops of some trees. Makes me thankful for being over here on the side of Green Mountain, (which is usually brown…I’ve always wondered why they called it “Green” Mountain, instead of “Brown” Mountain…and now I know! LOL Anyway, certainly a bit of abnormal weather with the temps and the rain, but nothing like what Texas and Oklahoma and Arkansas are getting. So I’ll take it. Love the Evergreen and Mount Evans Wilderness area to. Speaking of, they have actually had to delay the opening of the road up due to the late snow fall. Well gosh now I am thinking it had better not heat up to quickly. One of those “be careful what you wish for” moments. Blessings Star48

    2. Well it’s a good thing your daughter respects and listens to her Dad right Harvey. Though I totally understand how nerve racking all the worrying over your kids can be, it’s hard to ever stop worrying when your a parent. Blessings and stay safe!

      1. Jules, thanks for sharing the Evergreen with us. I’m just hoping not too hot summer as I don’t cope with heat too well

        I’m having a small doubt about tomorrow event in California. I don’t feel anything about tomorrow. I had a dream that it was flooding a few days ago but nothing in earthquakes. So, I think we are okay. Just wait and see about Dutch Frank ‘ s theory on planet alignment. He sounds sincere. I just found out one of the NASA ‘ s employer said it’s not true what Frank said. I don’t think Cayce’s prediction in Calif and Japan will happen now. But it remains to be question as when. But Nastrodumas’s prediction was accurate as it did moved alot lately and the major one was in Nepal. It fits his prediction. If Eric’s Spirits said not a major one in Northwest coastal then it fits.


        1. Hi Harvey. I agree with you. I think both Dutchsinse and Frank Hoogerbeets seem sincere with trying to help and that they have something going there but it needs to be studied more. They are Pioneers like Eric and all the rest of us. I think they are searching for the truth and knowledge of how it all works together, to make this planet a better, safer place, and that’s important in my opinion. Anyway, praying for an “uneventful” rest of May on the West Coast. Blessings

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