Indonesia Earthquake

This prediction has happened. 19? Please pray for all of those in Indonesia.

Predictions 8-14-16   I had a visual of the word Indonesia with the Indonesia land mass sitting behind it. Then it shifted to the words “Earthquake.. water.. now”, then the visual switched again and I had a visual of the number 19 in a box.

“The earthquake will be massive” (I believe they are talking about another earthquake, unrelated to Indonesia)

Predictions 12-6-16   I had a visual of a zero blinking.


469 thoughts on “Indonesia Earthquake

  1. Still have migraine for 2 days in a row even the medicines not helping. Meaning the earthquake still affected ongoing strong.

    Peace on earth.

  2. Star 48 jules 104 seeing as its 2.30 in the morn for you too I will overlook that your not here with me yet 😂😂😂
    Dream a little dream for me 😴😴😴😴

  3. Star 48 jules 104 seeing as its 2.30 in the morn for you two I will overlook that your not here with me yet 😂😂😂
    Dream a little dream for me 😴😴😴😴

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    After the deep 600km one in Fiji
    Solomons 6.7m at 44 depth followed by at least 3 after shocks above 5m
    Png 5.2m at 42 depth
    and Greece 5m at 127depth

    • Hi Star48, Rhona. I saw that also Rhona. That was super deep wasn’t it? A bit worried with what’s going on out there in the natural world. Really hope and pray there’s not a huge volcanic event coming up. Just have had this feeling the meteor and EQ was still coming up and now the volcano. I guess the EQ could exacerbate the volcano? Or vice versa? Or a meteor? Ugh don’t like that thought. I was wondering about whether anyone has thought about placing something into a volcano to complicate the natural world. It would be a natural event along with a terrorist event. I know it sounds crazy but it’s sort of like using what is already there. Like the smaller ship trying to ram the larger nuclear ship. It’s more than likely two separate events though. Do you remember the sea monster? I equated that to Krakatoa. I can’t imagine but maybe something similar but a different volcano? I will look for that older post. Here is a list of active volcanos under Regions. Eric had said Indonesia I believe. Does anything stick out to either of you two?
      Found the Kracken post.

    • Yah! Glad your iPad finally charged. I don’t have one so not sure how that works. Oh my that blood not liquifying doesn’t sound good. 😮 That’s odd. My younger daughter, when she heard about the Russian assassination yesterday told me she had a dream a long time ago about something similar. That it seemed when this happens war was suppose to break out soon after. Not really sure if it’s related to the same incident though. Hope not. Praying that blood liquifies real soon! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇. Thanks for the link Star48. Praying all is well with you and staying warm in North Idaho. 🙏🏻🎁🔥

    • star 48 Jules 104
      O oh I think I agree with Vincenz De Gregorio and pray ..
      maybe liquification still will occur .😕…
      Odd Jules hope your daughters dream is not an omen and if it was
      things have changed and progressed ..
      Im not seeing a 3rd worl war though fractiinal wars are always on the agenda ..
      I see Banda sea juat had a 6.9 quake at 188depth …
      we are having 41° Here today ..glad the heat has come in before xmas day we have had a couple of years in last 5 that ot was unbearably hot ..
      so we are at opposite ends of weather extremes Star😉
      so Stay warm I will attempt to stay cool ..and we are gaving thunder storms to go with it this afternoon.
      Yeah Jules the cyclone warning forming up north was issued on news last night ..thats probably why we are have thunder storms it always affects our weather like that in the summer months ..oh well hope your weather is better than either of us Jules
      blessing you two

      • Hi Rhona, Star48. Sorry was out for a while trying to get my daughter’s new iphone data transferred over. Dropped old one in H2O. Ugh. Really hard to do anything when the screen doesn’t work. Let’s just say Verizon has changed a bit in the, “transferring your data for you”, department. Felt like your road trip for a satellite dish Star48. 😳 And the Asurion insurance plan…”You must turn off “Find my iPhone” before you return your old phone or be charged $500.00.” Except you can’t because your screen doesn’t work, and your activation lock is on, which means you can’t turn off find my iPhone. Not even from the iCloud remotely because your activation lock is on! (Is there an emoji with a women running around with her hair on fire?) 😡 The good news is I have 15 days to figure it out and have the phone back to them. The bad news?… I think it takes longer then that to become a techno genius. 😂 I’m just cracking myself up I swear. Oh well I’ll try again tomorrow.
        Anywho… I may have had the better weather out of both you two. Atleast the sun broke through finally today and it’s neither sweltering or freezing here. Though I’m pretty sure there is rain, rain and more rain in the future forecast. 💨☔️🌧 Makes for a soggy snowman. ☃️😉 Well I hope those thunderstorms bring a little relief from the heat Rhona. I always loved thunderstorms. In fact it’s my itunes sleep music sound st night. Funny. And praying you get warm sunny skies up north there Star48 to keep you warm.
        Rhona looks like Eric was right on with the cyclone then. Glad your hubby got home before that started. Hope he’s about caught up on all that sleep. Will be praying for the rest of them working over the holiday season up North. Blessings You Two.

  5. Star 48 wow code red and no ground monitoring and Redoubt had a 2.7m at 158 depth..
    1000 odd miles apart but as we know magma movement can be quite connected over distances …

  6. Star 48 Jules 104
    LEsperance rock NZ ..4.5m at 370 depth ..only 838 km from Auckland
    one to watch ..😕

  7. Star48 Jules 104 “Happy talk ”
    from South Pacific just played
    flag from singer ..not surprising seeing as whats been going on there ..
    will let you know if it gets more specific

  8. Jules 104 Star 48
    I asked him to be more specific
    and just this hour he played ”
    wash that man out of my hair ”
    this song was set in Bougainville
    Treasury Island Papua new Guinea
    South Pacific
    will ley you know if i get a third ..though thats pretty cool ..teehee ! 😆

    • Oh my gosh yes it is pretty cool! 😎 I’ll have to look up that area. Let me know what else Singer mentions. Will be praying for South Pacific Rhona.

    • Oh those poor people. What a way to celebrate your Christmas holiday time. I see it says “very destructive winds”. Are these equal to what would be the US hurricanes? So lots of rain also? Praying for everyone’s safety up North in the Broome, Hedland area, and for all of the miners there at your hubbys mine also Rhona. When I watched the dutchsinse energy wave link Star added recently I noticed the whole South Pacific was all red for the temps. Pretty warm oceans, expect its perfect for cyclones. Thought how strange right? It’s cold enough here. 🏂 💨☃️Brr, while you are sunbathing down under. ☀️😎👙
      That link you sent had some awesome pictures and the video too. Thanks. We had some storms in Colorado that dropped red dirt/sand all the way from Arizona a few times. Picked it up and brought it right over via the cloud systems. It was really strange. 😳 There was red dirt/sand all over everything, cars, homes… after it rained. I was dumbfounded as others were too that morning. Rather funny when I look back on it. 🌩💨🌧☔️🐱🐶🐾🕵🏻‍♀️ I can imagine that’s what happens there if it were to rain with that red cloud cover overhead in the video and pic. Though maybe not so strange for them there.
      Anyway, I sure hope this storm doesn’t do too much damage. Really sad for the kids to have it occur on Christmas especially. I will be keeping North West Australia in my thoughts and prayers, visualizing a protective layer of light surrounding and covering the whole area, keeping them safe from harm during this holiday season. Thank you for sharing with us Rhona. 🙏🏻😇 Keep us updated on that storm and how it goes for hubbies coworkers. 🌟💫 Blessings.

  9. Jules 104
    unbelievable isnt it cloud dust like that from Arizona dumped in Colorado …
    yes that whole outback as we call it is all just red dust turns to md in the rain ..we call it bulldust ..
    powdery and fine in some parts .
    makes a real mess whenbwind and rain combine ..your so right..
    I thinkbwhats a worry for Yvette cyclone is here they have a hanit of swinging in then backb out to sea and gather strengthen just as your hurricanes do ..
    the two towns in its path have alot of holiday makers in vans that head up north for the summer ..
    even though they only expect a cat 2 it still leaves an uneasy feeling
    yes the kids xmas such a shame ..thanks for sending a dome of light for them .I will join you ..😇 will keep you posted …the floods are a real concern too ..of coarse …now they are sayingvthere could be a second one developing…with you and star experiencing hurricanes
    I know you feel it on a personal level with them ..
    Thanks for your concern appreciated very much …

  10. Jules104,Rhona,
    Definately having a 🎶🎶🎶🎶White Christmas 🎶🎶🎶🎶
    Weather alert..12-22—–12/24….

    Thinking of you and Eric/Spirit
    And the Spiritual Warrior Clan
    My sister in law just sent me a care package! Had a Christmas cookie in it..
    Yum…my first one…( being a Cookie Monster …before the muppets had one…even sounding the same!)
    Blessings to you all.

    • Oh that sounds wonderful. At least you will be having a white Christmas there Star48. Throw some snow balls for us. Heehee ☃️❄️💨 I have a feeling Rhona and I are going to be having like she said “soggy snowmen” and throwing buckets of water instead. That was really nice of your sister in law to send you a care package with a Christmas cookie… And you know exactly how to eat it cookies sounds like…😮 🍪 😋 Yum! Blessings to You 🙏🏻😇

    • Star 48 great to hear from you
      we are thinking of you too ..
      Im shocked I have seen the way Cookie devours cookies ..get the duspan and brush out crumbs everywhere …yumyumyum yum coookieees ..
      That was a lovely thought from sisterinlaw
      will light a candle for you two at xmas and put it in the window ..

  11. Star48 Jules 104
    Papua new Guinea
    New Ireland region smake bang in middle of Bougainville and new Ireland
    6.1 depth 54klm …I think i got depth right
    maybe more to come its been pretty active around there and the Philippines ..

  12. Star 48 Jules 104
    Bogoslof on the move then …hope she is just letting off steam so to speak ..
    Jules I know I feel a lityle the same way about Pilippines .Im not sure its over for them yet ..
    saw that one for New Ireland
    singer wasnt far off with Bougainville ..lets c if it extends ..hope not being wrong in these circumstances is a good thing ..
    weather here is fantastic ..just finished cooking all my xmas meats for tomorrow ..we had hot meatast year we are going cold this year …just have to do the table settings …
    Hope your xmas is everything special you two .
    Its xmas eve here in a couple of hours we have the xmas songs blari g from the cd player ..

    • Hi Rhona, I’d say Singer was right on! Wow great job. I’d overlooked that. Tell Singer “Fantastic! and Thank You!” That was really really pretty right there Rhona. Now I feel bad I hadn’t caught that. 🙃🙂 Oh before I forget another thing…this was a few days ago, maybe two. I was watching Maters Tales from Disneys Cars movie and the big V kept showing up during the different stories. I thought that’s going to happen, whatever it is. May be wrong but… had that feeling. Hope I’m way off. Be back. 🙁

    • I’m back sorry…daughter needed my phone. Well I think cold meats for the table spread is just dandy, sounds yummy and I’ll be right over in two shakes of a lambs tail. Hohoho. 😋 Really it sounds easier and more practical to me and I’m all about that. And yumyumyum! I had Christmas music going also this am I also have a cd in the car I play for the grandbabies which they love and know a lot of the songs by heart already. Wouldn’t be Christmas without the blaring Jingle Bells music. 😉 The grandbabies will be spending their time in a hotel this year with the unmentionable. So I’m praying that they will have a good time with that. 😇🙏🏻🙂🙃. We will celebrate tomorrow evening I hope.
      I hope everything turns out well for your Christmas meal and you have a wonderful Christmas spending time with Family. Blessings. 🎄🌟🎁🙏🏻

    • Star48, Rhona. Wow that’s really blowing. Are either of you picking up any vibes for Chili, Philippines, Japan? Add Vancouver. Well darn just add the whole Pacific Ring of Fire. 😳 Praying all is calm.
      Also, have you considered the “frame” for the bridge prediction? I researched all last night on what would be considered the frame. There are different engineering techniques and there was a lot of “rigid frames”. But what I’d say would be the target area is the area between the two towers. The two towers themselves possibly which has an extremely high amount of rivets in each in the 100 thousands. Maybe 600 thousand each or some such. There was a lot about the tension in the cables and the piece in between the towers which people drive on actually. Possibly called the frame between. But if it’s the SF Golden Gate Bridge I’d say they’d have to hit the exact right area to bring it down. They’d need an engineer for that. Or try and use an airplane. If they could do it that would make a huge impact on Americans hearts and minds. I hope they are foiled. Praying so. Sending that dome of light to cover the whole area to protect the People the City and the Bridge. Praying for LA and San Diego also. Envisioning bright white light covering the whole state of CA. Praying the Spirits/Angels swipe those spiders down with their swords. 🌟🙏🏻😇. Let me know what you think about the “frame”. Blessings You Two.

      • Jules104,
        I think your on (excuse the word..)target… Regarding the area of bridge..,
        Too many terrorists have had engineering backgrounds…
        So I am sure…they have done their homework ….
        Lots of prayers for SF…family, and loved ones up there…
        I have shared all posts…- however…they seem willingly blind and deaf….
        I cannot do anything other than keep putting it forward…
        Bless their souls…

      • Hi Star48, I will be praying for your SF Family. I know how that works with trying to warn family. Seems like it’s in one ear and out the other most times. At least you’ve tried. Praying this Bridge attack can be foiled. Praying people are being vigilant and getting the word out there like you are. Praying the authorities watch Eric’s site. Blessings Star48. 🙏🏻

      • jules 104 Star 48
        My thoughts are with SF and all U.S.
        I agree the frame needs to be hit exactly in the correct point ..Im thinking if they take heed of your warnings
        .specialists would know where
        the hit is most likely ..for some reason pilons still come to mind though thats not making sense with the words of the prediction ..
        I join you in creating that dome of light……
        wishing nothing but peace for U.S.
        and the world at large ..🌠🌈🌐🌎

    • Star 48 whoa thats huge those unfortunate people in the street
      .what a scary prospect …its just happening more and more …


    • Oh I can’t imagine that happening to your home, over the holidays too. How scarey! He said the owners woke up knowing something wasn’t right. Ya think? I’m wondering if they were able to get anything out of it like personal items, important documents. I’m not sure I’d want to go back in for anything. 😧

      • Jules 104. .thank you for the article on the retrofit of bridge even a little more concerned now …
        Something is gnawing at me ..was it you Jules that said maybe during construction something may have been tampered with …it seems only a substantial explosion in the right spot would bring her down markedly …..

      • Merry Our Christmas Day here in the US Rhona! Teehee. So it wasn’t me with any tampering, I don’t think. The San Fran Bay Bridge which is different then the Golden Gate Bridge has structural issues I believe (the new one) so maybe that? They built a new one and tore down the old one. I’m not even sure if they’ve finished tearing down the old one yet. I agree though, if they hit the exact right spot… 😳 Praying any plans are foiled for any bridge anywhere. 🙏🏻😇🌟

    • Star48. Something yesterday made me think Chili is going to have an EQ. I think it was after reading back through all of the predictions of Eric’s. So what’s next is my question? Oh and Merry Christmas. 🤗🎅🏻☃🎄🌟

  13. star 48
    I posted a correction doesnt seem to be here so will enter again
    No I got that wrong
    closest to sun on 31st and closest to us on 11th January for fireballs ..Heads up he said ..
    thanks for link

    • Rhona, Star48. When I went to the prediction you linked Rhona, (which is what I thought of also, the meteor) there is a prediction on 10-15-15 I believe that talks about a major prediction is going to happen and it says one thirty. Anyway I’ve found other old predictions that point to the 31st for the bridge it seems. So is it the meteor and the bridge happen during the same time period? All these old predictions are happening during this time period now it seems like to me. Hm. I feel like there is a time line here. Just can’t figure it out.

  14. Star 48 Jules 104
    Japan flag” Happy Talk ..” played ..
    I think this is a one flagger which means soon in day or two or so ..

    • Star48. I watched a dutchsinse update the other night and he was calling for an eq in CO. Maybe that’s it? The EQs have been transferring along the craton which includes CO. Though I don’t know about the New Castle area. I’d look for a pumping operation. There are thousands upon thousands down in the four corners area. It’s ridiculous what they are doing to the land and planet. I will see if Dutch mentions it in any updates.

    • Oh also meant to ask…have you gotten any of my emails? I sent one recently. Just want to make sure you are receiving them okay on your end. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas also. Blessings to You🌟😇🙏🏻

    • That’s absolutely suspicious. Ugh. I hope they can figure out who, why, what? Etc. I sure hope it’s not someone from within but… praying for his friends and family.
      Oh my really? Does Ban Ki-Moon have to push the button? lol. Can’t he just stay home? heehee. 😟😳🙏🏻

    • Rhona, Star48. Just caught up. Well we had a 4.1 (what USGS is reporting) off coast of Oregon yesterday am. I looked for Yellowstone eq. Yes I think approximately two hours prior. Watched short dutchsinse lastnight. Started out looking for what the eq off our coast and eq down Southern CA had in common. They both have volcanos. Volcanic fields off Oregon Coast. Just wanted to throw that out there for FYI since now talking volcanos. Been through Hawthorne, NV. Use to be hole in the wall. I think it may be a suburb of Las Vegas now?? May be oil and gas. Or just edge of craton. I can tell you as I bet you know also Star48. The Mohave desert area where the Fort Irwin National Training Center, Army Post is…all old very ancient volcanos, cinder cones, ancient sea bed dried up lakes. Find sea shells all over. Very interesting place. Anyway. I will try and catch up with everyone now. Thanks for all the info you two.

  15. hi Star 48 wonder if magma doesnt surprise me given Mammoth activity of recent …
    Long Valley too ..
    something is on the cards….
    hope your well and warm
    blessings …

    • Rhona, I think magmatic…too.
      In addition to Lake Tahoe, the USGS says the quakes were felt in such areas as Carson City, Nevada, and Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes in California, all roughly 60 miles from the epicenter.
      Both magma sites..

  16. Star 48 Jules
    Iwo Jima japan 4.8 depth 200klm
    not good not good ar all given previous two now this one at that deth ..
    watching closely …

  17. Star 48 Jules 104
    two comments are waiting moderation
    one is japans quakes above 5.5
    not sure if you have read them or not ..

    • Not on thread Rhona. That has happened to me also. But I know Eric is really busy I’m sure. And I think he reads prior and has to add everything himself. I will take look see at Iwo Jima and Japan. I remember Singer gave one flag. Soon. Uh oh! 😐🙏🏻😇🌟

    • Star 48
      Good question …Maybe with some of these sink holes that are gas and water related are a construction and usage weakening ..almost like years of vibration from traffic and
      pipe usage …affects a weak spot in the soil above the pipline ..
      Im theorizing …answers need to be
      found ..though prevention is not an easy task it can only be highlighted when the sink hole appears …
      I agree though that some sink holes are possibly a result of crust weakening through shock waves of quakes etc …depending on location ..natural subsidance …a breakdown of the integrity of the soil from environmental issues ..
      The mind boggles with reasons and possibilities ..
      Its just becoming over the top common …

      • jules I couldnt c the reference to G Michael. .in there ..been hunting for the 6 replaced by 4 on clock ..
        the clock lay on the ground with many faces or sides ..but cant find .

        we had it a couple of weeks ago talking about pier 29 or 39 i think
        by the bridge …

  18. Rhona you are funny, though it’s not funny…but still. 🙃🙂🙃 I agree, though I am wondering about the Sri Lanka eq and tsunami prediction now. Could these EQs transfer over to that area and cause an eq and tsunami within a few days? Hope not. 🙏🏻

    • Jules 104
      Yes if they are deep enough they mostly can tranfer up there ..but im thinking if north west Indonesia or Taiwan /Philippines have a deep one …
      sri lanka off coast can certainly generate its own big quake ..
      will keep you posted if i get antlything on that ..havent asked singer
      .will do though …

  19. Jules 104 Star 48
    Just re read Sri Lanka prediction ..
    in amongst the bridge attack an LA warning “soon”
    It started me thinking when Eric Said its being pushed back then mentions 2nd ..
    could theses be occuring in roughly same time period ..
    that is to say February. Sri Lanka and 2nd be 2nd month also Feb..
    thoughts ?

    • It could be Rhona. Good catch. The Spirits are saying February for a reason. And knowing it will seem odd I think. How about the clock hands that are misplaced? I need to find that post and see what it says. Hm. Did you see my previous comment on Freddy Mercury, Queen, George Michael? I didn’t even know they had anything in common. But it led me to the 12/16/14 post. If you look at the post on 12/16/14, US Terror Attack it reminds me of some of the things going on now. And read Eric’s comments and someone mentioned the funny whistle could be a bridge. It has a number 2 in it also. Was it trying to connect to now? Sort of like what you are wondering. I feel there are links we just have to see them. Hm.

      • jules 104

        there are others where numbers on clock change is the one above the one you were looking for ?

      • Rhona sorry to be delayed in reply. That is it, thank you! I just thought of this. 6-4=2. It just seems strange. I think it’s about either the bridge being attacked or a big eq with tsunami. But why the weird clock reference? Maybe just saying it will be mixed up? Oh I also had another thought while going through these old predictions yesterday. The oranges in cups of water being “arranged”. Remember they said they were orchestrated I think. Well I wondered about a double meaning also. The Golden Gate is an orange bridge and it’s in water. Probably overthinking that right? I had to enter Mercury on the site I think to get to the Freddy Mercury prediction. I’ll look for that and link. Well I looked up, Queen + Geaorge Michael. It came up with Freddy Mercury also. Was he the lead singer? Something like that I think. I didn’t really listen to too much Queen. I did like some of George Michaels music. I was more of a Joni Mitchell music person. Anyway I will find that link of how all three relate and doing stuff with their music together and add in a minute also. I had attached twice and gave up earlier because it wasn’t sending. I’m just wondering about markers or timelines in linking some old predictions to the present predictions. Though I’d have to say I believe the Queen of England will pass and they will need to watch for an attack on her procession. Lots of important people would be there. And they may need to watch for an attack on George Michaels procession also. I think many members of the LGBTQ community will be there. Reminds me of “gays, how can they be so cruel.” That post. And I’d bet that has to do with the time period for those other predictions I mentioned also. Does that make any sense? I will try and find the links and send them. Trying to do this on your phone is difficult. 🤗 lol. Especially with grandbabies crawling all over me. 👦🏼👧🏻👀 I wish I had their energy. 😵☕️ 🙏🏻🙃🙂. Blessings.

      • The very first prediction several years ago showed a 2 then 5 but in other predictions they did talk about December. I am going to try and ask again tonight.

    • Rhona adding links here since your other had no reply option. Mine didn’t either. Weird. So I think these are related. Here’s some of them.
      George Michael sang for Freddie Mercury Tribute. “Somebody to Love”
      Oranges tag with 12 on it. Christmas present?
      I’ll send more after I make sure this goes.

      • hi Jules 104
        Thanks for the Freddie Mercury George Michael link …I missed that ..😕Maybe the queen bit is just a ref to the group Queen ..
        amywho ..Bagels …the 12-16-14 prediction ” road left or right they go straight ahead .”
        T juction comes to mind and 24 could be 24months .. to 2016…2nd =Feb again …
        Bagel Junction outlets …Im aware there is one in Auburn N Cal ..but they have them elsewhere ..N.J .too
        Hey your right maybe we are in training to be Sherlocks in next life
        😂😂 Im just about to read your links on old predictions ..will comment soon …

      • Oh funny. I did get your Russian Obama Lame Duck. Oops 👀 Good thing I caught that auto correct. Geezers. 😳 darned thing. Hmm. Anyway, I think we are on the same page more or less. Will be back. Grandbabies to ice cream shop. 😋 They wait for nobody. 🙃🙂👻👻

      • Rhona just remembered and meant to add earlier. By the whistle sound or funny whistle sound. Remember that one? Someone had mentioned first thought was noise when going over a bridge.

      • jules 104
        I thought the same with this one
        Tag 12 = xmas …and earthquake first ..then attacks ..
        Oranges could be Bottle bombs ..
        molitov ..
        or as Eric said could arrange ..?
        835 ? coupled to earthquake could be death toll or injured but spirit usually says if indicating that ..dont they?…
        LOOKS 😨 like we will be doing a bit more research ..especially on event with oranges and bridges
        You know Jules sometimes I think its less confusing tobjust post at the end of thread rather than reply box it keeps things in sequence ..we can read comments better jumping around just straight to end of thread to look up comments ….
        Unless its absolutely noteworthy I think I will do this from now on ..
        What do you and Star think?..
        Star 48 how are you ? 😆

      • Rhona,Jules104,
        Okay by me as reply boxes are MIA sometimes..
        For continuity…comment thread …not reply bxs.
        But let us keep this practice only on our back channel…okay?
        Is that okay for you?
        I am okay…still struggling..trying to get out of stuck..yuck…

  20. Jules 104 Star 48
    just a notation on that prediction
    when Eric seemed surprised at spirit going that far out with earthquake predictiin ..
    maybe it was a warning for timing of attacks thats why they mentioned February. .

  21. star 48 jules 104
    This is going to boggle the mind
    apoligies in advance
    Remember the cartoon duck prediction
    well tying in with earthquake for Russia of recent predictions .”
    Where the land sticks out ”
    could be between Russia and Alaska ..Berring sea are maybe .
    I was reading about Obama and the sanctions against Russia
    There is a characture od a duckbwith Lame written across it
    if you scroll down article you will see it ..
    Could this be a time marker for large quake ?

    • Rhona I see what you mean about the duck and the stans etc. It could be an eq in the Bering Sea area. I think we are on the same page with how these posts are synching though.

  22. oh dear comment waiting moderation you likely have no idea why I posted Russian Quake ..
    Well Obama sanctions article has a duck character with lame wriiten on it that Russians sent usa .
    thought it might be a heads up tying in with Russian quake as time line …

    quake prediction
    Hope this all makes sense ..

  23. Star 48 Jules 104
    Eric SWC
    its now 2017 in perth west Aust

    I love You all very much ..peace love and joy to youvand yours ..💖🎉🍸🍷🍻xxx

    • Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy 2017! May it be filled with many wonderous blessings each and every day. Love You All 🤗

  24. Happy New Year! And Happy Hogmany..2017…
    (For the Viking memory)

    • oh goodness star 48
      oh my thank you sooo much you brought an instant tear of joy to my eye ..seriously that means alot to me and a Happy Hogmanay ..
      for the Viking memory to you too

    • Happy New Year and Happy Hogmanay to You and Yours Star48 and Rhona! I love that picture with the clock tower in it. Oh how wonderful if we could all be there. That is so great that they’ve kept their traditions alive and well. It looks like so much fun.
      I hope you both have a blessed New Years Eve and and wonderful New Year! I love you both very much. May peace and joy fill your hearts in abundance. 🌟🍾🎉💃🏼🕺🏻👀🎉🤗🍻🎈🌟

    • Yippee!🍾 🎉🎊🎈🌟🍾🎉🙏🏻 Praying for each of us to be blessed in 2017 with an abundance of love, peace and joy! 😇🙏🏻🌟. Hope your New Year is fantastic so far Rhona. Blessings and Hugs 🤗🥂🎉

  25. star 48
    oh wow just checked that swarm out at Brawley ..maybe that San Diego quake is on the cards soon .
    love and light for the area …

  26. Star 48 Jules 104
    Welcome to 2017 seeing as our first day is coming to an end i hope your first day of this year goes well and is filled with at least a couple of laughs …
    blessings all in U.S.A.

    • Thanks Rhona. Happy 2017 New Year to Us! 🎉🍾🌟 Heehee. I hope yours was wonderful as well. Yes laughs… 🤣😂😊. We could all use a year full of them. Blessings You Two 😇🙏🏻

  27. Star48, Rhona. Do you think the Rose Parade in Pasadena/SanDiego which has a Queen could be a target? It’s tomorrow Jan 2nd. Roses cut down? I’m not adding a link or it moderates. But easy to Google. Has military from Miramar in it. Could that be the Parade contest? You can google the route and floats, people in it also.

  28. Star 48
    I think I will stick with Dutch and Eric … Imteresting but I wouldnt go with him at this point ..
    Nostradamus ..well he has been so over quoted and such an old old energy im hoping we have had the fortune for alot of his predictions to have been changed and are now defunct

  29. Jules 104
    Im including a link to the Parade of Roses as it describes the floats and young people on them.
    Im going outside the norm and asking singer to confirm our suspicions …
    Im incluned to think you may be right but dont like to think so .Especially the game afterwards
    may tie in with other predictions .
    There is the mentiin of olympics float too ..
    will let you know the second I get anything ..
    thanks Jules blessing love and light to all in Parade ..

    • Thanks for the link Rhona. I tried sending some earlier but they didn’t go. I can see the issues Eric might have with viruses, hacking etc though. What a mess that would be just trying to keep up with it all. Anyway I knew you’d be able to put your Googling to good use. 😉 Well that’s wonderful that you asked Singer. Thank you. I hope and pray it’s nothing and the Rose Parade will go off without a hitch. I believe the floats are on display later and they may be judged. And I hadn’t even thought of the football game. Good catch. Well let me know if you get anything from Singer. I put the question to Eric on the normal thread also. Praying and putting a dome of light over the Parade for protection. I love that Parade. It’s my favorite.🙏🏻 🌹💐😍😇🙏🏻 Blessings.

  30. yes Jules I can understand your live of it would be mine too if i were there ..and there are so many young teens ..remember spirit said ..”such a crime against youth “or words to that effect ..
    I have asked singer for 3 flags I want to be curtain ..I have one but wint post till 3 come ..
    Time is of the essence ..They are so
    aware of the possibility ..the authorities are making a wonderful effort ..
    light and yes a huge dome over that first float with all the young ladies …
    praying anything is thwared …

    • Rhona, Star48…they also have a float in Rememberance of the Orlando LGBTQ night club shootings. Remember the reference to “gay, how can they be so cruel?” I think it went like that. But yes I’d think a lot of young people. And what if the numbers 2 then 14 were in reference to Valentine’s Day and roses and the 2nd also. Surely not right? Then there’s Monday football. Ugh I had thought of that colorful cloth also Rhona. What better place. I also thought about the model T car that wasn’t real. And the road that didn’t go straight, due to the Parade path then Miramar. Praying the security they are putting in will hold. And they will thwart any type of attacks.

  31. jules Star 48
    Just had a flash
    colorful cloth hiding bomb ..I think we have said before it could be a float..and here is hoping those sniffer dogs pick it up if there …
    that would mean an inside plant someone involved in the matainance and set up of floats
    Im imagining that they are to be illuminated if they are planting it during set up minutes before parade ..
    bkessings you two

    • Thanks Rhona. This is not good. Two deep EQs and the magnitudes are fairly large also. Which way is this going, east or west or south? Hm

  32. jules 104 Star 48
    im not sure which way this is going the exact phrase I was going to write to you as i sat down to post ..
    That is amazing …
    reason being I have two flags from singer …
    they came very fast after i asked ..
    the third flag so far is not coming or is pending ..which could be a sign in itself ..
    the two flags are
    1… ” Its a teenage dream to become a queen” line from Give A Little Love .
    2…Dont Rain On My Parade ..
    Barbra Streisand
    blessings and I really do Hope the Parade is fun and uneventful ..
    blessings …

  33. Oh that is funny and amazing Rhona. 😉 Hm so maybe good if not a third flag? Though the songs you received… Well I will be praying any attack will be foiled. Sending light down South.
    Also I sent reply on EQs but posted in the wrong spot I think.

  34. Rhona, Star48. As of last night 1/1/2017. Looking for up to 7.9 for North Philippines/Taiwan. Not sure if it’s changed since more EQs hit. I’ll try and find an update. What I also found interesting is Dutch talking about these 7.9s that are hitting around the globe. If there is in one N Philippines area it will kick off a new round and the West Coast US would be expecting a possible higher eq. About a week after that. The whole conveyor belt/ tennis match? I’m sending the link for Dutch update last night separate. Blessings

    • No worries Star48. I have to play catch up a lot also. Rhona had first posted on EQs. I think there may have been some others also though. There are so many anymore it’s really hard to keep up with them all. So I’m glad Dutch has his videos to go to also. I did hear him say he’s going to start posting separate the forecast areas instead of just his video. That way if a person doesn’t have the time to watch them… Well that will be good I think. His can get pretty long sometimes.
      So glad your electric stayed on. Sometimes the blowing snow is the best. No buildup on power lines. Yeah! 🙏🏻😇🌟. I hope it stays that way. Nice and toasty. 😊 Watched last part of the Rose Parade. I always miss the beginning. Sheesh. Well so far all is praceful there. Hope it stays that way. Blessings.

    • Hope you got that reply Star48 when I go to the regular site page it ends up above your comment instead of below. Rhonas did the same I think. Oh well.

  35. Rhona, Jules104,
    Following up with your comment on deep EQ’s
    Afghanistan …106 km deep
    New Caledonia…103 km deep
    Vanuatu…115 km deep
    Peru…108km deep
    Puerto Rico…110 km deep
    Argentina….216.8 km deep
    Indonesia …121 km deep..
    Also second Fiji..over 500 km deep..

  36. Rhona, Star48. Here’s some more.
    Banda Sea, 4.6, 237 km depth
    Hindu Kush Region Afghanistan, 4.1, 206 km depth
    Western Honshu Japan, 4.5, 375 km depth

  37. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the Banda sea is close for comfort for us Dilli area is a concern if it goes off around there .
    Japan ..oh dear ..
    brace ourselves its going to come one after the other for higher ones ..the deep ones werecclose time wise …
    Jules happy Parade has proceeded
    well so far ..happy ..hope the game dows too ..

    • Rhona I agree. To close for comfort. I thought about that also when I saw the area. Though I’m sure Singer would give you warnings if anything to worry about.
      Yes yahoo the Parade went well! They sure had a lot of security in place. Being vigilant, so that was good. Praying the spiders are all caught beforehand.

  38. Star 48
    yes your right if true danger he will flag
    Reading the article is confirmation
    we have been on right track for Brawley and possible larger quake least they still included a bit of humor with the frogs etc ..poor dogs that alot to put up with …
    our daughters dog took off new years eve while they were out ..
    lucky the found her on her way to other grandmas farm where she was borne ..she had alot of highways to cross lucky it was 12 oclock so most traffic off road took 2 hours to find her ..thank hwaven they did …Fire wirks scared her …so she must have thought mum and dad are at the farm thinking at the end of the day …

    • Rhona, Jules194,
      next time when they know fireworks are going off they should plan to put dog in a room in a room in the middle of the house..and put its favorite blanket in closet…

    • Rhona glad daughters dog went to grandmas house. Smart dog. I know there are a lot of people who ask their vets for meds during times such as this. It just relaxes them enough to where they aren’t distressed out and they sleep through it all. Or…send dog to grandmas. 👵🏻🐶🤗

  39. Star48 Jules 104
    great ideas A blanket in closet amd meds ..
    yeah she is a burmese mountain dog when she tries to climb on lap its like wow ..she is a beautiful soul though .. good old Maggie ..
    thanks you two
    .will pass on ..I think it caugh them unaware this year not expecting fire works so close ..
    next year better prepared …

  40. oh yeah she did do it once before from grandmas and was headed home …she spends a good deal of time at both the farm and Alicia’s house about 6miles distance .the family business is operated from farm .. her mother in law also breeds and shows them won lots of awards ..

  41. star 48 jules 104
    to to tongue cheek flag maybe ..
    I dont know
    Little old Lady from Pasadena just played …

  42. Jules 104 star 48
    oh dear I wasnt expecting that ..
    another 2 days of displays and I actually said to singer
    .I dont get it why 3rd flag now and Pasadena at that ..
    so i just said to him “..your going to need to come up with another couple of flags if there is real danger …”
    as it stands this is really suspect ..
    I can imagine how Eric feels ..
    I also noticed Washington in there ..remember? not sure if ties in ..will check other predictions sure a train line was mentioned or maybe that was some of us on the posts.
    will get back to you ..
    Thanks Jules it is quite amazing I thought it really odd how that came in so late …

    • Wow that’s odd isn’t it. Well I need to see what Dutch has to say about that. 😉 Glad the tsunami warning was cancelled but I’m a lot worried about what will follow all of these deep high EQs. I’ll let you know what he thinks. Also a while back he had said he really didn’t know what was going on and that perhaps a part of the West Pacific plate had broken off. They do that I guess. Sheesh. 😕 Thanks for all the heads up. Not sure why my EQ server was down. Maybe the EQs happening? Blessings. Oh 5.4 Vanuatu just in. Not sure of depth

    • Rhona, Star48. Perth, Australia starts around 5:10 minutes into it. Think more is coming off N CA also. But a bit worried for Indonesia area, N Z and S America. Oh I noticed the prior video he had mentioned Italy and now Eric’s mentioned Italy. I’m not done with this one yet. He may mention again.

  43. Jules 104
    thanks for Dutch update …
    yeah we were all looking at Italy
    Eric too …
    probably around Baja CA ..
    Poor N.Z. in line of fire again ..and Japan ..
    just hope all stay safe so many areas to cover ..sending light and love
    Yep hope we are done here in W.A.
    Tid bit
    I have had 3 gas water heaters replaced in last 5 days …all faulty .
    but of a hint there Faulty lol …
    all good now though ..glad theyvwere so good and quick replacing each one ..
    cold showers ..but at least temp been high so not so bad …😆😵

    • Rhona oh my brr, I’d forgotten about that. So you are in the gas water heater business now? lol. 😱😅. Really all three faulty? I’d say. Sheesh. Well I hope that’s done with now. My I can’t imagine the poor man having to put them in and take them out again over and over. 🙂🙃🙂🙃
      Yes Japan too. I caught that after. Praying for people to be vigilant and to be watching Erics site and Dutchs site. So funny because they are so different and yet have one main goal and that is to help save lives, change the outcomes for a better future you know? If only more people were here to only do good. We’d get a lot done. ✅ Next! Teehee. Sending a dome of light to cover the planet and warm bubbles bath your way. ⛄️ 🛁 😵

    • Oh right I took a look see. And see what you mean. Yikes. Where the bird sits? Are they known for birds? Just that thought came to me. I’ll watch Dutch.
      Did I say it doesn’t snow here? Snowed here all the way to the beach! Was out shoveling. ☃️❄️🛁🐥 Oh well grandkids had a blast throwing snowballs at grandma. ⛄️💫

      • Jules104,
        Ah ha,
        snow, snow…I am not the Lone Ranger after all. This after neighbors came to help me dig out of 2 feet…

      • Oh thanks for the link Star48. Hey I have in the past always been that neighbor helping others dig out. And I had the longest sidewalk. 🙁😎 Actually when the AF neighbor retired next door he’d bring his snow blower over and help before I ever got outside. Very nice of him. I chalk it up to him knowing my son was in the AF overseas. Teehee. Only two feet? Hahaha. Wow very relieved to hear you have great neighbors that are willing to get out and help when times get tough though. Sometimes in Colorado I’d be out there all day trying to keep up. All I could do was laugh about it. Mother Nature has the very last word…always. 🌎☃️❄️🌈☀️ Stay safe and be careful on the next snow day. Don’t need any broken bones! Blessings.

  44. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star you did say the people up there are always willing to help each other .great community spirit ..glad you had help..
    wow thats crazy weather in Oregon…
    very sad article concerning little 8 year old .. little angel …..
    we couldnt get more opposite in our weather conditions you two …
    stay as warm as you can

    • Rhona, Star48…I agree on the weather being so far apart and the community Spirit where you live Star48. Brr. ☃️ Also thanks for bringing that to my attention Rhona. I hadn’t even seen that news about the 8 year old little girl yet. I hardly have time for news anymore. That can be a big problem around here with all of the old fir trees. They had some fall at the University over Thanksgiving time. Yes very sad. And the father as a fire fighter called to respond to the incident. Wow just horrible. Praying for the family. Her poor siblings will be missing a sister now also. 🙏🏻🌟

    • Oh funny. Thanks for all those links and info. Well not much of a cartoonish character is it? Haha. I sure hope the area quiets down for them over there. That must be really nerve racking getting all those EQs. Praying no more for Australia also. Blessings Rhona.

  45. Rhona eq in Victoria. Looked down list. Four more for Western Australia. Not sure if those are what you already added. Pretty sure Victoria is new though. Tried to link won’t go. Just look at EMSC 01/04. Blessings.

  46. Jules 104
    Yes I didnt post Victoria though I did catch it ..
    Im thinking intraplate quak3s for West Aust considering all the deep movement ..though dutch mentioned that ..
    I have gad some buzzing in ball of foot and my grandson and i thought we felt ever so slight movement last night and he is only 9 and we felt it together ..He is not aware of tremors or quakes we have had yeah i think we felt something …
    wouldnt surprise me one little bit if Meckering went off again ..
    she is due ..It shouldnt affect us too much in Perth
    .but the way things are changing who knows ..quakes in places that dont normally get them ..
    I noticed Philippines had a 4+ at over 500km deep ..
    thank for bringing it up Jules


    • Rhona that buzzing again in foot again😳…glad to hear meckering wont bother Perth too much if she goes. And it sounds like your grandson is very observant. May take after his Nana. Philippines, hm, that’s not good. I wish these deep EQs would stop soon. But maybe just Mother Earth trying to heal herself. Not sure. Praying Meckering fault doesn’t go. 🙏🏻

    • Rhona they closed the school here for the rest of the week! It’s the private school. The other just started late. It’s so different than Colorado. They hardly ever closed the schools. I’m serious. Four feet of snow? Not a good enough reason. lol. And the kids walked if within two miles for middle school. High Schoolers took the city buses. I guess they figured they’d never be in school if they closed for bad weather in the winter. The only time they ever closed was if they were in a serious blizzard! Character building I think. Heehee. But yes a bit crazy weather for the Coast. The natives here, my elderly neighbor, said this occurs about every three years. Looked pretty kids had fun so yippee! Thanks for link. ❄️☃️🌈

  47. Star 48 Jules 104
    Romania has had 3 deep quakes along with Bolgaria and Greece has had a deep one along with some low 2mags
    Central Italy has had 2 low 2mags
    given proximity to the above countries it seems Italy is Eric said.. on the cards again and soon …
    This is just observation ..will be watching …

  48. jules 104
    wow thats incredible ..yes character building …..your right they probably would never be in school ..but 4ft snow 😲😱
    our kuds sweltwr in massive heat .some schools have air con ..others over crowded sometimes fans ..but at least they can swim it off recent years they just put fridges in class to help keep food fresh ..
    wish we had that when i was young ..but food is just not same anymore ..ours was from grower .and fresh fruit off trees …ice packs in lunch box we have lived opposite lives 😆😆😆

    • Rhona so funny. The heat is actually something they’d get out of school for. Like there, not all of the schools have air so it gets pretty hot and stuffy inside. I really think they never use to need it when they built the schools way back when. But now with the climate changing, its needed. Fridges in classrooms is a wonderful idea. I used the ice packs also. Cafeteria food? Not unless absolutely necessary. I read that the meals and food they use needed to be revised and updated due to them still using what the govt put in place during the war or depression or something. It’s meant to fatten one up! Say what? lol. 😮 No thank you. 👀😳

  49. Star 48 Jules 104
    West Australia again ..small but its reacting to indonesia and Sumatra
    I just know it …our weather has changed dramaticly .
    we have dropped 20° in last 24hrs and there is heavy cloud and i can feel electricity in the air ..always have been able to…
    I could be wrong but something is brewing sister said it too and she is nothing like us …lol 😆
    something big probably north of Aust ..Im not worried… just picking it up physically a tad …
    oh well we will see ..
    enjoy your days you two ..

    • Hi Rhona, Star48. I bet you’re not wrong about something brewing Rhona. Last night I was picking up an eq for somewhere on West Coast US. Thought I actually picked up some rumbles in my feet. Hm. Now I see Port Hardy Canada just had a 4.9. Hope that’s it.
      Rhona do you feel it’s a storm like tornados ( do you get tornados?) or an eq? Sounds like what would happen in Arkansas before we’d get bad weather. The sky/clouds would actually turn sort of greenish color. Though I’ve heard that for EQs also. Praying for Australia.

  50. Jules 104
    Yes Aus has had the odd mini tornedo come out of nowhere ..
    but we get the cyclones as a rule .
    I know what you mean by change in color . we lived in Darwin and it would go a reddy orange almost purple at times when one was on its way …Your right i was more
    thinking the magnetics in the air .
    Another couple of above twos over night …
    I wouldnt be discounting you feeling it under your feet no matter how slight ..your in tune with it now Jules ..
    aside..Im stunned at myself ..I packed xmas up yesturday usually takes me at least to end of January. .and i reorganised all the storage boxes and cast away some that needed replaced ..not the ones i have had since about 6 ..they were on my mum and dads tree …..special …. couldnt throw the ones the kids and i made when they were little ..still great effort .

    • Rhona, Star48. Did you see all of the 4 and 5s today for Vancouver Canada area? Thought that was interesting. Swarms up and down CA. Dutch had said looking at a 6 or above for North California. Think we have another 24 hours before he cancels it if no quake. I am curious as to how these Vancouver/Port Hardy EQs will factor in now. I’ll try and check with Dutch later.
      That’s pretty funny you got all your Xmas up…because so did I. Haha. I usually leave mine up a lot longer also. Well the grandbabies tree is still up in their room, but that’s Mommys job. 👀 I definitely need to get rid of more “stuff” though. I’m the same…no way am I getting rid of old ornaments, kids handmade, things like that. Treasures. ☺️ Well kudos to you Rhona for organizing, downsizing, putting away and getting it all done before February. I know it does take a lot of work. 🎄 🛁 😵 Until next year right? Blessings

    • Rhona that is amazing! Thanks for the link. That must be interesting being a scientist watching what’s going on with that for so long and now to possibly see it calf.
      Also I have received two messages from someone saying SIM card not working. Haven’t opened it up afraid of bugs. Have you heard from Star48? It’s a CA area code. May have old number? Star48 are you out there? 👀😮😳🙏🏻

  51. Star48 how frustrating and especially given your weather conditions on top of it all ….
    whats going on . ? There is a trail of mishaps behind you and thats where they are going to stay ..behind you …..
    look forward to your comments when sorted ..we miss you ..xx😊

    • Rhona that is interesting. Pretty deep eq also. I hope all you get are swarms then. Dutch actually mentioned once it’s better if you get a lot of little ones rather than one big one. I’m not sure about tsunami effects though. It looks like there is an island in the way of Australia maybe? So perhaps minimize anything coming? I also noticed yesterday when Canada was having its EQs, NZ was also. Which seemed kind of strange. I just remembered this. Once on Dutch he was talking about how he noticed the buoys had moved in the North Pacific by Alaska at almost the same time the buoys moved in the South Pacific. This was after an eq in the S Pacific. Like as if it came from under the plate. It’s when he was talking about how everything was behaving so strangely and he wondered if a piece of the plate had broken off or something. Everything is just real active right now with all of these deep EQs and crazy weather extremes. I wonder if it’s part of the Universe trying to heal Mother Earth. Sort of like the post Eric had. Though it’s a good thing… humans would feel those effects in the way of EQs , weather etc. I don’t think a lot of people have been very good stewards of the planet. Alot from pure ignorance, a lot from pure greed. Hopefully that collective consciousness is changing though. 🌎👀😇 A little late, but better late then never I guess. Praying it calms down over there down under. 🤗🙏🏻🌏

    • Hey Rhona. Hey that reminds me of Eric’s prediction about the Indonesian volcano. Is Sumba a volcanic island or volcano? Yes I agree, could be something bigger coming but I sure hope not. Sending prayers, light energy to Bonny Rock. 🙏🏻

    • Thanks Rhona. Really amazing. I researched some more. Did you read the Portuguese first arrived there and use to be known for being an island of birds. The main one the Sumba Hornbill bird looks like it has big turkey feet! Surely not right? I’d add links but I’m not sure they’ll go then.

  52. Jules 104 Star 48
    another one for Fiji deep ..thats two in last few hours .
    Queen Elizabeth Isle Canada 6.2 at 6km depth .
    also Mcquarie Isle off NZ coast ..
    think it was 5.4 m
    Jules that is great info on the birds at Sumba it could fit if it goes off sending love and light there …
    Oh I nearly didnt mention
    I heard a rumbling of a quake and resulting dispacement of water Clair audiently last night seemed to be coming from Indonesia area..or at least somewhere off coast of Australia far enough away but in the vicinity
    …will post if i get more on location

    • Rhona wow those poor families and animals there. That looks horrible. Hope everyone has been able to get out of the way as it comes through. Is it still far enough away from where you are at? Praying so and all your loved ones are safe. And it’s just a reminder to me that no matter what continent or country or city ones in we experience the same hardships no matter where we live. We all are feeling their pain of going through this. Stay safe Rhona and keep us updated. Now I’m wondering about that message again.

  53. Jules 104
    Me too you mean the fire one from Eric ?
    will do let you know how it pans out for them .
    side …
    Sumatra just had a 4.8m 310 deep
    now thats a worry given Erics
    Sri Lanka prediction
    Like Dutch says that deep can trave thousands km
    Banda Aceh is 1629 km approx from Sri Lanka so this quake could create a higher 6 + …
    its worth a watch ..hope not…
    sending love and light

    • I agree. Could cause a bigger one. And I have no doubt Sri Lanka is coming up soon. It’s been pretty crazy. Hope Bonney Rock pipes down. Just remembered this. Dutch did make mention to all the rain CA/NV are getting and how it can cause EQs. I’ve heard that adds pressure to the plates but it seemed he was talking in reference to the atmospheric pressure. Not really sure though. I’ll take a listen for any updates and for Australia area also. Thanks for all the eq updates.

  54. Fire update .
    contained but not conrolled ..
    downgraded though .
    Bless all the Firies …they are special men and women ..

  55. Jules 104 Star 48
    I just saw that holy moly ..
    thats goung to create a cracker ..not good at all ..
    up to two mag higher in the silent zone will have a look where that might be
    Dutch will have something on it …

    • Thanks Rhona. Oh sheesh I hadn’t seen that. I had noticed when I put his name in on YouTube a bunch of race car stuff comes up. I know what to look for though and I think Coppertropicals and another site work with him to get his word out there. People are so odd aren’t they? Ugh
      Also I didn’t see a link for the large eq but watched the Dutch latest on that. And I agree. Something much bigger in the works now. I’ll try and add that link of his see if it will go. Blessings

    • Rhona, Star48…

      Look at around min 27 for Australia forecast. The whole update is good though. Looking like we will be getting some of Eric’s predicted quakes soon.

  56. Star 48 Jules 104
    just checked Dutch ..
    He said Japan to morth or west edge of Sumatra that could be sri lanka ? also to east Solomon region
    expecting a 9+ ..oh dear
    here is link 28min mark ..
    hope li k works

  57. Star 48 Jules 104
    Aceh Sumatra mY get hit them we have 2004 all over again with another Tsunami hitting Bay Bengal ..
    preying feeling a bit seedy with this thought …
    sending light and love for lessening and warning for where ever it hits .blessings guys ..
    that plate was definitely showing signs of big movement pending ..
    last couple weeks ..

    • Oh I hope so. It would be fantastic if there were only swarms. 🙏🏻 Did you catch my Dutch link on Australia middle central area thenprobably around the perimeters after. Not sure when. Maybe next couple days. Don’t think anything major. Need to be watching on our west coast I think also. But mainly for any after effects of a large eq.

  58. Jules104
    Yes had a little lookie .
    that would be the Peterman Ranges
    in the centre near Uralu ..
    and I not surprised at the warning for Perth Melbourne ..maybe even South Aust.
    yes West Coast watch and the planet needs to watch as Dutch says …still think Eric 8s right about Sri Lanka and Dutch mentioned Nepal so thats going up that way ..
    wow what a forcast ..
    I will be vigilant …you too ..
    hugs …😊😇

    • I agree what a forecast! Sheesh. Whole planets topsy turvy. 🙃🙂🙃 And just incase, I replied to previous email. I hope you got it. 🙏🏻 😇 Blessings hope your having a great week with hubby.

    • Rhona, Star48. Ive seen some of this guys work before. Ditranium I think is his site. He bases the EQs on the planetary alignments and what’s occurred in the past during those times. I think you’d find this very interesting. So he’s saying the 12th I believe. After midnight UTC? I think. This is interesting in how it’s matching up with Eric’s and Dutch’s. I really hope not for Cascadia Subduction Zone! 😧 Guess we will see though.
      Here’s the link. Not to long.

    • Rhona, Star48. This planetary alignment Ditranium link reminded me of Eric’s 5-5-15 I think it was. “Eric we need to discuss the Gas planet” but Spirit added Turkey and GOP so hm… This guy says the gas planets cause or have some effect for having large EQs

  59. Star 48 Jules 104
    Fiji 4.9m 529 deep
    Dilli East Timor 4.3 367
    Canada3.1 205
    Volcano 1.9 119.4
    another round of deep ones

  60. Jules 104 hey thatcwas a really interesting Ditranium link
    wow that almost ties inwith my dream last night ..oh dear .
    but aside I know its funny but not
    the plate and interpretation text made me have a chuckle …
    😆 😊

  61. Rhona, Star48. Multiple deepish for Chili, Argentin, Bolivia , Mexico, Peru areas and deeper still…
    4.8, Sea of Japan, 456 km depth
    4.6 Fiji Tegion, 392 km depth
    4.3 Banda Sea, 376 km depth

  62. Star 48 Jules 104
    hi just noting a lot of activity going on in Alaska .especially around Ancorage region..
    and a deep one 175deep Adak Alaska ..

    • Rhona, Star48. I noticed that also. Dutch said that is working up to building pressure transferring down over here to East Pacific, on, Juan de Fuca. That and coming straight across from the other deep EQs in West Pacific. Hope not. Did notice pretty quiet here off US West Coast though compared to other side of plate. 😐
      Also noticed S Sandwhich Rhona. I agree, could be a big pressure transfer. I don’t know if that rubber bands actually broke yet. 😕 I believe it may be close to a 9 when it does. I just feel it’s only a matter of days now. Yikes. Did you also notice eq above Darwin (PNG?)and eqs getting closer to the Sri Lanka area?

    • Hi Rhona, I saw that one I think. It just said Western Australia on my list. And it had a 2.6 when I looked, so maybe downgraded. Yes, a lot of swarms going on in Italy. Dutch said he was watching to see how high off the globe they’d go as they stack up. And may issue eq warning. I also noticed Yellowstone area activity and all sorts of activity up and down California/NV. Pretty sure we will be getting an eq soon. Dutch mentions a 6.9-7.0 within next three days, hopefully off coast, near Gorda Escarpment. Praying it’s not on land but it could be. Maybe near Eureka, CA. If so they may get some damage. Hope not any larger than that. Guess we will see. Think there is a full moon tonight also. Could add to the problem. 😳🙏🏻

  63. Jules 104 Star 48
    Also noticed Central and Southern Italy and Albania area are swarmi g a little again also
    Sicily Italy a watch again ..
    Throw the dart and it could snap anywhere …

    • Rhona. Be on the look out. First is 7.3 or 7.9 for South Japan. Dutch is calling for a 8.3-9.3 for two silent zones. Look at about 6.00 minute on video. Could this cause a tsunami wave your way or no? Not sure how it works down there. Hopefully not. 🙏🏻 Praying he’s wrong. I just keep think Sri Lanka like Eric said.

  64. Jules from passed history if its anything to go on lol😕😊 the large quakes usually trend tsunamis north west yes Sri Lanka and Sumatra probably higher risk.
    but would discount some wave here the 20o4 Aceh one registered a small wave in Fremantle south of Perth yeah its a watch ..
    I also heard him talk on Oregon coast watch 100 or so miles south of Vancouver he is expecting some action … with new plate boundry ..
    and the madrid area …
    Italy is an absolute ..Singer piped in
    so yes its all a rumble no matter where you look …
    take care thanks for update from Dutch .
    Star 48 missing you ..hope your well and warm 😘😚
    hugs you two

    • Rhona, Star48…I saw that. 😬 I saw the 2.6 added in now, so not sure if that’s good. 😐 For PNW anyway. 😉 Well Singer is right on that. Everything is a rumble no matter where you are at. I wonder if it’s to do with the magnetics change Spirit and Eric mentioned. The whole planet seems to be playing rock and roll right now! Glad to hear Perth would not be affected if there is a big one up North of you Rhona.
      Star48, hope you didn’t get snowed in again. Stay safe and warm. 🔥🌬☃️🌈
      Praying for a peaceful, calm planet. 🙏🏻🌎🌍🌏💫🌟 Blessings You Two. 🤗

  65. hi Jules 104 Star 48
    remember I said I would let you know if I get more on dream ..
    Well I got Padang area Sumatra. .
    Now Im not 100% but it was clear . so thought would risk posting ..

    • Rhona, Star48. Padang sounds about right. Oh and just to let you know the song I got. I got “Yesterday” by the Beatles right after you told me I’d get a song. It was in Orchestra. I like that channel on tv. 🤓 I think things are rumbling all over. Some kind of major plate shifting going on or something. Alaska volcano seems troubling. Unmentionable here this weekend so haven’t been able to keep an eye on things. So thanks for all those updates you added. Hugs you two. 🤗

  66. Jules 104 Star 48
    PNG 5.1m 146deep
    Fiji 4.3m 530deeeeep
    Tonga 5.2m 119 deep
    Alaska is continueung at 1.9 and 2.3 ..111deep and 117 deep
    Japan Im not sure if we noted this one
    4.5m at 281 deep …
    😆 😊

  67. Jules 104 Star48
    igneous rock forms from the cooling off melted rock either lava or magma into a solid form ..
    This rock form was given to me this morning while reaching for clothes to get dressed ..I was in my wardrobe .

    Do you think its a volcano old Volcano about to blow …? or area of an old volcano is about to move with quake … Craton ?

    It was loud and clear ..I havent used the term since highschool

    Well we will c soon enough ..

    • Rhona Star. I was looking it up. It says extrusive and intrusive igneous rock. I’d have to say a volcano? Let me keep looking. Does Padang have a volcano. Or is that the area that does not? Lots of activity going on.

  68. Rhona was the word just given then. “Igneous Rock”? Maybe a volcano or pressure building from magma solidifying under the crust and causing an eq? What about the breaking off of a plate and recycling itself into magma? Sort of what Dutch said he thinks may be the reason for all the West Pacific eq activity. I’d say a volcano more than likely though. Let me know if you get anything else.

  69. Jules 104
    Yes just the words Igneous rock
    maybe your right ..dutch did mentiin that ..
    but i am thinkung more volcano
    ..I will be sure to let you know if i get more …
    It was so clear ..just like someone speaking from behind but in my mind ..
    hey glad you got your song ..
    he likes the beatles . so no surprise .
    Yesturday ..awe ..
    your doing great and he is there to help all of us …
    singer is a humanitarian from way back .. lol ..😆😆👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸

  70. Jules 104
    good catch ..Its right on subduction
    of Plate and did erupt hugely in 2010 ..
    Some activity lately around it with quakes of plate subduction ..
    I will research this a little more ..

  71. Rhona I know what you mean when you say it’s like someone right behind you but in your mind. Strange feeling eh. That’s pretty neat so you got Padang and igneous rock. Maybe Mt Marapi?

  72. Jules 104
    you probably have this info but will post link anyhoo .
    Its called fire on mountain ..and people live as high as 1700metres up its flanks 😨😲..
    remember Eric said some will sadly not make it off mt ..unless thats a guided volcanic tour group that gets caught unaware ..
    here is link ..
    yeah it is neat I used to get it alot but it closed off at my request for a time ..but im cool with it now ..
    so i guess i may get more of it ..

    • Rhona I remember you have mentioned Broom before. Same longitude, well hopefully no big EQs. I think it’s making its way around. That could be the perimeter Dutch talked about also right or no? Was it seven days out? I think he’s been adding a few days into that afterwards if no movement by 7th day also. Just incase. Maybe you will get some more info in your closet. 😳👀🙏🏻 😉 Pixie dust. 😵😴 Which reminds me…Star48?? 🤔🌬☃️🙏🏻

    • Rhona a 2.7 in New South Wales. I was just looking at the EQ depths for today. Mostly in Alaska, Chili, Columbia, Argentina, Japan is what I’m seeing. Not in the 500 depths but that’s where I see a bigger depth to them. And I’d have to say the majority in South America? Still when eyeballing the globe on dutchs video updates, it is pretty noticeable that the US is…empty? Yikes. I think we are definetly getting an eq within a day or two at this point. Off the Coast I hope…of the Gorda Escarpment area. On land wouldn’t be good.

  73. jules Hi
    yeh I do think its Dutch’s perimiter qaukes ..
    he is so spot on …
    Yes I see you all have been very quiet there in the u.s.
    wont be long now till something moves ..
    Gorda escarpment ..nice easy gentle movement would be very nice thank you 😆😆😆
    would be great if it was that easy ..
    still I guess sending light and letting the light do its magic is as well as we can do ..
    The light knows what is required they say … that could go either way ..
    have a peacful evening
    Hi Star .👋

    • Rhona,Jules104,Eric ,

      I am back..Sim replaced..( had to wait 1 1/2 hr..)
      So will keep in touch.with SWC…
      FYI,.another storm coming in..6-8 inches.snow ..yippee..,with rain and freeze..

      (Just got dug out last night with tractor..)
      Just got back from all errands…(6 1/2 hrs..)
      Glad to be in touch,,,now can send email and post..what a luxury …

      • Yipee! So glad you got your SIM card taken care of. We missed you!
        Wow I know that feeling of digging out constantly. And more snow on the way. 🌨😳☃️ Are you starting to feel like you’re hibernating? 😐 I bet it’s really pretty though. And all that snow will be good come the hot dry season.
        Well lots to catch up on now. Glad you’re back. 💫☺️ Stay safe and well. Hugs Star48. 🤗

    • Rhona, I sure hope it’s a nice easy gentle movement…yes lol, thank you very much. 😳😄🙏🏻 And Thank you for sending light our way. 💫🌟🤗. Blessings

  74. Star 48
    welcome back but wish you werent facing more snow and storms ..
    will keep track …
    oh my you were dug out !!.
    will be in touch ..
    it seems so long ..but must have seemed so much longer for you ..
    Its good news you are back in business and safe ..
    hugs xx 😇😊

      • Thanks for the updates. I wonder if the Mariana one will effect Japan now. I’m really glad Australia hasn’t had any really big ones but just on the perimeters. I remember Dutch mentioning once how Australia was somewhat separate from everything and it was a good thing. Is that just the plate boundaries then? It sounded more like a theory he had about it all but I’d not even know where to look for that video. 🌏👀😳 Anywho, I will be surprised if nothing more comes out of that deep large eq. I’ll really wonder what’s going on if not. It would be great though. 😊
        Also, yesterday just south of here there was a dad and his three year old daughter who were swept out to sea. The mother was there and called it in. I can hear the Coast Guard station that’s here coming and going so I know they have been searching well into the night for them and left again this am. Pretty silent right now. 🙏🏻 I’ve read you become hypothermic after only 13 minutes or so in these waters so I know they all knew they were only looking for bodies. That must be very hard on everyone involved especially the mother. Please send loving light and prayers for her. Very sad situation. Blessings

  75. Star 48 Jules 104
    you probably caught
    Tennant creek N.T Aust
    3.7m at 12km
    another dutch boundary one ..

  76. jules 104
    very sad ..sending love and light
    and it must be somber for all of you close by ..
    My heart goes out to mom…shattering ..

    • Thanks Rhona. I agree and can’t even imagine being that mother. Yes somber, and it was an eerie feeling every time the Coast Guard helicopters would come in and out again, fueling up I suppose. Praying for their family and for the mother. 😔🙏🏻

    • Rhona that looks pretty big. Prayers love and light sent to NSW area. Praying for everyone’s safety and those who have lost homes there. Is your daughter still over near Melbourne was it? Hugs 🙏🏻💨🌨💦☔️🏡

  77. jules no she goes over to Melbourne 25th Jan ..
    these fires are N.S.W where Sydney
    is.Melbourne is Victoria ..
    so great you remembered she is going Jules ..😊
    Yes hope those 60 odd people are keppt safe ..the fire is surrounding them ..thats pretty scary ..

    • Oh good glad she’s not left yet. 😁 Ha, I will figure Australia out one of these days. 😉 Yes that has to be scary for those people. I can’t even imagine being surrounded by a wildfire. Thank gosh there are firemen, who are willing to get out front of it and put themselves in danger for others. I hope they get that put out soon. Praying for all of them there. 🙏🏻💦

    • Star48, Rhona. That sounds like about the same thing dutchsinse has been saying. Glad there are new studies and supporting evidence coming out now. I agree, the history books are going to need to be rewritten. 😉📚🖊. Thanks for the links. Glad your back. 😊

  78. star 48 heat rises …???..
    steam locomotion ..???
    like how a fried egg foats on the pan base in a non stick pan ..😂😂

    • Wow how amazing. That was under some serious pressure Star48. Can’t believe they caught that on camera. Thanks for the video link and info.

    • Rhona, Star48. Did you see the 6.8 eq for Kira Kira, Solomon Islands today? I think there was a couple of them and a tsunami warning for Hawaii.

  79. Star 48 Jules
    another of my posts disappeared
    coyple of hours ago ..
    oh well …thanks for links star especially Colima showed it to grandchildren they were wide eyed
    yes futuna is a watch .
    so this one is a mild concern too
    Banda sea a little deepish

    saw the inauguration glad no problems with any dangerous act ..but the protests were a bit wild …
    good luck to you all in the future ..

    • Star48, Rhona. I showed that video to grand kids also. Funny. Loved it! I loved it!
      🌋💥💥💥🔥. Thanks blessings. 🙏🏻 Think everything’s under a lot of pressure right now. 😯 🤸‍♀️💃🏼🏖🍸☺️

  80. Jules 104
    will have that martini as on emjoi
    so i can do the cartwheel and the jive lady in red …
    on second thoughts maybe leave it to the emjois lol 😏

  81. Star 48 Jules 104
    also seeing Burma Egypt and Philippines with Sri Lanka in silent zone ..
    could be a watch ..

  82. Jules 104 Star 48
    I see there is local tsunami warni g for Solomons Papua new Guinea
    up to 1 meter ..
    the worry is the 2 mags shallower quake that may follow in day or 2 .
    praying all stay safe in areas of threat .

  83. Jules 104 Star 48
    Yes Jules just retraced
    Bouganville flag from singer
    21st December post ..
    I am thanking him ..though nearly month to manifest still grwat work singer ..😆👍🎼🎸🎵🎶

    • Oh that’s great work from Singer yes! I just went back and read the 21st Dec post. Wow very cool. Tell Singer Thanks from me too. And thanks for Yesterday song too 🙏🏻😉
      So maybe Singers flags will be a month out then? Great work! Did you get any flags for “I’m going to turn my daughter’s phone off if she doesn’t call me soon? Hahaha 😂🤣
      She called just now. Ugh kids. 😉🤡 loopty loo.

  84. Jules 104 oh my goodness so funny .yes loopty loo alright ..
    yes he recieved the thank you for yesterday …..

  85. Star 48 Jules 104
    Bolivia 4.3 200deep
    very close to last one in Argentina .
    so chilli is a watch Satiago maybe like the other person you posted said Jules ..the young man .

  86. Rhona, jules104,
    Great work by singer…and you two…
    and I am glad you are monitoring…
    Side note….Strange..West Yellowstone, Wyoming,Montana, Kentucky,Tennessee .
    This past week..keep good thoughts..

    • Star48, Rhona. Thanks for the info Star48. That’s the areas dutch always points out along the craton edge that gets hit. He has consistently believed that the USGS is not reporting EQs off the Oregon Northern CA Coast or Gorda Escarpment, Juan de Fuca area due to the history of eq patterns which always follow any that have occurred and been reported off the coast. So if you are seeing EQs over in let’s say CO, OK with progression east, with no prior EQs showing up or reported off the coast here then they are omitting them on purpose. Because science doesn’t work that way. Did that make any sense? He has also stated to be on watch here if West MT/Yellowstone area gets hit. I need to catch up on his nightly update since the 8.0 happened yesterday. Hope you are both doing well. Blessings 🤗🙏🏻

    • Hey you two. I just felt this eq when it occurred. I had no clue it had occurred but was in the other room and felt it ready to jump up out of my chair if necessary. It stopped so I thought well maybe a truck or plane? Then I come out to living room and my grandson and daughter said, they just had an eq in Olympic National Park in WA. That was weird. 😐😯. Just about when I was sending my previous text about EQs. Yikes. Here is the link.

  87. jules 104 Star 48
    Julesno need to remind you to be alert ..that must have been an oh is this it moment …
    Take this with curcumspect
    When I woke this morning I was looking at u tube Not quake vids ..
    when Cascadia fault warning was in list and started playing ..must have clicked accidently ..
    obviously i was on a music search
    and they offer vids of what your interests are but still find it odd after that shake you guys had …
    believe im sending lessening light and love ..
    take care if i recieve any hint of it eminent. .. no matter what source i will let you know two ways email and on site ..
    Star 48 yes I also saw Dutches warnings for those areas thanks for pointing out it is validation as a watch …
    hugs stay safe

    • Thanks Rhona. Wow these deep EQs seem to be getting worse instead of better. Like they keep going around on the conveyor belt being recharged again. I’ll have to watch dutchsinse tomorrow get since so much going on.

  88. Star 48 Jules 104
    Canada off shore Vancouver area
    not on feed but on usgs
    3.0m. 154 deep
    dutch mentioned on 22nd nightly update to watch up there as bouys had registered movement ..

    • Thanks for the link Star48. Lots of great info there. Let’s hope that science is correct and that those levels stay low. Otherwise I may be glowing soon. 🤢😬. Sheesh I sure hope they get that plant taken care of as well as possible. I’m with Rhona. Nuclear plants are just a crazy idea. It may be considered “clean” energy but that’s only until things like melt downs occur and then good luck cleaning all that up huh. Ugh 😑

  89. Star 48
    I find his findings comforting in some ways as they are so low ..also the fact they are being monitored effectively .. and on the other hand
    it is a concern that a much larger leak could take so long and affect the west coast that way …
    on a sub level like many I deplore nuke power me old fashioned
    just too risky …especially when placed at locations they errorantly build them ..ugh ..

  90. Star 48
    absolutely a volcano watch
    Im really concerned with Etna .
    the volcanoligists are amazing going up there ..It echos Erics Volcano prediction ..they dont have time to get down the side of mt..
    and as a side i found it interesting they even mentioned the 8 mag quake in Solomons… png ..
    Singer came in with Dino Martin this morning on getting up .and right now as im reading
    Vo lare is playing ..
    thats 2 flags ..will let you know of 3 ..
    this is a 3 flagger ..
    Its no surprise with the activity deep that a volcano is going to release some pressure ..
    Here is hoping its not catastrophic. …will be watching very closely ..with appropriate light and love ..
    thanks for link ..

  91. Star 48 Jules 104
    Jules that Honshu quake a worry too deep not no resound ..
    Alicia and family leave for down south vaca today at midday..
    we are having above and near 100° temps next 2 to3 days ..
    love light and vigilence to them ..

    • Rhona that’s pretty hot. Will be sending prayers for their safety while on vaca. Hope all is well and everyone has a great time. Keep me posted. 🙏🏻

    • Star48, Rhona could this have to do with the meteor also? Didn’t Spirit say here when Eric asked where? I think he wasn’t sure if eq or meteor or it changed or something.

  92. Star 48
    thank you .yes I still remember CA
    heat and still have friends there .
    so its good you understand fire risk from those temps and fire bugs seem to to live setting fores in those conditions knowinf people will think its heat related and the bush burns easier as so dry ..
    Those sounds are a mystery ..
    not sure if quake ..surely that one would have been recorded on feed and not omitted ..
    wow hope they get to the bottom of it ..
    keep us updated if any news .

    thanks again for keeping them in your thoughts …
    Eric mentioned family down south and fire ..but no one i knew lives there anymore .
    then Alicia phoned and said they were holidaying there ..
    oops extra prayer and light ..
    They are near ocean and riveine ..
    So should be ok though surrounded by trees where they are staying ..
    maybe headsup is enough for safety .
    did mention to her .
    she said they have fire alert on phone .. they are there for 5 days
    blessings you two

  93. Star 48 Jules 104
    J7st recieved third flag from singer Italy ..
    Dean Martin
    not sure if Etna ..could be seeing as previous one played while talking about Etna on thread ..

    • Hey I saw Crete had an eq in the 5s also. So maybe Italy next? Good chance all these EQs are upsetting the volcanos of course. Hope no eruptions either but there’s a lot going on and Singer is singing so…😉 Tell Singer thanks for the flags. 🙏🏻

    • Star48, all these sinkholes are getting a bit strange. Did you happen to see the videos of the large crack in the ground which opened up in South Africa recently? Think there had been a pretty good sized eq off coast or near enough prior to that. Not that near though. Hm

  94. Star 48
    I saw that sink hole and knew you would be onto it ..
    and no obvious cause they said ..
    thats scary ..
    Thank you for Alicia watch really appreciate we are already at
    102° at the moment ..😯😰🌞

  95. Jules 104 Star 48
    just noticed
    yes Russia ocean quake
    4.3 ..397 deep east of Docinsk
    also Mexico 5m ..168 deep
    and some madma movement Alaska deep 2+ quakes ..

  96. Star48 Jules 104
    There is a fire burng 11km from caravan park where Alicia and co are …its in a direct sth line from them …
    Jindong name of area.
    havent heard from them so ..must be A ok ..
    not sure how large details scarce

    • Uh oh. Have you heard from Alicia at all? So they should be evacuating then? Praying for them. I am sure she’s thinking, oh my mum told me to leave so gone out of there. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇

  97. Jules 104
    evacuation is for within area of fire ..
    I dont think it includes them ..
    I sent a text but no answer yet ..she is probably at the beach ..
    yeah she will be thinking ..oh Mum
    they should be ok ..will keep you informed ..
    only sent text 10 min ago ..
    thanks jules …
    maybe it was mentioned by spirit as confimation of other info too.
    at least we are pre sending prayer and light im imagining dampening from above ..
    of course thinking of firemen and women too ..108 here at moment ugh hot hot hot

    • Holy smokes! 108! Well I hope she is at the beach cooling off. With all that water around they should be fine for now, but yes they do need to go if authorities say getting to close. I hope you are staying cool. Do you have air conditioning there? Is that normally that hot there or due to weather extremities? Well let me know when you hear from her. Maybe she should be watching radio for updates. Or hopefully the reps there are keeping eyes and ears open and will notify everyone if they see any problems. Praying for showers in Australia and safety for those poor firemen wearing all that heavy hot fire gear in these temps fighting those fires. Sending thoughts and prayers for all of you there. Blessings

  98. Hi Jules
    Yes this is our summer always several days of heat wave conditions ..Wa gets pretty hot
    where Clive is it reaches 45 to 50 celcius ..110 to 115 120 °
    Oh yes air conditioning pools ..insuation in roof is law here save power …..
    some dont have air con but we do
    nice steady 23° but i still slip outside ..go to beach 2 km away have fish and chips and watch sun set
    Its Australia day today so big celebs firw works on river and local as well
    we all have bbqs and lamb chops tradition ..dress up in red white and blue with flags on cars ..
    Brad and Pete are coming for bbq with me tonight ..
    so thats great …
    will let you know ..seems one fire is more contained ..the other is out of control .

    The one close is controlled ..

    • Happy Australia Day! 🇦🇺 Hope that’s the right flag. lol 😂 Oh great news on Alicia and family. Yes prayers for others. I hope you have a great day and BBQ with family. Stay safe and well. It’s Pixie dust for me. 😵✨💫🌈.

  99. Star 48 Jules 104
    Alucia just made contact
    All clear for them burning away from them ..
    they are safe
    prayers for others …

    • Oh very sad Rhona. Im so sorry for all of Perth and those who have lost their lives in this terrible accident. I am thankful for the persons who made the decision to cancel the fireworks there. In consideration of those two persons who lost their lives and in order to preserve the scene for any evidence of finding out what went wrong, I believe they made the correct decision. I’m not so sure that would have happened in a lot of other locals. Praying for all of you there in Perth and for the family members who have lost loved ones. 🙏🏻

  100. Star 48 Jules 104
    It has been rather eventful. Invasion day …I guess some would call it that and they have a very valid point .
    but we are all Australians and this is the date that has exponentially grown to include all of us as a nation ..
    Yes the beginnings were thwart with unimaginable acts of invaders .
    but I also know first hand having indegious family inlaws that I personelly and they recognise those times as the catalyst for multiculturism ..every great country has its horrid history that in hindsight non of the people i know think it was ok wasnt ..
    we abhore what happened ..
    The 26th of January is a date to remember for most of us we celebrate Australia not the cruel acts committed ..
    In no shape or form is the sadness and regretful acts committed toward our indiginous celebrated but what is celebrated is a shared history walking this ancient and beautiful land of ours as the ancestors did ..we walk in there tracks and love this land in respect to their memory ..
    and I thank them for their journey and and now shared journey .

    Thats how I feel
    I honour the ancients of this aged land and its people of the land and dream time ..and I never forget to give thanks to the ancestors ..
    So on Australia Day I remember them with respect and reverence
    ..blessing all

  101. star 48
    Unbelievable I agree it is important to note ..
    but I was also studying maps and photos of upper and lower Galilee last night ..hmm odd you should post this …

  102. Star 48
    Here is hoping its just letting off a bit of steam as safety valve ..
    and there are no significant quakes due to her rumblings ..
    red alert she means business ..

  103. Star 48 Jules 104
    another 4ound of deep
    Tual Indonesisa 4.2m 115 depth
    Arawa Bouganville 4.7m 164 depth
    more dep Magma movement Alaska esp. 3.5m 165 depth ..

    • Rhona, Star48. Do you think this Bagana Volcano could erupt. It’s next to the Volcano crater lake called Billy Mitchell. That prior 8.0 hit right on the crater lake area. Here’s that volcano. Also sorry haven’t been on. It’s really been busy here with School Family Fun Night…and other unmentionable things. 😉🙏🏻🌪 Blessings

  104. Jules 104
    soynds Like a mixture of fun and business ..
    hope the fun outshone the business .Family fun nights are great ..
    In regards to Bagana volcano..
    you know thats a good point consideri g the amount of deep temors around the area for weeks it could be magma ..
    but will check on Volcano monitoring site see what ovservations are ..though we know that doesnt always count does it ?
    volcanos can just go pop ..
    I d8d realise that 8 was on crater lake good catch Jules ..
    have a great weekend ..

    • Thanks Rhona. Shwooe all that fun wore me out. 🤣😂. Oh my yes lots of “business.” 🙄🌪 Haha. I hope you are already having a wonderful weekend without anymore bushfires for Australia or caravan park. 🙏🏻 Hugs. 🤗

    • Thanks Rhona. Not sure what’s going on there. I’d think the scientist would wonder why such a large quake there. It does look as though it’s been in constant eruption for a while so maybe nothing but… it makes me wonder about the one Eric mentioned Spirit showed him in Indonesia that would erupt but couldn’t remember the name of it.

  105. jule yes your right and that could be another reason singer named Bougainville ….will be watching tremors closely. .

  106. Star 48 Jules 104
    thanks for rain prayers
    we now have thunderstorms for 3 days forcast ..
    fingers x no lighting strike fires ..

    • Oh funny. I specifically said no thunderstorms with lightening strikes causing more fires. Just rain please. Hope they didn’t get it mixed up. 😳 Teehee. 🙏🏻🌧☔️

  107. Jules 104 Star 48
    looks like Nazca and Sth American plate are moving ..
    3 seperate quakes all in a row up coast of Peru Lima in the middle
    4.7 …5.0 and i think 4.5 ..

    • Rhona,Star48 do you two rememberthe Oreo prediction? Take a look Rhona my two comments on it. I also remember finding where they actually use Oreo cookies to teach kids in class how plate movement works. I think you are into something Rhona with feeling uneasy about this area. That triple junction there makes me uneasy. Here’s the old prediction link. Blessings You Two. 😊

      • jules 104
        sorry just saw this comment

        O have been going to end of thread to add all my comments instead of reply box it puts things in sequence..
        I think we talked about it ..or maybe i just thought it lol .😂 😂
        anyhoo yes the oreo ..
        and Eric and spirit new post on Chile quake coming up ..
        thanks for link to that one

    • Rhona I noticed that last night when going down my list of quakes. It was pretty busy. My thought was…something’s about to happen… such as a big quake. I think I put reply for Triple Junction in wrong place previously. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 👀🤗

    • Star48,Rhona. That’s pretty interesting. Did you see this one that recently opened up in South Africa? Not sure about the site it’s on but one of the best videos I’ve seen of it.

  108. Star 48 Jules 104
    Both theses videos are amazing
    Star its just not right the fracking is creating so much destruction ..
    you kniw in the days gone by you could set up camp where ever and nor worry the earth is going to give way underneath you. .woyld be a good pioneering experience now would it ?

    Jules im stunned by this footagw that peoplw were climing in there ..children ..a lady close to edge with babe in arms ..seriously dumb actions ..
    wow thats some scary crack will be a gorge in no time …im amazed ..
    Thanks you two ..

    • I agree. I’d not be anywhere near that crack. It actually went down really far since the water just was dissappearing. Not my cup of tea. And right can you imagine the pioneers. Okay pixie dust.

  109. Rhona, Star48. Is this what Im suppose to do? Just reply at comment box? 😂 I believe you had mentioned that. Sorry bet you missed some of my replies then. 😳 Hope you two are having a great day/night. 😉😊

  110. hi jules 104
    yes its just easier to read our sequence of replies to each other ..
    if we refer to subject as we reply we should be able to follow better
    but as star said ..on normal thread haha
    we can use box to reply to individual comments from SWC
    we will get it right

  111. Star 48 Jules 104
    your probably up with it .
    but noticed some recent deepish
    Bolivia 3.5 at 217depth
    Columbia 3.5 at 149 depth
    nth Mariana 4.8 at 101 depth ..
    hope its release and easement

    • Thanks for the link Star48. I didn’t know that Super Volcano even existed there under Naples. The “Big Daddy” to Vesuvius as they said. Pretty horrific event if that were to erupt. That’s not related to the Roman number looking V is it?

  112. Star 48
    oh my goodness ..thats very very scary …I wondered about her a couple of days ago .. it wouldnt surprise me but here is hoping nothing comes of it ..
    thanks for the link
    blessings always ..

  113. Star 48 Jules 104
    was listening to radio and an add came on about Sri Lanka. .
    a travel add .
    most unusual to hear .
    just thought i would mention ..

  114. Rhona, Star48.
    4.5 Fiji Region, 527 km depth
    5.3 East Timor, 496 km depth
    3.4 Antofagasta, Chile, 256 km depth
    3.4 Near SE Coast Australia
    There were some more EQs with depths over 100 km also but almost doesn’t seem deep anymore considering. 🤔 Rhona I get the odd Sri Lanka thing. Hm. Also I think CA is swarming getting ready for something maybe off N CA Gorda Escarpment?

  115. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star that article on earth core is jyst Fantastic ..I love they are finding this out ..yay ..
    I agree maybe you can pick and let
    us know ..
    Star you find the best articles ..
    Just magic .. Thank you ..
    😆blessings hope your doing
    well .

  116. Star 48 Jules 104
    actually when i have a look at map
    its spaced out all down sth American West Coast..
    Colombia 4.1 m 154 depth
    Ecuador 4.8 . 47 depth
    Peru i mentioned above
    Chile 4.4
    chile 3.9 sorry missed depth but they were n ot deep
    Thats a stretch ..


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