Notes on 12-23-14

I had a visual of a very large clock, its hands clicked and turned, it was almost 12.

I had a visual of an explosion in a building, the explosion was on the 2nd or 3rd floor but clearly not on the ground floor.

Where are the threats? “Ontario Canada, France, England, New York… go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will… bombing explosion.” (I believe they are describing the type of events that will occur, its very possible they are in order, with the gun attack in Ontario. There was something about Italy but not entwined with these events.)

“The gun attack leads to legislation”

I had a visual of the US flag drop to the ground.

I had a visual of an orange cut into multiple pieces and placed in different cups of water. “They are not separate attacks, but arranged, orchestrated.”

I had a visual of two very large ’00 ‘ which means two predictions are about to happen in the next few days. Sounds like we are out of time

69 thoughts on “Notes on 12-23-14”

  1. “go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will”

    I’m guessing this is the new legislation that will be passed, where people will have to give up guns because of these attacks. I remember reading from others’ blogs that this is directly correlated with some huge protests and the beginning of a revolution. This is quite scary to see.

    Do they suggest who could have orchestrated these attacks?

        1. Oh I see what your saying, no the original prediction was an explosion of some kind on a bridge by a car bomb of some kind. They even implied it would happen in California.

  2. God, i hope the 2015 summary is better and a little brighter.. this stuff makes you not want to go on.. what is there to look forward to anymore?, terrorism, death, bombing, climate change, global starvation, north korea, russia Tsunamis wiping out coasts man whats the point? i mean really

      1. I agree but I live on the east coast fairly close to ny and NJ. we eat up to 6 meals a day but that doesnt help the people straving in somlia.. ya know? i know things arent bad worldwide but i only live in the US so thats all i can focus on and its scary, scary that people say our economy will collapse, revolutions will come etc..what do i look forward to? the next attack? the next epidemic?the next war? i know you said better times are coming but even you cant say when.. i’m 35 and i’m afraid i’ll never see 50,60 its scary to mee, i just dont want to see suffering anymore

    1. Yes Dave, I agree with Eric. This does not reflect the whole world. I saw/heard something on a television documentary the other night. They said, “God isn’t finished!” They kept repeating it over and over again. I said to myself…This is a message for Dave. Please please remember that always Dave. God isn’t finished with this world we live in and God isn’t finished with You. Blessings and Prayers Always 🙂

      1. I don’t wan’t to be negative, i really don’t but just google some of the stuff out there about the future, my lifetime your lifetime, again terrorism, war, famine, death, economy in the toilet.. people calling the pope the antichrist, obama the anti christ, where is the good? honestly? I don’t expect unicorns, butterflies, and rainbows, but man it seems like evil is being poured out in droves especially to the US.. is this it for us? is the next 20, 30, years going to be like this? thats what i mean when i say whats the point

    2. Ok Dave. I may be sound like a mother. You are not helping yourself. You allowed the negative images controlled your emotional into fear. If you are obsessing reading the messages relayed by Eric through the Spirits. I suggested that you take a break from reading Eric’s prediction for a while. Find something you enjoy as a hobby to keep your mind and spirit at peace. Enjoy your days and not to worry what if, when or where it might be next target. Its not the end of the world. The mother nature is in full control. I wouldn’t worry when the volcanoes erupt, tsunami hits the coastlines, etc. Do not worry…let yourself be at peace. You worried for no reason cuz nothing happened to you, right? So, relax and listen to your favorite music. Hope it helps you find the inner peace. Every year has always been a good year and some bad times. But not always bad time. Its more good than bad ones.

      Have a peaceful Christmas to you and everyone who read Eric’s predictions.

      1. I want to stop reading the site, i do. unfortunately Eric is correct a lot haha so I sort of obsess over what is going to happen, i really do want to stop reading the site, i do have hobbies and such.. unfortunately, these predictions tend to stick with me

    3. Dave, I understand completely, it can all be quite overwhelming indeed. I want to leave you with this article that helped to put things into perspective for me. It is long, but well worth the read, for a removal of the sense of powerlessness you feel. May this Christmas find you (and everyone here) with many blessings, and able to live fully in the moment.

  3. Eric have you ever gotten the US flag dropping to the ground before in a message?
    Does that symbolize how hard we are going to get hit? Or more about our freedoms?
    Wondering your view on that one.

    1. I come from a hard core military family, the idea of the flag even touching the ground is an unspeakable act. I would say its something either very sad for the US or very insulting. Or both.

  4. Posted under the 7/17/14. Could this prediction be related? You had mentioned that you thought perhaps a mass shooting.
    “The R of RNC is made a scape goat.. Democrats point the finger” I had a visual of a rifle on display in a large empty room. — A political US prediction

    Also, could the ,”New York… go inside guns, guns… they will be taken against their will… bombing explosion.”, have to do with a clip/magazine that goes inside the gun? Perhaps this is used during the attack making it easier for the spiders to accomplish their objective? I can’t even imagine what the scale of this attack would have to be in order to get new legislation passed on gun laws in the USA.

    For the orange pieces. I think they are all a part of the whole and not lone wolf attacks like they have been saying. What is with the water cups or the bottles along side the oranges though? Perhaps like you said Eric, being arranged. At the time the oranges were whole I think. Now they are separating the pieces up and actually putting them into the cup. So it is going forward.

    I will be praying these can be foiled somehow. Please God let their sinister acts be uncovered beforehand!!

  5. I think that oranges besides meaning, “arranged” attacks, could reference to the homeland security terrorist advisory system, I.e., orange level alert which is a heightened alert for terrorist acts. Also, the separate cups of water could refer to our maritime ports. That would do horrible damage to our economy of which 40 percent of food and products come through the Los Angeles shipping port in California alone. I am not sure of NY’s imports, but I bet that’s high, too. It could relate to the tsunami message, too, meaning that there are planted bombs underneath the ocean nearby our ports. I know that our homeland security watches for such underwater activity post 911; I saw a special on ths a few years ago. We employ scuba divers who investigate underwater piers, etc. the images of different cups of water made me think of an arranged, coordinated attack on our maritime industry.

    1. Great thinking outside of the box Lia. I saw a show like the one you are speaking of also. That would make sense. The whole water bottles, water cups has got me stumped so this is an interesting possibility. Thanks for mentioning.

      1. Yes, I am. also, the maritime flag for ‘warning’ is bright orange, with a back circle and a black square next to one another in the center of the flag, with the Orange background. I never knew this before . Will attach the link later…

    1. Could be inside any building shooting like the mall. Parties inside large corporation buildings or important symbol that represent their nations. So sad. Everyone stay home please. Don’t go to downtown t9 celebrate new year eve.

  6. Hi Eric – thanks for all that you do. Do you happen to have any more details on these attacks? Sad to read this. We are in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Do you feel this is imminent? It would be great if we could some how stop these attacks or at least lessen their impact. Wishing everyone a happy holiday.

  7. hi there Eric, i haven’t read any predictions since christmas so today i had a look through and went back to old predictions also…. which i find rather coincidental because something in this post lingered on my mind today, anyhow before i was going to bed i had the thought to check the news around the world and came across a breaking story on shootings in Paris (Terror In Paris) Via CNN news website
    I’m from New Zealand so when i checked the news it was 12:30am 8/1/15 But The 7 jumped out at me on your post, do you think maybe this is as you predicted? Im only guessing your date today would be the 7th..
    Thanks for the continued good work i do believe you have a true gift and I’m great full that you share.

    1. Can you give us the Quatrain from Nostradamus that talks about it. Clearly it makes more sense of why Italy is on the list of attacks they have. When they gave me the list, I did not really understand why Italy was there, now it makes more sense.

      1. Eric, here are a couple there are more..
        Another quatrain also mentions his “letters”:
        O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
        Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance
        One harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch,
        Pointed iron driven into all the hilt. (C.10:65)

        How many times will you be taken, Solar City.
        Changing the Barbarian and vain laws,
        Your end approaches: you will be more tributary,
        The great Adria will recover through your veins. (C.1:8)
        The “Solar City” probably is Rome, since it is mentioned in relation to “the great Adria” (Adriatic Sea). Perhaps this prophecy is related to C.1:69 and C.8:16 (above), which mention a great deluge. Otherwise, the prophet may be suggesting an invasion of Venice by Moslems.
        From the Orient will come the Punic heart
        To vex Adria and the heirs of Romulus,
        Accompanied by the Libyan fleet
        Malta to tremble and nearby islands empty. (C.1:9)
        “The Punic heart” refers to the Carthaginian Hannibal of C.2:30, attacking Italy (“the heirs of Romulus”) with the Libyan fleet in the Adriatic Sea. Italy will be invaded by sea (C. 2: 43).

        The islands of the Mediterranean Sea will be pillaged:
        Naples, Palermo, and all Sicily
        The entire coast will remain desolated:
        There will remain no suburb, city or town
        Not pillaged and robbed by the Barbarians. (C.7:6)

  8. Eric, here he talks about cages..
    These quatrains are reasonably clear, spelling doom for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast of Europe. A ruler or military commander will be captured and put in a cage.
    In the country of Arabia Felix
    There will be born one powerful in the law of Mahomet
    To vex Spain, to conquer Granada,
    And more by sea against the Ligurian people. (C.5:55)

  9. Eric, still finding more regarding Italy..
    See..The ancient Carthaginian conqueror Hannibal will reincarnate and attack Rome again. Carthage in North Africa was founded by the Phoenicians. This suggests that Libya (Carthage) will attack Italy first. Babel (line 4) is now Iraq-Iran; apparently Libya and Iraq will be allied.
    The Church of God will be persecuted
    And the holy temples ill be plundered,
    The child will put his mother out in her shift,
    Arabs will be allied with the Poles. (C.3:73).

    In case I forget (in parenthesis is the century, plus quatrain etc)

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