Belgium Police Attack

This prediction has happened. Not on Tuesday but the date is correct, the 6th. Please pray for the victims of this horrific attack on Belgium police.

In other news I had a visual of a clock that showed the hand 3 minutes to the number 5 mark. With their looming threat my hope was they were wrong, but they are counting down from 5 and now 3.

“Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice

Predictions 4-1-16   “Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.
“Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”
I had a visual of a cross at first it seemed Christian, but then I saw myself walking down a hallway of a hospital. As if the hospital was the target.
76 – Historically that means the 6th.


7 thoughts on “Belgium Police Attack

  1. Eric, SWC…can anyone confirm whether we are talking about a terrorist attack on the countdown for 5 or a meteor striking? I am wondering since the post from 4-1-16 was about the South America meteorite when you asked and Spirit said 5-5-5. I guess I’m confused. Sorry. 😐 Thanks.

    • Jules,
      I think that the next major event will be a terror attack here in the U.S. on or around August 8th. Praying it won’t be.


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