Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador

It continues to grow. The image in the last prediction which I assume means picture has not presented itself yet. Is ‘zero then five’ those involved, Sessions, Flynn?

Predictions 12-12-16     “The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice

Previous prediction:

“Wait.. Wait”

There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy

Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

Predictions 2-21-17  “Russia.. an image is leaked.. Washington continues to be topsy turvy.. one that changes the scope of the investigation dramatically. ”



58 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador”

  1. If a new Cold War develops and it involves back door deals and surveillance…is Spirit implying that Trump was behind the activities or is it Hillary with her behavior to subvert Trump? The message implies that Trump was behind the espionage, but why would that start a new Cold War unless it was proven that Putin helped get him elected and America turned against Trump and Russia…..Where is Wikileaks and Assange when you need them ?

    1. There are several predictions about Putin, he invades a land mass, there is a new war, and a sort of Cuban missile crisis emerges, so I believe it is the sum of many actions that invoke a new cold war not just what is going on with Trump. Our president is just one small piece of it. We are expecting the land grab in the next few months. Its a prediction we are working on now.

      1. Could this lead to a new world war if Putin does all these things? Because another psychic medium said the next world war would be between Iran, America and Israel which would bring about the next anti Christ X

  2. I don’t think anyone thought Flynn was the only one. My hope is that those holding on to any information, on either side, will just put it on the table and let the chips fall where they may.
    I do wonder if Pence was aware of all of this and if not, then perhaps that’s when the “new Cold War” starts or it may be even worse than what I fear.
    Prayers for the world as the policies of the USA affect many countries.

  3. Interesting claims you make here, my friend. Although, I would like to offer you a different perspective. Over my research on 2017 predictions all across the web and in person, the ‘mysterious bombshell’ that is to occur sometime this year, and is supposed to shock everyone, has been a common thing that ALL seem to predict! I actually think its really fricking cool that so many psychics predict a huge shocker that will occur this year.
    From what I have come across, they all say that this ‘disclosure’ will be a huge existential crisis to us all. Meaning, this bombshell will be so shocking, that we all ask ourselves, “what the hell is going on?” And it will not be aliens this time around.

    And I think, that this business with Russia is NOT the shocker we will encounter. And if it is, it won’t be that shocking. After all, so many media pundits are inching to the idea that Trump is a Russian implanted stooge and if true, will not be very shocking. It is already implanted in our psyche’s (one way or another) so a disclosure of such will not be the mind-shocking blow to us all since our minds have already decoded a possibility on the matter. Does that make sense?

    One psychic, apparently channeling a Pleiadian helper, said that the event that occurred with Brian Williams being fired by NBC News, over his lies about being shot at on a plane (back in 2015), was just a small hint in what we will find out. The amount of people exposed for their lies will be HUGE and is inevitable according to their collective karmas. She was also told that many of our leaders and media elite will be handcuffed… Something tells me Pizzagate might be brought back from the dead or some other scandal that completely crumbles our idea of our leaders ever again.

    So that being said, I think you are absolutely right about a huge bombshell shock coming soon. However, I don’t know for sure if Trump will have anything to do with it, or as much as we may like. Please tell me what your thoughts on this are, and thank you for sharing your insights!


    1. The bombshells are what they are, our concern here is more geared towards the coming airplane hijacking and earthquakes, I will say however a reporter who lies compared to the president of the united states are a bit on two different levels to me.

        1. They do have another old prediction that widely talks about rampant corruption from our government that creates a massive wave of protest, so you might be right, maybe its from both sides.

      1. I agree, one reporter who lies is nothing compared to a president who lies. But a coordinated effort by many top media outlets and the government to publish propaganda instead of the truth would be earth shattering in the US.

      2. One more thing the press is suppose to be a vital check on our government. If there is wide spread collaboration going on between the press and the government that would be very bad.

      3. In response: I realize I may not have been too clear in my comment before. I mention a bombshell that mentions the reporter because, I think this is very relevant to predicting things with Trump and the Russians, etc. The media is not objective at this time and if we find out on a large scale that we’ve been lied to by those who inform us about this Russian scandal, what are we to believe? I truly think that the media is working to distract us and side-line us away from the real truth. I find this to be of importance when perceiving the large-scale scheme of things.

      4. You cannot categorize the Media; the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded collectively:
        “their demands were publicized by the media” · “the campaign won media attention”
        synonyms: the press · the fourth estate · the news · the papers · broadcasting · publishing · big media · citizen journalism
        There are far too many variables and outlets. You cannot mass quantify the word media with the people and outlets that communicate in an organized fashion.

    2. mistakes happened in the past which was along time ago. People are stuck in the twilight zone. The golden age is about fixing. Taking lead into gold. Some call it alchemy. Trump is in office not to expand nuclear missiles nor build up the military empire once again. As for properly taking care of soldiers,housing,pensions,widows,That should be his for new military hardware. All should be able to be traced. If it falls into wrong hands it should be destroyed by satellite. Ben carson needs to take on another portfolio which includes trades or retraining people into electricians,bricklayers, etc… Government will start building houses using people in the retraining program. Get the experience and move on. Learn from your mistakes in the past and make sure you don’t repeat. The middle east, usa,israel plus others need a major shake up. Nasa plus others can help fill this void in regards to gods angels of technology. Same angels way way back. They changed along time ago and have helped with all the stuff you now enjoy today. One appears and he says don’t interfere. They don’t care. Knock knock. Door closed thanks to history of some. But that’s you father of your race. Look at all you have and what thanks and praise he has received. This is all about people loosing their authority and nothing else. That sums up everything in one sentence.

    3. Politics are hard to comment on due to so many opinions many that can not be validated and are only gut feelings, this make observations turn into debates with very few positive outcomes. However I am thinking that if something is to be shocking or a bombshell it will have to be something most of us have not considered, with this in mind I am thinking if we are paying any attention to the current news stories we are looking in the wrong place.

  4. Of all the people I expected might be implicated in a Trump scandal, I never expected Jeff Sessions to be one of them. He never really had much care for foreign policy.

    1. Know what? I’m not buying this story that Trump will be impeached. They are doing the stories to grab our attentions and they don’t have other better things to do. No one will ever destroy Obama’s legacy. He will be remembered as the great president in his period of time.


  5. Wow, that sounds more like AG Holder – who lied to Congress concerning the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal, tried to cover it up, was held in contempt of congress, spied on journalists, refused to investigate the IRS for its targeting of conservative groups, and then quickly resigned when threatened with impeachment.
    ..fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals..

  6. I think that we need to be very concerned about what Obama will do when he comes back on the scene. My gut feelings are usually right, and this thought freaks me out.

    1. Surely that would be the least of your worries considering the terrible state of the administration at this current time.

  7. I would be interested in an amplification of djovan,s statement about “so many psychics also see”!
    Me, myself, over the last year or so, have experienced several dreams
    …..wars upon wars upon wars. Beginning 2017.
    ….next year, ….2017.. the entire world will go crazy!
    …, freestone, will be killed in a war…….and I live in the USA!

    Posssible realities only? Now outdated by plan changes? Or real?!

    I slowly, too, am getting the feeling that now only is most of the government people somewhat self seeking and corrupt, that anyone who replaces these people will also be or become corrupt!
    That this state of affairs IS what rulership is all about! Not until the level of counsciousness, of spiritual development, is equal to the task, will there be changes! The leaders, of government and corporations really must have a very high level of spiritual development, or else that power will corrupt!
    You cannot give power to children and expect completely good results! Most leaders are young souls where power corrupts, the older souls would not touch government leadership with a ten foot pole.

    There is the Russian Folktale of the Firebird. It is a God incarnate as a red feather bird. Even if you just see it, and it Notices you, you are doomed! It gives to you every one of your wishes, even
    Those wishes that you do not know that you had! Almost everyone who is Touched, goes insane!
    The firebird today is the knowledge and power that Everyman has, today. The internet, the standard of living, the knowledge. And most of us all are not able to handle this much power and knowledge. It goes to the lower Chackras ! Sex, power, control, materialism. Will directed to ego self.
    Sooner or later everyone could explode.

    One,s material final judgement is….to win the 20 million dollar lottery! Now you can do it, Anything that you want to. Every unworked out karma will now rise to be lived out!

    Russia has troubles of its own….china now has been given the ultimatum by the radical Muslums, that much of west china is Theirs! And that they will win and take it over….

    The center cannot hold. Maybe it is not supposed to! Maybe we all will “ascend” soon due to an asteroid! Then each of us will then be able to face all of our inner demons in heaven!

    And surprises? How about this one, a radical but possible future…..that the cascade fault rips, richter nine plus! The shock then trips off the San Andreas, now they think the entire fault line will go all at once. Then Yellowstone, shook by the cascade quake, erupts. Oh, maybe only a 60 percent strong eruption, but puts New York City into midnight at noon, the ash cloud.
    Then where will we all be, in the USA?

    I would like to read more of what other psychics have seen, but not posted anywhere on the internet!


      1. Disgusted! especially from the nuns killed 800 babies aged up to 3 years old. One of the 10 commandments: “Though Shall Not Kill “.


  8. On Saturday’s morning news it showed 5 people of Trump’s staff having talks with Russia before the elections.

  9. I heard Fox News thus morning as I got up, only a minute of something that I find astonishing!
    PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Donald Trump is accusing former President Barack Obama of having Trump’s telephones “wire tapped” during last year’s election, but Trump isn’t offering any evidence or saying what prompted the allegation…….from the fox site a while ago.
    this morning the news sounded more dire, like the entire trump tower was wire tapped. And even after he was inaugurated!
    If this is true, we do not need Russia meddling to be news, this could become big!

    While does not sound so shocking as the prediction infers, I wonder how far could this spread?!
    …will media leaders be led off to prison? Obama himself arrested? A certain big city newspaper, once called the world,s best newspaper, forced to close?!



    1. Or the wire tapping has Trump talking to the Russians? It’s going to be interesting on how this plays out one of the predictions has wire-tapping fraud don’t know which side it is on.

    2. Now that he’s the president he will have access to all /most of the information from the agencies, could it be the bombshell if the new president just starts releasing this information that shows how crooked the government or people in the government are. This could become quite shocking.

    3. Again I’m not buying this story. Did Obama planted the wire phones in Trump hotel?. I find it hard to believe because there were people surround him for security reasons. Of course he didn’t do this. It’s absurd and ridiculous. It’s all gossip and fake.

  10. I read that a sitting president can not order a wire tap. It may come from NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. and would need a judicial authorization. So they must first provide due cause.

    1. FISA turned down Obama request first time. 2nd Obama request said something like wanted to find out if Trump was colluding with Russians. So request granted. Here’s where the breaking news speculates or knows what happened after that. No evidence that Trump colluded with Russians. BUT, the wiretap was not turned off and they continued to listen in. That would go beyond the legality of tap.

    2. Thank you 3dakota. I knew president Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t do this as wiretap. I find the news media are created such as to stir emotions from fake gossips. Sad to say.

      1. Mary, I posted the video under Perry’s post above in answer to question where I got… Will be interesting to see which way it plays out. There are multiple sources saying the wiretap was requested by the Obama administration, Also it does not require actual wires to be put in phones in his office etc, listening in is done without you knowing. Again, this story , if true, has elements that match one of Eric’s predictions. “Bombshell”. So it’s a relevant comment.

  11. Yes Sondra I agree. So far it looks like FISA was for Trumps computer server, however depending on what information the NSA was getting the scope could have changed.
    My point is that a US President can not order a wiretap without going through legal channels and providing proof that there is a good reason for it. Therefore the bombshell would be what was the proof, and what did they find regarding Russia. What information was coming to the president to warrant surveillance?
    I am an independent, and just want the facts regarding Trump amd Russia not a partisan battle.
    Today Trump is accusing Obama of wiretapping … perhaps he has information we don’t. Just wish he would provide proof to back up his inflammatory tweets.
    I believe we will eventually find out if the Russia connection is the bombshell. So far spirits are accurate with how this is playing out.

    1. Agreed. I just want to know the truth, no matter who’s telling it.
      If there’s evidence supporting it, hopefully it’ll come out.
      And if the claim is false and Obama is innocent, I hope that we see evidence of that. Anything, just so the bickering between the parties shuts up!

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