Mexico Hurricane Prediction

I had a visual of floods just consuming everything in its path. Everyone was stuck, unable to move from the locations of the damage.
“Flooding.. flooding.. waves.. lands turned to mud. The Hurricane causes extensive damage.
Around Tabasco.. South Mexico
July” – Spirits Voice

In the visual it was horrible. It honestly looked more like a Tsunami with the amount of flooding but there was a storm from the sky as well.

In other news we are still expecting terror attacks, in their words; “9/11 style attacks are coming, multiple ones, it will be brutal” When asked  they consistently say “Now” Which implies July.

They gave two riddles the first was 4 in one box and 24 in another box. That was on the 2nd. If its a countdown, that implies sometime around July 25th

The second riddle showed three boxes 41 – 0 – 0. To show a 0 usually means now. In both riddles 4 could mean ‘for’ – Eric




61 thoughts on “Mexico Hurricane Prediction

  1. They gave two riddles the first was 4 in one box and 24 in another box. That was on the 2nd. If its a countdown, that implies sometime around July 25th

    The Euro cup had 24 teams enter. There are 4 left. Playing 6/7 July

    • I actually believe they might be talking about 7-4-14 and 6-10-15. Not a date but a reference number to an old prediction. Both of which talks about attacks on Boston.

      • Well it was someone elses comments that got me thinking that maybe what they are giving us aren’t dates at all, but references to previous predictions. I am going to ask again for a timeline, but first I need to finish existing predictions.

      • Ok, I’ll bite, if not English, which language? See, I’ve noticed that everyone on here jumps through hoops in a sincere effort to help you “solve” the predictions. Why should they do all the work to help you figure it out? You fooled me for awhile, dude, but not any longer.

        I wish everyone on this site well, but your being led down the garden path here.

      • Caseyatthebat..( my opinion)
        in my limited experience with spirit..sometimes they use pictographs, or symbols that are relevant to my experience or understanding, to communicate..( unique to me)
        One time they showed me a words..after –I had to interpret what they were trying to communicate..
        Eric, has related many times in posts and comments about the process..and the way spirit communicates with him.,which is unique to him.
        He just recently mentioned that a new group has formed or been added To
        from the previous group..of 57,,
        I would hope that your skepticism, and premature judgement ..
        still leaves you with at least an open mind..Blessings..

  2. I’m just worried especially the statue of liberty and the golden gate bridge in SF. They would definitely destroy it in cold hearts.

    Praying they will be stopped before it gets much worse.

  3. Eric, just a notation.
    .Weather blogs are telling members that the Gulf is trending higher in temperature…they stated not good if at height of season a storm develops.

    Quote..way above average this year with plenty of areas of 30 degree Celsius waters. Hopefully nothing makes it into the gulf come peak of the season. Unquote.

  4. Eric,
    regarding comment on this post —-brutal attacks coming,
    Hopefully one was thwarted.
    See.Former Army National Guardsman accused of plotting domestic attack in support of Islamic State – Washington Post

  5. There have been four terrorist attacks across the Mid East and turkey this week, could this not be that?

    • It has ties, but they were very specific in showing a bridge attack, a san diego base attack/port, and a north east attack either New York or Boston. Its timing we seem to have issues with.

  6. I found something interesting when I tried to look into the actual numbers in the first riddle. The following article that I found states that on 4-24-2016 and earthquake progression was proved between Asia and Europe within a weeks time. Traditionally experts didn’t think that one earthquake could connect to another one or that earthquake activity could be predicted and this shows that that theory can be disproved.
    In the 4/24/16 prediction, we are given a location of an US attack. I don’t know how these connect but I think we definitely being told to look at California. An attack and or an earthquake or multiple events? If you look at recent seismic activity, the west coast of N America is silent (ref to Mary’s post of the earth singing : ) ) There has been a lot of seismic activity almost everywhere else especially around the ring of fire.

  7. Hi Eric , I have several 110 ,, this July: July 10-20-30 dates.In the past this coincided with 11 – s , 11 m here in Madrid, 13-11 Paris , October 10, 2002 indonesia, and numerous attacks tragic that Eta , the Basque armed band make in Spain.The date is a day or the next.Not always,this is 2-3 dates to month and not always attacks terrorist happen.Very sad these.I am wish Isis lost war fast and árabs not fight by religion.

    10-7 is the final of Euro football! Greetings.

    Enviado desde mi iPad

  8. Hi, I’ve been seeing 711 for a while now. Also when I was scrying into a crystal, I saw a smoking volcano. Don’t think they r connected, yet could be. Just thought it d share

  9. Hi, I’ve been seeing 711 for a while now. Also when I was scrying into a crystal, I saw a smoking volcano. Don’t think they r connected, yet could be. Just thought it I would share

  10. So just to clear things up a bit when do we think these back to back terrorist attacks are supposed to be happening ?

  11. Didn’t you say there would be a sniper in Dallas. Because tonight it’s happening right now on the news.

  12. There’s the shooting in Dallas Protest. 3 injured Dallas police officers but not confirmed. They are searching for the shooter in or nearby Omni downtown hotel. I wonder what’s this all about? Is this related to any Eric’s shooting prediction?

    • Mary, SWC.
      6-3-16 Texas was mentioned..
      The officer was a DART. Officers.
      +++++Updated 3 killed 7 injured..updated just now..++++

      This is earlier tweet..
      Officials: 1 officer killed, 3 others injured in shooting during protest in downtown Dallas – @dartmedia

      • OMG!!! It fits Eric’s prediction. Dallas in huge shock! So far up to date on lives news….11 officers were shots, 3 confirmed dead and 2 shooters. They are still searching for the shooters. I can’t believe it’s Dallas! This is the worst history since JKF assassination. Very heartbroken!

    • 4 police dead. Horrible situation all around. Eric, was this perhaps the riddle of the “4”? If so, the “24” is next. Sad.

    • STAR, both dates on 2-19-16 and 3-4-16 are related to TX shooting. It matched as the people scattered during the shooting but who or what is the Flynn or Fin? leg wounded? And “Get your hands off of me?”.

      Still looking for the shooters. Getting more info. Praying for the officers and their families at this time.

      • Mary,
        I do not think you have leg reference ..the post was for Austin, Texas..on campus..
        It happened..

      • I’m kind of lost here as why aiming at the law enforcement officers. 11 officers were shot, 4 officer died and 2 shooters. We’ll figure something out more info as why the shooters shot the police officers. It makes no sense to killing.

  13. I saw on Shepard Smiths show on Fox News. a video of a shooter in front of a white building with modern pillars and a mini van or SUV in front of the building with its flashers on. Cant find it online and some video has been removed.This in reference to 2.19.16 and 3.4.16 posts.

  14. Eric, regarding..
    Yr comment from this post.”In other news we are still expecting terror attacks, in their words; “9/11 style attacks are coming, multiple ones, it will be brutal” When asked they consistently say “Now” Which implies July.”

    See.Bomb squad on scene after explosives discovered in Nashua, NH – Patch

      • I believe they are referring to a coordinated multi level attack all at once. They have in the past discussed attacks involving a base in San Diego, ports/ships, bridge, stadium, and a train, the train is expected soon. So though I understand what your saying I don’t believe the planes will be a key figure. With that however in the bridge prediction they mention a plane.

  15. Eric,
    Update #2. Time 6:11 pm PST.. Alert from National Hurricane Center

    Earl Intensifying,,

    Tropical Storm Earl strengthening; hurricane watch in effect for portions of southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala – National Hurricane Center


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