Yulin Explosion

This incomplete prediction has happened.

Prediction California Earthquake   I had a visual of a large building/skyscraper, and there was the after effects of what looked like a large explosion.

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  1. Gina Avatar

    Wait, confused this is in China, how is it connected to California? They said explosion not earthquake . ?

    1. Luna tic Avatar
      Luna tic

      Gina, click on the prediction above and it will give you the whole message…“Another terror attack.. brutal.. hotel.” — Spirits Voice

      I had a visual of a large building/skyscraper, and there was the after effects of what looked like a large explosion.

    2. Jon Blue Avatar
      Jon Blue

      I’m with you on this Gina. I clicked on the original prediction and it says ‘terror attack’. The BBC news report specifically states illegal storage of explosives used for the coal mining in that town. THAT is NOT a terror attack. That is a company mismanaging it’s equipment (i.e., dynamite for blasting coal). Also it was not a hotel as it said in Eric’s original prediction. It was a hospital and kindergarten were the worst hit. Finally, none of these buildings are “skyscraper”. Just google the term ‘skyscraper’, it means any building of ‘exceptional height’. In Architecture, that term is not taken lightly. Just all any architecture firm. Usually in most architecture firms, any building over 30 stories is considered skyscraper and that is being loose. A 3 to 7 story building is NOT a skyscraper at all. I’m from Chicago, I know skyscraper. I lived in one on the 54th floor and it went up to 65 floors. That’s a skyscraper.

      Normally I am in support of Eric’s matches but I cannot support this as a match as I think this will discredit Eric and his other accurate predictions if new people read that Eric claimed his vision and this news report. This, in no way relates to what he originally wrote. Just my humble opinion. I still like you and believe in your visions, Eric but this is far from accurate prediction. Keeping it real. The most important thing, however is to find a way to help those in Yulin right now. Support Doctors Without Borders or any reputable international aid that you trust to help in their time of need. At least his posting this story did make some difference. Thank you.

      1. Francine Avatar

        Jon, the hotel prediction was a sliver of Eric’s original prediction, one that he said was being worked on. The first part of it referred to a California quake and then there was a warning of a second quake, *possibly* around Turkey or on of the “stan” countries. There was an earthquake in that hemisphere, as was hinted at in that second quake prediction, the prediction just wasn’t region specific.

      2. Francine Avatar

        The skyscraper mention was in relation to a separate vision Eric was having that Spirit is working on, and he did NOT tie it in to the earthquake prediction or the hotel prediction.please go re-read the original prediction

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes there does seem to be two different events,

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its not, the vision of a building exploding was the start of a new prediction without details, unrelated, however the prediction was never completed because the event took place before it could be completed.

  2. benmadigan Avatar

    forgive the off-topic to a certain extent. Central italy has had 2 earthquakes of mag 5+ and 6 in the past 3 hours. here’s a contemporary account

  3. Rhona Avatar

    this is tragic prayers love and light
    to Yulin …maybe this a marker for California quake to be coming soon …
    blessings all

  4. jules104 Avatar

    That’s horrible. Praying for the people there affected by this.

  5. Em Avatar

    I’m sorry to have to ask you this, but do you see any terror attacks in the next two weeks before the election?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They talk about upcoming violence. The real threat for terror attacks is in December. However the hijacking is expected soon.

  6. rescuinginstilettos Avatar

    Is this the same city that has that awful festival where they violently kill (and eat) dogs?

    1. Tot Avatar

      Yes I believe it is 🙁

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