Germany Theater Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Germany.

Spirit had one message yesterday. “NOW”   Clearly a major event predicted is about to happen in the next day or two. Now to the topic at hand.

Predictions 6-16-16    I had a visual of a half man half wolf attacking people in what looked like a theater. I could only see chairs that folded up like the old theaters that plays are held in.

I assume that ‘last week’ might mean the last 7 days of the month of June. The timeframe is June, perhaps the beginning of July!  Then they pointed to 17, then 23-25 so the exact timing has a question mark.


16 thoughts on “Germany Theater Shooting

  1. Eric they are now reporting the man is dead, no people are hurt, he did not have a real gun, so no tragedy.

  2. Eric I was looking at the time line. First prediction 6/16, next prediction 6/19, then now 6/23. That’s pretty close. Just wondering if they will start to follow any certain pattern time wise. But yes it’s wonderful news, no actual fatalities but the gunman. Praying for Germany.

  3. I’m seeing there are creating a lot of commotion going on around the world. It’s like a “distraction “. So.much going on all at one time.

    Like the Senate “sit in” for gun control issue, UK voting EU, Yellowstone “unsettled”, frequent earthquakes and volcanoes in the rings of fire, global warming increased tornadoes, tropical storm, hurricane, etc. Political and religious issues. Terrors attacked, Venezuelans are hungry and looting for food…..

    Praying all to be safe from harm ways and those are hungry to be fed, love to overcome hate, and let the lights continue to shine.

    Go in love and in peace.

  4. Eric I just want to tell you
    This month (in Islamic calendar) marks the holiest month in Islam, the Ramadan, starts from 6 June – 5 July..
    The last 10 days in Ramadan are the holiest of them all.. so.. my advice is.. that i think we need to focus our attention to those last days.. radical islamist terrorist will highly likely attack westerners on those 10 days, especially on Friday..

  5. The prediction of “stadium” and France is worrying
    Let me explain
    In France right now is a major soccer tournament, all the main European countries (or most) are taking part.
    It’s been on now for 2 weeks ? With matches played right across France and the Final will take place in Paris in the 1st week to f July !!!
    But obviously being the “Final” means it’s in the last week !!! And the way the draw looks it could be a France V Belgium final bet th terrorists would of love to make something happen at such a prestigious event ??

  6. Not sure if this is helpful, was looking for bridge events in SF and the san francisco marathon is on July 31st that loops over the golden gate bridge. Its not a pride event so maybe this is not relevant? unless Gay could mean a happy event.

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