Hero Doctor and Nurses during London Attack

I know I posted a similar message yesterday, but these acts of righteousness have moved me, and remind all of us that for one evil man there are hundreds of noble ones. All heroes should be acknowledged for their acts of kindness.

Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack    I had a visual of individuals waving small British flags. I had a visual of a large Spider walking the streets of Britain.14   I had a visual of an explosion, followed by people ducking and hiding their faces.

Then the heroes responded in droves, people put themselves in harms way for strangers they did not know. Giving life. It was awesome to see such a godly sight surrounded by such tragedy.

I had a visual of Spirit showing numbers rolling past me, that lead to the number 22.

I had a visual of a door and on the door was a blue symbol (like those used on a bathroom door) but it was an airplane symbol.

“Soon afterward the US will be attacked.”

“In a weeks time 3 locations attacked”

Predictions 2-4-17  “NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked..  worse and worse.”

The facts reported by MSN:” “In the darkest of days, real heroes appear”: Nurses and doctors ran from nearby hospital to help save lives in London terror attack.

Hero doctors and nurses ran from a nearby hospital to help the injured after a terrorist mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London on Wednesday.

NHS staff at St Thomas’ Hospital, which is adjacent to the bridge, fled from their workstations without hesitation – not knowing whether there was danger ahead and if they were risking their own lives.

They have been described as ‘real heroes’, selflessly risking their own safety to save the lives of others.

As one person rather eloquently put it on social media: “In the darkest of days, hundreds of heroes appear”.

Others said that these acts of heroism are “what makes our great nation so unique.””

Quoted by MSN News: http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/in-the-darkest-of-days-real-heroes-appear-nurses-and-doctors-ran-from-nearby-hospital-to-help-save-lives-in-london-terror-attack/ar-BByBCt6

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  1. Linda Blair Avatar
    Linda Blair

    Oh Eric…good always outweighs evil…thanking God for the heroes in disguise…nurses, d doctors, citizens…thank you for a job well done…So sad

  2. donna B Avatar
    donna B

    In looking at the “bad” in the world, there is so much more “good” in the world. There are so many loving and selfless people. The news media tends to focus on the negative; but there are so many positive stories and wonderful people all around the world! Bless the everyday heroes!

  3. jules104 Avatar

    I agree Eric. Forgive me for not responding sooner. These people are true heros and should be acknowledged as such for their quick action and noble acts of kindness towards others, complete strangers in most cases. I firmly believe that the goodness and light in people will always outshine the darkness in others and in this world. Also, thank you for the reminder that we are all in this together, and in times such as this we all just become “human”, no imaginary boundaries, needing to act with love and kindness to help each other out. These are the true heros in life. Blessings 😇🙏🏻

  4. mariakaos Avatar

    Where words are placed can make all the difference.


    NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

    “In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked.. worse and worse.”

    The fact that it said your own back detracted totally from the location. Now if it was put like this it makes sense. in hindsight. (which is a wonderful thing)

    NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street..

    In your own back yard.”“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked.. worse and worse.”

    1. Nicole Avatar

      This is a really good point.

    2. Luna tic Avatar

      Wow, this makes sense. So we start looking at or around San Diego, CA, airports, flights military bases? I somehow get a feeling that the 27th could be a date but I will do some research this weekend. Thanks Nicole.

      1. Luna tic Avatar
        Luna tic

        Uh and Mariakaos….sorry meant to type that.

      2. mariakaos Avatar

        New Moon in 7º Aries: Monday, March 27, 2017.

  5. Popi Avatar

    yes and I am proud to say that one of these Doctors is Greek!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very nice!

  6. Tot Avatar

    Very inspiring to see all the heroes!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes it is!

  7. rhona Avatar

    Eric I too agree ..It has moved me on a level to which im proud to be a part of humanity ..
    These people a clear demonstration of true compassion and the spirit of love for our neighbor …
    bless them
    and prayers for all families

  8. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    Outbound flight from Heathrow, London to Lindbergh Field (San Diego International Airport) on 3/27/2017 for British Air on a Boeing 777. A little spooky I was able to find that so fast https://www.britishairways.com/travel/fx/public/en_gb?eId=111011&timestamp=0324033320&source=LPBMwidgetPerfectDays&from=LON&to=SAN&depDate=27/03/17&retDate=03/04/17&cabin=M&restrictionType=LOWEST&source=LPBMwidgetPerfectDays&ad=1&ya=0&ch=0&inf=0

    1. Lia Avatar

      Luna – you might have something here. Also, 03-27-2017 adds up to “11” – numerology power number that terrorists seem to look for, maybe to send meaning with their horrible acts. Look at the row of 1’s in the time stamp on your link above….interesting serendipity.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Big oops! It adds to “22” – a master number in numerology! I was too focused on the 11 in the row of 1’s – LOL! Silly me.

  9. Julia Avatar

    Recently, both the US and Britain have announced bans on laptops and ereaders in airplane cabins from airline flying from some specified countries. They said the ban was due to intelligence received. Do you think that this prediction regarding airplanes could now be averted?

  10. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    A rail accident at NY Penn Station happened today involving an Amtrak passenger train coming from Boston and a NJ commuter train. There were several injuries and it has shut down the station for now. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-new-york-train-idUSKBN16V1RL. Penn (Pennsylvania), Boston, Train…these are things that have come up recently in Eric’s postings. Could this be a precursor to an event?

  11. jules104 Avatar

    In this prediction Spirit specifically said, “Airplane hijacking…around April 2nd.” Should we be looking at the first week of April for the hijacking then? The 1st, 2nd or 3rd maybe?

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