Predictions 11-29-16

I had a visual of damaged barrels with green vapor oozing out at the top. Below a black mud leaked out and downward.

Perhaps a symbolic message of toxic waste or toxins in the land.

Latin America: Spirit pointed to the shoreline.

I had a visual of several people all sick and in horrible pain.

“So many! So many sick, so many without there mental capacities, so so horrible.”



39 thoughts on “Predictions 11-29-16

      • Good Day Eric and Spirits,
        Thank you and Spirits for all that you do.
        I have a question about ‘Pizzagate’ – have the Spirits commented on this. It seems that they had an announcement about the elections, there may be a potential about them saying something about pizzagate. Would be interesting or maybe no one wants to touch this….
        The Bible states all will be revealed that is hidden…. If this scandal is true- then it is an atrocity for sure, if not- then can the Spirits declare it?

        Thank you again for helping to make the world a safer and better place.


      • @ Perry… they are NOT authorities on anything. Snopes .com are a husband and wife team who attempt to debunk situations at their discretion. If the narrative does not fit their views- then it must be false- as per
        Thank you Perry for your response- however are fake news as well..

  1. Hi Eric, can you be more specific. Latin America is very big. Can you tell us more about the location, please

    I will appreciate your comment very much, thanks

    • From what I gather its not one location but multiple ones. But your right it is vague on the location. I will try and ask them for more specifics even if its just one of many locations.

  2. Chlorine as chlorine gas, liquid sodium hypochlorite, calcium … are used by a large majority of the plants in South America that use chemical control.

  3. Thank you so much for answering me so quickly, I’m a little worried about this prediction because I live in the Caribbean.

  4. On a positive note I had president Obama taking care of this mess plus make run at peace deal before year end with israel. With turkey now invading syria, peace can’t come quick enough

  5. Hi Eric… this headline is interesting… From CBS news this morning….
    North Dakota farmer who discovered an oil spill the size of seven football fields while out harvesting wheat says that when he found it, crude was bubbling up out of the ground.

  6. Eric, thought this was interesting. Nuclear waste use to be dumped into the oceans by putting it in barrels then dumped off of ships. There are maps for where these dump sites are. One is the Farrallon Islands right off of San Francisco. I haven’t seen any for South America but I did read that countries actually pay other countries to dump their waste for them. Maybe that’s the case? Or it’s been done illegally? I also read that there are barrels that are old and leaking and that it is still going on, though via pipelines straight to the ocean. This is really mind boggling to me. Here is a link.

  7. Isa and Perry, not so sure Snopes is right about pizza gate…. Maybe the name doesn’t register, but Canadian police just announced world wide investigation resulted in 400 children being rescued from porn and trafficking… NBC reported it also. Over 300 arrests. Plus UK had reported on Jeffrey Epstein being convicted of similar activities on his island, which UK tabloids claim Epstein flew in high notables including possible royals and world politicians. Something very ugly even if there’s no official name.

  8. Eric,

    There was an officer killed in the line of duty tonight.My hometown Tacoma,Wa.The suspect is still refusing to come out and im hoping they are safe.

  9. Found the post about the possibility of earthquake on Dec 2nd. The post was 11-10-15. Please read and keep eyes on for Dec. 2nd. Just in case as we’d never know if this is meant to be for this year.

    • Hi Sara. I felt/feel the same. I had to do an Apple update on my phone and even checked to make sure my email and site feed was working correctly afterwards. I was afraid I’d messed something up. 🙃🙂 I think maybe everyone is busy with getting ready for the holidays and waiting for more info from Eric and Spirit…I hope anyway. I feel there is something big in the works with the spiders out there, so I hope everyone is being vigilant still. I’ve been trying to go back through the old predictions to see what or if there are any clues we could use and just to review for when Eric and Spirit do come out with some more info and or clues. I know it takes a lot of time and effort also on Erics end, and so I’m thinking he wants to make sure anything he has is as precise as can be for all of us to share with others. I myself feel there is something bad in the works for the holiday season coming up. I just hope we can foil anything coming our way. I almost feel there will be a large natural disaster and man made ones for the US, all occurring this holiday season. I sure hope and pray I’m wrong on this though. Blessings to You and All of the Site Family.

  10. Re: Isa and Snopes

    Snooes is NOT a fake news site. They very thoroughly explain, with searchable, valid sources, wht something is legitinate or not legitimate. If you read their article, they defiitively explain, very thoroughly and very clearly and indisputably, what makes Pizzagate the piece of fiction and rumor that it is.

  11. Eric, just looked up on ISIS news via network saying the leader of ISIS declared for lone wolf to attack all 3 in Russia, Europe and USA in mall, market, club. Not able to copy link from my phone. Wondering what the Spirits say where to look for and warn people.

    Blessings to you, Spirits and SWC.


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