Russian Ambassador Assassinated

This prediction has happened. We assumed the second part was connected to the coup, perhaps not? I hope and pray for calm. Please pray for the Russian Ambassadors family.

Prediction: Assassination, Florida Hurricane and California Quake  The assassination is next.. the mad man committing a completely senseless crime                                               Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey   I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”
I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.


6 responses to “Russian Ambassador Assassinated”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Such evil, poor man shot dead like that make no sense. My thoughts are with his family .

  2. jules104 Avatar

    That’s horrible. So senseless. Praying for the friends and family members during this time. Praying for peace and calm also.

  3. Julia Avatar

    A terror attack has just occurred in Berlin. Someone drove a truck into the crowd at a Christmas market. There are multiple fatalities.

  4. Sara Avatar

    I heard the gunman injured 3 other people. I pray like anything that they all survive.

  5. Mary Avatar

    It’s awful. Praying for his family. Such heartbreaking

  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Another Russian diplomat assassinated….2nd one..
    Dead by gunshot home hrs after the first one,,

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