Trump Fallout

I will let you decide. They did say something else is coming, “Leaves.. walks.” Sounds like he or someone else walks off the stage, or walks out, I think they are talking about one specific event in the future, not the overall picture? The prediction:

The Fall of Trump   I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
“The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”
I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.
“The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)
“Like the reign of Howard”
I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it.  — Spirits Voice


113 thoughts on “Trump Fallout”

  1. Donald Trump is the patron saint of racist, sexist perverts. He is the love-child of a creepy uncle and an oak tree. And he is definitely losing now.

    1. Yet Ms. Clinton covered up her husbands actual sexual crimes for decades. Why is that not worse? Has humanity lost the ability to feel cognitive dissonance? The current political establishment is corrupt and evil beyond comprehension. Why is this allowed? Why is our world so dark and fallen? What is the purpose?

  2. I do not approve of how Mr. Trump talked in that video tape. But tell me how many men have talked about women like that with their buddies?? I would say around 95%. Hillary will destroy our country and all the proof is in emails. I mean do you really want somebody like Hillary. Think about it, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, her private server and emails, how she has no respect for herself due to the fact that she has stayed with Bill after all of his affairs, and her belief in abortion when a baby is almost full term. In short, our President, Hillary, Attorney General, FBI Director and DOJ IS CORRUPT.

      1. DailyNewsBin is a site that just appeared for this election and is probably a Hillary created propaganda outfit. Virtually all of their articles are pro-Hillary and anti-Sanders and anti-GOP. Look it up yourself.

    1. I would never talk about women like that. I would shun any man who did. It is not acceptable in a civilized society.

      I wonder if the “leaves… walks” refers to one of the next two debates.

  3. Your vision from the Spirits corresponds with current events. The tape has been released. We won’t even talk about how disgraceful it is that his racism, fomenting of violence and riots, call for HRC’s assassination twice, theft and fraud are not what make the GOP turn on him but his sexism is what breaks the camel’s back. But it has broken; today the GOP is meeting to decide what it can do about him and Trump is not invited. Even his VP is denouncing him. So, he’s toast. And so, quite possibly, is the GOP since they created this monster and how can’t get rid of him. It’s too late to get another candidate on the ballot as President. They might be able to put forward Pence, but not unless Donald walks away. He has said that he won’t leave and that he has lots of support. So he will only be removed by force or by being paid to leave. Likely, the latter will happen so that the Donald will be successful in creating his greatest fraud.

  4. It is beyond comprehension that anyone would vote for that foul racist pervert. He is a very dangerous man. You could tell he was forced to apologise. This will only be the tip of a very large iceberg. The cesspit politics is sending America’s credibility way down into the gutter. Neither candidate represents the good honest people of America.

    1. You have hit it out of the ball park, unfortunately, this is what our country has come to- two low life creeps who care nothing for the American people, only their own interests!

  5. I will indulge this once to make a political comment as a response to one above. To accuse someone of misandry for speaking truth is pompous in the extreme and completely out of touch with reality. Neither candidate is perfect, but only one is guilty of collusion with a rapist, lying to Congress, theft, murder by proxy and vandalism of federal property. I guess testosterone laden trash talk “trumps” all of that (pun obviously intended).

    We need to focus on the predictions made which have the potential to destroy lives. Eric, one question for the Spirits, which I don’t believe has been asked. Does America, as many of us know it, survive all of this or are we doomed to become just another country under a NWO/U.N. control?

      1. But I’m slightly concerned that if trump did get in he’s got a chance of his finger on the nuclear button that’s a massive worry for the entire planet.

        1. Please don’t trust the polls by too much. If people will just vote, it’s going to be a landslide for Trump. There are several polls showing him up by many points over her. Their only hope is to steal the vote.

  6. I am embarrassed by both of the candidates, quite frankly. They are both so out of touch with reality. Only their own agendas on their minds. Eric, please ask Spirit if this mess will lead to chaos in the US? I cannot imagine either one at this point leading the US; not even down the street! What a total mess! Also about this Russia mess with Obama what does that mean for US?

  7. The “Leaves … Walks” may refer to the debate tomorrow if Trump thinks the moderator is being unfair and decides to leave.

      1. Hello Eric and SWC, with all due respect I thought we were to leave the political rhetoric out of this. I have my opinions as well as others in the SWC who have their informed and personal beliefs. You just posted a prediction that came to fruition with facts. The focus is to change things for the better as a coalition I thought.

        1. Politics dictates the actions of the world. We have every intention of predicting the next Nixon, Mccarthy, Hitler so we can better prepare for the worse, the only way to do that is get a track record of accurate predictions now, because in about 10 years we will have to deal with another Hitler.

  8. if spirits speak in terms of older
    English then it could be a reference to president howard taft
    There was a political scandal that
    eventually contributed to the split
    of the republucan party in 1912.
    and the progressive wing of the Republican Partysplit and join the Democrats by the 1912 election.

      1. No. The RNC chief strategist already called it a false story. So, it’s wishful thinking reporting by really, only one source, and a LOT of spin. Basically, the GOP also has Senators and Congresspeople up for reelection, so they are putting dome focus on tgst since Trump as the nominee hasn’t done much campaigning for the other GOP’ers. They are trying to save some wins, it does not mean they are yanking his funding.

        This is a half-truth story with a lot of spin, much like the story that the Wikileaked emails were all fake. SOME, but NOT ALL, of the emails were forged, but there were some that were not. Another half-truth story.

      2. Sean Spicer did not know what was going when he said that. There was a lot of chaos. Now, CBS is reporting it.

  9. Just read that Trump has a new lawsuit that has been filed against him for rape of a 13 year old girl. Sounds like there is even more to come.

    1. This will be the third time “Joan Doe” has tried to file this same lawsuit. It’s already been dismissed twice, once being in the ultra liberal state of California. The fact that Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams has decided to call a conference hearing is suspect, considering he’s a Democrat and an Obama appointee. That said, if the media decides to use this as a smear campaign, it could very well be the open door through which all of Trump’s false GOP supporters scurry.

  10. We have two such absolutely reprehensible, morally bankrupt, compulsive liars running for POTUS. No matter who wins, we lose. Fact.

    1. You have that right, with anybody who wins we lose. Keep Obama in for a few months and find 2 new candidates. Not one of these candidates represent what people want. Both are questionable, why chance one of these turkey buzzards will get elected?

  11. Hillary and campaign got a hold of the 11 year video and released it to push back on news of her Wikileaks documents. Anything to hide their agenda for the US, I have read them, she is a two faced liar!

    Hold your temper, Nathan!

  12. Nathan, not sure why you keep saying the RNC has yanked Trump’s funding or that CBS is reporting it when there is no such story on their website. A simple Google search turns up very little other than the fact that Sean Spicer called the Wall Street Journal report false. As of now, it is rumor and wishful thinking, not fact.

      1. Yes, that is the story that later in the day, Sean Spicer came out and said is untrue. If it was, it would be all over the NY Daily News, which is seizing on anything anti-Trump. The MSM in general is not reporting this.

      1. Oh FFS, Nathan, it was the Chief Republican strategist saying it wasn’t true. He would know much more than you or me about it. And the stories beinf floated around on two or three news sources can’t even confirm that it’s happened. The RNC is giving some attention to campaigns in the Senare and in the Congress. Just because a rabidly partisan conspiracy theorist chooses to misinterpret a scant few reports and declare that Trump’s funding is yanked does not make it anything more than deluded wishful thinking.

      2. Hilariously and obviously, you didn’t even bother to read the article you posted as “proof.” Not only is it not mentioned anywhere in there that the RNC is yanking funding, campaign staffers go on record rebutting the rumors. One of them had to say it herself that she isn’t leaving the campaign, regardless of what a so-called “source” claims.

  13. Eric, anything about what is going on with Obama and Russia? Any insight from Spirit? Thank you and Spirit

      1. Yes, I too think this is a concern, there are so many different things going on right now! we should all pray over the elections. We should all pray for peace and UNITY!!!! Thank you Eric and Spirit for helping us😊

      2. Found this te cuba and russia:
        Two senior lawmakers representing the Communist Party propose to deploy missile systems to Cuba and resume the work of the Lourdes spy base in reply to US plans that could threaten Russia and its allies.

  14. This is the last stand of anti-Trump republicans, clinging to some sex story he talks about. Hillary’s husband has actually raped women, and Hillary is proud to stay married to him. All these idiot heads who call Trump racist should look at their poodle Hillary and ask themselves where are their moral scruples to vote for a woman who defends a rapist. There is a huge difference between a guy who talks about sex and a guy who rapes women. Hillary is with the rapist.

    1. Do you really believe that lie? The public did not care about Bill Clinton’s sex scandals then, and they don’t now.

      1. Kind of hypocritical since the same people who “don’t care about that” are wetting themselves over a rape lawsuit against Trump and an 11 year old soundbite. Is it only offensive to you if it involves the party you don’t vote for?

  15. Eric, the report of someone walking off the stage..
    Today’ co-anchor Billy Bush asked to take break in light of role in Donald Trump leak, NBC spokesman confirms; Bush will not be on show on Monday – Los Angeles Times

  16. Debate is over. What do you Trump haters think now? Lying Hillary….she is a disgrace to our great country. Trump may say some distasteful things but her actions and her husband’s actions are dispictable!!

    1. Well.. I would expect nothing less from either liberal entity. Trying to convince and mislead the public she is leading. I understand some people don’t like Trumps personality.. but who on earth would even consider voting for the corrupt, dishonest crazy Hillary. Like Trump said, look at her failures the past 30 plus years and now you want her for your President.

      1. Trump evaded taxes. His business activities were illegal. He rapes women. Who on Earth would vote for a fraudster and a criminal like Trump? I’m with her.

    1. Trump has no answers to questions and no policies. I think all the things he said tonight were fact-checked as false. What on earth were GOP thinking???????

    2. You are blinded by your hatred, and indoctrination into liberal dogma. Kind of feel very sorry for you as to how narrow minded you are and so willing to spin the truth to make believe that untruth is right. But that’s you, glad not me.

      1. Now why did you have to take it there? Please everyone treat each other as you would want to be treated. It was a slightly respectful argument until “Narrow minded.. you feel sorry for him” really??

  17. Nathan, please cite examples, plural, since you are stating it as fact, that Trump rapes women. You know good and well that Clinton’s campaign can’t even broach that issue with the long list of women that have lodged rape and groping allegations against Bill Clinton. Trump held a press conference with three of them, plus a fourth who was raped as a child and holds her rapist’s defense attorney, Hillary, responsible for him going free. She felt diminished as a RAPED TWELVE YEAR OLD by Hillary, who has been shown to be very extremely dismissive and insulting to people in the way that she insulted millions of Americans that supported Sanders and who support Trump.

    And nobody in their right mind would call taking legal tax breaks due to a multimillion dollar loss immoral or wrong. Hillary and her donors used the same breaks, and as was pointed out, if she had such a problem with it, why didn’t she try to abolish said tax regulations in her years as Senator? Because she considers them fine for her guys and outrageous for her rivals. Because she is a hypocrite.

      1. No, Nathan, it isn’t. Instead of losing it calling people liars, try doing some research for a change.

  18. Last time I checked senators, Secretary of State and,Presidents don’t make 300 million… so how do you think they developed that wealth during their tenures? Oh that’s right.. from a corrupt charity foundation who accepted large donations from what countries? Right… the middle east and others… for favors. Check those facts out. Hmmmm…..

  19. I wish someone would give 5 legitimate reasons Why they would vote for Hillary as well as a reason why she should not be prosecuted other than the fraudulent cover ups that “the public” the media, and the liberal supporters are willing to sweep under the rug at any cost to our country. Do you not believe that Trump will have the best on his team for corroborating plans for our country… He will help Americans not Destroy it further.

  20. TRUMP crushed her in that debate! Owned the night! People who want truth and respect back in the White House were cheering!!! Of course CNN called it for Clinton they’re the most biased one-sided liberal station and Are so outragous they are practically part of her campaign. She was flustered, angry and looked exhausted. She doesn’t know what to do when she’s hit with the truth! She supported her sick excuse of a husband for one reason for her own political agenda. She has no morals values are integrity and it is beyond my comprehension how anyone even 10 people could support her. God bless Donald Trump!

  21. Please let’s keep the personal political opinions and judgmental comments off this site. It is not our purpose to fight against each other. We, the U.S. is currently in an unfortunate situation choosing between our presidential choices with regards to personal integrity. None of us know the truth behind all the allegations.
    Eric shares with us what the Spirits tell him so that we can TOGETHER help humanity.
    Please stay focused on Spirits message and our purpose.

      1. I have been reading these
        provocative comments and It is only my view and i have no leanings
        either way but supporting your political party should be through
        positive attributes or a display of admiration for
        for them
        Not support via trying to show which
        one is worse. So in an attempt to level the playing
        field and put the meanness aside and move on to doing the important
        work we are all hoping for :

        for the trump bashers out there
        take a look at NY Post headline
        September 3, 2012 | 4:00am
        about the insensitive remarks of bill clinton
        toward obama.
        and collectively decide that both candidates are
        morally challenged and lets replace
        politics with good will.

  22. You guys do realize you are being distracted (on purpose) by your political views so you can’t hear what’s coming next. If you don’t stop all political discussions about who is right then this group will never accomplish stopping tragedies from happening. Here is a chance to change things for the better if you stop bickering.

  23. I think the elections are so distracting because they have become less than civil, this is so distracting it is almost like rolling in a Trojan horse in the country, we need to pay attention to this site and world events, so we can be aware and help others!!! We want to hear Spirits messages clearly so lets all try to quiet our minds and focus on unity in US and within our group, and PRAY!!

  24. Re Howard reference…..looks like it actually could be howard taft 1912 republican fracture scenario:

    Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is launching a kamikaze mission — fracturing his own party four weeks before Election Day.
    The GOP nominee is lashing out in a stream of tweets boiling with rage and resentment, slamming House Speaker Paul Ryan for effectively cutting him loose and accusing the party leadership of dooming his campaign. It’s a meltdown unprecedented by a presidential nominee this late in the year.

    “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” Trump said in a tweet that raised the prospect of a full on civil war in the Republican Party. Such a battle would pit his loyal supporters against the rest of the GOP, including vulnerable lawmakers running for re-election that could threaten the party’s hold on Congress

  25. If you say you hate liberals or hate the other side you’ve fallen into a trap. Spirit only asks us to love.
    If you cannot see the light of God in all other humans you’ve missed the point of all of us being here. We need to focus on love not hate.

    1. It’s hard to love on such a dark and fallen world. I was born with brain wiring where I can’t even feel many emotions. I don’t even understand what love is. I have empathy- I’m not a sociopath- but I don’t really feel emotions to any great extent.

      I come looking for a spiritual angle on world events, and the folks here are in arms over the childish comments of a stupid billionaire who can’t win while giving a pass to the candidate entrenched in a power structure so corrupt that Caligula would weep. You people speak of love while pandering to one the most loveless people ever to run for high office? Are you serious?

  26. Do they have anything to say about the endless corruption of Ms Clinton, and the current political establishment at all? The locker room offenses of Trump are a fly speck in the light of the outright evil of our current power structure.

    We are living under a dark and fallen government, from local corrupt officials in your city council, to the insider cabal of Washington D.C, and up to international interests and players that never get reported about because they own the media outlets.

    It makes me wonder if the other side of the spirit veil is messed up as ours. I keep hearing about spirit guides and loving entities, but we’re stuck in a world of horror. Trump said some nasty things? Ok, let me add that to the list of concerns right there at #1,945,712

    1. The government as we know it will eventually fall. There won’t be much more time with the system that we have in place. And in this world of darkness (right now) you would be surprised by how many more people, every day, move into the light. The movement of light and love and respect for humanity is happening. It’s happening now. We just have to listen….to open our hearts…to receive the message. People are AWAKENING! The work that ELP and others like him do, is creating waves. We are changing things. We are moving energies and sharing light. It only stays dark if we allow it to. Find the light friend….share it…love more…don’t focus on how the horrors happened, focus on giving it light. #spreadthelove #spreadthelight #AWAKEN

  27. Another medium/clairvoyant who’s predictions I read also mentioned the “hot mic” incident with DT, as well and an “October Surprise”. She also mentioned someone releasing a tape that actually shows DT committing a sexual assault on a somewhat famous woman sometime within the last 2 weeks of the election. Could this potentially happen? Has Spirit made any mention of this? I’m certain that would lead to the predicted landslide victory…

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