The Fall of Trump

I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
“The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”
I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.
“The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)
“Like the reign of Howard”
I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it.  — Spirits Voice

I believe Howard is a reference to Howard Dean who rose quickly then fell hard. The hole in the sand could be a simple pun: “You put yourself in this hole” — Eric

This prediction unfolded by accident. We have been talking about the coming terror attacks in the US? When? To which they responded within 5 minutes which puts the start of these terror attacks sometime around the 30th and 1st. But in between our conversation I asked about the presidential elections again. With Trump leading in the polls, Clintons email scandal,  and the DNC scandal I could not see how she could win the presidential race. So they clarified the message above. Now I know many of you assume the Spirits might have an agenda, but they don’t live here, nor do the politics of our nation affect them directly.  I would remind you of our history in predicting politics. With the exception of Brexit which was completely wrong, they predicted the re-election of Obama, saying that it would not be a close race, they predicted the Scottish vote down to the percent, and the elections in Malaysia, predicting a very corrupt president. So please understand its just a prediction and there is no agenda here.

Why do we predict politics? Does it fit our mission of change through awareness? Yes, Spirit is looking in the long term future when in about 15 years a truly evil leader comes to devastate the world. We have every intention of warning of the next Nixon, the next senator Mccarthy, or Hitler so that we can change it and though none of that applies here, we can’t accomplish that without a track record of accuracy. Pointing out these future leaders decades from now is one of their major goals.






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  1. To be fair, you may still be right on Brexit. Although that was the result it may not actually happen.

  2. Now I’m sure no one will agree, but this prediction would make more sense if it was about the fall of Clinton. The first bit about people saying we are done etc…scandal, is what’s coming out about Hillary via email exposure by Wikileaks. There’s a lot more to come out. The hole in the sand may be for Clinton, and the two men might be waving because they win. I’m sure this isn’t the case, but in makes more sense to me with the current scenarios going on with the presidential campaigning and corruption/ dishonesty being exposed.

    • I have long thought that Obama would do something to remain in office. And as far as politics go, everyone can be corrupted, and Clinton is very corrupt. If she wins, we are all doomed.

    • Some of us think the “Hillary is corrupt” meme was created by her enemies to damage her politically and that she is not more corrupt than other politicians. In my opinion, she really is doing her best to be in a position to improve the world. People have different opinions and it is very hard for us to see past biases.

      I will not comment further on this thread but I wanted to represent the Hillary supporters out there.

    • I seriously hope that for the betterment of the rest of the world Trump does not win. Not an American so cannot take part in your elections but watching and being able to see and hear both sides – I feel that Trump has lost his thread on sanity and he is what we call a fear monger preying on peoples fears. Hillary Clinton is a very corrupt person as well but at the moment she is the only choice America has if the Americans do not wish to alienate the rest of the world and make itself a laughing stock by choosing Trump. Choose wisely America because we the rest of the world still look up to you as our saviour.

      • Oh wow…thanks PN for your kind words. “Saviour” is a powerful word and little do we know that US has a powerful impact around the world. We people are just like you equally. No less or above. Again thanks for your sincere words. It gives me speechless and flattered.

        Please we ask the world to pray for Hillary Clinton to be the president. She’ll be the first woman as elected to be US president in history. It’s time for a change for better on women behalf.

        God bless you and everyone! ♡

      • Hello PN, the world has lost respect for the US already. By choosing a Clinton, who is corrupt and was caught in the act of lying directly to the American people, we’ll be a bigger ‘laughing stock’ than we’ve already become. Obama has led a seriously weak government

      • Sorry…accidentally sent unfinished. I hope you’re right about Clinton…and Trump. But, I see Trump as someone who isn’t playing on the fears of Americans as these fears are real and a current threat. He’s speaking realistically about what we’re facing today. These fears are real as the motives of global terrorism are apparent every day now..have you watched the uncut videos via YouTube of the true carnage in the world lately? I’m sure you have. It’s a global emergency that needs to be addressed with truth and action…no more being polically correct…our lives depend on it. Anyway, this isn’t a presidential race blog! Haha thanks for your comment…I just hope you’re right.

      • This would definately make this prediction true…but for Clinton:
        ” I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
        “The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”

      • Trumps strategy in regards to challenging Russia to find the 33,000 missing emails is a way to expose Clintons negligence. If Russia/ Putin come up with these emails, this would definately make the prediction of a scandal true as how could they get their hands on this classified information? ‘ we’re finished ‘ would make a lot of sense because the Clinton campaign would be.

    • Hi Indigoblue
      the world admires Obama for he has done a lot for America despite the republican Congress putting obstacles in his path. Actually he is one of the most respected man in the world today and we can see how your economy has improved from the 2007. And yes people all over the world hate Hillary but talking to my friends in Belgium, England, Australia, Canada – we all think that she is the better of the two evils and that Trump is one big liar – saying one thing one day and changing the scenario the next day. And I do not have to watch any un cut videos of world carnage. First of all how many are authentic and how many have been created just to create fear. If mankind were to stop watching media for a week – a lot of things would come into perspective.
      Any way may the best person win. Peace, blessings, love and light

      • Hi PN.

        Thanks for your comment…I live in England and my hubbies an airline captain so I travel the world extensively. I have heard good and bad about Obama so you may be right. It will be interesting to see the election results as it’s anyone’s guess….like you, I’m just praying for peace in the world. Just trying to decipher these spirit messages, that’s all. God bless…

      • Thank you PN for sharing your thoughts on US. I’ll have to say that I disagreed with Indigoblue . Have you noticed that many people in US are always complained and unhappy with every president in US? There is not one evil president of US in history unless Trump if he’s elected. He would destroy US and the world. We all know that and that’d be the first evil as President of US. He’s the “darkness of Prince”.

        To my experience, I grew up seeing all 6 presidents and have heard so many complained about each one of them in my life. I thought that’s interesting. ….I don’t think they realized that bring a president is no easy task. Obama is a great and humbled man as he reminded me of Lincoln. Very sincere, loyalty and worked hard to take care of America. He cares deeply for people beyond US. He’d make a great “World Leader” without a doubt. Being the president in any country is hard, hard work. Have you noticed that all past presidents quickly aged and turned grey hair within short period of time? Except Obama turned white hair due to stressed. He’s looking younger and committed to daily exercise and eating healthy food. He took great care of us as we are his priority. We’ll miss him when he leaves the Oval office.

        Hillary may have some mistakes and don’t we all? Obama asked us “to carry her as we carried him” through tough times. Hillary would make a great president just as any other president. Please don’t expect the president to be perfect with no error. They too are human beings just like you and me. When they learned their mistakes, they become better leadership.

        I think I give enough lecture. I need to apologize to Eric for sharing my thoughts as American with the world by using his thread. I believe that one person who become the president is a serious concern and can alter to prevent the disasters. Americans are fortunate and blessed to have a great country because we have the good foundation in government since it was established and visualized by George President. They have fought hard to have this soil so we can have freedoms. We already have great America since 1776 and it gets better every time. Each day we counted as a blessing! I too traveled half around the world and saw many happy faces even in poor villages. The places I never touch is the dark places that being captive, slaves, hungry and no homes. We are doing all we can to help the victims to have a safe place. It takes commitment and faith reaching out to the world. Many of local church are doing that as well. It takes time to heal the wounded people.

        May God be with each soul and be filled with love, faith and hope. The best of all is love. Go in peace and light. Light never fails.

    • Wow! I got this 100%right! Anyway Eric, I was at the Berlin Christmas Market that was attacked. We left early because a few days before I kept thinking about your prediction & felt very anxious. So we flew home after sitting and having our German sausages on the exact corner that was attacked. Thank you. I left because for some reason your prediction wouldn’t leave my thoughts…you might have helped save my life and that of my family. Julia ps..I’ve got images & video if you wish to see them.

  3. I read it will be neither Hillary or Donald Trump. I agree with Indigoblue, this sounds like the Wikileaks scandal involving email exposures and Hillary. I read Donald will back out and Hillary will be indicted. Not sure what smiling Clinton spirit is referring to. Hard to believe with the awaking happening now that the Clintons have a chance at the White House for another four years. Too corrupt, no way.

    • Just one more thought…regarding this email scandal. Trump has called for Russia/ Putin to find the missing 33,000 missing emails that were possibly hacked. This could be a strategy to expose just how negligent Clinton was in regards to her carelessness with classified information. if Russia comes up with those emails….wow. How could they have gotten them? Brilliant strategy that could bring charges against Clinton by showing just how negligent she was.

      • I just want to say what Panetta referred to last night during his speech at the DNC. He asked us (the public) to think very seriously about the fact that Trump asked Putin’s Russia to step in and HACK into missing emails from Hillary and/or the USA. Today, Trump is saying that he was ‘kidding’ about the comment – right… Well, don’t want fights here, but just saying… this is very dangerous stuff in my very humble opinion.

        Eric, maybe the hole in the sand has to do with Bernie Sanders?

  4. Trump is my pick but he won’t b president. The key to building the soul of god starts with thought and word. So trump is my pick for america in this election as he is a reflection of men in the usa. In order to return to purity you must face the reality which is the beast. A good example is California. The pure soul of god is above as he watches in disgust. Now bill and hillary were the beast when they took office. Bill has cheated and hillary became a resentful person. Who can blame her. She became a she bitch. That’s the problem. Everyone remembers the old image of the couple. In this election she does not engage in negative thoughts or harsh words towards trump. She is starting to treat more people with respect such as the Cia, nsa, fbi and armed security around her. Read the book which was published. Hillary might be lucifer which is all about transformation from negative into positive by walking the path and falling on your face. The Democrats are the choice but there has to be transformation which I am not seeing. I’m a priest. So one day I asked during a sermon 500 men stand up if you watch porn all the time. Only 5 stood up and I blessed them. There is no hope for the 495 others.

    • I have read many books. By people who have served and protected her. She is an evil person. Unethical, corrupt and mean spirited.
      “Hilary’s America” “13 Hours” “Unlikeable”…God help us if she gets elected.
      Sorry Spirits, I think you’re wrong on this one!

    • WAIT, Anthony, you just called a woman the “B” word and you are a priest?!?!?!?! Shows exactly why I avoid priests for their mysogynistic views and sexual abuse of children. May the catholic church be seen for the fraud it is and women, children be rescued from its talons! You sir, need to learn not to EVER use that word about ANY woman, EVER! It is just like using the “N” word. You just proved all I need to know about priests in general. RUN from them…FAST!!!!!!
      Please stop visiting this site if you choose to have those words spoken. I do wonder what you must be doing to your congregation. You are showing your true colours and it’s quite frightening.

      • first of all a blessing is knowledge also. Second thing is when god entered jerusalum he taught. Jesus said i will build you a temple in 3 days. god is pure. purity does not mix with impurity. But you have to teach for those that will listen. Im not blessing porn. im blessing they are taking the first step back to purity. just a story that has hidden meaning!

  5. I would like to see the usa first repel the sanctions against russia and for russia to help it’s neighbors. Maybe russia writes a check. What’s done is done. That war must finish. Jesus would say your all christians fighting each other. World war 2. Germany and the uk troops meet in battle. Can’t understand each other but both exhausted of fighting. Both put up white flags. So they meet. Man recognizes bible but in German. He scratches his head.

  6. Anthony, you seem to be skipping over trump’s many lies and his perverse cheating and behavior. He lies so much, his believers are scared to find out more about him and they ignore it.
    Priest blessing porn addicts? Is that what makes you focus on the clintons but you are too scared to look into trump and his hundreds of lies and his lawsuits against him by workers he tried to cheat out of money? His many wives and all that. Clinton is not perfect…trump less perfect than her. dont be scared to know that.

    Eric does a good job on here staying out of politics. Maybe you should go to a conservative forum and vent there to those that will validate your hypocrisy and then come here to only post about Eric and his predictions.
    Let’s make sure this site stays focused on predictions.

    • Trust me what im saying is true. If you have the guts to stand up in shame then they will listen. You can’t help someone if they don’t admit they have a problem. As I write in the sand. Who are you to cast judgment. Tell me which is worse. The 5 who stand up and admit or the 495 who hide in the shadows producing evil spirits. How about we ask 500 women if they have cheated on their partner. How many will admit and stand up in public. Transformation of the soul is everything. God never gives up on anyone.

      • anthony: Who are YOU to cast judgment? A priest is not supposed to judge either, but here you are, judging all over the place. Please stop.

      • It must feel powerful espousing your bible and various other ridiculous knowledge, hidden from everyone’s view, Anthony. I think I’ll call you “Tony” which rhymes with “phony”…with all due respect…you must have nothing else to do Tony??

    • He lies so much, his believers are scared to find out more about him and they ignore it. The “He” could also be replaced by the “She” and the “his” could be replaced by “her” and the “him” could be replaced by “her”.
      Politics are a dirty and therefore it brings out the “nasty” in all.
      However, HC will follow exactly in the incumbent powers that be.
      Check this out:

  7. Eric, SWC – I was thinking the same thing about Clinton. I could not see how she would ever win. I believe Spirit mentioned that Trump would not win previously. I feel our political system is flawed and don’t really trust either one and am not sure who should be President anymore. Anyway I see a lot of different interpretations but what is in quotes unless I am wrong, is what Spirit has actually said right? Don’t they specifically say Trump? And the two leaders not seeing eye to eye at all, I see as Trumps Vice Presidential pick and himself. I remember hearing early on, people said that they did not think that he, Donald Trump was worth as much money as he portrays. Maybe it’s something having to do with that?

    • Jules: I think Eric meant “not eye to eye” as Clinton and Trump will not meet again. I think that’d be it. Obama will be released elected as he is supposed to be the last president of US before the World Order time. The government around the world are slowly corrupted and it can be an early sign of the New World Order in 5 to 15 years from now. Things are happening such violence in South America, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece, and to name others that struggled in economy and wars. My eyes are seeking the reality as most are in denial. Please keep praying for world peace and people that suffering without jobs and little food. Also stop the killing violence from ISIS/ISIL.

      • Thanks Mary for your kind words. I agree we need to all pray for peace and for those less fortunate than ourselves. Commit to helping in whatever capacity we can. Try to make this world a far better place each and every day. Be respectful of others. God is Love. Stay focused. Blessings

      • Each time I read this I can draw different conclusions and can see the interpretations that others see. One thing to remember is that it’s still several months to elections, the American voter has a short memory, many voters vote by name recognition and not by substance and a lot can happen in the months between now and the elections, etc. Still too early to say which side is winning, or will win, no matter how one feels about their selected candidate.

      • There are three of them…. “Mr. Trump” Donald, Donald Jr., Eric, (Baron)… maybe some are reading into this to suite their desired outcome…. Spirits convey, however we could potentially be misunderstanding what they say. (This comment in no way is a disrespect to Eric or Spirits- it is just our human understanding of our own perspective ideologies)
        For the powers that be to clear the October schedule to help a desired predecessor, leads me to believe…. someone needs a lot of help and cannot do it alone… just thinking out loud….

  8. I’m very relief when I read Eric’s predictions as the Spirits are not involved in politics nor do they live on earth. I’m pleased that Obama will continue as he wouldn’t mind. It all makes sense as he is to be the last president before the World Order time. I refuse to get the chip under my skin in near future. I’d rather starve to death then go to hell.

    Be grateful for today and worry about tomorrow. Please keep your prayers for the people that suffering without jobs and very little food to eat. We could be next….as I read Eric’s predictions. Spirits wanted us to be prepared and do our very best.

    Thanks Eric and God bless you all!! ♡

  9. The president has a lot less power than people realize and is really more of an ambassador. Do not get caught up in the fear and anger that surrounds any election. I am surprised at the comments by people who I thought were more open minded and evolved than most.

    • Please be careful how you used your energy. Use energy wisely to lift up the darkness. The “fear and angry” energies created more negative thoughts and bad behaviors. The more positive “energies” lifted up the darkness. Praying and think positive. We all love you and cast out your worries upon to God. He takes great care of you and knows your thoughts. It’s important to use your energies wisely to keep the earth balanced.

      Peace be with you.

    • Hi Bella, I hope I did not offend with anything I have said. It wasn’t meant as criticism but just my opinion. I really have no clue who should be President other than someone who is actually trustworthy, of good morals and principals, intelligent, compassionate and sincere in helping make this country and world a better place. Definetly someone who will make a good ambassador. Blessings.

  10. “Yes, Spirit is looking in the long term future when in about 15 years a truly evil leader comes to devastate the world.” This is quite a disturbing revelation… is it reflective of the Bible’s Book of Revelations, as in an apocalyptic warning? Please share a link to whatever you have previously shared regarding this prediction. Thank you.

  11. Messages from Spirit are to be received with respect, regardless if they align with a personal human belief. And I think this lesson, how to sit with What Is no matter the comfort level, is a very important one that we are here to practice. So I say thank you for the messages and the channel, and we shall see…

    From this message, it feels very much like back deals fall apart and skeletons tumble out of the closet. Could the hole on the beach be quicksand? Or reference to a golf course sand trap? Hard to believe it could be as simple as a Howard Dean style slip to topple Trump considering his style this far. I find that a very interesting part of Spirit’s message. My interpretation is that it will all go down very close to the Election Day. Should be an interesting 3 months!

  12. We need a president who believes in god the father and son and the holy spirit universes. Bernie does not believe in god. Saw in interview. So would you want him as president. Fact is the system is rigged and needs to be abolished. There is so many other better people but they don’t have money. But we are dealing with reality. Here is the truth. God shows up in America. Raises his hand and says I will lead the way. The American says you can’t do this god because your not american. But I am god. Means nothing here.

  13. I thought this was a forum to bring about positive change and to possibly change the future. I am disappointed to hear the fear mongers gathered here..sad…

  14. Eric, very interesting and I was not really surprised to read this message. Yesterday, I started to “see” a very clear picture of what I think is going on, and who Trump really is in terms of running for President and what he is doing. I am sure many have seen this all along,. Trump’s running for President is simply an extension of his business dealings. And one very serious aspect of this is that he and his campaign manager (Paul Manafort – please look him up) have direct and indirect business dealings in Russia, with pro- Putin connections. Of course what was said in those DNC emails was offensive and wrong. But the hack being traced to Russia has now shone a spotlight on Trump’s business connections to Russia and connections to Putin. His alarming statements about weakening NATO, NATO being obsolete, about not coming to the aid of certain countries if Russia invades them unless they have paid their share, his favorable remarks about Putin, his only interest in the Republican party platform being the piece that withdraws support for the Ukraine – all things in Putin’s favor. It has been written about before but now coming into focus. Reports are that Trump now relies on Russia for much of his financing. Because he has declared bankruptcy so many times, no American banks will loan him money. It’s as if he and Putin have cut some kind of deal. This may or may not be borne out – but to me, my “impression” yesterday was that is was obvious, and now obvious to many and I wouldn’t be surprised if it being investigated. What I “saw” yesterday was that this will be his ruin. We will see. Peace.

    • Wow…that’s new to me. What does Putin wants from Trump? Putin is up to something and know that Trump is not the clever one. No wonder why Obama was uncomfortable with Putin as “he smells the rat.” That’s dangerous. Thanks Cee for sharing scary info. Americans want peace just like other countries. I do not trust P and T. They should not bribe for whatsoever reason on any country. Here is the prayer: I’m praying for St. Michael to keep eyes on them and keep them out of troubles in any circumstances.

      • Also, who is this mystery man named by Paul Manafort? Is there anyone else connected to Paul Manafort? Just keep eyes opened. Again thanks Cee!

      • There’s a lot we don’t know the inside political story. Pray that Debbie Wasserman Schultz be safe and protected from evils threat. Her life is vulnerable. Political can be scary and dangerous.

      • The thought in the news is that Paul Manafort donalds trump campaign manager use to work for Viktor Yanukovych , but tying that to this scandal is just speculation.

    • Thankyou Cee. I have read this just yesterday in the news, that Putin is financing Trump. Very concerning.

  15. What amazes me is that the WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from the DNC, proving that the DNC basically sabotaged Bernie Sanders. And from what I have read WikiLeaks has more emails that they say will make sure Hillary gets indicted. In short, why are people still voting for Hillary after the email scandals, Benghazi, investigation of the Clinton Foundation, and now this emails? I am sorry but I think the woman is corrupt.

    • Margie, Benghazi is not a scandal. It has been invested numerous times and while a tragedy and mistakes were made – there is no scandal or evidence of wrong doing. There was a secret CIA installation there and the CIA directed the State Department to say the cause of the violence was the video so as not to draw attention to the CIA facility there. The other issues, emails etc – I agree, lot of baggage there. But Benghazi is being hung around her neck falsely in an attempt to bring her down. Peace.

      • Wow…that’s very interested. Thanks for sharing, Cee. So sad to see it happened. everyone is such a mess. :/

      • It makes more sense. Poor Hillary as everyone pointed fingers at her while it was the CIA doing and make their errors on their parts. It’s not surprising. It made more difficult on her to deal with their mistakes by putting on her spotlight.

        Praying all in peace and forgiveness.

    • Margie, I agree with you, can’t believe that the American public would want the Clintons back in the Whitehouse!! I want a women elected but not this one!

  16. Seeing Trump write a check to himself could it be related to the phrase “write your own check” and my parents used this phase when I was young and haven’t heard it in a long time. What it meant back then is that a person was successful.
    Does it have a more negative meaning, such as someone offering a payoff and Trump taking it, such as take this blank check and fill it out to whatever amount you want and get out.

    • My interpretation of Spirit’s message is the first thing you said – you can write your own check in a positive way. As in, Trump is doing what he wants, feels like he has free reign and calling his own shots. And this is the part that will backfire.

      He’s writing checks he can’t cash? Symbolically of course.

      His downfall will be around money? His tax returns must have something in them he is hiding or else he would not hesitate to release them.

      • eric thank GOD I posted my post, a couple of days ago, about the next two president cycles being woman presidents, what REALLY scares me, is the people here, who are filled with SOO much fears and information that is false. never ever trust what you see, or hear……. if everyone, would take the time, to develop their own intuion, which is their link back to GOD, I have prayed, that this site, will unite people, to do good, and change the negitives to postives….. hopefully, everyone will work on themselves, to respect other peoples opinion, and to realize that everyone is at different states of growth. climate change, will be the biggest game changer, now and in the future, will effect everyone, on this planet, hopefully, all the good energy, in peoples hearts, will effect, the outcome, so this very very bad man, who will fool SOO many people, by his good works at the beginning, may never happen. please keep up the great work, TEACHING everyone, and getting people involved, in a positive way, to bring harmony and peace, on planet earth, AND, in peoples hearts……………

    • Rachael Maddox had something about this awhile back. She said it wasn’t illegal, but was done like somebody who wasn’t serious about running for office. I think she said Trump would hold a campaign function in one of his properties, then write a check for the use of said property. I’m sure somebody can find it, if they look.

  17. H. Clinton is not my first choice, but I’m afraid of the Republicans taking over the whole government. They took over the House, Senate, and the Supreme Court; they own many governor positions in the USA. We don’t have many choices now. It can only get worse if Trump wins.

  18. I will keep my candidate to myself but I will say we all need prayers of love and the ability to trust as human beings. We need to see each other as people and not as diverse groups. We need prayers for world peace and that God will help and pray for the ones who have hate in their hearts. We all walk and breath the same way if only our hearts eyes and minds could follow the same path. Eric thank you for all you do. Remeber each of us by our own throughs can help to change outcomes. Our energy is an amazing thing. Let’s use it for the better of the people and the better of our contry. God Bless you all!!

  19. And THIS is what may bring Trump down…He (as an OFFICIAL Republican nominee for President of the United States) just asked a foreign government (RUSSIA) who we have sanctions against to commit cyber terrorism on our US Government to hack into our government’s system to find Hillary’s missing emails from when she served as a Federal US Government official. THIS IS TREASON according to:
    “18 Us Code 2381 Treason.
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

    Anyone that backs him according to our laws may be considered an accessory to Treason. So if you outwardly speak in favour of his actions and are an American citizen, you may be held as an accessory. GO USA!
    And good job Eric!!!!

    • Thanks Jon Blue for sharing. It made me more trembled when Trump dare challenged to harm in any way in a situation. He is definitely not fit to be the President but deadly dangerous threat. Trump is clueless as what he was doing and could end up being in jail for criminal doing. He probably knows and doesn’t respect laws but only think of himself. He already damaged a 13 years old girl life and kept her silent from being raped about 15 years ago. He is no Saint. He’s pure evil. Pray that he be disappear from earth. He should stay on Mars. I’m sorry but he’s bad news. I don’t believe in killing but he should be put away for good. Lord have mercy. I ask St. Michael to keep eyes on Trump to stay out of trouble. Please Lord have mercy on USA. We are so afraid of Trump By taking over USA and the world. Prevent him from becoming the president. It’s a No-No. Lord Have Mercy. …have mercy…we are begging for mercy…with tears and heart aches. ..

      • I am surprised to read that so many people on these pages support Mr Trump who is coldly manipulating people, a person who agitates for hate, rasism, more weapons and is ready to put the whole world in danger
        No leader in US can ever think their nation can be an isolated phenomen from the rest of the world
        Clinton is a politican and professionaly understands politics and diplomacy as Trump has no understanding of that field and behaves like a childish rockstar without understanding the global cosequenses of his ideas if he get the power to rule
        He is SUPERDANGER

      • Sometimes god in history sends in a destroyer. They both fit the bill. Either or will destroy usa.

      • Mary and Cris, you are welcome. We have some more years before a larger Hitler shows up on the world stage. Hillary will actually bring a great deal of diplomacy to the world stage as she has decades of experience and is actually well respected overseas. I’m a seasoned world traveler with close friends in 17 different countries and know this well. Trump is impulsive and petulant rich kid who never grew into an adult and thinks he should get his way. His dealings with his constant bankruptcies, many marriages, affairs, putting thousands out of jobs from his bankrupted ventures, not paying his many employees or his bills, and his own outsourcing his own product lines overseas is exactly what will happen to this country. It’s all right in front of us.

        Eric and Spirits are right on this. My grandpa, as many of you know told me in three dreams, three and a half years ago that the Nazis were coming out and to vote Hillary. He was a staunch religious republican when he was alive, so it was a shock to hear him say that. Plus she had decided then not to run back in early 2013 when I had the dreams. ALL the other things he told me in those three powerful, Universe gifted dreams have come true. So I honour his amazing spirit from heaven and his lifelong dedicated USNaval career starting in WW2 by doing exactly everything he advised me to do. For that, I am grateful because I know I am truly loved by so many just beyond the veil. Eric has a gift and he has a direct connection with Spirit. As for Brexit, it’s still not over yet. Unless you understand UK politics and maneuvers, as I do with a Scottish born mother, I’d wait until the cards are all laid out. Eric and Spirt are probably right on that one too. Give it time.

      • ALL of us should keep their choice of candidate to themselves! This is supposed to be a site to predict and prevent tragedies, we are getting way too political and these personal attacks have to stop, Prayers that God keeps US safe and guides whomever is elected!!

    • Actually he asked Russia if they had those lost 33,000 emails from Hillary’s private server that were amazingly deleted America would appreciate seeing them. He diisn’t ask Russia to hack into them. But it would not surprise me if they did have them. Wikileaks to expose more emails of Clinton’s. Just trying to help clear the story up. No disrespect

      • ACTUALLY Kelly, you are incorrect. His EXACT words were: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” “I hope you are able…” is suggesting an action needs to be taken. “Are able” suggests action verbs. These are things we learn in Linguistics and Law School. Because he directly said “Russia, if you are listening…” he is making a suggestion for them to get involved. He is suggesting directly the action TO a foreign government to take that action. This is an act of treason. He babbles on after that trying to steer from it, but the sentence is enough to potentially bring charges against him. If the CIA or FBI can trace any money or trade between Trump and the Government of Russia, he will most definitely be charged as it forms a connection As an Officer of the Court serving 10 years in a Chicago law firm, with my degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and Yale, I can tell most certainly confirm those words can be used to build a case for Treason. In my firm and among my colleagues his words are considered, under the US Law, to be treason. Read the transcript from his speech encompassing this statement.

      • Thanks Jon Blue. People tends to misunderstood Trump’s Comments like it was a no big deal. His words seriously offended and put USA at risk. But no thanks Putin, as we don’t need his or anyone else outside of US assist with Clinton emails. It’s still breaking the law by hacking whoever tempted. However, the email things are old news. Just move forward.

        Tonight, Obama gave a heart warming speech. It gives me chills all over. He spoke straight from his ♡ and soul. We are fortunate to have Barrack as our president.

    • According to Hillary this server did not have classified email on it, therefore this would not be treason. Unless she failed to tell the truth and did placed state secrets in a unsecured location which puts American interest at risk. If secret document were intentionally or not intentionally placed there, it would be a short step to call this treason as well. So what this looks like to me is that Trump is playing chess with the DNC and is forcing their hand, and will either make them to say Hillary lied and committed treason or stick with the narrative that nothing classified was on the server or just ignore it and hope it goes away.

  20. Food for thought: from the movie Top Gun “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.” Meaning: that Maverick is overconfident about his flying skills and taking risks that will likely result in him getting hurt / killed in a plane crash. What the line means generally: someone is warning you that you are making verbal commitments / promises / threats that you can’t physically deliver on.
    I also looked up “62” and the year 62 (LXII) which both came up in Wikipedia. 62 is the code for international direct dial calls to Indonesia. Sigmund Freud had an irrational fear of the number 62. ] Interesting year that includes a great earthquake in Campania including Pompeii and A violent storm that destroys 200 ships in the port of Portus.

  21. Trump urges russia to show the 30000 emails and release them. Then says turn them over to fbi. This is the best reality show donald trump has ever done. He is truly going to destroy. Worst is to come for hillary. What’s the big deal about emails anyway. Governments hack each other everyday and steal info.

    • Personal it’s not about emails it’s about people’s integrity truthfulness and loyalty to the situation.

  22. Hi Jules, can’t find your recent comment about the fire on white house. I remember vague it’s November as it’s supposed to occur. I think that post may go back to 2014. Hope you find it.

    My worries as if this is meant for this Nov after the announcement of president elected. Can anyone remember that post? It’s also mentioned before the NYC attack. Remember the pumpkins which could be mean autumn. The fire on white house was connected to those scenery.

    Keep praying for all to be foiled.

      • Jules 104 thats syncronicity alright wow …Im definately adding heaps of light to white house and its residents ….prayers they all have their wits about them …Im sure security would be tight around
        Hinkley but non the less it just feels weird…..
        will post if I get anything on it..
        I hope your o.k.Jules Im having warm supportive prayer and thoughts for you and yours …chin up always..give those grandbabies of yours a hug from A Australia

      • Hi Rhona- yes that was so out of the blue I thought since we hadn’t really been talking about that post lately. Funny how it all works and comes together. Synchronicity I thought right away. Thanks for the kind words and the warm supportive prayers and thoughts. I am so thankful and blessed. I will give the grandbabies a big hug from Australia! Hugs to you and yours. ❤️

  23. I saw somewhere about a month ago that someone predicted Trump would become ill before the election. I realize that could just be non-credible or someone’s wishful thinking. However, I did see on another site there won’t be an election. Anyone heard any of this? I won’t completely discount it at this point, though.

  24. Fall of obama. I heard something in his speech that just gave me chills. We will not be ruled. Oh boy that explains everything. God and godless. So what does spirit say about speech from obama

    • And same to you too Anthony. Priest do not talk like that. Please stop it. You are upsetting to a lot of people. Stop the negative. Alter to positive please.

  25. Eric,
    I was going to commend you the other day even though they werent exact you predicted something for Germany and obviously you were on the mark. I started quite a lengthy text and my phone died.
    I will say Hillary is the most corrupt, immoral, lying, do anything for money excuse for a politician I’ve ever seen. You don’t have to like Trump but when you go back and you look at her scandals over and over and over again going back to Whitewater, how can anybody with a clear conscience vote for her?She claims to stand up for women yet accepts millions from countries that treat women like dogs. She has absolutely no integrity and the thought of her being president scares me to my bones, God help us!! She’s so pathetic she can’t even keep her husband in line, he’s cheated on her left and right for years it’s a known fact and you want this woman leading our country? The point is I’m disappointed in you Eric. Just at a time I was really believing in you again. Are you seriously going to tell me that spirit only sees things with Trump? This woman has been under FBI investigation for over a year for crimes, serious crimes and is had one disaster after another but spirit chose to not inform you of all these problems coming up? This pathetic woman left our country vulnerable to being hacked because she couldn’t even keep highly classified emails private, put our country at risk but yet oddly enough spirit never warned you about any of the HUGE Clinton upcoming problems? Hmm..odd. It’s interesting how you only point out things you think are going to happen to Trump. You made a big deal of saying while he was campaigning something was going to happen to Trump-never did. I’m sorry Eric our spirit guides don’t play politics and they clearly would have told you all the disasters that we’re going to befall Hillary also. I think you know very well that people feel very strongly one way or the other. I pray every day for God to protect Donald Trump because he wants our country to be able to stand proud and tall around the world again and not the laughing joke weve become. A friend of mine was in Ireland and said why do you dislike Trump so much and their answer Was…. Because if he becomes president he’s going to take away all the free money you guys give us. We have so many problems here at home yet we give the world free money. Regardless I think you like to stir the pot big time and throw out some kind of prediction against Trump so everybody comes to your site and gets all fired up and makes comments. Just when I was really beginning to believe in you again, you start with your heavily left leaning as usual. You actually act like you’re impartial but every prediction that you make is always against Trump. I believe the universe and karma is coming back around to bite Hillary square in the butt. Sorry spirit is not that one sided, I’m not biting

    • Sharon: Come on now…you complain that you thing Eric is too “left” leaning and then proceed to rant about all kinds of right wing Fox propaganda. Eric tries very hard to simply express what Spirit has told him and is not partisan at all. So here you are, partisan as all get out. Please research somewhere other than right wing sites You are not helping matters at all and are drawing such negativity, anger and rage to this place.
      This helps nothing and no one.

    • It’s not Eric fault for sharing the words from the Spirits. I’m sad to see people are blaming people. It’s not right.

      Go in peace.

      • Please stop defending Obama and Hillary Clinton. I am done with this page. You are biased against Trump and I am voting for him. All the prayers in the universe won’t change things. You annoy me. So you people can keep your liberal agenda to yourselves. I am done. You only attack Donald Trump. I fully agree with Sharon. And I don’t care that it is mean. It is the truth. Hillary can NOT win this election except through fraud. Now deal with this!

      • Tonyabrook: so is it OK for Donald Trump raped the 13 years old girl? That’s unacceptable.

    • Sharon, you bring up a good point about how this page seems to be one sided. I have been following this page for quite sometime and from what I can remember it does seem to only bring up items on one side. This does make me suspicious, being that there has to be a substantial amount of predictions for the party in power no matter who it is, just because of the power they have. Then when you add in all the controversy, this adds to the suspension. I think it is time to use the search engine and see what it turns up, my memory is fairly good and I believe that the detailed evaluation of the predictions will validate these suspensions and prove the bias. If found that bias is present then one must question all that was and will be presented.

      • Maybe Spirits sees the Right side of History instead of the wrong one you are on. Just like people who thought slavery should be allowed…they were on the wrong side of history. Something to think about, my seventh. Are you trying to say ‘suspicions’ as in suspect or are you talking about ‘suspensions’ (your spelling) as in a bridge? When will people ever listen when in elementary school and learn basic grammar? Is this our education system? Eric sees what he sees; that is his to share. If these spirits share with him, he is just the messenger not the source. It is what it is.

  26. I am sad about this site..very sad to see such hatred and judgement. It was important to me because I had hoped we were a voice together joined in love and positive thinking..truly this thread is outrageous in its judgement and self seeking self righteousness..I pray for love, peace, courage, kindness, one has the right to assign karma to anyone. we are all humans and we all make exception.

    • Hi Mary B – please keep the faith and hope. Please don’t judge us all by what some have posted or “vented” here on this thread. My own opinion is that some comments are appropriate while others are clearly very inappropriate. It’s a bit shocking I agree, though it seems to occur whenever politics are mentioned on the site. I feel like this thread has become a “divide and conquer” opportunity for negative energy. I think we should focus on helping with the other predictions coming up instead. Just my two sense. Blessings and love and peace your way.

      • Thanks Jules! Some of the responses reflect the hatred that is in full force in the US. I pray we begin to love each other without judgement. I appreciate the insights shared with Eric’s predictions. I appreciate Eric’s dedication. I suspect some of the haters posting here are perhaps unhappy within their own lives. Love, love, love..did I say love………is the answer!

  27. Maybe, the prediction could be that some info comes out about Trump in which he either chooses or is forced to step aside and Mike Pence takes over, possibly the reference to the Vice President in the prediction??

  28. Jonblue, Jules, Rhona, Mary, SWC, etc. Thanks for putting the positive out there that reminds me that I must be a part of that, in spite of (or even because of) the negativity being put out there. It helps me get back on track that we are all in on this to meditate, pray and encourage our fellow humans in this earthly life.

      • Hello all

        I’m sorry if you feel any of my messages were negative…in fact, I’ve re read them and still don’t see them this way. I was just trying to comment about the messages that Eric received and help to understand them. Sorry if they upset anyone! Hugs and love, Julia

      • Hi indigoblue65. Sorry I meant to reply earlier and then poof…I watch my grandkids. 😉 Very nice of you. I think things just get heated when politics are involved. People start coming from a place of ego it seems. I didn’t really see where you had offended anyone either. No worries. Opinions are good as long as people are respectful in how they put them out there and respectful of others I think. Blessings and hugs. 🙏🏻

      • Mary- Star48 has been having data tech issues. I think it’s resolved but he’s doing catch up now I think. Otherwise yes just wanted to let you know he’s okay so you don’t worry. Prayers to You and Yours. 🙏🏻

  29. To me, with this prediction, along with other predictions, I have no problem interpreting and discerning what Spirits Voice is clearly conveying, along with Eric’s visions that go with it. Without reaching, stretching or spinning with what Spirit’s exact words are saying, my perspective is, it simply is what it is upon very first impression. Whether I like the messages from Spirit or not is irrelevant. I very much appreciate you, Eric and Spirit, for doing all that you do and for that I give you my heart felt thanks.

    • Yes sometimes the messages are just that simple. I agree Amy. I know Eric really dislikes having to add anything political, so when he does, it is because Spirit has told him to and if others would read down to the bottom of the post they would understand why that is. I think we should all keep in mind what the larger picture is for this thread and stay focused and respectful.

    • Thanks Amy.. everyone please remember our goal of change. As expected this subject has exploded into vitriol. It was something Spirit and I debated prior to posting it. But remember here on this site our focus is working together to bring awareness to critical predictions we desperately need to alter like these attacks coming. Please remember our purpose here because that is where the passion should be.

  30. I can’t believe obama said last night we don’t need some self proclaimed savior with a smirk. We are all ready strong. Great. He should choose his words carefully.

    • you Anthony, are a, you say are a priest, I have my doubts regarding that. Love, love, kindness, peace, beauty love etc….

  31. Mary B I agree with you. Anthony is a troublemaker and if he is a priest, wow, he is a hypocrite as well. Come on folks, let us not give in to the nasty and negative here. Peace.

    • Lol, I am the light. You don’t understand nothing. Judge no one or you will be judged. Jesus said be afraid of the one who can cast you into hell. God is life and thru life who has trials. God walks the earth and went thru the trials. He walked in darkness and turned back into light. The jews taught verbally to keep out feeble minds of knowledge. I am the judge. God of life knows you are going to screw up. Nothing has changed in 5000 years. Ancient of days. Love thy father with all thy heart and all thy sole. A lot of people have shadow work to do. They call themselves pure and judge others and they are wicked. Jesus said this world is a corpse. There is a reason he said that. You bind yourself with statements such as these.

      • Wait, now Anthony, you claim to be “the light” and “the judge”?!?! Starting to sound like Trump, aren’t you? Let me correct your double negative…”you don’t understand nothing”…well any educated man would know that is called a double negative. The correct way to say that sentence is “you don’t understand anything”. And ‘sole’ is actually spelled ‘soul’. Your spelling is the back of the foot. LOL! Pointing this out because I sincerely question your claim to be an ‘educated priest’ with a large congregation for reasons many of us blatantly see who you really are. Well, either way, it seems you sure know how to pass judgement well for a priest. Not surprising. You sound like the catholic priests who abused power for the last millennia by burning people who disagreed with you. Now move along, sir and quit harassing the good folks who are trying to make a positive difference on this planet instead of being divisive. There must be a better site for you to visit other than causing trouble on this one. Yes, I stand up to bullies who think they are God’s chosen…(notice I actually capitalize the G in God, unlike you). Also the world is older than 5,000 years, science and history prove that, as do ancient texts. Good grief! I won’t let you abuse the fine people on here anymore! No one is binding anything, other than you.

      • Thank you Jon Blue! Thank for you quelling the bullies who hide here. Thank you for standing with the positive! And thank you Eric for honestly sharing your gift and your intention to change the world through awareness!! Peace, love, kindness!

  32. Folks…shooting the messenger isn’t an effective method of us helping to interpret these messages. It’s a divisive method for nothing positive. If I don’t agree with some of it, then I need to try suggesting something else. We’re all here to work as a team. We all have something positive to input and help, right?

    • Swampy 11 well said as an outsider to your countries politics but a member if this SWC for 3 years I am concerned that if we have such powerful division in home politics how can we hold the light and celebrate the differences with our world wide nieghbors its a house devided …and house divided falls in on its self ..united we stand devided we fall
      Just a thought as Jonblue implied ….
      think who if your cadidates would the rest of the world feel the most comfortable negotiating foreign policy with…
      and as far as spirit is concerned I see that they deliver the message and must see more potential for Mr Trump to muck up…and that is my opinion ..thats all…I have no agenda in your politics …only observations ….Mr Trump has not come over very well on the world stage ..
      I only hope and with all my heart pray the correct person for the role of President will do justice and hold a candle to some of your former Presidents and will do you proud ..Its a tough job and I think one a select few can truly forfill…
      Just make sure you vote ..not like our country where it is still have that freedom it well America ..
      God Bless and peace to you all

  33. None of us can judge whom is a better person for office – morally or truthfulness. We do not have all the information. Can we really trust what they are saying to get votes?
    We can check their voting record for past behavior, but we should be trusting that spirit is providing truth and we should honor that truth not judge it with our limited knowledge. Eric thank you for sharing your gift. Personally it is a tough year to select either candidate, I will be an informed voter, but will not judge those whom don’t agree with my decision.
    Let’s focus on the positive changes that collectively we can make!

  34. Swampy11, and others you are most welcome but thank you in return for your positive thoughts sent. Even I have to have encouragement from some of the veteran folks on here from time to time. Stay in the light and see the good around you. Yes, it is a very strange time as the world is turning…The Great Turning some call it. Do not fret, though. Funny how just a few years ago I was so wrapped up in career, success, that I was such a pragmatist, didn’t care about higher self. Yet all of that changed in three vivid dreams that made me weep with joy…that was over three years ago now…When my grandpa visited me in those dreams and mentioned Hilary. I had to really research and found MANY wonderful things she has done in her 40 years.

    Someone once said on here that she is ‘mean to her staff’. The truth is, she is tough. When I lived in Chicago, Harpo Studios was one of my clients. There were some people that worked for Oprah who said she was ‘mean’…no she was tough and a perfectionist like so many other people who build empires and do great things. Alexander the Great had a bad rap of being a tyrant among some critics but historically, he built an empire that was able to sustain for centuries…so many great rulers, mover and shakers of the world could be called tough, yet they were doing what they could with what they knew to propel society forward instead of backward. If someone says to you that Hillary is the worst politician they have ever seen, they surely haven’t lived very long or have VERY short memories of past politicians like McCarthy, Nixon (I recommend listening to the Nixon tapes in your local library that were unsealed a while back), Daley the 1st former from Chicago (his transcripts for when he held office during the civil rights days). Hillary is not nearly as corrupt as these men were.

    Perspective is key. I am blessed that I have traveled the world over and over. Lived in three different countries, 7 different major cities. It brought me wisdom and perspective. So everyone take a breath. In two years, just like with Obama, (when people said we were doomed…it turned out unemployment is at an all time low, the stock market is high and interest rates low, and extremely low prices on gas), we will look back and see the statistics, the hard numbers that speak the truth of history. Research correctly folks as if you were back at University and turning in a paper that needs an “A” by taking fact versus media coverage. And once again breath, go vote and most importantly volunteer your time to help people who may be in need. Whether it is volunteering at Ronald McDonald House with children or the MS Society or the homeless or veterans…, just give your time one day a week and you will feel more connected to your higher self and see the beauty and love around you. It’s quite fun actually. I learn through the eyes of those wonderful people.

  35. I don’t like either of our choices, it once again comes down to picking the lesser of two evils. But as far as the scandal, “trump writing a check to himself” maybe he hires someone to hack and find the emails, give them to Putin or as he might say, “China” so they can leak them in hopes that it will benefit him in the race, rather then implicate him in criminal activity also.

  36. Hello everyone!

    I’ve been reading all your comments and stayed silent as I thought its not my position to speak, its not my country,neither my government…
    But I want to remind you all that you are fighting without a reason!! Please guys you have to remember that you can’t reach even close as presidential candidate if you are not chosen by the dark world Elite!! You all tend to forget that no one of these people really represents you and your interests, I am sorry to say so but you need to see the biger picture, They have plans since hundreds of years and in these plans every body is just a pawn.
    Please make your own personal life plans and stop arguing for them!

    Good luck

  37. Trump explained. Sin is not using your god given talent to make this world a better place in unity. God of life. As long as one recognizes he is one piece of the puzzle when ruling then democracy is good. There is only consequences.

  38. Dick Allgire best remote view said,a city in América destroy. Not very clear event but melting hot metal, melting plasma, friction, ozone smelling, big and loud boom, very high temperature and heat, loud thunder, vaporized metal , 3 different objects, Supersonic (??,wtf ), radio sound voices, Big structures with people near by . Land wipe out, nothing left intact,devastated , Urban city is close with doom building “impacted” by shock wave, broken glass, America. Big boom and then destruction sound in a urban city.

    Two energies …from same event: 1-A plasma from the sky, kinetic force, above the atmosphere (solar flares, CME, etc ?) 2.-Shock waves, symmetrical waves, not nuclear or so .

    Alarm systems on, computer systems begin to alert from a bunker , a expert guy looking a screen begin to detect multiples alerts. Very serious event. Urgent talk all over.

    Outside : A mushroom cloud but not nuclear . many colors in the sky (Aurora Boreal ??) People panic, just like disaster movie !! People fuse in the land similar to Pompey event.(wtf !)

    President talk to people via TV/Radio. He can’t tell all the truth about the event.

    Dick can’t tell if it is true or just imagination.



    Enviado desde mi iPad

  39. Your communication with spirits is with evil spirits. I’ve told you this before. Hearts who love God charge not for “reading” but spew what God has allowed to be seen into your eyes. No wonder your “spirits” only see evil happening and never urge people to do more if the right thing to remedy the evil, and that’s because the “spirits” you talk to are EVIL. You are a conduit of Satan because he is the one who knows what’s in the hearts of those whom he prods to commit murder. You will regret your eternity for this.

    • Such ugly talk. You should think about this and your own eternity. Eric does good work, and it takes a lot of energy and time. It takes money to live. I see nothing wrong with charging for readings. The people, who get the reading, see nothing wrong with paying for them.

      • Ughhhh!! Why do the mean judgmental people come to this website if they find it so horrible??? Thanks Elaine for defending Eric! Peace, love, kindness!

      • Yes, agreed with Elaine. Mediums, physic and the Spirits are perfectly harmless. It’s the gifts from God to help others.

        Welcome Below as you came to this site out of curiosity. We are not here to be judged.


    • Really?!? From what I’ve seen, Eric and the people here are beautiful souls…just trying to save lives. There are many in the world who communicate with positive, loving spirits and this accusation of evil is, well…evil. God bless you. God is love and I don’t believe for a second that he throws souls like these into pits of fire and suffering….and charging money is a way of life and I can’t wait to have mine! Thank you Eric! God has blessed you.

  40. From 19:00 Enviado desde mi iPad

    El 31/07/2016, a las 23:05, Javier Orti Alos escribió:

    > Dick Allgire best remote view said,a city in América destroy. > Not very clear event but melting hot metal, melting plasma, friction, ozone smelling, big and loud boom, very high temperature and heat, loud thunder, vaporized metal , 3 different objects, Supersonic (??,wtf ), radio sound voices, > Big structures with people near by . > Land wipe out, nothing left intact,devastated , > Urban city is close with doom building “impacted” by shock wave, broken glass, America. > Big boom and then destruction sound in a urban city. > > Two energies …from same event: > 1-A plasma from the sky, kinetic force, above the atmosphere (solar flares, CME, etc ?) > 2.-Shock waves, symmetrical waves, not nuclear or so . > > Alarm systems on, computer systems begin to alert from a bunker , a expert guy looking a screen begin to detect multiples alerts. > Very serious event. Urgent talk all over. > > Outside : A mushroom cloud but not nuclear . many colors in the sky (Aurora Boreal ??) > People panic, just like disaster movie !! > People fuse in the land similar to Pompey event.(wtf !) > > President talk to people via TV/Radio. > He can’t tell all the truth about the event. > > Dick can’t tell if it is true or just imagination. > > Maybe? > > Regards. > > Enviado desde mi iPad >

    • Could this be an astroid or a volcano? If it is a volcano, what city is on top of one? Why is a man in a bunker? They must have seen it coming.

      • Elaine, bunker? You meant the grey drape In background? Could be covered up all his works with notes and drawing pictures on his walls. My assumption.


    • Alarm systems on, computer systems begin to alert from a bunker, a(n) expert guy looking a screen begin to detect multiples alerts.

      • At first I thought asteroids, or even alien invasion. President not revealing all the information etc. Such as, is there more to come? The second man, and the woman at the end were all very shocked at what they saw.

      • Ah, I misunderstood. Thanks for clarification on bunker. It makes sense.

        Blessings to you, Elaine.

  41. From 19:00


    Enviado desde mi iPad

    El 01/08/2016, escribió:

    > > > > From 19:00 > Enviado desde mi iPad > > El 31/07/2016, a las escribió: > >> Dick Allgire best remote view said,a city in América destroy. >> Not very clear event but melting hot metal, melting plasma, friction, ozone smelling, big and loud boom, very high temperature and heat, loud thunder, vaporized metal , 3 different objects, Supersonic (??,wtf ), radio sound voices, >> Big structures with people near by . >> Land wipe out, nothing left intact,devastated , >> Urban city is close with doom building “impacted” by shock wave, broken glass, America. >> Big boom and then destruction sound in a urban city. >> >> Two energies …from same event: >> 1-A plasma from the sky, kinetic force, above the atmosphere (solar flares, CME, etc ?) >> 2.-Shock waves, symmetrical waves, not nuclear or so . >> >> Alarm systems on, computer systems begin to alert from a bunker , a expert guy looking a screen begin to detect multiples alerts. >> Very serious event. Urgent talk all over. >> >> Outside : A mushroom cloud but not nuclear . many colors in the sky (Aurora Boreal ??) >> People panic, just like disaster movie !! >> People fuse in the land similar to Pompey event.(wtf !) >> >> President talk to people via TV/Radio. >> He can’t tell all the truth about the event. >> >> Dick can’t tell if it is true or just imagination. >> >> Maybe? >> >> Regards. >> >> Enviado desde mi iPad >>

    • If this is a true prediction, the first thing I thought about was Rio and the stadium, opening or closing ceremonies (August). Everything from the description of the structure, city description, colours in sky could be fireworks, to people everywhere speaking different languages…describes this event. Second is San Diego ( Eric predicted this at the military base, and the woman remote viewer says military base )…Third is an Earthquake, San Francisco ( Eric’s prediction of a bridge matches the viewers description). I’ve watched these predictions and I’m hoping with all my heart and prayers that they’re vv wrong. Pray pray pray!

      • Wish it has a closed captioned or subtitle as I’m very hard of hearing. When this video was made? What did they say about SF? I seen their drawings on the white board but I cannot understand them. :/

        Blessings to you all!

      • Mary, it was made in July and supposed to represent events happening in August. It was confusing as they were trying to describe what their senses were telling them, but the events looked very large and frightening, with deaths.

      • I don’t recall anything about SF. It was very difficult for them to pinpoint locations

  42. They are typically 50-60 % correct occasions, but if there is head of the UN News in predicting , up to 90 % -100 % .The second prediction Assumes Obama live breaking news.This is what worries .I do not know that believe. Bye.

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    El 01/08/2016, a las 16:34, escribió:

    > > > From 19:00 > > Sorry. > > Enviado desde mi iPad > > El 01/08/2016, escribió: > >> >> >> >> From 19:00 >> Enviado desde mi iPad >> >> El 31/07/2016, a las escribió: >> >>> Dick Allgire best remote view said,a city in América destroy. >>> Not very clear event but melting hot metal, melting plasma, friction, ozone smelling, big and loud boom, very high temperature and heat, loud thunder, vaporized metal , 3 different objects, Supersonic (??,wtf ), radio sound voices, >>> Big structures with people near by . >>> Land wipe out, nothing left intact,devastated , >>> Urban city is close with doom building “impacted” by shock wave, broken glass, America. >>> Big boom and then destruction sound in a urban city. >>> >>> Two energies …from same event: >>> 1-A plasma from the sky, kinetic force, above the atmosphere (solar flares, CME, etc ?) >>> 2.-Shock waves, symmetrical waves, not nuclear or so . >>> >>> Alarm systems on, computer systems begin to alert from a bunker , a expert guy looking a screen begin to detect multiples alerts. >>> Very serious event. Urgent talk all over. >>> >>> Outside : A mushroom cloud but not nuclear . many colors in the sky (Aurora Boreal ??) >>> People panic, just like disaster movie !! >>> People fuse in the land similar to Pompey event.(wtf !) >>> >>> President talk to people via TV/Radio. >>> He can’t tell all the truth about the event. >>> >>> Dick can’t tell if it is true or just imagination. >>> >>> Maybe? >>> >>> Regards. >>> >>> Enviado desde mi iPad >>>

  43. Washington Post reported yesterday (9/19/2016) that Trump cut checks out of his charity fund to cover costs from lawsuits and such. When I read it, I immediately thought of this older prediction. I guess we will see how this unfolds.

  44. If the horrible leader is predicted to come in a decade or two. Does this mean the ambassador prediction will happen within this generation?

    • The ambassadors arrival is APX 200 years. They made it very clear they have no intention of giving an exact time frame unlike the dark one. So unlike other ancient seers they do imply a small gap of time between the two.

      • Most of the media says that. The majority of people agree. And besides, what would you call all the comments that the commentators on this page have said?

      • Again guys I have nothing wrong with a healthy debate over politics but key word is healthy. When comments fly off the handle calling Trump a Nazi or Obama the antichrist driven to start the apocalypse that’s where it makes me very disappointed. I created this site with one goal in mind; to create a community of people who would help me alter the future tragedies. A group that would come together and save lives and bring joy and happiness in the face of tragedy and suffering. But under the banner of politics if we can’t act civil to each other here and now, how could we ever even consider working together to alter the nightmares down the road.

  45. Howard Dean has started rumors that Trump was on cocaine due to Trump sniffling. I bet that proves part of this prediction.

    • Nathan, I respectfully disagree with you. Hillary already has done so much worse than Trump ever did and he is speaking the truth, America first. Unlike Hillary and the corrupt Washington politicians who only care about themselves and not about the people they are supposed to represent. This is a movement, people are angry, 8 years of failed promises by the Obama administration. I don’t doubt Eric and the spirits but I predict Hillary’s fall, her lies and corruption will finally catch up to her.

      • They did predict that during her presidency there would be extensive corruption, but also pointed to the capitol. But Spirit has not swayed, they still say she will win. Keep in mind this is not me supporting one side or another, but working for Spirit and their predictions.

  46. Nathan, you are being very disrespectful to me, no need to insult me!!

    Thanks for the update Eric.

  47. I think you can call this one now….it is happening. This is one of the few predictions you have made that I have been anxiously waiting for (in a positive way).

    • I doubt a tape that was made in 2005 will cause Trump to drop out. He has applogized several times. He never pretended to be a saint or Sunday school teacher. He unlike Hillary who wants to continue Obama’s failed policies of the last 8 years wants to make our country great!

      Action speak louder than words, Bill Clinton has done so much worse, he disgraced the presidency and Hillary shammed and disgraced the women he raped and abused. She does not stand up for women and never will represent me! I pray everyday that the Clintons never get near the Whitehouse ever again!

      Hillary lies and is corrupt along with her DC cronies. This is one of thousand of Wikileaks to come, I am looking forward to more truths coming out and Hillary is finally taken down!

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