Prediction: UK Abdication

I had a visual of the word ‘Elizabeth’ surrounded by the world.

“Elizabeth will hand her position to another.” — Spirits Voice.

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  1. Rhona Avatar

    A great lady that has been a blessing to U.K …you cant help but admire her…
    Prayers and blessings to her successor I dont remember her not being there in my lifetime and im not so young anymore

  2. pat45 Avatar

    I would be so shocked at this Eric, she has always stated that abdication was never an option, the job was for life, but who knows, maybe health issues will dictate what will happen. She will be a hard act to follow, she is loved by many, and rightly so. I hope her health is nothing serious.

    1. Mari Avatar

      There has been talk in uk of her
      passing to will and kate ..
      Lets see when..

      1. Julia Avatar

        I would bet that Prince Charles would become king. Prince William and Catherine would ideally have some time with their young family before having to take on what is really an onerous job. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth is concerned about her husband’s health. He is well into his nineties and she is ninety herself. Surely she has earned her retirement!

      2. benmadigan Avatar

        if the monarchy skips a generation – it’s hardly a monarchy, is it? William and kate may be younger and more popular than charles and camilla – but the people have no say in the matter. Nor does anyone else – Unless charles decides to abdicate he’ll be the next reigning monarch in the UK

  3. Trina Avatar

    There was an explosion in the Philippines where I’m from.
    I’m ok as I live in Seattle.

  4. Sonndra May Avatar
    Sonndra May

    This will be the most sentimental event in a long, long time. Charles has waited a lifetime for this, but Will and Kate would be an excellent choice too…. lots of energy. Not sure how I feel about Camilla, with the pain she caused Diana. But it’s the nicest prediction in a long time and I look forward to the celebration!

    1. Sonndra May Avatar
      Sonndra May

      God Bless the Queen; long live the King!

      1. Rhona Avatar

        Here here Sonndra

  5. allen Avatar

    please say a big prayer for the queen, she is very tired now, she is a amazing person, who gave so very much of herself, for her nation. but, she wants to go home, now. people forget, how she held her nation together, thru so many changes and times…….GOD bless the queen,…and thank you, for your lifetime of serve to others……….

  6. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    Do the Spirits say who will be the next monarch? I hope it isn’t Charles and Camilla…though I do understand the succession laws as making Charles the next monarch. H.M. The Queen is an amazing woman and a wonderful example of stability in an ever-changing world.

  7. benmadigan Avatar

    “”H.M. The Queen is an amazing woman and a wonderful example of stability in an ever-changing world”.
    is that just because she’s been there on the throne, unelected, unopposed, uncritized, for over 60 years? Is longevity something to be admired in the governance of countries?
    if so, what does that say about republics, including the USA, which change their presidents every so many years, allowing their citizens to have a voice in who is their head of state?
    is every republic an example of instable governance?

    1. Sara Avatar


      I think Juan Jose Perez was referring to the queen’s accomplishments, what she’s tried to do for her country over the years, not longevity.

      You’re right that longevity alone isn’t an indicator whether countries/leaders are stable or should be admired. In this case, I think he meant the queen’s life, what she’s worked on, etc. He didn’t seem to be criticizing republics at all, just expressing his admiration for the UK’s queen.

  8. benmadigan Avatar

    Please believe I am not criticizing Juan Jose Perez personally at all.
    What irritates me is the unthinking platitude that Elizabeth II has reigned for so long so that’s wonderful.
    In my view, looking back over the past 60+ years, Elizabeth II has left/is leaving/is currently reigning over/ a very ambiguous legacy.
    Since we don’t do politics here (and rightfully so) I’ll leave it there, and commend the future of her Kingdom to the hands of the most high

  9. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    The queen looked down on Charles divorce. That is why I think she will pass to william

  10. Luna tic Avatar
    Luna tic

    If she is sick, she will try and do her best for her country.

  11. Psychic Chris Avatar
    Psychic Chris

    there is talk here in New Zealand of scrapping the monarchy for a republic but If William and Kate become King and Queen then opinions would probably change, i myself reckon William and Kate are Great people and would rather have them than Chales and Camilla at the throne

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