Mexico Fireworks Explosion

This prediction has happened. The assumed location is wrong. Please pray for the speedy recovery of those injured and pray for the 26 people who lost their lives.

Predictions 12-19-16   I had a visual of a massive inferno consuming an entire city or town. It was so massive it had to be either a horrible accident or volcano. They showed an Asian city name, unfortunately I did not write it down quick enough.

Predictions 12-6-16   I had a visual of one massive fire with massive amounts of smoke surrounding it. The inferno was so massive I could not see anything else. “So many lives lost.. everything in its path liquefied.” — Spirits Voice


20 thoughts on “Mexico Fireworks Explosion

  1. Eric, are you sure this is the right prediction, not only the continent is way out but your words for instance everything liquefying and inferno sound more like a volcano eruption?

    • I question if the prediction with the questionable asian name fits. However the other message about lives being lost does fit this prediction. I even remember looking at the event in the visual wondering if the town was being engulfed or was the smoke just in the background. My mistake is believing they are talking about the same thing, in hindsight I believe they are two different messages, about two separate events. If we have time I will ask for clarity, and correct my mistake if that is the case.

  2. Eric, the “volcanic eruption/explosion” I saw was this! The visions I got must have been 3 separate messages, but this was absolutely it. The cloud was over Southern California, which could have just been my interpretation of it …I can’t even believe that’s what I saw! I. Still adjusting to this. Either way, my heart goes out to all of those poor people and their families. They’ll be in my prayers today

  3. Eric,

    You and the spirits are focosing on preventing these bad predictions. I have been following these predictions for some time now, but I cannot shake the feeling that this is not very succesfull.
    The predictions are not clear enough for us mortals to get ahaed of the events. Whe are always gessing what and where they might occur. And afterwarts we all seem to be wrong.

    This is not an attack on you’re good work, don’ t get me wrong, but I wonder how we will ever be able to prevent these predicted tragedies.

    I will keep monitoring you’re predictions and where possible will comment if it helps to prevent them.

    With all due respect,

  4. hi eric didn’t you predict that the the queen would become ill or a royal would pass away in the uk a few month back elizabeth?


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