Tropical Storm Colin

This prediction is starting. Its a precursor to a much larger storm that will strike Florida in the fall.

APX 40 days

Predictions 4-21-16   “Florida will be hit with Hurricanes this year.”

Predictions on 11-16-15   I had a visual of a hurricane,  it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.: Hurricane? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of a city, the spirits told me that the real threat of this storm was any location near the shoreline. The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
Where am I? What city is this?
“Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.
Spirit when?.. ’31’
In the new visual it was unclear if it was a Hurricane or just one massive storm. Those of you in that area of Florida please take caution. This is not the prediction of a massive Hurricane that strikes Florida and does un-parallel damage, in that prediction the Hurricane strikes central Florida, I now know they are two separate events.

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  1. SWC,
    updated just now..
    Map: Winds for Tropical Storm Colin are at 50 mph with a slight increase in forward speed; the storm is moving north-northeast at 16 mph – @news6wkmg

    1. I’m in fear for my teen son on sailing with 5 scouts in Key West in Florida. They are there from June 3 to 9th! No contact on sailing. Praying they are warned for coming storms. How will they know when tropical storms and hurricane are in the ways?

      Please pray for them to be safe out of harm. Mother worried.

      1. I’m in Kauai in Hawaii vacation with my daughter graduated from High school. Same day in June 3 to 9th.

        There are debris upon the coastline shores. They are unsure where the debris and plastic came from.

      2. We have had warnings from NOAA for the past 3 days. Sailors are usually very in tune with the weather. I am from a family of them. I’m sure they are taking all the necessary precautions. My prayers and positives thoughts to your son and the other scouts. Hopefully they are riding it out on one of the keys.

      3. hi mar
        were u feeling pretty ok last week and into this week . Maybe a bit less symptoms than usually happens?
        Let me know…
        hope u are having a great trip

      4. Yup.. Same hereI ,i knew u were going to say that not as bad as usual because i had a very mild slight headache on thursday Other than thst i was fine too. This is kind of freaky! Were there any significant
        earthquakes this time? Or just some small ones?

      5. Mari, your right on spot. I too had headache last Thursday. Just for short time. This is real freaky. Please stay in touch for continuous document. Yesterday and especially today feeling very tired.

    2. So far we are doing well…except for the crazy hydroplaning speeders on the roads. I for one am heeding Eric’s message and telling everyone I know to prepare for a bigger storm that will be coming soon. Those hurricanes are known to zig zag across the state like our state bird, the palmetto bug lol.

  2. SWC,
    crossing Panhandle now..
    Photo: Tropical Storm Colin crosses Florida panhandle and projected to move away up the east coast, many tropical storm warnings dropped – @WFLA

  3. SWC, 2nd update..
    Former Tropical Storm Colin moves offshore, located about 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras, NC – National Hurricane Center

    Sorry for delay of these updates had. Computer issues, I am dealing with at the moment..not to worry just annoying..

  4. Eric, SWC..( Spirit and Eric spot on!)
    .National Weather Service -Confirms one EF1 Tornado

    Spawned by Tropical Storm Colin –in West Jacksonville on Monday…
    # Stormchaser4850

    1. Star, is Key west safe from storms? Thanks for monitoring. I’m thinking positive for their safe.


      1. hi mary
        keys will be ok. Path of storm should be going inward on shore. June is the rainy stormy month in florida and everyone prepares for it.

      2. Thanks Star. I trust Luna as he is familiar and experienced at sea. I am at peace ( instinct) that they will be fine. Otherwise, my spirit (conscious ) would tell me to pray and be aware.

        Thanks for your prayers.

  5. Mary, this is the latest from NOAA for the Keys specifically the Key West region Small craft are urged to exercise caution but winds are will be dying down some. I really think they anchored off the coast during the storm or better yet…docked. It would be the action that makes sense, especially with the scouts. My husband was an “Eagle Scout” so I have faith they were prepared.

    star48 It was rough but fairly typical through the Tampa Bay area during a T.S. Lots of flooding and water, sewage and power services being affected. It is uncanny about the Jacksonville comment from Eric but the more these storms move inland in Florida, the more they pick up the heat of the middle of the state and spawn tornado’s. It happened with Charlie in 2004 (I think) but we were the dead on bulls eye for that storm, a Cat 3, and then it just turned and went through Punta Gorda which is south of us and cut a wide path through the state up to Orlando. They had so many bad tornado’s there that did more damage. My sister-in-law was without power for 3 weeks and had a badly damaged roof. It was a mess and took a lot of lives because they weren’t prepared. We also saw that the people evacuating to Orlando got caught in the middle of the the storm because they thought the storm was coming for TB and got caught on the Interstate.

    1. Luna tic, my thx, with great info..
      Having gone through that terrible period with your know how long it takes to recover from something like that..
      Have you seen the map of the Coming Hurricane map, spirit gave Eric?

      I think in one of the posts it mentions pumpkins? ( This is just off the top of my memory..)
      You can check out the full posts on this prediction, by putting Florida Hurricane in the search bar .

      Please have your family ,friends,start preparing…planning and getting their ” family plans together”
      Even working on your block, neighbors and hopefully the community to prepare..Blessings..

      1. Thanks so much for this map…my stomach is in my throat as the first line goes right and I mean literally right through where I live. I would rather be prepared though! If that is the trajectory, the west coast will get the wind damage and the water will be pushed into the coast, south of the eye.

        1. Luna tic,
          did you notice on the bottom of the picture it said Eye …
          It is a whopper of a hurricane..coming
          .please read..carefully all the information about it.,

          If there is an Eagle Scout in the house, sounds as if you are “prepared”
          I think the most important takeaway is..we now know that the season (window is now open)
          After 3 yrs..people are complacent…can you get your block to “prepare in case?”

          With your husbands would be so easy to have a coffe gathering to discuss it …
          A local Disaster preparedness – group…so many things to plan for..Hurricanes,etc you can …
          In a really tough time you know the neighbors are the first ones either impacted or there to help.

          So, why not have a neighborhood pool electrical generators, food,water, extracting people from Wrecked houses ..a cheap crowbar could save somebody’s life, or chain saw, ropes pulleys.
          .to plan —-go bags.—-.if you have to evacuate the area for some time….not to heavy it becomes a burden.,( adding copies of important papers…just in case..)
          Look what happened in
          Canada w/ wildfire,,,New Orleans, …weeks,months,years of displacement…Be optimistic…but prepare for the worse..
          Inform the them what to do gently.
          All your accumulated knowledge could help hundreds…all it starts with is a conversation..
          Blessings to you and yours.

    2. Thanks for the follow up on NOAA for the key west. Their last day trip is June 9th. I’ve monitored Eric’s posts for Florida as he mentioned for the last 2 years. My husband is the Eagle Scout with 2 other adults with 5 teen on the sailboat. Thanks for your sincere prayer. ♡

  6. Mari,
    you asked about EQ’s yes we have had 3 or is it 4 significant EQ in the 6.2 – 6.5 range.
    Indonesia, and other parts,
    we had one off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico..etc..yes we have had big ones.,

    1. Thanxxx star48 for info. Mary and i will continue to keep notes. Now i am curious what was different this time
      where headache was so minor compared to all the other times
      Really strange..

  7. Thank you again star 48. My daughters and I are focusing on our plan tonight. My husband taught us well but he died…it will be be 2 yrs in September. He was a storm adjuster and a former contractor among other things. We really miss him. I hope I can protect us like he would want.

    1. Oh my… praying for you to be safe! I always be prepared just in case. Your husband is proud of you!

      Don’t forget to pack the repellent after the storms passed.

      Water bottled, snack wrapped (peanut butter with crackers) battery flashlights, knee height gum boots, water proof jacket, medicines, credit cards/cash, prepaid cell phone and what else is missing?

      Praying you stay safe!

    2. Luna, my thoughts are with you. Hope all is good with you since the Collins tropical storm passed.

  8. Eric Swc FYI We here in Australia’s easr coast have had extensive stoms and fliiding over Act NSW and our Island QjCNHFK73jwBK9szfqY8a7F3LbaMRZNQ
    state of Tasmania has been ravaged by floods maybe it pertains to prediction 5-10-15 Australia massive floods is it us spring or australias is our autumn but your spring so maybe it fits
    so much live light and prayers to families who lost a lived one and all affected

    1. Rhona,
      I posted info on it..but I do not know the thread..– June 7,2016
      Here is what I posted..
      Situation Update – Update No. 1 – Extreme Weather – Australia – Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston, is on high alert as floodwaters approach and residents evacuate low-lying areas. Major northern river systems have risen from record rain after a deadly deluge that has battered three states. In the low-lying Launceston suburb of Invermay about 3,000 residents and 800 businesses have been advised to evacuate. Police are also pleading with Tasmanians to be careful around floodwaters as the search continues for two missing men. An elderly man is still missing from Ouse in the south, and the search continues for a man whose car was swept away by rising …
      Extreme Weather – Australia
      RSOE EDIS – SITUATION UPDATE – ST-20160606-53620-AUS

  9. Thanks Star 48 i must have missed yo ur post might have known your caring heart and astute breaking news awareness wouldnt have missed it ..
    Blessings to you and prayers to N.S.W.who are expecting more horrid weather and our island of Tassy ..our thoughts are with you

  10. Mary prayers for your son and scouts…
    Prayers for Florida and all in the wake my thoughts are with you also…
    Be safe

    1. Thanks Rhona, Luna, Star,Mari and everyone are very dear to me!

      Be safe! I still remember Florida the posts especially with the pumpkins. Maybe it’s a symbol for close to autumn like October. Stay safe. We cannot control the mother’s natures but we can be prepared the better to be safe. ♡

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