Somalia Bombing

This incomplete prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety and security of all those in Somalia

Predictions 12-22-16    “Bombing in Somalia.. very soon.”


6 thoughts on “Somalia Bombing”

  1. am praying .am also warning pupblig about this attacks the day yu prediction yu unit yesterday happend .that is why the number of dead is not large .thank yu erig about yu r warning and praying my country .

  2. Just to note that Queen Elizabeth II did not attend Christmas Day mass or New Years Day mass due to a “heavy cold”. From 12/23/16 “The queen will pass.. the procession under great threat.. terror.” UK Terror attack 6/11/16 referenced in 12/22/16 prediction and 9/2/16 UK Abdication I had a visual of the word ‘Elizabeth’ surrounded by the world. “Elizabeth will hand her position to another.” — Spirits Voice. The number “2” was referenced several times and 14. Prediction 32 The Queen Passes 8/7/12 references April and states that the Queen passes after several months of being sick. What I get from this is that possibly Queen Elizabeth II passes in April and there could be a terror attack during the procession. This seems to start many other things in motion. 14 could be April as I was told once that 1 in a prediction signifies the number or presence of God. 2 if it were the date (April 2nd) would coincidentally be the date that John Paul II died. Don’t know if I hit on anything. Just trying to see a pattern with the numbers. It seems as if there is a message in the numbers but unraveling them is mind boggling at times.

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