Predictions 5-6-16

The Spirits have officially predicted the next US president and discussed the tone coming for the US. I know politics are a touchy issue, please keep in mind this is their prediction, nothing more.

The next US President will be Hilary Clinton.

Minorities in the coming months use a much louder voice than any of you could anticipate. Never before has several groups of minorities pushed back so hard.

During her path.. health takes a toll.

There was an implication that they might be talking about her husband, but health issues would become a major issue moving forward. They also talked about the ‘book’ person having a major role with the future president?

During the next four years. In the house (US Senate / Congress) There will be a multitude of great scandals. I had a visual of the Capitol building, their was trash all around it.

In the coming days we are expecting two predictions to happen, one of them is a very old prediction.

A reminder this earthquake prediction is due soon, we need to ask for a verified timeframe: But 7 months and 2 days after 11-18 is the first half of May.

Notes on 10-14-14   “Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike
I felt the ground shake under me as I slept and it shook heavily.
That implies an earthquake
I asked Spirit Where? They responded with.. San Francisco
In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
The 25 will be lost to this.

Videos coming! It is official Spirit wants to move to phase two. I am very excited. Here is our plan:

Spirit will hand pick predictions that they want you to focus all the attention on. These predictions will be major events but more importantly be predictions that can be altered through awareness. The predictions will not be the raw messages I write here but be refined and verified. The presentation of the video, will be simple, direct, and short. Right now we are debating whether or not to include them as the messenger or just simply say its a message from me. We have always made a point to make these predictions a message from them, about them and have made my role as just the messenger. For them to shift that direction is sort of a big deal it goes against what we have been doing.

Why make videos? Because we feel its allows you and I to share the message easily, quickly and directly to the entire world. It allows all of us a focal point, something we can all rally around and put our efforts in bringing awareness to it. Now more than ever we are working towards bringing change. I do hope you can help us alter the tragedy of tomorrow.



249 thoughts on “Predictions 5-6-16

  1. in my thoughts and in my words. thank god these are not my thoughts or words. As for the president time is running out. 1 billion reasons

  2. Can someone help do the math taking in the extra or less days each month. If they predicted on 11-18 that the earthquake would happen 7months and 2 days later. What is the timeframe?

    1. Eric that specific San Fransisco prediction was 11-08-2015. From that day seven months is into June…so June 08 plus 2 days makes it June 10th. That’s what I’m getting for seven months two days forward from 11-08-15.

      1. Jules104,
        I am partial to the – 10-22-15 date..when 7:02 shows up as a marker.
        1. Spirit named a date on 5-10-15 —-May 20
        2.each time SF came up it was connected to either NZ EQ or Meteor strike..
        Which is indicative of overlaying.
        ..( my opinion)
        So, the actual date spelled out by spirit – to me has more authority…Somehow in my reading..May …has been “The month”
        I cannot remember if Cayce or Nostradamus …( but May is a flag in my brain,,)
        Do you know of May being already marked?

        1. Star48. What about the 4-1-16, I think was the date. “Five,five,five”. Eric asked Spirit where was the meteor strike? That to me is more of a “when” but, could it be saying in May is the meteor then June is the earthquake? Or if you are using October as a reference…both are in May?

      1. Jules104, I was focusing on CA…I looked at your reference..did I miss?
        Sometimes in looking at so much data….?

    2. In a recent post today, may 28th, you pointed out that with the hour and minute thing you said9:52 means the 9th month or September and 52 means the 5th, I looked back onto this post. 7:02 7th month, July 02. 2nd? What is the 25 being lost coming from? Could the spirits maybe clarify more on the earthquake prediction? I am an Oregonian, I follow yourthe spirits predictions through you and I am in awe. I’d like to know whether oregon is at high risk during the time frame of the earthquake. Thank you Eric and I hope that helps you a bit if you hadn’t figured that part out yet. Bless you.

      1. Its actually 9:57. 9 being the month of September and 5 being the date. 7 means ‘date’. It is looking like the earthquake happens during the summer which could be 7:02. After this wave of terror information we plan to pivot back to natural disasters.

  3. Eric, after my ” hand issue”
    I started combing through files for a hint…that is why I found the above reference..
    ,day before yesterday.. I was going to bring it to your attention sidetracked..Blessings..

          1. Jules104, so you are looking at 20-23 of March ? As the marker?
            You feel this is for Baja CA ,Mexico…the next ” big one”.?
            7 months plus 2 days?
            I think that is interesting…it could certainly relieve some stress, especially after the Volcanos(s)
            Have been erupting..
            There have been significant EQ off Aculpulco, Guadalajara ..

            My opinion is Northern CA first…

            1. No I think Eric is correct with the Northern California area coming up soon. I’m not really sure about the dates. I think the middle part of May is a good possibility. It feels like there could be some over laying of predictions from the past but I’m not sure.

              1. I will try and ask for some clarity tonight. I do have a thought though for you and everyone up to the challenge. They have used the outline of time like a clock before with 7:02 or 9:57. We need to find an older prediction, one that already happened so we can try and crack the code. Is this time presentation a date? A countdown? Is the minutes dates? Or is it a round about version of time? Either way I will post their answer in the coming days on when this prediction is coming even if they just narrow it down by month.

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  4. Eric,
    there is no reply button on your comment..
    I just checked in prediction summary for 11-18-could not find that posting…put into search bar could not find it..
    Could the posting be the 11-8 ?

  5. Given her (Hillary) health issues, will she make it through her first term? Not sure what ” book person” they mean, wish they could give a better hint.

    1. Corey Booker?? They mention health issues as a major talking point during now and the end of the 4 years. It is her and her husbands health that occupy they news.

      1. I think, from other things I have read, that Mrs. Clinton’s health was put through a strain from all the work and stress of the past few years and perhaps she will only be up for one term.

      2. Oh yeah! Forgot about him.
        I really don’t like the sneakiness and the hidden agenda’s on both sides (Rep. & Demo). Will our country ever bounce back? I’m really anxcious for our country😔

  6. As far as the US election goes I’m dreading it.

    I’ve seen a Clinton/Sanders ticket in my visions but Hillary as president I fear the worst.

    Personally I would have voted Trump if I lived in the US as there is no alternative. Hillary is a war hungry oligarch who will have a very bad effect on this world and is working with her husband to establish a dynasty.

    Sanders would have made a better leader than Hillary I wish it was the other way round – Sanders/Clinton rather than Clinton/Sanders even flipping the roles 180 degrees – something very basic – would have a great deal of difference to the path of the world

  7. The next US President will be Hilary Clinton, hope the spirits are wrong, Bill hasn’t been looking too well, perhaps a serious health crisis with him. I pray to God that she is not our next President, our country will be in much more of a mess than the previous 8 years with Obama!

      1. We have made several political predictions: Obama re-election, Scotland, Malaysia, AU, and Greece. Greece was wrong. but all the others were right, both Obama and Scotland brought a lot of attention to the site. Spirit predicted that Obama would win and it would not be a close race, while the Scotland prediction was down to the exact number. So it is possible that we could be wrong.

  8. Wait a minute! Does that mean Hillary’s husband may will be the Vice President? As both have the health issues during the terms? Just a thought. That can be the problem if both president and vice president have health issues then the question a an what’s the plan B.

    1. Mary, ext in line is Speaker of the House…( I believe, unless they have changed that too)

  9. Hi, Eric,
    I think videos are a lot easier to share and spread the word of predictions, and do hope we can all avoid bad things to happen thru awareness. Remember I’m all for translating into Spanish.
    Kind regards,
    Lili, from Venezuela.

    1. Lilimano, great catch…
      with Translation – scrolled across the bottom of screen like a banner..

      Someone recently sent me on FB a video where they were speaking Greek..
      Unfortunately my linguistic skills…enough said,, I could catch the emotions and the interplay.
      However the exact meaning was lost to me..such a shame…

      It will be a challenge in ” spreading the word” just in CA there are 140 + ( or is it 170 ?)
      languages spoken..
      And unfortunately…many cannot read English or understand it..,
      the challenges world wide will be enormous .

  10. Popi! I know that….I love that you offer…I loved the video, the little girl and father were darling…I wish I knew what he said to her….hahaha…

  11. SWC,
    there is a site Dutchsinse on FB ( has heart logo)or on YouTube ..that has a theory of how the EQ,s are progressing…where he thinks they will be directed next…( all over the globe)
    It is a little long but interesting…if you have not visited the should…
    Now the experts are mirroring his theories,,( he has had for 6 plus years)
    And some goes against Geological fundamentals…he is winning the experts over slowly but surely
    I will try to post a link to his latest..( I hope )

  12. I think your political prejudice is dictating what you hear from your spirits. Hillary will get clobbered by Trump because people are sick and tired of lawless politicians who don’t think about Americans but are more worried about everyone else. You may want to speak with your spirits again and come to terms that Hillary, being evil, will get knocked off.

  13. Star 48 thanks for update i will keep watch and if i get anything will post
    Cleveland in particular
    oh yeah i meant to reply to the St Louis subsidenc …i read up on the mines that have created subsidence over past few years and the Madrid fault of course ..Mississippi river flooding risk etc my focus has shifted to the area now

    1. Rhona,
      in my checking EQ sites..came across a possible correlation..
      to the spirits date 5/20…
      Some individuals have hypotheses about more large EQ happen on the full moon..

      The full moon date is 5/21/16 at 02:16 PM… The hairs stood up on my arm..

  14. Of all Spirit’s predictions over the years, that Hillary will be the next president is the most terrifying. The Mexican Mafia will be here to stay, Communist China will grow into the world’s only super-power and Mexico’s invasion and occupation of the US will continue.

    Like my guides told me in June 2008:

    “We wont be able to keep pace with the Chinese and they will overtake and overwhelm us.
    The Roman times are coming.”

    1. I’d say it’s about time they thought about the New Madrid fault. The scientist have always said it will cause more damage than the San Andreas fault, but when I lived there I could hardly find anyone who took it serious. Sheesh. Are you thinking about Edgar Cayce Star48?

      1. Jules104, (my opinion).

        So many flags! Yes, and yes,First CA…than
        wait there is Cascadia, than New Madrid? Or ? The other way around..

        Some many options.,,the concept that the mantle is thinning has gotten everyone jumping…
        Before Geologists and ( ?) thought Craton was stable..EQ’s happening on the edge or at distinct faults.. Now, I believe that EQ in Kentucky was large enough and in a place that all the powers that be went to their closed files opened them up and took out their “Plans”…
        Now they are practically tripping over one another to put something on the table.,

        Everything is so unstable…I was reading a few sites that the magnetic field is wreaking faster than they had projected…(which is not good) that the Sun is not as active right now…however seems to have more influence because of earth magnetic field..( radiation exposure…)

        Also the erupting or activating volcanos have expediently grown..

        There is so much happening…we used a term awhile back..Whack a mole…
        That us what it feels like.. As if the monitors of the earth, are starting to come to grips that things COULD happen, that were only simulated in the past..

        Ah…Thank God, (Eric)/spirit is giving us a heads up…with things that we can impact.. I can sleep still night…
        So many references , so many flags…
        What do you think?

        1. Star48, I think there is something up with your starting off with “so many flags”. I was researching old predictions thinking I feel it’s that old, after a gathering of Americans, time frame, as in Memorial Day. When all the flags are out…and then stopped to read your post. Hmm… Anyway I believe my daughter and I felt a rumble this afternoon. Checked out the USGS site and PNW. Sure enough there were two back to back in Cobb,CA of 3.0 then another one 2.6 same place all within the same minute. We also saw there was one outside Salem,OR (Molalla,OR) but only 1.8. Around the same time though, 20 minutes later I think. Strange the whole flag thing anyway.

          1. Jules104, three of them.
            9km WNW of Cobb, California
            2016-05-08 12:28:45 UTC-07:001.0 km
            9km WNW of Cobb, California
            2016-05-08 12:25:30 UTC-07:001.2 km
            9km WNW of Cobb, California
            2016-05-08 12:25:19 UTC-07:001.7 km
            Will keep watch..,please tell me you have a plan…? Or in the process?

            1. My plan is to run up hill! No really while doing a reading with Eric I asked specifically about this and Spirit said we would “feel” an earthquake sometime while here in Oregon but not to worry over a tsunami. And they’ve been correct about everything else so let’s pray they are right. Though I’d still run up hill since we are in the tsunami zone on a somewhat two mile wide piece of land surrounded by a bay. It’s kinda funny, but not, because the mentality here is…”well we are all goners if the big one hits anyway.” Sheesh I’m not buying into that idea. lol

              1. Jules104,
                Run up the hill! Hahaha…you crack me up..
                I will see about a kayak…( they are on sale here in ID)
                I almost bought a house along the coast there until I saw the Tsunami signs..I decided to go inland…so after my purchase I find out I am in a vortex…– wow..

                Interesting W/End.
                A 4.4 EQ off Queen Charlotte IS, Canada….Per EMSC…4.6 per USGS. Their placement off Masset, Canada…I have to check 4 sites to verify us missing Magnitudes ! Everything else is there …wait all CA/NV EQ’s are missing mags I stopped looking when I got to middle of April…strange..

                Well at least things are moving…not that creepy silence…

                In my site hopping found
                a new map published I think on the 2 nd..of May
                Added faults in Oregon and Washington See.

                You can then decide how fast you have to run. Chuckle…

                Another side note…there is a proposal on the table to —wait for it..dynamite the Atlantic sea floor…every few seconds..explosions for a YEAR! 3 companies vying for contract…I think people are truly insane…

                I hope you had a great W/E. It has always been tough for me…mothers day…
                Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the SWC…Blessings…

                1. Sheesh on the same wave length again Star48. Was looking up the Earthquake on Canada. Was rather a dejavue moment. And I thought “somethings missing, not right”. Told my daughter. Must have been you coming through. lol. Did you see the comment Eric added about trying to crack their code on the times they give sometimes. Look back through replies on CA post. I am racking my brain but…funny thing is I had been looking up old earthquakes previous to his question and thought it has to be coincidence that I keep seeing the numer 7 and the number 2 together. But now I don’t know where those were. Ugh! I was thinking at the time I’m not going to mention it because I feel like I’m just stirring the pot up ya know? Seeing things that aren’t there. Now I wish I’d paid better attention. On another note, we are working on getting a bit further inland. Don’t really like “living on the edge” literally! My idea of fun is reading a good book, gardening etc. Maybe Aug/Sep per Spirits. Praying, praying. Really though I feel no matter where you go there is going to be something happening under your feet sooner or later. A vortex? Wow. Hmm what’s that mean Star48? How does that affect your area? Sounds well…not so great. Oh and we have three large really nice kayaks I have held onto for just such occasions. Haha. Hope I don’t ever have to use them. 🐳🌊

                  1. Jules104,
                    the vortex I have been told is from Lake Pend Orielle, Pronounced (Ponderay) to
                    Flathead lake in Montana..250 mile circumference ..also goes up 250 a big dome..
                    (Sedona is a vortex area). Anyway after I got here on the shore of the 32 mile long lake.. 5 th deepest in US, Also one of the cleanest,lots of Rivers too…Trees..It is so beautiful..very serene…wildlife everywhere..
                    Checkout you tube there are some videos of Northern Panhandle…,ID
                    I am across from Sandpoint,ID..a town of less than 7,700 people..
                    I feel I was guided here… Correction.,I know I was..a little bit of reading I found out that this area will be a Golden city..

                    Regarding EQ happening anywhere when I first got here I asked ins man about EQ insurance..
                    the look he gave me…he told me “we don’t have them..”
                    .1 year later we had 4 little ones…apparently there have not had any locally since 1947,
                    ,, I laughed sent him the reports by email..he is not laughing…no EQ’s this year locally..

                    That us what I do I am a huge Heaven sitting on my deck looking at the clouds and sky and stars, and the water..

                    Regarding the. 7 and 2 I noted and wrote them down somewhere.
                    ..I will do that if I can find my notes..( still unpacking- don’t ask) still looking for my reference books…
                    I started looking back to older predictions for numerical flags..
                    Found two..will look longer tomorrow..I cannot see correlation…need more data..
                    Remember spirit guides you! Remember what they told you( Eric) be aware and look for the little flags/ signs that you are given…and smile…( love their humor). Blessings…

                    1. Star48, I’ve been by that area a few times and it is beautiful I agree! I will need to look that vortex up. I’ve heard about the one in Arizona. There’s so much we have yet to learn from our world around us it would take a million lifetimes I’m sure. Let me know if you find anything on the time references for cracking the codes. I found a couple of time references but they don’t make much sense to me. I pray you had a wonderful day though it may have been a bit sad without your loved one near. I hope you were comforted with many wonderful memories Star48. Blessings

                2. Wait what? Dynamite the Atlantic sea floor every few seconds? Oh my gosh! Insane is to good of a word for them Star48. Where do these people come from? Can we send them to another far off Galaxy? Surely those there will set them straight! Ugh. “Heads in the sand” images come to mind. Do you have a link? Got to google if not. It’s got to be about how much money they will make right? Sheesh.

        2. Oh and I agree with all you mentioned and yes…Thank God for Eric’s Spirits! Keep getting 11,12 for some reason also. Praying for San Francisco.

          1. Jules104, about you seeing 11
            ( you can substitute Spirit for guardian Angels…) one interpretation ….

            this is what Doreen Virtue – Angel numbers says about 11. You should look her up to read about 12..
            If you continually see the numbers 11, 111, or 1111, there’s a reason. The most common way that angels communicate with humans is through the universal languages of numbers and music.

            The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to establish that numbers hold vibrational properties. He taught that the entire universe is mathematically precise.
            Excerpt quote. “When you see repetitive number sequences, this is a message from your guardian angels. You can ask your angels what they are trying to tell you, and if you listen in stillness, you will hear their answers clearly. Sometimes, though, if you’re stressed or in a hurry, it’s not as easy to hear your angels.

            So, Angel Numbers are a shorthand code between you and your angels. In the case of 1’s, they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1s you see, the stronger the path is.

            In practical terms, this means that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they are manifesting instantly into form. You think it, and boom! It happens. When these cycles occur, it’s extra important to keep your thoughts focused upon your desires, and to stay positive. Otherwise, your fears may manifest instantly. You can ask Heaven to uplift you, so that your thoughts are focused upon the highest possibilities.”

            Hope this helps, Blessings…you are on the right path..

            1. I was told once that seeing 111 is a sign that you are connected to Spirit, its a sort of confirmation, validation, that Spirit is around. I myself have seen it so many times I just give thanks and move on with the day. If you do see the numbers I would recommend meditation, it sounds like they have something to say.

      2. Jules and star, I’m happy they mentioned about the New Madrid as its a main concern. Now I’m worried as its slowly picking up frequent earthquake and now sinkholes, especially the one in Missouri. It’s not surprised as what’s beneath our feet. I believe in Cayce’s predictions. It’s a matter of when. I’m watching for Eric’s Spirits when they say anything about the New Madrid in near future. USA is in “labour ” and will shake big time from west to east. Pray for everyone to be safe.

        1. I agree Mary about being in labor. It can’t help that man has been drilling and fracking and using high pressure to dump their waste water deep into the earth, among other things. Now we all suffer the consequences of being bad stewards. The planet doesn’t need us, we need her. I wish people and big business would stop and think about that and not just about how much money they can make.

  15. One can only hope and pray having Clinton as president is a prediction we can change or in this instance the Spirits are incorrect. As for the rest of the information, I’ll join in trying to help with the code.

    Data and instincts indicate we are hugely overdue for a major “slip” along the San Andreas.

    It’s been a few years since I’ve done a reading, but I’ve had a huge pressure being laid on me to get involved again. Guess it’s time.

    1. Anything is possible, however I do not believe that is their intent. When it comes to politics and science the intent here is to show a new direction in the world. What is coming next? because that will have a great influence on what is coming for the rest of the predictions. There is another more obscure intent for a later date. Practice makes perfect and at a much later date they want to point out and predict the next Hitler or the next Nixon. In both cases they are coming and we have every intent on sharing that information with the world when it happens.

  16. “The 25 will be lost to this” – pertaining to the 10-22-15 California earthquake prediction. I may be reaching here, but could this be referencing that it will hit during a Giants game and take out their 25-man roster of players? Or possibly wipe out AT&T Park?

  17. Star 48 Jules 104 remember my guides kept saying central si im going to say with all the infi and alerts madrid fault is where my focus is …
    as far as the mantle getting thinner if they are correct can you imagine all that has slipprd under the plate and heated up its going to be like sitting on a liquid cushion my mind boggles at the vision of a chain reaction of instability that could cause …if Madrid goes it could still trigger Andreas especially if you take into account dutchsense’s calculations alk the parts of the puzzle are there

  18. Star 48 Jules 104 SWC Im going to have a go at cracking time code
    pretend its a clock and each hour is a month
    eg 12 is December
    1 is Jan
    then every 15 min is a week
    so every 2 minutes is a day
    Therefore 9:57 on this clock is the second last day of september
    another eg
    2:33 would be February 15th
    eg 1:01 would be Jan 1st
    and so on
    draw a clock and try it out

    1. Rhona I see what you mean. Does that match up for past clock times given for predictions that happened already? I will have to check it out later. I wrote down some old predictions with times lastnight. That idea sounds viable to me though Rhona.

  19. Dear Eric,

    Clearly your pro Hillary or you would have asked the obvious question to spirits…Will Hillary be indicted for the criminal actions the FBI as her under investigation for? Let’s face it a democratic run government is protecting her and it still has gotten this far! What does it take for people to forget about their party affiliation and look at the individual? Wake up people, shes lied countless times and has too many scandals to list! Did nothing to help those men die in Benghazi. How about that very famous saying, When someone shows you who they are… believe them!
    I pray to the Lord every day that our country hasnt become so warped that someone like her could possibly win the presidency. God help us all! NEVER HILLARY.

      1. when i lived in LA people always referred to highways at the 5 or the 405 or the 25..
        i think the 25 runs along the san andreas fault this reference makes a lot of sense.

  20. Jules 104 thanks i know i needed to have checked on predictions but i didnt just worked on what i had infront if me …not very thorough of me that was the 9:57…i will look too .i.just wanted to get it out as the idea came to me ..thanks i hope it works at least in some way..maybe its on the right track but may help someone else have an idea

    1. Oh no worries I’m just glad you put it out there. It makes sense. I just need the time to be able and sit down to research it all. But that’s a good starting point I think. Blessings Rhona and Thanks for all of the links on the different plate sciences etc. Very interesting stuff.

  21. It’s wonderful how everyone works as a team and supports Eric with interpreting the predictions…..but, it’s silly and judgemental of others, to accuse Eric of being bias, due to your own.

    1. Thanks Kim, every time we predict politics its always a hot button item. I only give everyone the messages they provide, and my own opinion on what it means. I do hope everyone realizes this is sacred to me. It would be such an insult to the Spirits I serve to add my own predictions to their work, not to mention they would not be very happy with me if I did.

      1. Eric I know you would never do that. You are the messenger. People shouldn’t hate on the messenger just because they don’t like the message given. I believe there is a lot of fear going around right now though so…

      1. Jules104,Rhona,SWC. —-Report/ opinion/status
        Dutchsinse’s theory is that after deep EQ’s they are followed up with shallow ones..
        (That was my self assignment I was working on…)
        However, I think Dutch has proven it and has more data. I was just starting that quest.

        The concern is the volcanic activity off the coast..(NZ)-White IS)
        . And than the activity ( heated & bubbling lake in crater)
        uptick on quiet volcano on North Island.. —
        it is unsettling to me we maybe again in the EQ/ Volcano combo situation?

        So Now New Zealand. Around North Island has to be watched.

        Nothing seems straight forward,; now that we know unrest from –Mantle , also Magnetic field is (
        acting I do not know how to express it (atypical)?
        Also there are some scientists working ” theories ”
        “that the core is being “excited” agitated by CERN dumps into the earth..,
        ( a new theory being monitored by scientists now)
        which in turn is affecting the core.

        So right now –I am sitting back..holding my opinions.. Still gathering data.

        Side note..EQ swarm in British Virgin Islands has started being recorded today
        in 2’s and below 3 mag. Continuous..Guadeloupe had a 5 mag today.,too

        And a Collegue sent me a couple of pictures of a sensor output
        ///couple long Harmonic Tremors
        At two differant sites in area….of Yosemite

        a few minutes ago..,so much happening…it is unsettling..
        Activity everywhere..up ticked…

        So am following as best I can…

  22. Sorry…Not a Yosemite….Yellowstone…haha ..I think I am getting punch drunk on info….

  23. Hi Star48 Jules 104 i was just having a cinversation with my son iver morning tea he brought up CERN and i was surprised to see it mentioned here after we were expressing concerns about how it is ..we feel causung quakes and changes in the magnetic fields .he is reasinably goid at physics and has a natural interest in the field ..he denies his inuitive phsycic side but he is quute in tune especially during cinversations things slip out so i lusten fir the nuances him bringing it up says there is reason for caution…
    Star i do remember White Isl and i asked my guides to let me know via song which fault is next.
    i had my radio volume down and my husband lent over and turned it up and Sun City was blaring out..” this earthquake is going to make me poor”
    thats Sin not sun …so LA that points to San Andreas ..we will see
    and the back to back is that the NZ and SanFrancisco ..right so it looks like its heating up down there …so much to keep track of and im happy in a layman kind of way they are looking at the core
    the Atlantic dynamite article has left me speechless im.just so dismayed there are so many alternatives that need to be examined and that are viable alternatives if they really cared ..but they dont..we nee more fossil fuel by 2040 they say but lets reak havoc while we search lets destroy future ecology ..will be sending light around that is hoping application is denied if appoved then whee does the buck for the damage stop..they are applying it can be stopped if the right decision is made..

    1. Rhona, Jules104, SWC,
      Synchronicity at work. Just as you were commenting..I had found a article of sidewalks buckling in Desert in CA..( no, no trees) also about sensors going off in Bay Area..,crust deformation?
      I was thinking…how did I miss this article, towards end of April..21,st,2016.
      ( then i remembered I was out of pocket at the time…)…
      Contemplating if I should put it in comment– when I read your post..haha
      We can laugh after you read it..

      1. Wow this is getting to weird Star48, Rhona. lol. I just read Yours Star48 after thinking on the desert area but CA/NV area. Synchronicity.

    2. Isn’t Sin City Las Vegas? Just thought it strange since I’ve been thinking about how Eric had a prediction once that I thought was for an earthquake north east of LA? Is Las Vegas fitting that? I need to get out a map. Hmmm. i need to find that post. Maybe it happened already?

  24. Star 48 laughing with you now ..yeah pavement lift is the precurser
    how about those ground movement synchronicity at its best..glad you caught that one..

    1. Rhona’ I just caught a interesting anomalie on Volcano monitoring site they have split up info,so it does not look as if the volume is increasing on their ” list”. Of erupting volcanos..
      They leave them on the watch list instead with an …update note…but they do not move it to erupting category..and another example Bristol Is. In easy to miss as it is on erupting list except it us in black…like description text…I am laughing…also they are reporting on 2 or 3 at a time.than in vvveeerrryyy.small print at the bottom list a few more beady to miss..
      Look at example two pages..

    2. Rhona, sorry to run off like that..
      .could not continue where we left off..somehow it was only letting me reply to myself? Had to find out about news alert..
      Apparently a stabbing in Munich unfortunately 1 dead…4 injured..
      They closed off a train station.. Entrance still to early to get all details.,

      Back on topic ..
      about sin city or your slip –sun city…

      Verrry interesting …..Sin city is Las Vegas..
      Sun City…Palm springs? Desert area?
      Or NV area? Phoenix sits in the Valley of the Sun…
      I believe the article of the lifting of pavement…no tree in sight.. Is in the desert..

      However My eyebrows lifted when I saw the sensors! In Northern CA so many registering
      However I am strongly biased at this time.( my opinion)

      ,I am still sticking with what Spirit said in that post… 5-10-15—- May 20..

      .I found out that a full moon starts @ 2:00am in morning May 21st, It fits..

      And we could see a back to back event timeline..what do you think ..possible?

      I wish I had Jon Blue opinion,,and Jules104, or other SWC..
      I combed through so much if the data dump..trying to find nuggets..I am a little over tired..
      Wishing you good day …talk to you later..I need to reevaluate all that I have read, to absorb…and untangle the threads in my mind..,and hopefully do a visit to the Library!

  25. Rhona, jules104, SWC,,,

    June 7-10th..

    FEMA is planning a practice event in PNW.. Called —Cascadia Rising,2016

    You could see a lot of fear generated by this announcement..- on purpose? Why now?
    Too much is being thrown out there…? Why?

    I have already have monitored one video…playing up fear,anxiety, disgusting..
    The report says within 50 years…simulation of 9 magnitude…min 10 thousand dead..

    1. Star48, Rhona. I think the USGS and FEMA know they are way behind and are trying to play catch up. I think this new scientific data/info has caught them off guard. Or has it? I’d say a lot of the people where I am living now in this small town are very complacent about what will happen when the Cascadia Fault ruptures. Sort of an “Oh well, what can we do?” attitude. To the extent that the tsunami sirens don’t work here and they aren’t worried about fixing them. Say what?! But the piece of land is only two miles wide. I guess they figure we will all feel it anyway…unless it’s coming from Japan, like the last one did. I heard that was a disaster with everyone trying to “drive” to the highest point on this “island’ of sorts. Oh except for the few crazies with their surfboards heading towards the ocean! Maybe that’s why they are trying to instill some fear into them. I hadn’t thought of that previously. They figure, well the other didn’t work lets try going to the opposite extreme. Sheesh right? Really though I feel it depends on where you are in Oregon. Are you in an area where everyone sticks their head in the sand or more progressive? A lot of it has to do with the cost of retrofitting everything I think also. Way behind on that for sure. Most people wouldn’t even be able to fund retrofitting their homes for a 9.+ Anyway, it is an adventure right? I hope to be inland somewhat soon enough so I atleast don’t need to worry about surviving the tsunamis if I can first survive the 9.+ for what they say will be atleast 2 minutes of shaking long. Just some liquefaction. Ugh. I think we all need to pray for time because it seems that is what they need here in Oregon anyway. Of course I am being somewhat silly here but…Praying, praying, praying…

      1. Jules104,
        thanks for comment…I just remembered that spirit saidEQ okay,
        Tsunami later? Anyway spirit gave you direct information to you…
        So your in the clear.,

  26. Star 48 whats laughable is on one hand lets not scare everyone with volcanoes erupting but we will panic everyone with 9 mag earthquakes and 10,000 pos deaths from another source..u wsh they would just call a spade a spade ..with this kind of reporting you risk complacancy too..people can just shrug and not take it seriously when the need arises …

    1. Rhonda, ( my opinion)
      you hit the target..,
      no drip,drip ,drip…( not enough time?)
      Are they ” in the know” and decided to dump thus all out there and later say..
      See, we did all that we could…! And in this mega bucket of misdirection.,
      the real focus is lost.. The true threat… As you so eloquently stated…

      An aside got news alert about Germany.. Train. Something’s happened let me check it out.,

  27. Rhona, jules104, SWC..

    Report re- released ( from 2014 org) my question why?
    “Planning ”
    big event contingency?

    is it because it is a 10 year contract?

    For relocation of masses of people..,for Yellowstone?
    Or is it re- released because of New Madrid or CA or Cascadia?

    Report: Brazil, Argentina and Australia sign contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars to house displaced U.S. populace when Yellowstone supervolcano erupts » Intellihub

  28. Star 48 that article on Yelowstone wow but it raises fear levels considerably ..its a good move the contracts were signed but the magnatude of it all is indigestable …and your so.near …maybe they are not takung into account all the volcanoes around the world act as a vent a safety valve thats how i like to see it.
    and will continue to pray that way lotsof light…i just dont feel it is the threat it is appearing to be ..maybe i am in denial ..that plan you have includes a watchful eye of coarse and you wouldnt hesitate to read the signs and get out of there ..right ..oh dear im stunned
    Jules 104 you too i know its wyoming but how far reaching is overwhelming ..
    thanks for the article Star

  29. Star 48 we have just had 4.9 and 5.3 off west australian northwest coast ..pobably Carnarvon Basin where the faults trend north north east hard with getting info im a bit early or they are late with a report not sure how far off coast …thats quite large for us and unusual im winderung about Sumatra now

    1. Rhona,
      the USGS is showing one that as a 4 9. The European Agency is showing one j that as a 5:0
      And they are both only showing 1 EQ…so now the search…should I check is it
      For the other one? Thanks for background information on that area..was the EQ downgraded?
      Let me know.. Thx..

    2. Rhona,
      here is prelim information..
      .could only find one.. On your local monitoring svc..

      See..5.3 10 May 2016 @ 09:44:34 10 May 2016 @ 19:44:34 -16.431 118.785 0 Offshore NW Australia. Prelim

      So the same EQ is listed with only one constant the time as a connection.,
      To recap USGS says 4.9 EMSC says it is a 5.0 and your local monitoring svc shows above..

      And they only show one…,here is a snapshot of why reporting on EQ’s is getting harder.

    1. Rhona, sure enough it shows 2…
      But why are they not displayed on map? Each EQ is reported by differant agency.. 3 seconds ? Apart? I will keep looking.. Thanks.

    2. Rhona,
      I found the detail map..finally..! Grin..those darn glasses again…
      Do, I have no explanation– ghost recording?

      Being unsure, I have submitted your comments and link to a group of ” professionals, neophytes, and general enthusiasts..” Who have much more experience in dealing with the imponderable
      Let us wait fir their reaction…or comments…I will let you know..

      I am way down on their list of request for info…or notice…I am hoping for a reply…let us see.

  30. Star 48 hi..thank you for doing that for me …it shouldnt happen and geoscience Australia only have the 5.3 recorded ..fir goodness sake this is recorded geological history its impotrtant ..the earth is moving and its a non event lol..
    between your glasses Jules canoes and my memory its dont rock the boat till i can see or remember where im.going..

  31. Hu Star i was just about to check on white island magma movement going on there…also just posted a comment on new thread to nick and phsycic ch..ris about Reapehu nick pisted a link and its been raised it was in reation to volcano erupting and being seen from other nations .
    my thoughts Costa Rica or back to Ecuador what are your thoughts

    1. Rhoná
      sorry I dropped out for a few hours..

      White Island had an event of ash that went across crater floor.
      ..the deep EQs there make it a prime candidate ..
      however there is the Caribbean…Lots of unrest and many nations..
      Than there is Italy’s volcanos..on islands.
      An you have Alaskan Chain of Islands, Russian Island volcanos
      So many candidates..
      .Eric, mentioned Indonesia,
      there is also Japan,Caribbean ,Iceland,
      so many Island nations

      “. But here is the exact wording -Spirit/ Eric posted…

      “I had a visual of one massive volcano eruption.
      “The island nation.. so massive the smoke will be seen from other nations..
      tragically some will not make it in time.”
      I had a visual of a nation that had several smaller islands, perhaps Indonesia.

      I do not think Costa Rica fits right now..with all the unrest I think
      Japan,Fiji,Caribbean ,Indonesia NZ,
      are in the first tier..many of these already either have erupting volcanos or have had alerts put out than pulled.. Or have had tremendous EQ unrest at different sites,,,

      What are your thoughts? About my comments?..Rhona, SWC

  32. SWC,
    forgot to add. Philippines Solomon Islands.
    Any thoughts? Did I miss an obvious candidate ?

  33. Hi Star 48 im with you on another thread i mentioned Iceland Bardabunga us active again ..thought abiut Italy…Carribbean Japan …Yes and Fiji came to mind …also on other thread Indonisia ..i remember mentioning Sumatra Funny you should say Italy im not thinking NZ just based on other nations will see smoke
    i was commenting in other thread eithin 10 ir so minutes of yours on this thread see im goning to wait and see if it can be norrowed down hopefully it will give fair warning

    1. Rhona,
      both may be located on the ” Isthmus”. But they are both inland..
      neither country is considered an Island country..and there have ” some islands” ,but few…
      No I do not think they got spirits criteria..Do you?

    1. Rhona, WOW, I had not thought if Crete ..
      .maybe because I stayed a month on Santorini, staring at the distance,,
      ,while sitting on the edge of the caldera in Oia, ,chuckle…
      I have not heard of any unrest on Crete…did I miss some information…?

  34. Rhona, 5 in NZ wow not including the Bay of Plent ones..


    6km W of Masterton, New Zealand
    2016-05-11 12:55:17 UTC-07:0027.6 km
    13km W of Masterton, New Zealand
    2016-05-11 12:15:32 UTC-07:0027.9 km
    274km SSE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2016-05-11 08:54:34 UTC-07:0010.0 km
    19km SSW of Murupara, New Zealand
    2016-05-11 06:44:22 UTC-07:00111.4 km
    23km ESE of Christchurch, New Zealand
    2016-05-11 01:45:53 UTC-07:0010.0 km

    1. Star48, Rhona Hi. Rhona do you live across the ocean from or near the area where they are having earthquakes? I was thinking no. That you were on the West side of Australia. Is that right? I get confused with where everything is over there down under. Hope you are far away from any earth shaking.

  35. Star 48 just accidently replied on a different thread ..blast! so i will repeat myself here ..yeah drop Italy and iceland is that right
    crete doesnt have many quakes and santorini is a volcano…Hiw lucky are sister and her family invited us to Greece for the opening of a friend of theirs hotel we inly had to pay airfare …we didnt go had new grandchild on the way much more important .
    wow NZ there is alot of gearing up going on sending love and light there
    i hope New Plymouth is aware ..

    1. Rhona,
      went hunting for your comment on the other thread..could not find it..
      ..lots of active volcanos erupting or in pre- erupting stage ( sounds vulgar)
      The volcanos you have mentioned could erupt!
      But would it fulfill the “Massive” criteria that spirit mentioned?
      As well as the other criteria of Island nation? Etc..
      NZ is experiencing amazing amount in a short time, depth could be key?
      Most are running…N.Island. 5.1 was 95 KM deep
      The others are ranging 40 K, 28k
      South Island 7 KM –I missed depth for Christchurch…
      note…we must keep watch…I think it will be come apparent soon.

      An aside did you see that article on Magnetic field I posted? I put it on old thread on Magnetic field…and on another thread..could be contributing bizarre symptoms people have been feeling…apparently the field ID pulsing…please read..I think it is affecting,or influencing…
      Weather ,volcanos, EQ’s ,bizarre body reactions, as well as dizziness ..
      Etc..magnetic field nothing to laugh at.. It can turn mammals completely around – direction.,: birds ,etc..
      Interested what you and Jules104, SWC think?

      1. Star48, I know that my family and I have felt a weird dizziness at times lately. Like just a quick feeling. We’ve just chalked it up to…did we have to much caffeine or what? But you never know. I can imagine that the magnetic field changes could affect all sorts of things, people, animals. Probably will find out eventually that it’s been a bigger issue than we ever knew with all sorts of weird things turning up.

          1. Star48, Is this normal for your area? Small earthquake in Mullan, ID. Also just a note. I was looking to see if there were any recent earthquakes in Fort Irwin, CA yesterday just out of curiosity. There weren’t any but I see one on the USGS site today. Small but. I was there during the last San Francisco big earthquake. It really shook out there in the desert. It was after that time that scientist discovered the faults running right under the desert training center area. I remember what impressed me was how a lot of sidewalks had buckled up. Anyway I just wondered if we would see movement there before the next Northern California quake. That’s why I had checked yesterday. Maybe something to keep a eye on?

            1. Jules104, that is Soooo weird!
              I know Fort Irwin well, ( when under National Guard) than under General IJTaylor…aka “iron Duke”was and are lifelong family friends to this day.l
              ..Tanks! Oh my god, you brought a rush of memories…Fort Irwin/Goldstone , me as a teenager exploring the ” city” ,Hospital, etc.. Especially remember a “heart of gold “Master Sargent.,who kept a lookout for us ” kids”. ( 60’s-70’s)
              “Desert training Center” Wow…
              Regarding the Mullan, ,not near me. If you look at map…see Spokane. Straight Maybe 1 hr plus drive east..

              1. That is strange Star48. We were there when the Gulf War began and Gen Wesley Clark was in charge. See him on CNN every once in a while still. I worked at the Veterinary Clinic there. Finally got into a new building before I left. Had a lot of new housing when we lived there. They had equiped them with automatic gas shut off valves for earthquakes which was nice. Why though? Oh we soon found out right. I went over to Goldstone but never inside. I don’t even remember knowing there was an inside. Hmm…oh well. Did a lot of exploring the desert area and removing the tortoise from their crossing over the ten mile stretch to be put on the other side of the road. Trickey business that. Had a California Condor come into the clinic once. That was neat. My children loved it out there. Everything/one you’d need in one big desert city, go where ever you want basically…except the training areas of course. Had a great big pool for families also. Not sure when that was built. Oh I really really loved sitting outside and seeing all of the stars/satellites you’d never know were there. Anyway…I think that journey was my lesson in seeing the beauty in everything. I absolutely hated driving in on that ten mile stretch, I thought are you kidding me? There’s nothing out here. Then I found out…beautiful sunsets, desert flowers, stars I never knew were there, etc. Oh I actually felt the vibrations for months after the earthquake through my feet, hands. Saw the colors above the ground they say people see before an earthquake. Maybe from the magnetic field I can’t remember what they say that’s from. All very neat. Glad you got to see that area also Star48. Blessings.

  36. Hi Jules 104 i live in Perth on the coast its the capital city of west Australia and the most isolated city in the world
    we are the ones they called the city of lights when seen in the 1960’s…
    we have had a quake here meckering 30its rural odd years ago and the area shakes a few times a year its rural so not many people feel it …..
    we are not at risk much here though we were talking about the volcano an madigasca ..if the side of it goes as they have suggested it could and its been active off and on for a year it would send a giant tsunami our way ..i have versed the children and their families in a plan fir this possibility. i cant remember the name of volcano and dont want to leave site to get it or i will.have to start all. over again lol..
    thanks for asking blessings

    1. Good to know Rhona. Glad to hear your family has a plan just incase. Perth looks lovely. That is so neat how such a big city can also be so far away from everything else. May come in handy. Blessings

      1. thanks Jules yes Perth is lovely most whi visit say thete is not much night life or we are a little behind the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne .but she will we love being so peaceful and isolated .

    1. Oh great thanks for the link Rhona. I was thinking the quakes were happening further east even. Sheesh. I need to study up on my geography some I guess. Well glad it’s far away.

  37. Star48 Jules104 cracking up at self …i have seen the movie so many times with grandchildren you would think i would remember how to spell Madagascar
    im getting frustrated with my spelling since meds etc i was awhiz at it once sitting in gratitude that im here to complain about it
    found the link on magnetics ..yeah i am not surprised um.glad the proof us surfacing ..i feel it very much at times
    like both my feet were having those buzzes i get at times when a quake is coming …i should have realised it was closer to home ..usually its one or the other when its out of Australia..
    no wonder we are having so much unrest it all makes sense
    im reposting the link incase others missed it and want to read

    1. Rhona,
      on that article there are 4 videos..
      The first seems stuck, ( yearly progression)
      but the others work fine.,
      thought it was just me but someone made comment at bottom about it..

      Just amazing to me Cayce said the core would change in 1939!
      Here we are today.., still struggling to figure it out..Sun/Magnetic Field/ Core..
      Finally us..

      1. me too Jules no one here is even remotely aware least i could have a head start on going inland
        maybe if we were closer i could borrow your canoe lol
        i keep seeing you like noahs ark stuck in a mountain top in a canoe when the waters subside ..haha..

        1. Rhona I’m glad you will have a head start if need be. lol. Noah’s Ark that’s a funny thought. Well we have three kayaks. Yes, I’d have my lab, and two cats. My older daughter would have her two babies and my younger daughter would have her rock collection. 😉 (Oh my)

  38. Star48 a bit late with this response but yes i promise i will not become a cyborg what the hec ..if she got the warnings before instead if during you could maybe see the sense what a ninny… oh well we all get our kicks one way or another wonder if she affects equipment

  39. Eric did this prediction for the earthquake on May 20th, LA area already happen do you know? Was thinking of the Salt and Peppa song and the date? Could this be related somehow? Also movement at Salton Sea area. Though the dutchsinse guy Michael Janitch came out with a new comment today which sounds like it could be related to the prediction for a North CA earthquake. I will attach links.

  40. Star 48 forgive me for being pedantic and commenting on this so late but i need to explain the actual sing i heard on the radio eas by Buritto Bros and its about Los Angeles as Sin City .i know its Vegas but for the purpose of the message my guides were answering a question about quakes here is a link why they lyriced it as os Angeles
    i couldnt put it under reply for comment my phone wont hold the page and it just scrolls when i hit a letter.

    sorry i just needed to get it out of my head it kept popping up ..hope thats o.k.

    1. Rhona,
      of course it is okay!
      Great Cesar’s Ghost, From one pedantic to another! Hahahaha
      All kidding aside —-By the way.
      If your guides are making the point
      City of the Angels…l.A. —I will sit up and take warning….
      Thanks for. sharing…Any comments ? SWC?
      Rhona’ s guides have been right on target..
      ( I saw that Volcano erupted just as you were lead — to say… I noticed I; I hope some of the SWC did too). Great coup…

      1. I definetly noticed. And was going to add the prediction for May 20th earthquake I think said LA didn’t it? Hope not but…paying attention Star48, Rhona. Praying all is quiet on the West Coast here.

    1. Star48 I’ve heard of cracks up in there in Michigan that people are finding and am beginning to wonder about what’s coming for that area. I wouldn’t be surprised about anything anymore.

    1. Rhona I missed what it was you were showing. Didn’t see it on the link. Is it just me? Can you check it again please. Thanks blessings.

    1. Rhona I believe there’s more going on up there than the scientist are letting onto. I’ve been hearing about these cracks people are finding here and there but it doesn’t really seem to be in the main news. I don’t doubt that these are caused by fracking and drilling and the waste water injection. The dutchsinse guy, Michael Janitch, has spoken on how the big businesses are over fracking and drilling. Getting way to greedy and then they cause what he calls super fractures. And then I wonder about who’s paying the scientist that are doing the studies and then saying it’s not caused by what the big oil and gas companies are doing. Not that there wasn’t a fault in the area beforehand, but what they are doing can’t be helping. I think it will all come out in the wash sooner or later.

    1. Rhona,
      I put it out there..with new information of many ” mystery’s “are less mysterious.
      ( my opinion..,there are other followup videos on YouTube that heat is coming out of the crack..
      So, with all the new information ( mantle) etc as well as “new Madrid”.
      Can anyone find a report ,an update? Strange —
      Yet there are predictions that the water from the Great Lakes will empty in the gulf…

  41. Star 48 Jules 104 thank you for the support it means alot to me
    Star Great Ceasars Ghost so funny i avent heard that in years…
    um.crete had a baby 3 mag i think it was i had a chuckle …
    blessings to all

  42. Star 48 you are likely very aeare of the helium leaks in this article guven the crabs washing ashore i am very concerned i know crayfish dive to great depth off shelves and no one knows if the crabs usually duve to the depth of the fault and helium is leaking it does point to teason for concern ..

  43. Stars 48 SWC Venauatu is going off again two quakes above 5 Yasur volcani in the south has been erupting for 3 years and been on level 2 alert this lunk also gives location on map and level alerts of other volcanoes in the island chain the epicentre for these quakes is roughly 330 miles from yasur level 2 means a flank colapse is possible acording to legend for alerts

  44. star 48swc that should read flank eruption not collapse as i wrote… in my previous post on Yasur volcano quite a different result to say the least..

  45. SWC, sorry for my spotty or non answers for the past few day’s..– an issue with ATT cellulardat usage…I am having a (.? Insert word you would use) with them..ugggh …
    Hopefully will be resolved this week,,, Blessings

    1. Oh no worries Star48. I’ve had a few of those……….moments myself. Comcast and then Verizon data usage. What a pain. Hope you get it sorted out. I always write down dates, times, and names of reps. Just in case anymore. 🙄

  46. Jules104, Rhona, SWC,
    This posted by Dutch just now..
    Pacific and West coast USA earthquake + Volcano alert:
    The Hawaiian islands have been struck by M6.0 earthquake below the RIMPAC global naval war game location going on currently with the USA and China (and 24 other countries).
    Additionally a plume of Sulfur Dioxide gas is now coming from a Volcano off the SW coast of Baja California / Gulf of California / West coast of Mexico….
    Continue Reading

    7/01/2016 — West Coast Volcanic Plume — Barcena Volcano emitting Sulfur Dioxide Gas
    Please get the word out to the people of California, and Mexico, as well as the whole West coast…

    1. Star48, Can you tell me where he is posting info now please? Is it just his live stream? Thanks. Maybe a link?

      1. Julie, he starts off slow.
        Keep with it ..or start from the end and go backwards..until he notices during his stream. (It was @ 1 am central time)

      1. Jules104, yes, that’s why I referenced you..
        By the way lots of activity off the coast and in WA today.will post on next comment.

  47. SWC,
    The state dept…Clinton Foundation connection..from FOIA… becoming a scandal
    As Clinton is on the record as she did not have any emails or meetings or contact between the two..
    That has now been established…as an untruth..

    Ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, at Florida Trump rally, compares Clinton Foundation questions to Teapot Dome scandal; ‘it’s going to be bigger than Watergate’ – @AaronBlake

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