Summation of Prediction 9

Prediction 9 has happened. There was a 7.4 earthquake with no reported deaths in Mexico on March 20th 2012.

Prediction 9 reads: “In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd.  From past experience they usually use the words destructive, or damaging, the fact they are using  ”measurably high”  implies that it’s not an overwhelmingly destructive earthquake but one of caution.”

This prediction isn’t without its mishaps. Even though it took place in Mexico it was predicted on the north coastal area of Mexico (Baja California) the earthquake actually  took place on the southern coastal area of Mexico (Acapulco) and spread all the way towards Mexico City. I will continue to focus on accuracy in location.

Expected Time Frame: Spring of 2012, around the 20th-23rd.

Actual Time Frame: The earthquake took place March 20th 2012

Here is what a MSNBC reported on the earthquake.

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