Notes on 5-18-15

Around May 20th an earthquake strikes California, around the Los Angeles area, half the scope of size (making it around a 5.5 magnitude)

I had a visual I was looking down at a glass container of black pepper and it was gone. In the background I could hear the song “Push it: Salt and Pepa is here”

“Valium (or another hypnotic / narcotic drug) will end the celebrities life, such tragedy.” — Spirits Voice


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  1. I keep saying with all the strong and devastating earthquakes lately that California is just too quiet. I hope they haven’t let their guards down!

  2. Looked up pepper in dream and it means money. Salt and pepper means black and white which probably means police. So someone is getting a container full of money probably overseas and the police steal it. Probably has to do with war over seas paying people.

  3. I thought it had to do with the 1980s group “Salt N Pepper”. They sang Push It. Maybe it’s a reference to the singer”Pepper” and the celebrity prediction.

  4. Last night I had a dream that California will have an earthquake around the 6.0 magnitude between 19-21 May 2015. Could not determine north or south. Those in California should take measures to have adequate emergency supplies in their cars.

    • Well, it’s 22 May and I was wrong on the dream. That’s a good thing. If anyone did prepare or even just went back through their old emergency kit to make sure that it was up to date then that’s good too as you never know when it will come in handy.

      • That is good news! However natural disasters are becomming the norm, therefore, awareness of such is vital. It seems that nowhere on earth is there a place which is immune to catastrophes whether natural or man made. Awareness is key.

      • Brokenarrow354, No you are not wrong. It’s a matter of time in this month. It’s already began around the 20th, and it’s processing. Just don’t hold your breath. Cuz it won’t rest till it pass by the end of this month or so. I can feel it in my gut. I won’t relax till it’s settled down. Blessings,

      • Harvy, Thanks. I have noticed an uptick of EQ’s the last few days especially in CA. I do believe that planetary alignments as well as solar activity has an effect on our tectonic plates and the result is more EQ and volcanic activity. Generally, certain dreams I have come to pass within about 3 days which is why the specific dates. There is a planetary alignment forthcoming towards the end of the month I believe so this may explain the increased activity around the world.

    • I’m very good at reading dreams but a lot in here have to learn. Books such as dream meanings have been written from years of seers in meanings of dreams. So when you get a dream go to the book. Black pepper in book means money. That’s how I know it’s about money. I’m not guessing just putting two and two together. If I never read dream meanings I would guess like some others have and misinterpret the dream. Now let me teach you something. Imagine taking part of the dream and being their and changing outcome. It is possible.

      • objects in dreams, and dreams have different meanings with people, it is not a one meaning fits all people. these have the meanings you associate with them because you read the book that stated that meaning and have now attached that to it

  5. Just want to say what an AMAZING reading I had with Eric today!! Thank you for sharing your gift with me….you are such a light and how blessed I was to speak with you!

  6. I almost didnt post this as it distessing ….I prey um wrong…Justin Timberlake did a rap duet with Jimmy Fallon in July 2011 and Salt and Pepa ..Push it was included.. in the is on Utube..Justin has been bothered with addiction for some time .sending light and llove his way..Justin if you read this or anyone that knows you please take care we are all special and needed here on this planet in ways that may or may not be obvious to us..blessings site family and to all in California i love stay safe residents..

  7. Having posted this i believe justin is ok..i will just trust the love and light knows where it is needed and will surround the celeb concernd..


  9. There was a 4.1 a short while ago followed by smaller ones. Get this. It was centered in the SALTON SEA near Brawley, CA. The SALTON SEA has no PEPPER. A Salt, no pepper shaker.

  10. 4.1 EQ in southern Cali yesterday, 4.3 in northern Cali today. So maybe we’ll have a 5.5 somewhere in between next.

    • Exactly right, Lehayla! Right now, I’m focusing the patterns at around 11pm as it shook up the southern California these past 2 nights in a row. I was surprised there was 7 earthquakes in a row at around 11pm last night. So I waited to see if it will happen tonight at around 11pm. Sure enough. It affected multiple times in Calif and the biggest one was 4.3 in northern part of CA. I keep monitoring for 11pm every nite to observe the behavior patterns til May 28th and 29th. I suspected that is in position of aligned along the planets at that time at 11pm upon the west coastal of US. So, just a theory. Just wait and see how and what affected it.

      • Eric, I don’t think so. It started around the 20th as you and the Spirits stated. It’s just began and it continue to process until the passing of the Saturn and other planets then it will be settled. Just hope it won’t be a major one.

        I won’t rest till its settled down. Blessings.

    • I don’t think so, Nevada is too far. It really looks like a failed prediction. My thought is that trying to get it down to a date is where the mistake lies and we will still probably have a quake coming, mainly because they gave too many details. We will have to wait and see what the rest of May brings.

  11. This is interesting observation. Noticed many acceleration of earthquakes around the world today. It made me wondering if the Saturn is slowly approaching towards btw the earth and Sun within next 7 days. It create the pressure in galaxy and pull more gravitational to and from the earth’s outer crusts. So just wait and see. Remember it’s a theory of mine.

    • It is possible the last line of the prediction is separate and unrelated. If you read the separated version it implies a shortage of the staple ‘pepper’. But it would be unheard of to make a prediction about something like that.

  12. Harvey, have you been in the Earthboppin’ chat forum? Watching your scientific form of forecasting earth events makes me wonder if you’ve looked at it. There are spots to share your predictions in “Roll ‘n’ Rock” and also for earth sensitives in “Earth Groans” on that site. It opened a whole new world for me like this site did. Just a suggestion.

    • Geez, Thanks Swampy! I’ve not even thought of that. Its just a hobby. I sometimes wondering why I’m doing this. I’m just glad to be part of Eric’s prediction to see what is the missing clue or possibilities in theory. I know I may not stay very long on Eric’s prediction as I’m looking for a full time job next year. Again thanks!

  13. Again Swampy, to answer the question. Never heard of the “Earth bopping” chat form and “Earth Groans” site. Never heard of them. Let see if I can find those sites.


  14. Swampy. Hi again. I just read the site of Earth Groans “. Hmmm. Thats the tough part as no one really know where the “strange sounds” coming from. I also do know that there was some ufo reports in a day to 3 days or so prior to an earthquake. Even there was report of hearing strange sounds prior to earthquakes. But it’s weird that it doesn’t occur to every earthquakes or volcanoes. Why there was few documents but not every one of them, so it’s still mystery. I don’t think there was a real strange sound coming from the earth prior to earthquakes. BUT in fact yes there was heard of painful screaming coming from the deep hole of “hell”. I can’t remember exact the name of the place that the witnesses heard and was terrified to run. There was a theory of the Scriptures that matched the description from the deep hole as heard of crying and screaming souls from underground. Sounds painful, yes. But it’s not the same as the “sound strange”. My guess is that it has to be heard from the galaxy or singing from the whales. I don’t know but not enough evident to pinpoint where the odd sounds coming from. Or what if it related with ufo. I don’t know but it could be anything that caused the weird sounds. If it documented in past history in thousand years ago, then that would be very interesting. Its something that part of it that it was not man made. Again, this is the hard case to decode it.

  15. I’ve monitored today a few times on earthquakes live map but I am not seeing any unusal behavior patterns. Just several clutters in Canada, Calif, Oklahoma. The ritcher scales are very small up to 3 something. But somewhere in Mexico was 4 point something in ritcher scales. The only repeated is Turkey island which repeated 7 times with an hour up to 2.6 ritcher scales. That was 17 hours ago. So, nothing usual as for now.

    I’m going to check for dead birds and fish around the world and see if it pop up recently nearby west coastal of US.

    • I also forgot to add. There are a bubbles everywhere in US in north, south, east and west, and outside of US in Canada, Alaska and Mexico as well, but I don’t think it’s that strong yet. I keep my eyes out when I see any unusal behaviors. Just pray that it’s very, very small.


    Here’s the link of the dead fish, jellyfish, lobster and sea lions which has been unusal for few weeks upon the west coastal of Mexico. The cause is mystery unknown unlike polluted or damaged by ships, etc.

    Also, reported another dead whales off the west coastal of Calif for the last five weeks. All different species but several possible as bit by the shark, whale, hit by the ship, limps torn by nets, and others unknown.

    I keep looking for more info. that is related “unknown” caused of death. But if it’s related with polluted. It’s not what I’m looking for.


      This is the information I gathered from around the world that caused dead fish and birds, etc. This gives you some ideas what to look for and where it occurred and what caused it. I don’t pay attention “to the end of the world’ theme but everyone has a theory. Their information is helpful for me to find that may be related with volcanoes and earthquakes. There is other possibilities that may caused death but its not likely related with earthquakes or volcanoes. Hope this help you as what I have been doing. I usually look for a clue as what caused the animals and fish death.

      Would love to hear your feedback but I’m all ear and keep my theory. Your feedback may give me some ideas or thoughts what if it’s possible.


    • The deaths are caused by a major hit to the entire ecosystem due to warming of the pacific ocean. Its why we have so many marine die-offs here in the PNW. Not only do we have “the blob” but a strong El Niño. Usually whales and Dolphins aren’t as affected, but sea lions, fish, jelly fish and the like are all very dependent. That being said, many due believe climate change is creating more seismic activity, or vice versa. So probably linked one way or another, but the die off of the more delicate sea life is not an indicator of major earthquakes about to happen.

      • Thanks for your reply, Lehayla. Indeed there is a very strong El Nino involved right at this point. Also, it seemed there is a coincidence when there were dead whales and dolphins that washed ashore upon where it had earthquakes and volcanoes in the past. I”m just sharing info as this is where I gathered information to watch for anything very unusual.



    I had another look at the connection that is closely related to Calif. If you look at the repeated of Turkey that either before or after Calif. Turkey has 7 times repeated about 17 hours ago then Calif. It complicated to explain my point but I see its connected between Turkey and Calif with in short time that hit upon. Its a fact that Okahoma and Calif are closely related but it’s just if there are the fault or bridge like that connected those two. So, I’m seeing that Turkey is like a bridge connected to Calif. There are other places that repeated connected to Calif as well. It’s sort of like a spider webs trying to pinpoint the behavior patterns. Hope it helps what I’m trying to say.

    However, I am not seeing any major or unusal behavior patterns as for now, but I keep monitoring when I see very usual patters. It’s very small right now.


    • Whoops…I sent the wrong link for earthquakes live map. I will try next time when I use the computer. Not able to do it on my phone. Sorry about that.


      Here’s another clue I found. Someone took a picture of the strange green light in Netherland. There was a comment replied that had the same thing in Los Angelses on same day as Netherlands. Read comment by Javier Herrera of May 22 at 4:30am.

      I thought “shit”. Cuz usually I seen the patterns of strange lights especially green or blue sometimes white that appeared in area just days before the major quakes.

      But I also remember there was multiple quakes on that day of May 22 in Calif. So, it’s possible that the lights appeared during, before and after the quakes. It released the fumes that create the lights. It’s really strange but seen the patterns. Not often it appeared. So, If anyone seen strange unusal lights with in last few days then it’s the sign of the quakes coming up. So that’s another sign I put it together as predicted an earthquakes may come up.

      • Star and Jules, Here’s another link just for your information, It’s not my intention to alarm anyone but it’s what I do to investigate putting it together of possible earthquakes coming up. However, This is the sample of their work as what they do in their planets alignment. It’s interesting note that I wanted to share with you.

      • I think his name is “thebarcaroller”. If you enlarge you will see it at the bottom left corner. Interesting, I really like the scientific aspects of it all. Thanks Harvey! You are doing a wonderful job. I feel sort of bad for Frank Hoogerbeets, he’s really getting beat up on this one from the press because he has said he hears from Spirits, and I really think he is sincere in trying to help, no large earthquake which he predicted around the 28th.

      • HEY Jules! Just saw your previous message. I didn’t know that Frank Hoogerbeets heard from his Spirits. Thought I read that he was interesting in numerology then calculations in planetary alignment for a long time. If he did then it’d be so awkward cuz alot of people are skeptical about the Spirits talking to humans. Poor Frank. I feel bad for him. It must be rough on him. But one thing for sure that it was highly active on the 29th and 30th. He got that right! It shook up Japan and the volcanoes. It went crazy all over the world in earthquakes so he might be right about that even thou it didn’t happen in Calif. But hey the good news It did not occurred in California! Whew. It was scary thinking what if.

      • Yes I agree Harvey, I feel bad for Frank H, but just as glad that it didn’t happen. Though it’s just a matter of time all along the Ring of Fire I think. Many earth changes going on all over the world. Lots of Prayers for our Planet and all on it. Stay safe in Texas Harvey. Blessings to You and Yours.

      • Hey Jules and Star48! My dog just woke me up. It’s after 3:15am in Dallas. Went outside to see the gorgeous bright full moon on a clear night. Just as I suspected, sure enough it affected gravity on a full moon, there was 5.8 and 5.7 richter scales off the Oregon west coastal an hour ago! Pretty amazing.

      • That’s good to know. Thanks, Eric. I’m not seeing anything “odd” or usual yet. Just small one up north of San Diego about few hours ago. Perhaps just a false alarm from different theorists. But they tried and it’s positive.

      • There is one that felt strongly there is a possibility but he was hoping he is wrong on that one of May 28th. His name is Frank Hoggerbeets, but he was correct when he predicted there would be a big quake within 2 days till Nepal last month. So, he did pretty good but it didn’t happen with the earthquake (not the big one, but there was few small ones) along northwest coastal. However, there was a volcano in Japan farther west from US. That’s not so bad for his prediction in his calculators. I’d give him little credit for that.

        Now the other one that I posted the video above which is the Solar Watcher. Let me find out what his name then get back quickly.


        Eric, here is another link to share with you but I could not find the person name for their program called Solar Watcher. It’s almost similar as Dutch Frank Hoogerbeets’s theory. It’s the similar concept as how it might affect by planetary alignments. So I thought it was interested to hear their notes.

        Eric, I believe your Spirits were right about the earthquakes around May 20th cuz it really shook up that day which it had 7 earthquakes in a row within an hour nearby San Diego. It was unusual. I think with the prayers helped to reduce the minimum of ritcher scales. This month was crazy with frequent actives of quakes and coming up volcanoes around the world. A big thanks to you and the Spirits. Please don’t give up. I’m with you.

        May God bless you and the Spirits.

  18. Has anyone heard any info on the supposed Northern California, Trinity Lake Dam Area, 5.1 earthquake today? People are saying it wasn’t reported by USGS but that it showed up on other models than was taken down. It was right after the 6.7 (or 6.8 by European models) in Alaska. Here’s some links where they show it coming up. Just trying to figure out if there really was one and what’s going on with them retracting it. Is that normal?

      • Jules and Star, yea I know what you meant. I monitored and didn’t see much “odd” behaviors and thought maybe was false alarm. Then checked again today and was shocked. It still very unsettled and am ready to get it calm down. The description of behavior is almost like when you are in labor having a baby. It constantly almost like every minute or so. It still is especially in Turkey area. So….Sigh….I’m ready to pass that to be over with. I never seen that frequent shaken in Turkey area not like the one i seen just before Nepal’s great quake. I keep my fingers that it will slow down. Need lots of prayers.


      • Jules104, I was going through news video’s today, when I saw a video of flying beings, on TV news
        In India near Bay of Bengal.. Just posted on 6-24 or 25/2014.,
        A little. Nervous if real..

      • I saw that video last year Star48 and thought it was rather strange. Let’s just hope it’s a fake or a movie stunt.

      • Star and Jules, No, I think it’s fake. I think i know what you meant. When I looked at the video. It was weird but too tiny and blurry to tell what it was. My assumption is perhaps if it was designed like a flying rocket by NASA or something. It’s possible but hard to tell. Again, I think it’s fake. It’d be nice if it shows more clear and enlarge the images but it didn’t. Need more evidence.

        On last note, I’m grateful that no major event has happen in Calif. It’s good news for today.


  19. Eric your prediction back in April re large earthquake had “30” Has this not happened maybe 30 May instead. just a thought

    • That’s an interesting point you are making Helen. Maybe that’s what the Spirits meant. Wonder what Eric thinks.

    • Good point, Helen. It could be the day of the month. Good thought. I’m still learning Eric’s prediction in numbers.

      • I think you are exactly right Eric. In my opinion the Spirits pretty much got it right. To be able to even predict a large destructive earthquake around a certain timeframe…”anywhere” in the world is doing a good job! Thanks for all You and Spirit do Eric.

      • Wow that is deep. I can’t remember if that is good or bad for future aftershocks…hmmm…any thoughts on that Star48? I read on a site, “Each time we see deep movement, we see shallow larger movement in the areas adjacent to the deep movement. Usually areas Northwest of the deep epicenter”. I am wondering if that relates to this deep asthenosphere earthquake they just had off shore.

  20. Jules104, just to make sure we are looking at the same page..
    Can we use this as the base? I have made some observations.. Would like to share. In another comment block after this post..
    Of the Mantle of the earth..
    The mantle is divided into sections which are based upon results from seismology. These layers (and their thicknesses/depths) are the following: the upper mantle (starting at the Moho, or base of the crust around 7 to 35 km (4.3 to 21.7 mi) downward to 410 km (250 mi)),[10] the transition zone (410–660 km or 250–410 mi), the lower mantle (660–2,891 km or 410–1,796 mi), and anomalous core–mantle boundary with a variable thickness (on average ~200 km (120 mi) thick).[3][11][12][13]

  21. Jules104, from 4/30/15 thru 5/30/15. There have been 15 “deep focus”
    Varying in strength..(2 )earthquakes registered below 2
    (12 )registered between 4.2 to 5.3 range earthquakes..
    (1) registered 7.8 today’s quake ..
    Would you like me to list the depths?

    • Sorry Star48, had to go for a walk and take care of changing out the snow tires. Thanks for all that info but my site wasn’t that in depth. :/ LOL I was looking at the Dutchsinse website and just going by his past predictions. Don’t really want to add that as fully scientific evidence, as that’s an unproven hypothesis?? Though he seems to be doing a pretty good job with the earthquakes lately. So are you saying it is possible then based on scientific evidence? There does seem to be a lot of large earth movement going on lately.

  22. Jules 104, here is the info,,
    Date,, Depth.(KM) Magnitude. Location. Time-UTC
    4/30/15. 557.39. 4,6. Fiji Islands/region. 05:34:23
    4/30/15. 650. 4.2. Alaska-Aleutian Arc. 09:38:33
    5/06/15. 613.5. 5.0. * Kermadac- Tonga-Samoa. 12:08:29
    5/08/15. 518.9. 4.6. * Kermadac-Tonga-Samoa. 02:56:15
    5/11/15. 606.7. 5.0. Fiji Islands/region. 03:30:15
    5/13/15. 614.2. 4.8. * Kermadac-Tonga-Samoa. 10:04:07
    5/14/15. 300. 4.7. Bismark&Solomon Islands. 01:21:47
    5/14/15. 500.7. 4.6. Fiji Islands/region. 12:43:59
    5/14/15. 366.2. 5.1. Sunda Arc/Banda Sea. 17:38:21
    5/18/15. 264. 4.5. Guam to Japan/ Mariana Is. 02:39:38
    5/21/15. 352.7. 4.3. Galapagos Area/
    Central East PAC rise. 20:54:58
    5/25/15. 386.5. 5.1. Sea of Japan. 06:37:40
    5/30/15. 596.8. -2. Phillippines ,Mindanao. 01:40:22
    Eastern Asia
    5/30/15. 200. -2. Alaska/Aleutian Arc. 03:20:09
    5/30/15. 677,5. 7,8. Guam to Japan- Bowin Is. 11:23:02

    Note * should also say south of Fiji

    I would be interested if you noticed what I did..

  23. Star48, sorry its always my busy day on Saturdays. I am not sure if I am seeing the same thing as you, but what I am seeing is that, “the Philippine Sea Plate is unusual in that its borders are nearly all zones of plate convergence”….which can’t be good with whats going on. And that most of those earthquakes are only a few days apart if that and mostly at a deep depth, and that they seem to all be consistently in the same areas back and forth, which has a history of volcanism, and large earthquakes and tsunami’s. What I am hoping isn’t going to happen is a large under sea earthquake + volcano + tsunami….maybe in Japan? Tell me what it is you are seeing.

  24. Jules104, I was noticing anomalies first in reports.
    2nd. Deeper earthquakes “seem” to preceed shallow stronger earthquakes..
    Possible resonate movement due to the geological makeup at that depth.
    My interest -could the magnetic field be involved..?

    Oh by the way 3 ghost earthquakes retracted by USGS…
    They have said sensors in Northern CA at fault– I think they have been hacked..
    Just a feeling..we will see…

    • I think you are right on Star48. Funny you should say that about USGS being hacked also, because it was my exact thought about the ghost earthquakes yesterday…could they have been hacked?! (by the way, trying to get on today and the website is down) Interesting also about the magnetic field. I was reading something where someone was talking about the pole shifts in the past…and how they think that must have caused movement with the plates. I believe it is speaking of the geological makeup/molten metal deep within the earth changing and becoming asymmetric in respect to the equatorial plane, which then causes a reversal. At first I thought they were saying the plate movement causes the change inside the earth with molten metal then the reversal…but it sounds like the opposite happens…hmmm, interesting. Either way I think we are in the middle of a big earth changing period, and should expect the unexpected. I am thankful we have Eric and his Spirits giving us a heads up and helping us through this time period. The deeper earthquakes preceding the shallow stronger ones is what I heard you should expect/ is happening on the Dutchsinse video…Which makes me a little nervous. Here is a link to the magnetic reversal info I was looking at. Looks like a good site and also talks about something unusual happening in Fiji on 30 May 2015 if you click on the article under “Recent Posts”. Blessings Always 🙂

      • Thanks Jules for the valuable info. I’m always looking at many possible sides that affect our planet outer crust from in and out.

        Something is happening in our global in fast forward approach. We are looking at all possibilities with pole shift, El Nino, planetary alignment, solar flares, strang “hum” sounds, etc. There are many theorists but not sure what exactly it caused everything going on in our planet at this moment in AD 2105. It gradually changing either for better or worst. Think of like this as a teen as transition to become adulthood. It constantly changing from inside to outside.

  25. Eric, Harvey, thanks to Harvey posting about 5.5 off coast of Oregon
    I checked other sites as USGS was down yesterday.
    Please note.. 3 earthquakes reported..5.8. 4.3 5.5

    .01-JUN-2015 10:46:27 44.55 -129.54 5.5 10 0 OFF COAST OF OREGON 5148862
    01-JUN-2015 07:01:20 44.53 -129.76 4.3 10 18 OFF COAST OF OREGON 5148852
    01-JUN-2015 06:52:41 44.44 -129.77 5.8 10 22 OFF COAST OF OREGON 5148851

    • Holy cow! This is mind blowing! I’m seeing the affect by the full moon. Along with planetary alignment (not sure where exactly the planets are in right now at this time when it’s full moon.) It’s amazing unbelievers I’m seeing the affecting by the beauty of full moon with planetary alignment as well. It’s possible that it could be adding on top of those two. What about El Nino and pole shift at this time? It’s hard to tell but it can create more stress on earth crust surface. Amazing that we are seeing this rare event in our lifetime.

      • Jules104,
        it was not that long ago the was major trouble with NOAA. Remember?
        I think they are saying because the Japan earthquake was so deep that the filter picked up ghosts.. See.

        I can not imagine they had not checked with other monitoring sites and did not know they had a problem earlier.. That is why I think they have been hacked..( just my opinion)

      • Jules104,
        there has been a 5.2 earthquake in Arctic Ocean.. 6 years since there has been one around that size.,
        If you google or ? Arctic Ocean earthquakes you will see listing of older ones..there’s a report of one today.. One other posted – differant site than USGS
        It is right on the edge of non reporting area.. Having trouble confirming . It’s on 2 sites..will post long and lat- Ah just got it.
        .86.123 degrees North 31.961 degrees East. Depth 10KM (6.2 MIles)
        Very strange timing..

      • I see that now on both sites and the third site with six years ago. They have a 5.2 on the USGS and a 5.0 on the Arctic Ocean volcano discovery site. I never realized they were that rare. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the USGS office over here in Golden. :/

      • Jules104, he has made a great point I noticed the earthquake in Illinois and the one today in Maine.. Lots of unusual activity ..Very Interesting activity.
        Great Observations by Dutchsinse….
        .I just noticed there is more activity off Oregon on another site except they are not listing magnitude…possibly being very cautious? See.

      • Right. Very interesting and unusual, but these ARE unusual times right now with all the earth changes. Japan has put out warnings for a possible larger quake happening…but I think they just really want to have people prepared for any future events…whenever they may happen. I hope Americans are paying attention, but unfortunately I think most have a hard enough time just trying to stay focused on having a job, going to work, feeding their families and paying their bills, etc. : ( I guess this is where we are very blessed to have Eric and Spirits input. : ) Anyway, all of this makes me think about the post on the odd stone dinosaur, and the clock with its hands on the 4 but the number 6 written on the paper.,,June 4th? But I think Eric said the Spirits are not talking about anymore large earthquakes right now, so maybe nothing. Thanks for that link, looks like a great site. Praying for calm on the West Coast and elsewhere! Blessings Star48

  26. Jules and Star48, I was worried when Eric mentioned of ” Japan…10…earthquake” about few months ago in his posting. Need to look at the date of which posting. That’s my fear what if the Spirits are right. It looks like it fit all the pictures what is going on in and around Japan. Let’s hope it’s not true.

    However, I noticed several sites related with earthquakes are not all the same but most of them are correct. It’s weird when they don’t document every single of them around the world or maybe it’s not all the tools they have in their organization. Just a thought. But hack?? That’s new and why would they do that? It’s pointless to hack for a wrong reason if it’s to prevent the panic or pretend it’s true to help gain the predictor being right. It just ain’t right. However, I’m glad we noticed something is going on and with the help of Eric and his Spirits to be aware of the events coming up. That helps me what to look for.


  27. Jules, I remember you mentioned you have a son lives in Japan. What part he lives in and is he staying for a while or permanent? Is it job related?

    Can he fly back home just to be safe?

    • Just checked the earthquake lives map. Another 3 quakes off the Oregon west of coast at 6.0 and 5.9. Both strong actives are btw West coast of Oregon and Japan. I’d suggest your son and his family if he has any to move home within you for little while. I feel that it could be Japan’s next target instead of Calif. It’s the orange color stage for now. It’s on alert. I don’t want to scare you or anyone but it’s what I’m seeing it the strength in Japan and frequent quakes in past month.

    • Hi Harvey. Thank You for your concern but no worries. Yes he and his wife, and two furry cat children (LOL) live in Japan in the USAF at Yokota Air Base, 45 km north-west of Tokyo at the foothills of the Okutama Mountains. I do feel somewhat better knowing that they are looked after being in the military. It’s like having your own gigantic family all in one place taking care of each other for the most part. I try to keep him in the loop as much as possible, but know he is right where he wants to be and that he would be the first one on the scene trying to help others. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time, not only for himself, but for those who just happen to need help also. Must have others watching over him. Blessings Harvey 🙂

      • Jules, then he is in excellent place! Whew. I’d feel good about that if it were my child. I always want to be safe than sorry. My heart goes out to other people. I do.

        Stars and Jules and Eric, I noticed the strongest affect on most quakes in range between Indian Ocean and North/South Pacific Ocean. That’s the strongest area at this time. I keep watching next few days. My worry is New Madrid.


    • Star48 and Jules, I wonder if it’s related with “undersea” volcano off Oregon west coastal?

      • Yep…it sure is! The Axial seamount which is under sea volcano about 300 miles off the Oregon and Washington west coast. Keep eyes on that one. It’s very active and lively. Possible eruption.

      • Star48 and Jules, I wonder if you remember if Eric have mentioned if Calif will be flooded or related with high water in his past postings, maybe 3 or 6 mos ago? Why I asked? Cuz there are frequent quakes along the Alaska ‘ s volcanoes and IF it shake up to 8 or 9 magnitude then it will trigger tsunami towards Washington, Oregon, Calif along the west coastal. The Oregon undersea volcano is less likely to trigger tsunami, so no need to worry about that one. Alaska had 9.2 magnitude in 1962 and triggered tsunami toward west coastal. So, I am just curious if Eric has mentioned if Washington, Oregon or Calif will be affect by high water.

      • Hi Harvey. I believe he has mentioned possible earthquake/tsunami for the BC Canada area in the past. Not sure if there was a small one that counted for that or not. I read that what’s going on off of the Oregon border is actually good for Oregon but that it would move stress north or south of that area. I’m not really sure if it pertains to everything that’s going on right now since there seems to be something popping up new every day. I read about the axial seamount also. Interesting stuff.

      • Harvey, regarding your question here is one posting there are others..
        Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami
        Posted on June 11, 2013 by Eric Leigh-Pink
        The Tsunami

        Hawaii, Vancouver, British Colombia, Washington State, all will be affected. The tide will flood the shorelines. British Colombia will take the brunt of the destruction.

        Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate..

        The two previous predictions are connected, One Tsunami from what seems to come from the north affecting the entire region. The number “12” could be the date. 19th? 28th? They have made no mention of the 28th and made a point to exclude the earthquake that is another prediction about Indonesia.

      • Thanks Star48 and Jules, It’s pretty heavy active around Alaska, west coast of US, around Hawaii as well as neighbor Japan that can trigger tsunami if it’s up to 9 magnitude around Alaska’s hook shape volcanoes. Just a thought and something to watch closely. Especially, the full moon has strong affect by gravity towards undersea volcanoes. That’s why I was asking about if there was any previous about the Calif, Wash, etc possible of tsunami.

        By the way, there are three small quakes in Canada today. One is far left, one in the very middle and one is far right. Lol… oh gosh…something new popping up.

        to be honest with you, It’s crazy lately as if i was chasing after the “bunnies’ go to one place then to next place then back to another place. They are everywhere and won’t be sit still. lol

      • Gosh it’s crazy active lately isn’t it. Were any of the quakes in Canada from drilling or fracking Harvey? I always got to watch that part. Thanks for keeping us up to date Harvey. I think there is good reason to be paying attention these days.

      • Jules, Please forgive me as I forgot to mention to you last week that I’m not the Dad. I’m the Mom. Harvey is my husband’s name. 😉 Being a parent’s nature is to worry for their child/children’s safety. I have two teenagers. Growing up too fast. 🙂

      • No worries. I don’t really think about genders all to much lol. Yes it is what we parents do a lot …worry. I am not sure if that part ever goes away. Ugh. :/

    • To Jules,I looked at the Canada map if the small earthquakes are related with franking or drilling. The middle and far right that looks very much in franking area except the far left nearby Vancouver is not in franking area.

      I sign off for now. Blessings! 🙂

      • I agree Eric, Harvey. I think the issue comes down to greed mostly with Big Business. I doubt they will have a second thought about what it does to our planet/environment until it effects them directly. And sadly maybe not even then. They really got their heads in the sand.

      • Helen, could be … Spirit gave Eric the information.. Time is the variable .
        ( my dry wit—-Time will tell). I know cheesy ..

    • Wow, that’s crazy. Glad to know cuz it made me wondering if it affected by the undersea volcanoe just west coast of Oregon. Is Catalana is south of undersea volcanoe? How many miles apart btw those two?

      As you mentioned of the 2nd oar fish this weekend. Take a deep breath. That’s something we have to watch very carefully. Something will happen any day or anytime. Oar fish is a bad sign.


        Star, I’m not having much luck with finding out more info about the Catalina Island as what caused it going down or rising. Or what if its the water rise or lower level of water since the northern arctic glacier dissolved rapidly. My thought was what if the Oregon’s undersea volcano is very active and it affect the lower part of the undersea volcanoes to re activate. In geology fact, It used to be the undersea volcano million of years ago and it is not related with California. Those are two separate rocks. However, I think the distance to Oregon’s undersea volcano is way far from each other as I don’t know how if Oregon’s undersea volcano may have affect the Catalina Island whether its going under water or rising. I’m not seeing any connection between those two as not enough information about the background of Catalina Island.

        I enclosed the link as its similar as the one you shared the link with me. It made me wondering if this is what Cayce’s prediction that part of Calif will be under water. Honestly I don’t know. Need more researching on lower part of fault area. It’s a very interested note. I keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing.

      • I re read the article you sent. It explained the possibility of sinking the island. Very interested note, Star. The more info, it’s helpful.

  28. Eric, I had a dram just now to order everyone out from a very large skyscraper. I witnessed everyone scrambling down staircase. The other night it was more a vision flash past me
    The words in Gold capital letters that said Only half the worlds population will be left,

  29. Eric, I had a dram just now to order everyone out from a very large skyscraper. I witnessed everyone scrambling down staircase. The other night it was more a vision flash past me
    The words in Gold capital letters that said Only half the worlds population will be left. Is this just a premonition or just I’m worried?

  30. Hey Star48, glad you caught it! It’s so sad. It’s really bad around Chili’s volcanoes in South America. . That’s something I just don’t get it as the scientists should have known what caused the whales’ death. It’s simple…it’s around undersea vents that related with volcanoes. It could either released the toxic from vents or extremely hot instantly. Whatever it was that came from the volcanoes.

    Secondly, I’ve monitored that there is constantly quakes (mostly small) in Puerto Rico these last 2 days. I called the earth in “labor”. It’s connected to southern volcanoes in South America and along the ring of fire. Just about every volcanoes are active along the rings of fire. It’s crazy! Why? In My opinion, there are few that could be related: pole shifts, El Nino, Planetary alignment, warming global, solar flares, what else am I missing? It’s all combined that put extra stress on planet. But I wouldn’t worry cuz it’s not permanent. It will slowly come back to normal. When? Idk. I’m not God.

    Thanks for keeping eyes on it. I was so focused on high school kids. Pray somewhere no one gets hurt, not one soul.


  31. Stars48 and Jules,

    Good news is that this year is likely to be “calm” for California’s earthquakes but alot will be small ones. At this time, mostly is the rings of the fire in volcanoes that already erupted and will continue to erupt this year. Perhaps, Hawaii, Japan, NW of US, etc. Next year, be prepared for the majors earthquakes in US. so, be prepared for next year emergency.

    Right now, I’m focused on hurricanes may affect the southern part of US as it already been flooded in Texas, OKla and LA. Once it’s unusal flooded in states then the hurricanes which is bad news. Means more water! 😦


  32. Jules104, Harvey, another anomalie..– Illinois..

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