Central Italy Earthquake

This prediction has happened. I hope everyone stays safe in Italy.

Predictions 1-3-17   “Another destructive earthquake in Italy.. in one.”


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Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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  1. Luna tic says:

    One of the EQ’s caused an avalanche and buried a resort. My prayers that they find survivors http://www.cbsnews.com/news/avalanche-italy-ski-hotel-rigopianao-gran-sasso-mountain-earthquakes/

  2. Luna tic says:

    EQ off of Paupa, New Guinea 8.0 http://www.reuters.com/article/us-papua-quake-idUSKBN15605Y?il=0. Tsunami warnings.

  3. Greta Granroth says:

    I feel like Italy is under attack. Could earthquakes be activated somehow? Just wondering…

  4. Rhona says:

    Hello you two ..Star 48 Jules 104
    just noticed this on for La Esperence N.Z
    a watch

  5. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Hindu Kush 4.4 m at 220 depth

    • jules104 says:

      Star48, just looked on this thread. Hadn’t gotten any of these comments. Did you get any that Rhona has added. Not sure why. Wondered why it was so quiet. Lots of deep EQs lately. Bonin Islands, Japan recently over 500 km deep.

  6. Rhona says:

    star 48
    maybe the v is on its way .. its certainly way overdue ..this could be where a stray from it will break into our atmosphere ..noted between Jupiter and earth ..

  7. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Flores indonesia a deep one again ..

  8. Rhona says:

    star 48 jules 104
    oops looks like the Lourve turned up above ..sorry guys ..
    but while on it ..
    I think it is Erics prediction possibly ..
    Thwarted would that not be great.
    Im happy it was at any rate ..very happy ..
    a machete! It s really grotesque when its that type of attack ..
    All attacks are horrific ..
    blessings you two will post Flores quake shortly .

  9. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    EQ 3.3 mag ..West Yellowstone..,Montana…
    Than a 3.3 mag at Hawaiian Volcano..connected..?

  10. star48 says:

    Unusual…coincidence …
    Lunar eclipse, Snow moon, Comet..

  11. Rhona says:

    star 48 wow so much info .
    Alaskan volcano has been giving off some interesting tremors of late good to read info on it ..
    The yellowstone Montana ..Hawaii conection in not surprising ..though good to see them connect
    the two ..
    Eclipse snow moon ..yes i read a little on that apparently asrologically its supposed to bring good tidings ..i hope they are right ..once again great articles and lu ks star ..thank you…

  12. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Mexico deep 4.4 m 159 deep .

  13. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Banda sea 4.3m at 325 depth


  14. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    this NZ Quake in cook strait..is in the vicinity of bay ..south of New Plymouth ..so its crept up to north west

  15. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Fiji very deeep
    also Mexico 4.1m at 153km depth

  16. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Star amazing discovery of the Stonehenge similarities in amozon it always makes me think there is so much more when you look at the mounds laying around these places ..
    That must have set tongues wagging in excitement ..
    The mud volcano is interesting
    seeing as there are so few of them as well .maybe the plates sit and slide more on mud than they thought ..hmm
    Sinabung 7 times 😨😲now thats a watch ..I read an article. I didnt post as it had no date ..it may have been old .
    It said people were caught off gaurd and had to run down mt ..
    Thought it weird there was no date to be seen anywhere ..
    Thanks again for all three and a good read

  17. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    ohhhh New Caladonia
    5.7m AT 606 km DEEP
    thats really a huge watch .
    Im thinking N.Z. or east coast of Australia may respond to that one ..n3ar Brisbane..
    maybe even as Dutch says it may resound in Chile .
    thats huge ..
    wait for it ..!!!😲😲😲

  18. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    another deeep one for fiji over 500 km depth 5.1m

  19. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Pakistan .. some feeds reporting
    6.3m at 23km depth
    6.5m at 0 depth
    havent found any reports of damage yet ..

  20. star48 says:

    Jules104, wondered why no comments?..
    Did get your comments 8:57 am and 9:09 am.,,
    No other postings….just Rhona….

    • jules104 says:

      Glad you got them. Haha. Okay maybe it’s because I hadn’t replied to anything yet? But I didn’t realize there was anything to reply to. Hope it works now. And Rhonas also. Do you get the feeling something’s about to happen? I’m feeling something like eq, tsunami, eruption. Even though I know everyone’s focused on the attacks. Maybe both? There have been a lot of pretty deep EQs again lately. Worried about Japan, Indonesia, Chili, Italy, Canada, CA. 🤓 Guess that covers Ring of Fire mostly except Italy. 😂 Hope all is well and you are not doing any extreme sports up there! 🤔😂😳🤸‍♂️

  21. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Yeah Jules wondered why just me 😂😂😂😂😂
    Im thinking aceh again or a bigger Indonesia one first ..
    singer just played Happt talk .that Japan ..it was as i was typing word Indonesia it started playing ..hmm .😆😆butting in maybe ..but thats cool ..
    Star good to hear from you let us know how your doing ..😄
    blessings you two ..

  22. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Reunion Island volcano Pinton de la Fournaise active again as recent as 7th Feb sth east vent ..
    not happy when that one plays up ..as they have said if the side slides into pacific ocean it will send a tsunami straight to Perth direction
    its a watchful one ..
    but have a plan in place from way back ..no our routes inland and there would be a couple or more hours warning ..but at least when we are tracking we get a head start to beat traffic ..😂😂😂😨

    • jules104 says:

      Oh I remember that one you talked about a while back. Well that’s not good. Hopefully it will quiet down again. Glad you have a plan in place and yes should keep track of that one. Want to beat that traffic out of dodge. 😂😇🙏🏻🌟 I wonder what size the wave would be. Have they estimates?

  23. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    if you scroll down on this article there is a map with location to Perth and I meant Indian Ocean 😊not Pacific 😲


    • jules104 says:

      Star48, Rhona. I see what you mean. It’s directly across from Perth it seems. Yikes. Well hope it calms down. It looks like a beautiful area though besides the sharks. I’ll stay on the beach! 🦈👀

  24. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    mid Indian Ridge. maybe Reunion
    linked ..http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=566911

  25. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    The south pacific is flooding
    including west australia
    but Tonga Fiji Solomons are being hit very badly ..prayers for all ..love and light

    • jules104 says:

      Rhona, Star48… that is a mess. Underwater! It says in that article you linked it will continue for South Pacific too. The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone is feeding moisture into the South Pacific Convergence Zone which is hanging out there. Sheesh. I hope you and your family are all safe there in West Australia Rhona. 🙏🏻🌟 So much rainfall for you. Next thing will be just the opposite again. I think it is all topsy turvy. Did you see the 6.7 eq in Philippines also? I wonder if that lent to any flooding. Then one way up into Resolute Canada. Dutch sort of forecast that. Wasn’t sure which way it would go. Think the PNW is probably in a silent zone now. 😳🙏🏻🌟. Stay safe down under there. Keep us posted.

  26. star48 says:

    Jules104, Rhona,
    USGS downgraded Philippine EQ to 6.5..

    So much water….whew…that puts pressure on the plates..

    Side note..
    Found this tidbit ..more giant cracks showing up..
    This time Pakistan…100’s miles long..,

    2nd side note..just was dug out Wenesday night..than snowed again…
    I am laughing…I am living in a snow globe!…

  27. Rhona says:

    Star48. ..
    These cracks turning up everywhere is a worry ..so far none have occured in a heavily populated area …thank goodness.
    here is hoping they dont ….
    It would be interesting if they gathered info on where they have all occured recently and correlated
    if there is a pattern or common thread linking them some how ..
    Snow Dome 😅
    as long as there is no shaking ..
    Unbelievable ..hope your stocked up with food and warmth. .
    Im presuming your looking forward to a change of season 😉
    Take care and Happy your being looked after…
    blessings you two ..

  28. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    this article is about heat wave in Queensland Aust ..
    The article mentions a clising of many beaches because of a tidal surge ..maybe thats linked to the flooding in FIJI AND THE OTHER ialands Queesland is not too far from these islands ..
    unusual … they mentioned South Pacific convergence zone in other article ..but whats going on under the sea floor too ? hmm

  29. jules104 says:

    Star48,Rhona…oh my that’s a pretty long crack in Pakistan. Would be interesting to see where they are all occurring. Dutch said there is a new plate boundary forming in New Zealand running from Wellington down South and West. And another thing going on in Italy. Guess he can tell by the way the EQs are hitting consistently forming a line. Should be interesting. 😳 Maybe that’s happening all over or it’s just cause and effect.
    Wow yes a snow globe Star48. I totally get it. I spent so much time shoveling in Colorado. That’s about all you can do is laugh about it. Glad you are finding the humor in it all. Hope you are staying safe and warm up there. Oh right Rhona, a change of season is in order for sure. 😊☔️🌷🌻🌞

  30. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Check this dutch video on Pakistan crack. At about 2:20 on video it starts. So on March 7, 2011 a huge crack opened up in Pakistan. On March, 11, 2011 four days later the 9.0 eq in Japan happened. Thought it interesting since we were talking about it. Here’s the video.

  31. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Now thats interesting …wonder what relation the Arizona crack opening has had with large quakes?. .if any ..not doubting Pakistan Japan conection ..As it may be a geological connection that doesnt occur elsewhere though worth persuing ..
    Thank you so much for that update
    watching Japan even more closely ..
    great catch Jules ..

  32. jules104 says:

    That is a good question Rhona. What’s the relation to the Arizona crack? 🤔

  33. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…. 4.7 Vancouver Island, 15 km depth.

  34. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    thanks jules off shore too I see ..hmm a watch …..

  35. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    Thank you ..Im concerned for those in our Eastern States that are facing conditions they are not accustomed to ..being over 100° temps in heat wave conditions
    We here in W.A. its much like Cal and a regular pattern to our weather is over 100 temps in summer
    gratefully at the moment we have been experiencing near winter conditions. .so its topsy turvy for Aus ..
    Im sure our heat will return with a vengence ..
    and will definately take care ..
    blessings and thanks for keeping watch .😎😓😏🌞🌅🌏

  36. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona…hope all is well. I saw USGS upgraded that eq and was surprised since they usually downgrade. Hope that’s it but there’s a lot going on around the planet lately. There seems to be major geological shifts in the making. Pretty interesting times though a bit unnerving.
    Wow that fire danger is at 150. Pretty high. Praying for some rain in those areas. Stay safe Rhona. Blessings You Two.

  37. star48 says:

    The uptick in high 4 mag to 5’s..globally….extraordinary …
    .Huge one coming soon….definitely…..
    So many areas…hard to pinpoint.
    ..volcanic activity…showing new areas….are in play.. The lunar eclipse plus comet,plus coronal holes…
    .so many pieces…so many puzzles…
    But I want to inform you both..I agree…..yes I feel we are on a threshold….
    Let us hold on to our socks…

  38. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    update on eastern states fires .
    vilunteer fighre fighters liise homes while fighting fire amongst many others .. continued live and light to them all

  39. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Oroville dam close to failure…evacuations happening now..100,000 people..

  40. jules104 says:

    Holly Molly. There’s a lot going on. That’s so sad about the bushfires happening in East Australia Rhona. Those poor farmers with their animals and livestock and people losing their homes. It sounds like nobody has lost their life at least. Hope it stays that way. That’s horrible some of those fires being lit intentionally. People are just sick. It makes no sense to me. Praying for rain and for the winds to die down and for the fire fighters and for all who are in harms way Rhona.
    The Oroville Dam sounds like a real emergency too. Oh that must be scarey being down stream from all that water. I can’t imagine having to evacuate. Where to put all those people? I sure hope everyone gets out of there safely. Praying for everyone in harms way and that dam will hold for a while longer at least and they can figure something out that’s less damaging than a catastrophic failure. Blessings

  41. Rhona says:

    thanks Jules …yes the dam is scary and i join you in your prayers for them …one man lost his lufe in the floods in regional W.A. 3 days ago ..he was 60 …
    side note Indonesia deep quake
    hopefullu rain will com for Easterners ..
    your Eastern States are having a rough time with those blizzards and snow storms ..they are in my thoughts ..

  42. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    I just read this update on Oroville Dam ..I hope people dont think it is now ok and …It seems officials are right onto it and taking no risks ..
    prayers for the future of the dam too


  43. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    What is your opinion on this prediction of Eric’s about a dam breaking ..
    could it be Oroville.? It says south ..
    but Eric wasnt sure …


    He mentions Mississippi. .but coyld be off on this location and interpretation ..
    what do you think ?

  44. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48, was just reading through your comments and was thinking about that Dam prediction before I read yours. Absolutely wondering about that now. Seems very likely. This dam spillway issue is a mess. Thanks for that link by the way Rhona. I’d read earlier that they had actually never even had to use this spillway since the dam had been built. Amazing all that water when they were just in a drought this summer barely any water. Then another storm coming on Thursday I think and record snow pack due to melt in the spring. Sure hope they can get it fixed. I’d not want to be having to work on that problem though on the ground. Sounds like they are using helicopters to drop bags of boulders to shore it up. Guess we will see come morning. I’m glad most people are listening to the evacuation orders. Praying it holds. 🙏🏻
    About the NE snow storms and blizzards. Thanks for keeping them in your thoughts Rhona. I am wondering if this is the prediction of “get your generators ready”, and making sure you take care of the elderly etc. Do you remember it? Seems like this could be it. Praying for them also.
    I sure hope those fires get put out in Australia too. That is very sad. Praying for everyone and all the animals and livestock that are in harms way.

  45. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    yes I think your right about the get your generators ready etc ..wonder if Eric would confirm it for you ..did you put on current thread as a side note …
    Absolutely the snow mwlt is a huge concern ..I too was taken anack at the dam dama first overflow since built ..wonder if any quakes within
    10o or so miles has had anything to
    do with loosening up the ground ..I mean how do you know till its put to the test ..and now it is ..Im happy people aren’t having to be told twice to evacuate ..im looking to morning light too to see how things are progressing for them all ..
    I dont even want to imagine it ..
    not sure bolders will work but praying they are delivered with angelic hands ..

  46. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules104
    another deep one fiji 400km

  47. jules104 says:

    Rhona I did put it on the actual site but on the original post. I guess I should add to recent one. Here’s that post. Sounds like it is happening for the North East now.
    I guess the dam held overnight. So that’s great. But there are two more storms coming. Thursday and Saturday. And then record snow melts. I was searching for posts that may relate to flooding. There was one that talked about CA and Australia. He questioned which one, and if it was Spring or something. It said something about horrible flooding and how it covered the roof tops of houses. It may have happened already but maybe not. I would imagine they’d have mentioned it in a past prediction since its close to home and affecting so many people. I really have a bad feeling about all of it. Not sure if that’s going to hold with all of the extra pressure that’s going to be put on it when the storms come and snow begins to melt. Also did you read that it’s water used for farmers in certain areas? What’s going to happen if people aren’t getting the water they need in general, drinking, bathing, etc, and for growing their crops? It’s literally going to be a huge trickle down effect. Thus the “One big global village”. I really hope people start to get this. 🙏🏻 We are all in this together. I just pray it can hold through out this Spring and they can get the problem taken care of. It seems silly but I always think about how these disasters like the fires in Australia and this dam issue affects all of the animals in their paths. And it’s Spring time here pretty much lots of babies getting ready to come into the world. Praying for everyone and every living thing in harms way.🙏🏻😇🌷☀️🌻

  48. jules104 says:

    Thanks for the updates on the Oroville Dam Star48. And that article is pretty interesting having the melted carbon mapped out. Yikes.
    Rhona I forgot to mention the deep Fiji eq. I noticed yesterday there was a lot going on in Indonesia area also. Praying no large shallower ones to come. 🙏🏻

  49. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    I was absolutely shocked and bewildered at the Enviornmentalist report warning of possible erosion of hillside to splillway ..way back in 2005.
    even to the point of reccomening concrete reinforcement ..
    No excuses for this slip up .Im not an engineer but its basic that yhat is a given its going to erode if water hits it …What were they or were not they thinking ..
    Its just by grace that the evacuation was able to take place with time to spare ..it is something that could have blindsided everyone ..
    Im so grateful people are safe where they are and it held up so far ..but im worried about subsidance that is unseen ..Rocks will fill the obvious hole but subterrainian weakness is a concern ..
    leaching into unseen areas is a real possibility. .
    but of course understandably people will want to go home .
    and whats the alternative ..
    Im really concerned ..as is everyone ..
    And thats not even mentioning the water crisis for LA and the areas supplied by the dam ..
    natural disasters are bad enough but this is human error ..
    Scully was dragged over the coals for saving the people and plane ..
    what are the consquences for this
    misjugement of and lack of consideration for a timely warning …there is no justification for ignoring the warning where were the engineers in all this ..
    sorry bit of a rant ..but Im so my
    stified in their bad call ..not to listen ..Ivory Tower mentality ..
    not kind words from me.. but my compassion and heart lay with the public that their lives are entrusted to ..
    Hugs blessings and prayers the rains hold off till they can lower the levels a heap more ..😨😲😰😤😕

  50. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    another round of deep quakes
    notably Indonesia for second time in two days ..especially seeing as spirit warned on recent prediction again ..

    Indonesia..4.4 at 217 depth
    Afganistan ..4.8 at 153 depth
    Argentina. . 4.1 at 229
    Japan ..4.4 at 538. deeep 😕
    Philippines..5.1 at 102

  51. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. You got to watch this about at 4:00 minute on. Unreal “bad timing” Rhona. Pray it’s nothing much and maybe the fulcrum point is off. 🙏🏻 Haven’t got much further but I think there’s a watch for Japan also. Maybe that deep eq. Blessings. 😵😴

  52. Rhona says:

    Jules unbeleivable I just spent some of my day researching earthquakes or probability around Oroville ..oh my goodness ..prayers live and light ..
    and then the heavy rain coming in .
    same prayers for lessening .now i am really worried. .for the dam area but trying to channel it into positive light and energy and visualise a safe outcome ..
    Dutch also goes into Indonesia …Taiwan. ..as a big watch
    Japan Okanowa
    then mentions Sinabung volcao has been puffing along 😕
    I noticed the deep quake in Japan was Iowa Jima ….the volcano ..
    holy hec im buzzing here with whats on the agenda ..
    Time to relax and send peace ..
    Thanks for Dutch update ..stil cant believe I was expecting a quake around Oroville ..hoping it hits miles away and yes fulcum is off ..
    hugs stay safe 😚 sleep😴😴😴

  53. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    found an article on reminiscent posts of Oroville quake in 1975 ..http://m.topix.com/forum/city/palermo-ca/TG5QLQ3BR0016B3VN
    will post a report on it next

  54. Rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    here is offical report on the event
    Im hoping Erics American flags prediction at half mast country is not this possible dam break ..
    I dont want people to go home its the next few weeks thats not safe as well ..

  55. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    another deep one just several miles from last one
    Argentina 5.3
    singer brought in Argentina yesturday

  56. Rhona says:

    sorry doubled up on link 😉😯
    on previous post

  57. jules104 says:

    Rhona now I am worried. Is it just me? Do you think this post could relate to that Dam?
    Another thing I’ve been wondering is the long list of names in the the North East also. I think that’s suppose to do with terrorist and the New England states but…I’m going to find it again and take a look see.

  58. jules104 says:

    Found the long list of names in the NE. Id think this was definetly a terrorist attack.

  59. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    yes i think the first bit about hiuses under water in town could be the dam ..and oroville itself ..
    though thre was no plurals for towns thats not a huge point..
    and it moves on to storms Australia which i think is a seperate read in the prediction ..
    I noticed Eric posted about my earlier observation of prediction to do with dam breaking ..
    I dont think he read my post though so thats synchronicity ..
    Hi Eric same page as you there ..
    on that one ..
    Also Jules ..
    The meteors are contained within
    2-10-14 Maybe time line for 555 V
    seeing as asteroid fly by Star posted …
    Thoughts ..???
    Still think there is more coming on this dam situation ..I believe they are playing it down and are more concerned than they are letting on .
    at least the people are safe so far ..
    praying it stays that way ..
    im pouring heaps of compassionate light that way ..more for the evacution to stay in place and if it busts it does so sooner than later so there is no sense of false security ..
    I am jyst saying if its going to go its terrible what the overall consequences are but if its a given at least happen when everyone is out ..
    There are so many working in the area clearing inspecting policing .
    bless them too .😇

  60. Rhona says:

    jules yes i saw that long list too agree Terrorist attack 😮

  61. jules104 says:

    Rhona, what do you mean contained within? Like this prediction has both within time frame or no?
    I still feel there’s a meteor coming and Argentina/Brazil will snap like a rubber band which will be big. I also think the Indonesia tsunami is going to happen soon. Remember my reservations about that thread we used? 😳😂
    Oh the dam. How horrible in so many ways of that goes. Sending prayers of light and energy to strengthen it until the snow melt and rain storms are over. I too worry about people returning home with a false sense of security. I thought about all of those people who are in there risking their lives trying to shore it up also. I wonder if they can use something from the air to see through the ground and get an idea of how bad or what is going on underneath and around it. Just incase there’s not any erosion going on under the dam where it might collapse away a side. I’ve seen them do that on the History Channel.
    Where is Stars asteroid flyby? I can’t find it. I see what you mean though. Hm.

  62. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Found this planetary alignment for large eq watch interesting. Dates are Feb 26 – March 2, 2017, or there on.

  63. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Bougainville, PNG Region, 5.1, 85 km depth. Didn’t Singer mention Bougainville? Is that the one with the Volcano lake crater? Hm.

  64. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,

    meteor split into at least 2 pieces..


    Side note…article references last week had more fly bys.- lots of action..l

  65. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 in response to yoyr post above Feb 14 at 2.12pm
    Hi no it was 5-24-15 Prediction ..it sat in list under Dam one ..sorry
    my bad ..😊…..but close enough in dates to think on same visual prediction pathway ….you know like potential time line ..
    heehee must have been x eyed ..

  66. Rhona says:

    star 48 comet breaking up wow and it is a Jupiter Comet ..”the gas planet ..”..
    thats interesting ..😮hope spirit has more on V ..555 and meteor ..
    blessings and thanks for link ..
    always informative ..
    your our breaking new chief ..😊

  67. Rhona says:

    thats news chief

  68. Rhona says:

    Jules I just caught up with planetary alignment video .
    The mention of North Sumatra or sth he says is consistent with intuition on my part I still feel Ache is a contender ..and he does site Chile or Bolivia …Peru ..im going Chile ..

    thank you for the link ..always find these links useful …
    blessings ..

  69. jules104 says:

    Hi Star48, Rhona. Wow that’s amazing that meteor split in two. It sounds as though it will eventually just disintegrate. Let’s hope so anyway. I agree with Rhona. The News Chief is right. I love all of the news updates and interesting articles you put on the thread Star48. The gas planet could be old prediction maybe?
    Rhona oh I get it. The visual prediction pathway. 😃 Did you see they let people back into the Oroville Dam area? Hope and pray no EQs coming up. ☀️🙏🏻 I thought that planetary alignment site was pretty good also. No extra fluff. 😂
    Hope both of you have a great day/evening 😉☺️

  70. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    New dangerous fault..,in CA

  71. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    I had a look at the video assimulations following your articlw in link ..
    Its at least according to them a very low risk ..but its progress for them to find new faults and acknowledge links in faults ..
    the wave would devide in two and travel nth and east ..lowlieing land inundation risk and 9meter uplift possible ..
    Its good for those areas to be aware .side note
    Bali Hai just played
    I believe a flag from singer and one flag warning ..
    it could be Bali area or South Pacific he is implying .
    Im going for Bali area Indonesia ..
    I noticed some sizable quakes north Sumatra near Ache few hours ago .
    If Ache goes off Sri Lanka will cop it again ..

  72. jules104 says:

    Hey Star48, Rhona. Thanks for that New fault link Star48. All I saw is the big V for Ventura. 😂 No really that’s amazing science there. I sure hope nothing like that were to happen.
    Rhona I caught that larger eq near Sumatra also. Bali Hai. 🤔 May be right. Don’t think it’s going to be to long now.
    Also I found this video on the repair of Oroville Dam and this guys thoughts on the matter. It was pretty good. Thought you’d like it. I’m a bit worried about the extra rain and all of the snow melt. That right side of the Spillway erosion on hillside could lead to a weakening of the main dam I’d think. There’ s a pic of the snow depth at end of video. 😧 Sure hope it holds. Sending thoughts and prayers of safety and encouragement for all of those 96 people working round the clock there putting themselves in danger for others. Here’s that link. Blessings

  73. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    thank you for Oroville Dam video report …
    to me a very honest informative no crap report ..im really vexed ..I have a lump in my throat and shaking my head ..
    As he said ..those bags ??😕
    Family and i said same as him ..its like they are doing this to at least make an effort as they dont know what else to do ..
    Yes prayers and accolades to the workers god bless ..
    It actually makes me feel ill ..not a good feeling ..
    Im visualising a miracle. .either weather wise or god only knows ..just so long as peopke are warned in time …like they said …people may get complacent and the spring melt seems far off ..so they may just think oh it will be ok …im thinking
    If we can get passed this rain it will buy some time ..and a perion of dry might help in constuctive repairs ..Its a massive task ..
    Always thinking of them till the danger passes ..love and light to each and everyone invoved or affected..
    hugs Jules ..😚

  74. jules104 says:

    Hi Rhona, right! What else to do? I’m not sure if they actually believe what they are saying or just feel the need to reassure people. I watched body language and don’t think they are being totally upfront. As in, this could be a catostrophic failure and well there won’t be any time to evacuate, sorry. Because let’s face it, things dont always just happen like we think it should/will…slow progression of failure. It may be a wow! moment. Or a holy macaroni! moment ya know? Let’s hope and pray not. I just don’t like the idea of playing this what if game with people’s lives. Ugh. What to do I suppose. Let’s all hope these professionals know what they are doing and that the snow melt doesn’t occur really quickly like it did in CO. Going from cold to super hot temps, and no Spring snow storms either. Maybe someone should have asked the Natural Water Resources guy if he would be comfortable with his family living downstream of that dam. 🤔🌊🤥😳 Or the people working to fix it. I bet I know what they’d say. 😳🤔🌊🙏🏻 Well I am sending love and light energy their way and yes hoping for some miraculous event or intervention by God and the Spirits who are here to help us here on Earth also. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇😇😇. Blessings and Hugs Rhona. 🤗🙏🏻

  75. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Sukiyaki just played ..
    thats a Japan flag from singer

    • jules104 says:

      Oh darn that Sukiyaki song. 😂 I’ve had this bad feeling about Japan and the whole Fukashima Nucleaur Plant and all those contaminated barrels of stuff just sitting there. I am worried that somehow it’s going to all end up in the Pacific Ocean soon. Praying not but just my imagination getting the best of me. 🙏🏻😇🌟

  76. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    You probably know this one
    Mariana Isle 5.1 over 500 deep
    this could affect Japan ..

  77. Rhona says:

    oops sorry exageration 349 deep not over 500 ..😕

  78. star48 says:

    Rhona, jules104,
    Eighth Continent…under New Zealand…geologists say..


  79. star48 says:

    Deep Space radiation intensifying….

  80. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Volcano overview…Feb 17,2017

  81. star48 says:

    Colorado..millions of trees dead…fire hazard..

  82. Rhona says:

    Alot to comment on here ..
    Suwanose Jima ..I was expecting maybe something around Iowa Jima…only on the bases there was some magma quakes it seemed around there last week ..
    though there has been som rumbles off south island recently …
    Baguslof is a watch especially given low mag quakes around there for a while now
    The dead trees oh my goodness the little beetle creating so much hovoc and fire risk ..we tend to be ignorant of the work forrestry teams do ..I will remember them in my prayers …thanks for drawng it to my attention ..Thats alot of dead trees ..

  83. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. That bark beetle was making a mess of everything when I lived there. I was shocked at how many trees were dead just in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Driving down I-70 you could see them everywhere. It was very sad. The good thing that came out of all that was while the trees are dead others had begun to use them for making their products because the wood is a pretty purplish color. So instead of cutting down the healthy trees they preferred the dead ones. Anyway a bit of good recycling I suppose.
    The Japan article. I am a bit worried about the nuclear waste and everything else that goes along with the Fukushima Nucleaur plant. I sure hope it doesn’t end up in the Pacific because of another eq/tsunami or something. Hope they get that figured out with using the robot. 😐
    The 8th Continent. Wow. Interesting because Dutch said he’s worried New Zealand is experiencing what may soon be a new plate boundary down south starting at Wellington I think it is. That article says that it will eventually break into two pieces. Love those links you added Star48!
    Rhona I hadn’t had time to look at the EQs so thanks for adding that info. There’s a lot coming up this year in terms of Earth changes I think. Blessings 🌎🌲🦋🐝🌞

  84. star48 says:

    Using and moving diseased trees as firewood…
    Can spread pests for. years

  85. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    thats just incredible ..who would have thought that research would come to such a conclusion. .Im impressed they are onto it and putting transport bans in place ..

  86. Rhona says:

    oh wow star that is deep 6.3
    look out for the bigger 8+ possibly

  87. star48 says:

    After 150 years…Only active volcano in India…now showing signs of activity..

  88. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Oh my well got to catch up. Star48, guess all that pretty purple wood is actually creating a big pretty purple mess sounds like huh. Well darn. That makes sense enough though. Who’d have guessed? Entomologist I’m sure. 🐞🕷🐜😩
    Oh I just listened to a Dutch update since the Argentina eq. Sounds like the West Pacific may be locked somewhere. And those volcanic eruptions, hm, very interesting. Here is that link for Dutch update. Pretty short. It starts about at 5:30 min. I think it’s playing into Eric’s recent prediction.

  89. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104;
    Interesting info in this article about that EQ in Hawaii..


  90. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Star thats different for Hawaii the Island chain getting a shake up all at once 😕😯
    Thanks for dutch update Jules ..
    the silent zone is notable ..

  91. jules104 says:

    That’s really interesting Star48. The bending of the Oceanic Plate due to the weight of the Hawaiian Osland Chains? Wowzers! 😳 Trying to visualize that. Uhhhhh…. really though amazing.
    I saw that eq when it happened and told my daughter it was unusual. She said they get EQs all the time. Uh not like that right? Or is it just me? 😂 Too much dutchsinse I guess.

  92. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Afganistan had a 4.2 at 152 depth
    Argentina second deep one ..
    same area as last one http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=569958

  93. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104 Fiji 4.5m at 541km depth .
    Thats one to break the silent zone

  94. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    noticed Alaska has had 3 deep ones especially around Redoubt ..
    watch are no doubt .😊

  95. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Santa Cruz Islands just had a 5.3 10 km deep. So not too deep. Thanks for all those updates Rhona. 😊

  96. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Dangerous radiation across Europe…detected..
    ( um remember the iodine pills?)

  97. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Eclipse on Feb 26…see video..
    , http://shadowandsubstance.com/

  98. star48 says:

    Jules104, Rhona,
    EQ in And around AZ dam…One 2.7 in WA..and one 3.4 in Montana..

  99. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. For some reason I thought of these two incidents when I read the article about the radiation Star48. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this Russian spy ship before. Private individuals started reporting on it about two years ago I think it was. It was around the coast of Georgia and possibly FL at one time. No it’s up North sounds like. Anyway I saw this YouTube video the other day while looking up the Oroville Dam issues. It is rather strange this pulse they caught. Now people are wondering if it has todo with this Russian ship. I’ll add some links. Just interesting and makes one ponder what was it?

  100. jules104 says:

    Okay I tried adding but it’s not going to send the YouTube link or news link. Maybe Google…strange pulse off US moves east to west and Russian spy ship off Conn/VA. Just found it interesting. Really the strange pulse mostly picked up on seismographs.

  101. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    re… Iodine readings over Europe
    notice the aircraft is Cobra 55 ?
    if they add another 5 to that somehow im really going to worry ..Eric and spirits 555 ..V ..
    prediction ..
    Im praying they find the source without doubt or speculation ..
    though the levels are low is not the kind of mystery that should remain unsolved ..
    light and love to the investigation
    ..its so wide spread ….
    thank you for brining it to our attention ..

  102. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules
    4.8m at 550km depth Fiji
    oh dear😕 NZ should watch out .. or Papua new Guinea. .Indonesia. .

  103. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Im listing some low quakes in Canada ..they are in various wide spread apart areas mostly ..
    but the depths are interesting
    2.8 at 338 depth this on was off northern coast in ocean …
    2.7 at 101 depth
    2.3 at 126 depth
    3.9 at 183 depth
    2.8 at 338 depth
    Magma with some maybe.. or we need to watch westward resonance movement maybe around Vancouver ..only guessing
    Japan 4.2 at 300 depth Izu

  104. star48 says:

    KarKar volcano..,PNG…

  105. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    KarKar colour code red that coud answer som of the deep movenent ..
    definitely a watch .
    note the deep 2.8 at 338 in canada was inbthe Beaufort sea..
    thanks star on volcano

  106. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    your probably aware of this security breach at JFK airport .but wanted to comment ..
    Thats twally a deep concern especially since they havent identified the other 8 passengers
    not saying they are a threat but sheesh thats an eye opener as to how easy something can go seriously wrong up there .
    http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/security-breach-allows-unchecked-passengers-flights-jfk-officials-n723356 ..

  107. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Oh my a lot going on. First off I love that shadow and substance link Star48. Very cool. I have had that August eclipse in my mind for a while now. A bit worried since some say they cause big EQs wherever the eclipse touches and Oregon is first up. Yikes. 😑 And those iodine readings are scarey. Yes hope they are as low as they are saying but need to figure out where that’s coming from for sure. All of these deep EQs and volcanos and the Cobra 55 😧 Yeah no more 5s! Wednesday is the 22nd I think here so is Tuesday the 22nd in Indionesia? And that’s tomorrow? Sheesh. Wasn’t that one of Eric’s numbers recently? Is Kar Kar Volcano remote? Thinking of the volcano that will erupt on post. Well Rhona, haha…once again getting my news via Australian loop. 😉 I hadn’t heard about that security breach. But I’m telling you I’m not sure if I did turn on the tube if I’d hear it anyway. All I see anymore is Trump politics on lately. Thus why it’s hardly ever on. I need a good online news site. Oh well. I hope it’s all calm for PNG, Indonesia area, West Pacific, South Pacific. Sending light that way.

  108. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    😂😂😂 when its Wednesday 22nd in US its Thursday 23rd in Indonesia ..for a brief time depending where in us you are its the same day and date …
    We all still have the 22nd on the same day ..its just that x
    crossing international date line puts us in Aus and west of date line a few hours ahead of you so we reach the 22nd before you …but its still the same day of week …
    oh hehehe your a bit muddled honey on that one …😉 😄

  109. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    I hope it ok to put a link in with date line map ..
    Im not being offensive it confuses many people ..
    I think it also because when you look at the map and know the sun is travelling from east to west or right to left its easy to think ..oh the sun was on the right first ..but ….
    it is the night before for the right side and as the sun moves to the west it is the next day ..ahead of right side ..
    here is map
    hope its cool with you 😉😴😮😎🌞🌜🌘🌄🌅🌃🌉🌒🌞🌝🌎🌏🌍

  110. Rhona says:

    oh yeah Jules 104
    If you open link i posted in last post there is a time zone interactive map and if you click on red dot in any countries location it will take you to a live time clock for that area ..
    😊😆..neat hey ? I love it ..

  111. Rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    Bolivia 6+m over 500km deeep
    high watch http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=570475

  112. Rhona says:

    jules 104
    Just thought i should add ..
    when i re read your wednesday 22nd Tuesday Indonnesia I realise what you were getting at …
    wednesday 22nd for Indonesia is actually your Tuesday 21st ..

  113. jules104 says:

    Rhona thank you for all of those links. Hahaha. That is pretty neat. Yes I am thinking in terms of you are 16 hours ahead of me so while I am still on the 21st you have already started your day on the 22nd. So thinking while I might say oh it is going to happen on my tomorrow the 22nd, if it’s not related to the US, and to Indonesia area, I’ve already missed it somewhat. Does that make sense? Because of not well now I’m really confused. 😳 😂
    Oh my the deep 6.5 in Bolivia isn’t so great is it? Yes need to be on watch for a bigger shallower one. Yikes.

  114. Rhona says:

    jules 104
    look after yourself ..
    hope your feeling better soon ..😷😳😅😄

  115. jules104 says:

    Oh my that should read…”Well…. if not….now I’m really confused.” But really that’s nothing new right? Being confused I mean. 😂🤣. I am in good health so no worries. Sorry for the mix up and thanks for thinking of me Rhona. 😳🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Blessings

  116. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    hahaha glad all is well .😉😆😆
    pesky auto correct ..😑
    oh well healing energy is always cool to recieve anyway ..😍

  117. star48 says:

    279 EQ in 24 hrs…Vancouver, WA..

  118. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Here is a link about the President of the Philippines. Some of the pics are a bit gruesome but you can scroll by fast. This man and the Police Chief sound like both are unhinged. Could this be the man in the Oakleys?

    • Rhona says:

      jules I know we daid we would answer in the reply box in sequence but I had to reply to this article directly. .
      oh my lord ..what a horrific mess ..
      yes I do believe he could be the man in oakley sunnies ..
      Jules words fail me to the visions in these pics ..God bless the Journo
      who brought us this insight ..

      so many so many 😕😦😢..
      This is barbarac policing in its most lowest energy form .
      I get how they want to stamp out drugs ..but merci me ..thanks Jules
      prayers love and light to Philippines and families where grave injustice has taken place im sure there are many innocents ..

      • jules104 says:

        Rhona there were other articles but this captures him the best. Yes what a crazy person. He has compared this with the extermination of Jews. There is a video I’ll try and find it, that has some of the craziest things this man has said. Sheesh he’s nuts. There’s also a pic of him in dark sunglasses that reminded me of Eric’s prediction, but I’m not sure of the brand. He’s been heard to say he may think of using this method on criminals also. Who’s next right? Praying for the people there in the Philippines.

      • I was thinking that he fit the sunglasses too.

      • jules104 says:

        Hi Eric. Yes this man is horrible. The things I’ve found that he has actually publicly said aren’t even appropriate to add on the thread they are so bad. Ugh. I can imagine that he may be a verifiable psychopath plus some. 😧

  119. jules104 says:

    Star48, those EQs in Washington are strange. That’s right where all of the submarines are based I think in Bremerton isn’t it? All the radiation I’m not surprised and expect it to get worse somehow. Dutch had a video on the deep eq in South America also. Predicting a larger one around Ecuador or Columbia I think one or two magnitudes higher which matches up with Eric’s prediction. Well dutch did say it could go South also but I think based on Eric’s prediction it’s going North. I think he gives it 10 days which puts it around 2nd 3rd of March.

  120. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    the radiation in the Salmon is not surprising ..though a terrible consequence of nuclear energy ..
    The Peru watch for a higher quake is definitely on the radar and does all tie in with each other ..Erics prediction and Dutches Science .
    yes it will be a biggy for sure …
    love and light as always to mother earth ..
    That deep one in Bolivia the 6.5 ..yep will probably travel north west ….
    Those quakes… good grief ..whats happening or about to happen up near Vancouver ….It is swarming to maxium ..
    Dutch mentioned Gourda Escarpment as well .
    well my friends this going to keep us busy …
    hugs and stay safe you two ..

  121. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    fiji very deep again http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=570736
    also 3 or 4 more deep ones Alaska .over 100km deep low mag 2’s + ..

  122. star48 says:

    Jules104, Rhona,
    Etna update….
    Will add video in next comment..

  123. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Video of Etna…update..

  124. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    Thanks for all the updates
    Etna is hopefully releasing som pressure and not gearing up for anything else .
    Its good news the sniffer plane
    data on iodine has returned
    encouraging data results though the mystery remains im sure they will be vigilant for future readings ..

  125. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. 4.2 Belfair, Washington Puget Sound area. The marker has it right in the water for Hood Canal. Near naval base I think in Bremerton. Same area the swarms were happening in previously.

  126. jules104 says:

    Thanks for updates Star48. I sure hope they figure out where the radiation leak is coming from soon. Can’t be too careful with that sort of thing. Sure hope Mt Aetna calms down with nothing bigger. Thanks for the video Star48. Pretty impressive.

  127. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    that port hardy one is not too far from Belfair Washington 4.2m wasnt it ..bit odd ..

  128. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Papua new Guinea
    5.6m deep one ..

  129. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. There have been two deep EQs in Russia, (330 and 440km depth approximately) Primor’ye, Russia, 4.2, 440 km depth. Won’t add second one may kick me off. And a 4.1, 360km depth near Kuril Islands Japan. The EQs in Russia were yesterday. Hey I just noticed North Australia had a 3.4 eq and Western Australia a 2.3 near Bonnie Rock. Think that’s the old fault area?

  130. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. I saw two EQs for Australia. 3.4 Northern Territory and a 2.3 near Bonnie Rock. Isn’t that the old Fault area?
    Seems a lot going on all over the globe right now. Two deep EQs in Russia, one near Kuril Islands, and more somewhat deep EQs in South America. Seemed to be swarms going on yesterday. 🌎🤔

  131. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48, Top Trump officials speaking in Mexico today. Made me think about this prediction.

  132. star48 says:

    Volcano weekly update..

  133. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. This is a pretty good video. Talks of pressure from Bogoslaf transferring onto West Coast, Southern CA possible 4.9-5 EQ. Here’s the link.

  134. jules104 says:

    Star48. That is really a strange looking thing that washed up there. I wonder what it is. 😱

  135. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the strange creatures may be getting pushed up from the deep depth from those deep quakes ..
    very intriguing creature…Yikes 😲😨
    looks like the shaggy dog of the ocean ..
    Jules thanks for Dutch update ..thought Vancouver would tegister something ..hope all goes well for Sth Cal too …
    Still waiting for Peru or Chile to go off …
    You need to keep watch too Jules love and light to you all .
    I missed those West Ausi ones ..yes
    Itraplate again with deep up in Papua new Guinea and Indonesia
    definately the same fault registering plate movement .Its like a little bell ringing ..like when you go into a shop …you know the old ones on the door ..😆😊
    take care you two

  136. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    is this a preshock for Peru
    5.1m at 107deep
    we will see …
    live and light to the area

  137. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Arequipa is 67km from epicentre of the previous 5.1 quake above posted .
    interestingly a mummy named Juanita was uncovered after a volcanic erption there ..
    here is atricle on area surrounded
    by 3 volcanos
    picu picu one of them

  138. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    saw this one just 35km from you ..
    ocean side …

    • jules104 says:

      Thanks Rhona for update. Sheesh too close. Something’s gonna go soon soon in South America. I hope it’s not Arequipa. Oh that City in Peru looks lovely. I want to live there. 😂 Minus any eruptions please🙏🏻 Thanks for that link. Blessings.

  139. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Wanted to add this before I nod off. 😵 It’s pretty interesting. Talks of North Pole EQs always before mega quakes. Starting to really worry for South America. Blessings

  140. Rhona says:

    jules 104 wanted to post this before i check dutch link
    Aceh area of Sumatra
    5m 180 deep

  141. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    oh my ..thats a really insistent warning from Dutch ..i have never heard him so worked up about a warning ..so yes im praying the word has got out for south America ..If I get a more precise locaton from singer i will post. .
    but Eric did say Peru ..but ie could also be around Santiago or Antophogasta. ..
    where ever my thoughts are with them ..
    Thanks for the link to Dutch
    hugs and take care

  142. jules104 says:

    Star48, I’d never heard of that happening there in Puget Sound every year. Thanks for the link. Sheesh and oh 💩 😬

  143. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104 Fiji
    8hrs ago 6.9m at 450km deep
    2hrs ago 6.00m at 603km deep .

  144. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    wow what a magnificent bird ..
    It just could be where the bird sits .
    though it does describe ..I think from memory .. just above the peice of land that juts out or sticks out …Will have to look ..

  145. Rhona says:

    Star 48
    Cascadia quake risk ..Belfair did ring a few bells with us being oddly high and the swarms now we know why ..Slow quake ..yes.. thats not so good a possibility…very worrisome… sending love and light ..hope everyone is prepared..
    most ought to be ..

  146. jules104 says:

    Hi Rhona, Star48. Wow those are rather worrisome being high EQs and pretty deep. Where has Fiji been transferring over to? I’m thinking bling sometimes east, sometimes South sometimes West. Hm.

  147. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    looks like transfering over to Chile
    I have another couple to post in a minute ..Alaska and another Chile

  148. Rhona says:

    Jules104 star 48
    another one

  149. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    that last link glitched

  150. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    some of it may go south to NZ. as well we will see .
    but i got China from singer today ..though that is seperate ..only one flag ..will see if i get 2 more ..
    for china

  151. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Kuril isle.
    4.6m at 391km deep
    may trans to Japan or east to Aluesians

  152. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48 okay so I guess you realize I wasn’t talking “bling” previously. lol 😂🙄 That darned auto correct. Also here is dutch’s latest. Yes Rhona may be going south somewhat also to NZ, then probably to South America. I’m afraid we may be looking at a mega quake soon. Yikes. If you start at 4:00 it’s probably good. (Before that he had a good rant about people hijacking his chat or something. Poor guy.)It also made me think of Eric’s prediction of an EQ that was large enough to affect two different areas. Blessings 🙏🏻😇

  153. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Hi …It is like Erics two different areas one is somewhere in sth America ..maybe Chile ..Bolivia or
    Peru and a bordering country ..
    How is Dutch saying 2 expected 8+
    WOW … not surprising though ..
    We are waiti g for it I hope they stike in low density areas ..

  154. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    I was just going over quake list and noticed British Virgin Islands and Dominican republic area has been swarming over last 10 or so hrs ..mostly 3+m around 50 to 60 km
    Dominican had a deep one over 100km a few hrs ago ..
    Im thinking a watch around there its magma related im sure ..
    side note Kick em Jenny is not too far from there .😊😉
    though it is a volvanic chain….BVI

  155. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    here is link for Dominican

  156. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. I’ve not forgotten Kick em Jenny either Rhona. 🤔 I saw on a Dutch video once that when the countries that are in between…where the Panama Canal is sort of get hit with EQs…that’s when you will get EQs transferring over to the BVI areas or where the Turks and Caicos and Caribbean are. All those areas below the US/Florida. Those areas you are talking about. 😉 Now who knows if that’s an absolute truth. But it does seem to occur in a pattern that way like he says. Anyway, I still wonder about that Kracken. 🐙🦑😂. Definetly a watch.

  157. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    This could be trigger for Huge EQ’s .see
    Annular eclipse…Feb 26

  158. jules104 says:

    Star48, I thought about that when I saw it on a link you added recently. I think I had to scroll down some. But yes I thought of that also. It made me think of the rubber band snapping prediction.

  159. Rhona says:

    Looks like an absolute watch for
    26th or there abouts ..
    the Eclipse usually brings something with it ..

  160. Rhona says:

    star 48 jules 104
    I was jyst pondering with caution
    given the confusion today .
    Maybe Eric posting the previous 8.3 Chile quake for Illapel is actually a big flag for location ..
    It wouldnt surprise me .

  161. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. I can’t help but think this must have to do with Sri Lanka and Indonesia too. This prediction from the 13th.

  162. Rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Yes I think you are right 2-13-17does seem to reflect Sri Lanka and Indonesia ..they tie into each other ….oh wow what a couple of weeks the planet has ahead of her ..Its all pointing to a major shift ..
    Sri Lanka is a huge worry and If it does hit its going to be more than noteworthy..yes Tsunami material ..

  163. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    two for Venuatu in last 8 hours
    5.2m at 224 depth
    and an hour ago
    5.1m http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=571837

  164. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Here’s dutch’s latest. It’s long. It’s no ordinary update. Lots of info, slow slip event occurring, he mentioned may affect Charlotte Island off Canada. My immediate thought was the word “Charlotte”. But that’s suppose to be about a school right? Anyway lots of places to be on watch. One of them was Eastern Australia, and Indonesia, Taiwan, Guam, Japan. Mostly though I think NZ and South America. Really worried for South America and some of the Island areas in the Pacific. That slow slip event I’ll be paying attention to. Goes from Canada down to N CA. Think you’re right Rhona, major shift for Mother Earth. 🙏🏻🌎💫🌟

  165. Rhona says:

    Thats alot of info there from dutch …..Solomons to possibly affect Eastern Australia..and the slow slip over next month …
    like he said the whole Pacific is geared up .
    Thanks once more for the link ..
    will be watching intently.
    stay safe up in PNW .
    blessings ..

  166. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Japan has had 4 quakes spaced out along trench ..i have includ3d tis link but give it a few seconds to load up list of quakes ..as it highlights them when loading

  167. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Remember singer gave a China flag ?
    Well i thought it unusual but since these two quakes have occured I wonder if its a flag for something bigger in general vicinity ..
    or a flag that when these occured the big one for Indonesia. .chile or Peru or Sri Lanka is close ..you know a heads up marker .
    anyhoo these two are just 245 miles apart
    Nepal 4.7m at 10km depth
    China 4.8m at 10km depth
    Just a thought ..

    • jules104 says:

      I remember that one for China Rhona. You could be right. Nepal getting hit with EQs. Dutch says just the first round, will keep going up then big one. Think it’s on day five. Should be before or by ten day warning. Praying for South America and west and South Pacific. Blessings

  168. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Just noticed two more forw Japan that 6 in total aling trench
    will posr other one below

  169. Rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    japan link

    its starting to look like a medium mag slow subduction swarm ..

  170. Rhona says:

    48 Jules 104
    update on Japan quakes 7 for today
    ..once again give the link 30seconds to load quakes up as it highlights them

  171. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    just noticed These two for Indonesia
    4.5m at 168km depth padangsidempuan 2hrs ago
    4.8m at 23km depth Sinabang not far from Aceh 3hrs ago
    now if you take into account durches silent zone theory and the quakes at Napal .
    Sri Lanka falls in Silent zone ..the fulcrum. .
    maybe something of note to watch .
    blessings ..you two

  172. jules104 says:

    Rhona thanks for all that info. That last link said “0 of 0 quakes” at the top so nothing shows up for Japan. But no worries I can imagine it. 🤓 I think you got something there. And then the Sri Lanka silent zone, fulcrum point. I’m a bit worried there may be more than one thing going on at a time, in more than one area, whenever it does snap. Hope not. The whole high really deep EQs on both sides of the Pacific isn’t good I think. One in South America and one in NZ area. Then you have that slow slip event up in WA. Bogoslof Volcano and the rest around the Ring of Fire under a lot of pressure now. Guess it’s a wait and see. 😟😣Praying for calm seas and slow gentle Earth movement. 🌏🌎🙏🏻🙏🏻💫

  173. Rhona says:

    jules 104
    yeah I didnt think when i posted Japan link that it only reflects a 24hr period then ticks over its a live map ..so it depends on what time you look at it if its posted on thread ..
    never was i thinking it was not a snap shot of six quakes ….
    my oversight there ..
    ..I will remember that in future with that map ..

  174. Rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Tajikistan 5.4m at 130 deep .i believe i got depth right .

  175. star48 says:

    After multiple notices by remote viewer..Major Dames…
    About killer sun.shot…I read this….
    I am not a happy camper..

  176. star48 says:

    Saw this..looking for second confirmation..,

  177. Rhona says:

    the volcanos arent monitored as much as i thought..surprised..
    also noticed another round of deep quakes especially Canada
    and this one Indonesia is really deep

  178. star48 says:

    Rhonda, Jules104,
    Iceland program….

    • Rhona says:

      Star 48
      im replying in reply box because I really enjoyed the video ..so informative and inspiring ..
      not to mention .Viking ties ..
      Isnt it a paradox that The icelandic Vikings retained there heritage for hundreds of years . remote and in tune with nature .
      while some of their ancesters went to Scotland and evolved along with
      humanity ..
      Tgank you I thoroughly enjoyed it .

  179. jules104 says:

    Star48, I sure hope they don’t have a big EQ right there in that area of WA. Yikes. I was trying to look up hydroelectric dams there in the Hood Canal area and there’s the Cushman hydroelectric I think. I saw something about underground tunnels so was trying to see if they had any there. Hard to figure it out. Well sure hope this slow slip event doesn’t trigger anything too big and damaging.
    That ocean thing is strange. Hm…🤔😕

  180. Rhona says:

    Star 48

    Woth all the deep quakes up near Vancouver this past week and now the slow slip Puget sound ..its alarming ..omg how is that map ..its unreal ..
    Hold o to your Hats everyone its not looking good ..but maybe jyst maybe the slow slip will be just that ..
    gently Bently. ..
    The massive object under the ocean
    hmmm alien or human ..I know they must know something ..the governments i mean ..someone knows of this ..great stories… Chief…

  181. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Turkey swarm is Phenomenal.
    elastic band breaking ..stretching between east and west ..
    side note
    we have 4 days of high temps for Perth
    105°..115°..105°..105 °
    fire is on agenda .
    sending love and light here .😆😆

  182. jules104 says:

    Wow it sounds really hot there Rhona. Hoping and praying for rain in your forecast. 🙏🏻💦☔️ Keep us all updated on any fires near to you there in Perth.
    Right I agree, elastic band breaking…I worry about all the Turkey eq swarms going on right now. There seems to be quiet a few swarms all over the planet though. 😐 Praying or calm.
    Blessings and stay safe. 😁

  183. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Just FYI on some deep EQs.
    4.7 South Fiji, 491 km depth
    3.4 Columbia, 143 km depth
    4.9 Fiji Region, 606 km depth….😧
    4.4 Halmahera, Indonesia, 164 in depth
    5.7 Mindanao, Philippines, 40 km depth (not too deep just high)

  184. Rhona says:

    J7les Thanks heaps I 2as just looking at those on line ..i have had a late start today slept till 10am ..catch up i think .
    Fiji and solomons area is really concerning me i feel something big coming there ..
    and Halmahera and Fiji were only 5 minutes apart in registering Columbia could work its way down ..noticed a huge silence in sth America too ..

  185. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48… I noticed that big silence along US also. Not sure if they are reporting all the EQs off the coast and on in OR and WA though so who knows what going on over here.😕 Don’t think the pressure has been released yet what so ever. Maybe a volcano eruption and an eq. Praying for peaceful planetary shifts. 🙏🏻
    Also, saw this article this am. It’s unreal to me how humans can behave towards each other. The world needs to work together and figure out this whole refugee problem and how to begin giving these people at least the basic things they need as humans to survive and thrive. The karma involved with this turning people away, turning their backs on them, kicking them out, sending people back to certain death or putting them in harms way on purpose… will be huge I believe. I’m so glad there are lots of compassionate loving people still left in the world. It gives me hope. 🙏🏻 One of these days I think there won’t be anything such as borders for countries. We will be one big global village. Blessings. Here’s that link.

  186. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Found a good update as of 5 March for the Oroville Dam.

  187. Rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    two informative articles there .
    Star the Reporter for the dam seems to have a handle on the wvents taking place and believes in what he is observing and being given …Its warming to know it could be ok at least it delivers the warning is still in place ..praying it goes as they anticipate ..

    Jules what do you say to all of that ..
    Of course people are going to get more aggressive if hungry ..
    and its a bit late to shut the gate after the horse has bolted ..
    The children didnt ask to get caught up in this ..my goodness I do understand her misguided logic but she is in the box and taped down the lid….
    we can only light and love the situation with prayer as well ..and may it reach the hearts of all those who are hands on and allow their compassionate voices to be heard
    by those with closed hearts and selective deafness ..
    Its not an easy situation but surely someone over there has the ideas and plans to help resolve this in a humanitarian way ..
    Yes one day a global villiage in about 2 generations ..it is a little way off yet ..but the way and the road is paved with many unsavory
    challenges ..

  188. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Alaska is swarming all around Anchorage ..
    low 2’s Nd high 1’s
    Its a watch ..

  189. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…EQs for Australia. Western then Southern, Adalaedie? then Western again across from Bartow Island area. Low 2s

  190. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    that Barrow Island one is a concern it only registers when rhere is some movement off the coast and somethinh in 5.00m range usually follows ..it could indicate somethi g for Indonesia or Sri lanka too ..
    the ping pong was unusual ..
    Peru had a deep one 4.1m i think oveer 110 deep
    and this deep one for Fiji again


  191. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…Here’s another just now. 5.0 South of Fiji, 563 km depth.

  192. jules104 says:

    Then this 4.8 Jujuy, Argentina, 214 km depth… so not as deep, but is it just a ping pong effect?

  193. jules104 says:

    Hey Star48. Wow from LA to San Diego. That wouldn’t be good. I think that big EQ is very soon. I’d not be surprised if there were two simultaneously or soon there after. Or even a third. 😧 There’s just way too much going on all over the planet lately.
    Hope all is well there for you. 🤗🌷🍀

  194. rhona says:

    Star 48
    I have wondered about that fault system being connected for over a year now ..
    Many are connected and they are just confirming all this ..
    At least they know now ..

  195. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Little Sitkin Island volcano Alaska
    3 quakes magma movement i would say
    5.3m at 131 depth
    5.4m at 146 depth
    5.1m at 9 depth ..

  196. star48 says:

    Kamchatka volcanoes very active..also Indonesia…

  197. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Also noticed activity at Bogoslof volcano. Saw ash at 35,000 feet this am. Can’t seem to link it but got this.

  198. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks you two I guess one of these beauties or a sister volcano is goung to blow a full gasget sooner or later ..

  199. rhona says:

    oh dear thats gasket. ..😂😂😂😂😉

  200. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    This article from Australia East coast guant wave out at sea ..boat rescued ..
    Where this occured makes me wonder about what happening up around Fiji and solomons ..http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-09/two-sailors-rescued-from-yacht-nsw-lucky-to-be-alive/8338052

  201. jules104 says:

    There was a 5.9 EQ down below NZ, Australia, above Antarctica today. I saw this article in December about a calving going on then heard scientists had evacuated their station recently due to a crack. Here’s those links.

  202. jules104 says:

    Rhona thanks for the link. That would be pretty scared. I agree, makes you wonder what’s going on.

  203. jules104 says:

    There was a 5.9 EQ , 10 km depth, Macquarie Islsnd, above Antarctica today. I posted but don’t know if it will go with links attached. Mentioned large crack that’s been going on down in Antarctica, scientists leave station down there due to calving.

  204. star48 says:

    Update on eruption and emissions.
    Papua New Guinea

  205. rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    Jules i did read about that calving was hoping it doesnt create too much rise in sea level or wave ….Its wise they left ..but i guess who would stay? 😉
    All the volcanoes of importance venting ..hoping its a safety valve ..

  206. rhona says:

    Star 48
    Had a read up on Sabancaya Peru ..its the most dangerous in Peru and in 1990’s 8,000
    people lived in the valley at edges of is flanks ….
    several animals died of gas emissions some time ago. .

    hope she settles and doesnt cause havoc .

  207. rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    this on is an alert mag creeping up higher ..close to santiago ..

  208. jules104 says:

    Hi Rhona, Star48. I actually thought about that creeping up too Rhona. 😂 It seems that the EQs that have any measurable depth are in South America right now. Unless I missed something.

  209. star48 says:

    I could not post this from yesterday..my iPad is not charging fast enough….

  210. jules104 says:

    Here’s some Eqs from today. Banda Sea 5.2, 129 km depth, Kermadec Islands 5.7, 2 km depth , Kyushu, Japan 5.4, 146 km depth

  211. jules104 says:

    5.2, 60 km depth, near east coast of Honshu. Seems like CA may be swarming somewhat?

  212. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Just a tid bit from our recent State election
    yesturday ..
    very happy Labour was voted in ..
    especially a win for no fracking in west Australia ..
    amongs other policy changes for the better …

  213. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Oh wow Fiji 5.1m. 597 deeeep.
    some feeds say 5.6m 600 deep .


  214. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…
    That’s a deep one and a bit large. 😮 I am feeling any day now Sri Lanka and South America maybe. Do you think there could be the volcanic eruption, tsunami and large EQ all at the same time? I guess maybe the EQ could trip the rest? Praying not. 🙏🏻

  215. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Yes I was thinking same thing and we are having thunderstorms fo 5 of seven days this week ..this weather is crazy ..
    we get the odd summer storm but this is repetitive this season ..and with us us close to Indonesia ..
    I am a believer in weather changes before severe quake or volcanic eruption ….

    there is alot of electricity in the air ..
    My daughter and partner arrived back from Melbourne Vaca last night and flew in over Perth hills during thunder lightning and a very bumpy ride …
    glad they are home ……

  216. jules104 says:

    Rhona…so is that unusual then for a whole week of thunderstorms there? You could be right on preceding EQs or eruptions. Maybe the electromagnetics involved? Hoping it doesn’t kick off any fires for you there. I bet that was a bumpy ride flying in through those storms. 🤢😧 Glad they made it home safe and sound. Hope they had a wonderful vaca over in Melbourne. 😎 🙏🏻

  217. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    oh they did ..they went on a cooking course ..
    so we are up for a scrumptious dinner real soon ..

    Thundersyorms for 5 days at this time of year ..totally out there..

    we maybe have one summer storm for a day ..but not like this and its been off and on for a few weeks ..

    not our regular summer at all ..

    Im thinking the same something is brewing ..
    I just feel it …its in the wind and atmosphere ..its like a wispwri g from nature ..

  218. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Lots of weather….be careful….raining here too days of it..,,

    Side note….

    Volcano update …..as of…http://volcano.si.edu/reports_weekly.cfm

  219. rhona says:

    star 48 jules 104
    was just reading about nth east storm coming in for N.Y. etc ..
    its a doozy ..
    prayers for all in those states
    Yes star its definitely a weather issue all over
    Drought in Africa Queensland
    storms nth east
    Unseasonal rain everywhere ..
    Storm hitting Brisbane Aust ..massive
    blessings stay safe ..

  220. jules104 says:

    Just saw another deep eq. Fiji Region, 4.4, 549km depth. We actually had a good day Sunday here. Sunny…go figure. Usually raining. Hm

  221. jules104 says:

    Thanks Rhona for North Eastern States storms. I think this may be the get your generators ready. Praying people keep watch for elderly and those in need. 🙏🏻

  222. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona.
    6.0 Nicobar Islands, India, 10 km depth… across from Sri Lanka.
    5.2 Java Sea, 547 km depth
    3.6 Los Angeles, 18 km depth
    5.4, Sulawesi, Indonesia,
    Got a bad feeling. 😣

  223. rhona says:

    jules 104 thanks for thosee updates
    Java sea wow and Nicobar Isle ..yes could be serious watch


  224. rhona says:

    star48 jules 104
    Indonesia near Ache
    not too far from one you posted Jules ..

  225. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Fiji 5.4m at 540 depth
    note Argentina and alaska had reasonable depth quakes too ..

  226. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…I noticed those seem to be the three areas with measurable depths Rhona. The Salta/Jujuy, Argentina area has been getting hit with deeper EQs. I believe if you look on a map there may be a city named Bogota nearby. Not an O but an A though. I looked it up. It’s in Columbia and as I was looking there was an eq in Peru and now one in Columbia. The indigenous people were called the “Salt People”, which I found interesting. When the conquerors arrived there were half a million “Musica” and up to two million indigenous in that area. Anyway I’ll add a link. The city sits high in the Andes and pretty impressive if nothing else.

  227. jules104 says:

    Okay that was weird. Went to check on where that eq was in Columbia that showed up on my iPhone app as I read up on Bogota’. Here’s the link.
    I did notice a lot of references to San Francisco there also. A Palace and a church with the name. Probably nothing but want to add just in case. Really find all of this history fascinating. 🤓😂

  228. star48 says:

    Blast injures..

  229. jules104 says:

    Star48, that’s amazing no one was killed. How terrifying. Glad everyone kept their wits about them and the rescue workers got everyone off the mountain. Just the look in their eyes says it all. I’d not be up on any volcano site seeing right now. Too much activity going on around the world. 😱🌋
    I read about the coral reefs being in danger of dieing off by 2050, I believe it was, just the other day. Seems as though it would take a miracle for them to even survive that long. Maybe I had the Year wrong. I’ll look for the article. So sad though. Thanks for sharing both of those links. Blessings. 😇🙏🏻🐚🐠🐡

  230. jules104 says:

    Star48, actually that’s the report I read. Haha. How’d I miss that? A 90% die off of Coral Reefs by 2050. I sure hope things can be turned around. The idea of scientist trying to get Coral use to a higher temp is interesting.
    I think the water temps are a big issue. The planets interiors heating up?

  231. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    wow you two a wealth of info there ..
    The Bogota bit is interesting Jules and the Salt people reminding us of the salt mentioned in prediction ..
    Well I never would be up a volcano either ..not just to have a look ..they are so lucky and yes their faces said it all ..
    I too read the articles on the coral reefs ..
    Im really pleased science is trying to help here ..
    We noticed some of the one in Australia ..
    gulf Of Carpenteria are in regions where there is alot of oil exploration right where the corals are dying ..
    Yes it great the water temps can drop and they replenish but a helping hand never goes astray ..
    Thermal volcanic heat on ocean floor doesn’t help either ..combination of elements. . as noted Star 48. .
    Etna hmmm we need to watch her ..
    Fiji had another deep one too thats two in
    a few hours ..

  232. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    another Fiji 5.5m 100km deep

  233. rhona says:

    star48 jules 104
    Tonga 4.7m at 147depth
    Indonesia 5.1m deep

  234. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Here’s another one. Not the same as the one you added Rhona, same depth. Indonesia 4.6, 147 km depth.

  235. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    yeah I just saw that one ..

    here they go again . anothet round …

  236. jules104 says:

    Here’s another. Salta Argentina, 3.5, 203km depth

  237. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Dutch talks about volcanos a bit. Thought you’d appreciate. Starts around, 11:45-13:35. Expected big blast for Bogoslof or Kamshatka volcano. This was on the 16th, 10:00pm update. Don’t think it happened yet did it? Here’s that link.

  238. jules104 says:

    Fiji Region 4.9, 595 km depth.

  239. jules104 says:

    Here’s a detailed video of the total solar eclipse as it travels over in the US on August 21, 2017. I’m wondering about how the timing sort of matches up with the San Francisco EQ if they have it for September. Though it doesn’t actually travel over that area but the Coast of Oregon up near Salem. Probably close enough?

  240. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Poor NZ we have had 4 deep earthquakes around Tonga and Fiji in last 4 days and dutch is warning after one ..
    Not looking good ..
    Like his comments on tour guides for Etna ..so true …
    will check out eclipse link now

  241. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules great link for eclipsev..
    I had a look for quakes in 1979 that may be notable during or after eclipse…
    February 1979 stand out was San Andreas C.Co ..also October Imperial Valley 1979 .

    I didnt search much more as some were pdfs ..
    but will be intersting to see results of this years …

  242. rhona says:

    Jules104 star 48
    here is a link with info on quakw in 1979
    and another if it works
    that one gives eclipse path in 1979

    • jules104 says:

      Rhona this looked like the path began up near Seattle WA, so that would have been a ways south. Hm I wonder about how all that works. Maybe far reaching. I think CA has been swarming and Oregon got a 3.3 off coast lastnight. Wonder about the slow slip affecting things.

  243. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Fiji 4.9m deep over 500km

  244. jules104 says:

    Well this is weird. At 20:22, keep watching. I know he and his friend study and catch a lot of these microwave radio frequency things. Here that line is, though the whole video was good too.

  245. jules104 says:

    Grand reopening of Oroville Dam. I like this guys updates. No drama, always sticks to the facts seems like, though standing a bit too close for comfort for me. Yikes. 😮

  246. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Another volcano.. Nicaragua……alert first posted 11 hrs ago..

  247. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Just noticed this. Small tremors on Mt Rainer (shows up as Packwood, WA), starting at 8:00AM thru 8:35AM today, 3/18/17. Thought it unusual. Maybe from slow slip event? Though think it’s just pressure backfilling as CA has been swarming also. Maybe both. Seems like something is up. 🤔

  248. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    could be slow slip Jules ..its a watch ..
    another round of deep ones
    East Timor 4.4 at 563 deep
    Japan 4.2 at 216 deep
    philippines 4.5 at 103 deep
    103 .. 124. 106 depths in low 1’s ans 2’s
    Chile 4.1 at 189
    4.8 at 115
    4.2 at 121
    some seem at depths and mags eleviating pressure one would hope ..
    Star 48
    Nicaragua volcano. again a sleeper waking.
    110 yeas of a snooze ..though in the company of a noteworthy chain …

  249. rhona says:

    Jules thanks for Oroville update ..prayers it continues to be smooth restructuring for them ..
    Yeah he is a pretty good reporter …he is givi g the facts he is presented with ..

  250. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    That update from Dutch .. wow ..how curious is that infared ray /microwave. .
    like what the hec is going on here …

    So good people like Dutch and Tattoo are out there monitoring and revealing these things ..
    may they be blessed and supported by spirit ..
    Blessings ..

  251. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Yes I think Dutch said on last nights video he is guessing the Rainier tremors has to do with the slow slip event in WA., among other things going on. I will be surprised if there’s not some sort of large EQ or volcanic eruption real soon. Where is the question. 🤔 There’s so much going on all over. I wish we could decide those numbers Spirit added. I did notice there was 8 days between the first two sets. Between 8-9? Thinking not? Thanks for adding all that info Rhona. It does seem the deeper quakes are happening at a somewhat alarming rate now. 😳 I hope you both are having a great weekend. 🤗

  252. jules104 says:

    Thanks Star48. It seems like one of Erics earthquake or volcanic eruption predictions should be coming up fairly soon.

  253. jules104 says:

    Rhona just saw that. That’s not good. 🙁

  254. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    4+m at 250km
    4+m at 438km

  255. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    remember the previous link to Japan map takes a minute to load results ..

  256. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48, Since Japan quakes.
    4.9 Fiji, 588 km depth
    4.3 Desaguadero, Peru, 184 km depth
    3.9 Antofagasta, Chile, 254 km depth

  257. rhona says:

    jules 104
    Fiji and Solomons area is really repeating itself. …
    Peru is going through so much with the mud slides …
    keeping watch ..
    thanks Jules

  258. star48 says:

    Jules104,Rhona ,
    Update on active volcanoes…

  259. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Another great revelation….why I moved from Orange County…CA
    The Newport Inglewood fault…
    The 1933 EQ that helped change building codes for EQ ‘s


  260. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. 6.1 South of Bali, Indonesia, 15 km depth. Thanks for volcano update Star48. It’s getting crazy down under isn’t it? 😂🙏🏻😇

  261. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    star that base eruption at Etna could spell a undercutting to the mt ..here is hoping not ..
    The Newport Inglewood fault could well be what causes Erics San Diego quake ..
    3ft drop oh wow again hoping not ..
    everything is so volitile and so many powder kegs …new research is shedding the light on ..
    Glad you moved ..spirit did guide you I remember that point …
    Jules Indonesia is really registering alot of quakes mid range and deep low range ..from Indonesia to solomons and Fiji ..
    makes me wonder about a big slip …
    still maybe its all gradual and mother warth is stretching gently ..
    blessings you two …

  262. jules104 says:

    Star48, drop 3 feet!? Though I did catch that part on the Oregon Coast being submerged also. 😏 So besides the 3 foot drop and everything else that goes with that…they’d also have the Naval Weapons Stations right there to deal with. Thanks for that link. Very interesting. Praying that doesn’t happen any time soon.

  263. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    singer just played Happy Talk
    thats Usually south Pacific ..but for some reason I was thinking Japan when listening to it ..and the thoughts were quite strong …
    still are ..

  264. jules104 says:

    Rhona this came to mind. Maybe an eq for Japan first proceeded by a much bigger eq or tsunami for South Pacific area? Will keep watch. Thanks for the heads up from Singer.

  265. jules104 says:

    There’s a lot going on in Alaska in the mag 4 range. Plus Japan Rhona…
    4.0 Hokkaido Japan, 339 km depth
    3.8, JuJuy, Argentina 257 km depth

  266. rhona says:

    jules 104
    yes your right ..it could be a dual headsup ..
    He has been coming through my awareness more lately ..
    so song and spiritual whispering ..Im just getting used to tuning in to his vocals hegehe…😂😂😂🎵🎶🎶

  267. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    cyclone Debbie to hit Queensland Tuesday .Aust time ..
    Evacutions are taking place at Whitsunday Isles just off coast due to tidal surges .Its a cat 4 expected ..http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-26/cyclone-debbie-bears-down-on-north-queensland-coast/8387472?pfmredir=sm
    just thought would let you know ..

  268. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Given the 3 quakes just to north of iceland over last few hours all above 4 .
    I did some research ..
    This article has some recent amazing pics of under ocean lava flows .. north Kolbeinsey Ridge
    Taken in 2016 by a team lead by ms Yeo .
    she developed a way of taking images with
    a deep survey cam system
    amazing pics and I wasnt aware how little they knew ..
    Hope you enjoy ..

  269. jules104 says:

    Rhona that cyclone Debbie looks like it’s going to be bad with the high winds and tidal surge. It sounds like the tidal surge will be the bigger issue according to the link. Glad the “old people” are warning the younger ones what to expect. May help to save lives. Sending prayers their way. Thanks for the info.

  270. jules104 says:

    Rhona that’s amazing work she is doing. I love the dating method using the hydro acoustics too. Great that they are finally studying the oceans more. I noticed those EQs that just came up also. Seems it’s been a while since Icelands shown up.

  271. rhona says:

    yes Jules ad by chance the earthqakes
    in iceland off shore are just in the exact same spot of the ridge ms Yeo was researching ..

  272. rhona says:

    Star 48
    Thanks for the updates
    not sure Japan should be so blase about the volcano just because it has always been o.k. .Im sure there are those keeping watch .

  273. rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    update on queensland cyclone
    they are expecting 4meter tidal surges and doing enforced evacutions an ayr etc ..

  274. jules104 says:

    Rhona thanks for the update. I googled and even saw an 8m swell expected. I hate to see those people who won’t evacuate after they’ve been told to. It must just be human nature. 😕 Those winds and gusts are going to be pretty high and destructive it sounds like. Along with the cyclone hitting during high tide it’s going to make for an uncomfortable, to say the least, time for those staying. Will be sending prayers to Queensland area. Hoping the winds aren’t as strong as expected and storm surge not as high. 🙏🏻😇🌟

  275. rhona says:

    Thank you ..the people in Queensland are unaware of your prayers …its so gratifying to be part of this team …even though they dont know im sure they Know within their souls ..appreciated Jules .

  276. jules104 says:

    Rhona, just checked again and saw this. The slowing done of Debbie means it won’t come in during the highest tide period, so less tidal surge. Some good news then. Keep us updated. Prayers for beautiful Queensland. 🙏🏻🌟

  277. star48 says:

    Volcano eruption updates…

  278. jules104 says:

    Thanks for the links Star48. That 6.1 EQ was a bit of a surprise. When I watched the nightly Dutch update he looked up the tremors from the slow slip event in Washington and it shows them having moved north already up into Vancouver BC. It was pretty fascinating looking at how they moved into that direction. He’s looking for a larger EQ when it actually finishes. I think he said it was in 2011? they had a 7.7 off Vancouver after a slow slip event. Though he’s not looking at that large of an EQ. I don’t think he really knows what to expect. I wonder how the eruptions will factor into this. Perhaps relieve some of the pressure? Hope so.

  279. rhona says:

    star 48
    Most of those volcanos have been smouldering away having a burp every now and then over last couple of years ..
    Its interesting to see the rythum. .
    like a to and frow ..
    I didnt study it in depth but there is a type of rythum .
    Alaska 6.1 ..yeah it made me wonder when I saw it if there is more to follow ..keeping watch ….Its so active up around there right now ..

  280. star48 says:

    6.6 mag near Aleutians Basin…Russia..

  281. rhona says:

    Jules 104 thanks for the kamchatka quake I wonder if that is going to flag a watch for Japan given proximity.

  282. jules104 says:

    Star48, I saw that too. USGS had it at a 6.9 to begin with and off land. Then switched to 6.6 on land.

  283. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48…
    Here’s Dutch latest. Real time EQs happen during update. Changed things up somewhat. Pretty interesting how he’s adding in volcanic eruptions now. PNW on watch due to slow slip and pressure coming in from North Pacific. Worried for Vancouver area mostly.

  284. rhona says:

    Star 48 sorry
    it was you to thank for Kamchatka quake link..looked too quickly and thought it Jules ..

  285. jules104 says:

    Rhona praying for your Queenslanders there in AU. It looks like they have a lot of damage and cleaning up to do after Cyclone Debbie went through. The Arlie Beach, Hayman and Hamilton Islands area look to have gotten the brunt of the incoming cyclone, though those are just some of the areas I’ve read about in the news reports so far. I’m sure there are more. Is the leftover rain causing an issue still further south now? From the videos and pics I’ve seen… I really feel bad for everyone and all of the wildlife there. Keep seeing the poor little cockatoo who lost all his feathers in the storm. 😔😢Praying for all of them in their recovery efforts and hoping everyone is safe now. 🙏🏻🌟

  286. jules104 says:

    Just watching the EQs. 5.2 in Gulf of CA, now a 4.4 in Oklahoma. Pressures coming up. Noticed a lot of EQs over near Philippines also. Then the numerous volcanos under pressure. Not sure but feel like something’s in the works.

  287. star48 says:

    Been keeping up with your posts..yes…brewing…I feel it…
    Side note..
    Wrong way asteroid..and Jupiter….

  288. star48 says:

    Rare Triangle….tonight…( arrow shaped?)

  289. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Backwards Astaroid 😨😨😨😲😲
    Would love to know more of why there ..
    will remain a mystery i guess ..
    yeah the triangle is supposed to bring me good fortune this year ..its in a beneficial positiin in my astrological house ..hmm hope so ..
    Time for good changes all round…

    Jules I watched Dutch ..yes he does mention more volcanos now …
    and he is concerned with PNW coastal areas ..
    Glad you have kept a living eye on Queenslanders ..and you are up to speed on their plight ..
    All in all it was a blessing it didnt get to cat5 …
    stay well you two
    blessing always

  290. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Thanks for those links. I found the wrong way asteroid sort of funny. Always one in the family. 😂 Really though that is pretty interesting and they say it’s due to the gravitational pull as to why it doesn’t collide with Jupiter. I’m going to see if I can find the triangle outside tonight. I sure hope it’s going to be in a beneficial position in my chart this year also. 🙏🏻

  291. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Meant to add these this morning.
    3.0 Southern Peru 212 km depth
    3.7 Antofagasta,Chile 254 km depth
    4.9 South of Fiji 540 km depth
    4.4 Kermadec Island Region 424 km depth
    And Dutch mentioned Taupo Super Volcano in North New Zealand getting hot recently. Magnitudes moving up.

  292. rhona says:

    jules 104
    Thanks for the deep quake updates..
    Looks like another round has started ..
    we will be dizzy keeping track soon

  293. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    singer just gave San Francisco and South Pacific (again ) this time Bali Hi ..
    beatiful song …
    so im keeping watch ..
    love and light to both areas ..
    I know you two are keeping watch on Australian floods ..but today has been aweful for N.S.W. 20thousand more evacuated and flood levels rising ..

    you may have seen this link


    thought i would post anyway ..its such a mess ..cyclone Debbie has had far teaching consequences. .prayers for my fellow Australians ..

    blessings ..

  294. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Thx for heads up..on CA
    .my heart is sad for the aftermath…in Australia..

    Side note…
    Comet..closest pass on record April 1..


  295. rhona says:

    Star 48
    Thank you for your heartfelt compassion
    for aftermath of cyclone Debbie..
    Thats quite funny though not uncommon
    in the early days to mistake the same comet as individual ones passing 😉😊
    Looks like your going to have too much cloud cover to see..Shame..
    That seems to happen without fail down here in Perth ..as sure as goodness if something in the sky is worth looking at/for
    clouds invariably move in ..😢😠

  296. jules104 says:

    Star48, that’s amazing video. And like Rhona I will more than likely be clouded over also. 👀🙄. It says it belongs to Jupiter due to being caught in its gravitational pull. There’s that gas planet Jupiter again. 😉 Side note; showed the video to four year old grandson and when they showed the rock and the earth he asked me was it going to Walmart? Well I certainly hope not. ☺️🤣🤔. Thanks for the link. Let’s hope no Aprils fools day mishaps. 🙏🏻 😉

  297. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Thats so funny Walmart 😂😂
    yes lets hope not ..
    Unfortunately it wont be visible in anywhere in the southern hemisphere they said ..
    even if clear ..
    oh well will keep looking skyward ..you never know what other surprises will be
    seen 😊

  298. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Thought you might like this video in news report .
    music sooths the sou..yeah 😊💓http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-01/nsw-floods:-residents-clean-up-cyclone-debbie/8407486

  299. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    sorry link didnt work
    here you go
    should work this time ..its the first video at top of page

  300. jules104 says:

    Rhona, thanks for the serenade of “Floods Receding”. 😳😂🙏🏻 What a great attitude. Yes soothing to the soul. I feel bad for those who didn’t have any flood insurance. Sometimes it’s just too costly at the time but really a necessity anymore with this wild weather we are getting all over the planet. That “500 year flood” has turned into the “10 year flood”! But I totally get not being able to afford it too. 😏 I’m saddened for those who lost their lives but really thankful it wasn’t more. By the looks of things it could easily have been worse. Praying that the rains stop soon over there. 🙏🏻🌟😇 Oh I wondered about this Logan River which flooded and if the flooding was mostly on Main Street? What do you think? It just caught my eye since there was a recent “Logan” prediction. Do you think it got mixed? I don’t think it had anything to do with a natural disaster but a school attack I think. I’ll check it out. Blessings. 🌟🌈🌞

  301. jules104 says:

    Rhona, here’s the Logan prediction. I’m not seeing any relation to the river or storm over there. Here’s that link.

  302. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Yep get where yoyr coming from
    seems more like an elementary school. .
    Logan floiding is wide spread the River covers many areas
    well if some crazy did do anything over there it certainly would as spirit said nake things much worse ..
    Nah surely not ..
    There were so many other Logans to attribute that prediction to ..
    but what a co incidence ..
    Weird kinda flag maybe for other predictions ? 😕😯

  303. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    This is second 4+ quake off shore sandai
    in last few hours

  304. jules104 says:

    Rhona I noticed those EQs also. Hope nothing more. 🙏🏻 And did you see this… 2.3, 11 km depth, in Kellerberrin WA?

  305. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Yes I saw that one for west Aus..
    hehe that little pesky fault again ..

  306. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    update on floods
    Rockhampton is due for more inundation over next 4 days ..God help them .
    and areas south around logan havent peaked yet http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-02/cyclone-debbie-rockhampton-prepares-for-flood/8408690

  307. jules104 says:

    Rhona praying for Rockhampton and people in Logan. Really so much flooding and devastation going on there. Praying for everyone’s safety. It will be a long road to recovery but it sounds like there is a lot of folks ready to lend a hand including the Mud Army. 😁🤗 Wonderful, what a blessing to so many.

  308. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Yes Jules lots of helping hands for them ..the more the merrier ..
    side note
    just noticed this quake off Banda aceh is in same spot as 2014 Tsunami quake .
    and oddky as i was reading it singer played
    On The Fields of Bali ..
    so im thinking a an ansolute watch for Erics prediction is getting closer ..

  309. jules104 says:

    Rhona thanks for the info and the heads up. So based on the song and the EQ today do you think it’s for the Sri Lanka prediction or the Philippines? Or an EQ, volcanic eruption, or just the tsunami? Or all of the above? 😕

  310. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48, 4.3 Celebes Sea, 544 km depth

  311. rhona says:

    Jules my respose disappeared to your Sri Lanka post
    well here it is again ..
    All of the above
    and especially Sri lanka could happen if Aceh in Indonsesia cranks it up again .
    So I was actually thinking Indonesia .
    hmm Celeb sea deep thats gonna get a higher shallow response for sure ..

  312. jules104 says:

    Rhona I agree on all of above too. 😂 I went back and looked at Eric’s post and it sounded like an eq followed by a tsunami. Being on the coast, I certainly dislike that thought. 🤔😳🙏🏻😇. Praying for Indonesia, South Pacific areas.

  313. star48 says:

    Updated volcano eruption report..

  314. jules104 says:

    Thanks for the links Star48. On the comet, wasn’t there a prediction that talked about an eq after the comet? Wonder if it’s this comet. There’s a lot of very lcanic activity. Lots of pressure coming up front below the plates. Also there was a 6.5 EQ in Botswana, 22km depth. You don’t see too many over there’s it seems.

  315. star48 says:

    Fuego volcano info..

    Side note ..M class from sun –ongoing..,see SpaceWeather.com

  316. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Just saw this by Dutch. He’s saying that there is a 7.0 picked up north of Hawaii, the antipodal of the South African EQ. He shows where a lot of stations picked it up but it’s not being reported by USGS and the EMSC. I think one read as high as 7.8! Here’s the link.

  317. jules104 says:

    Thanks for the Fuego Volcano link. I can’t imagine living near that these volcanoas. 😳

  318. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Thanks guys for links .
    That comet is a worry especially when you factor in 22nd as possible meteoer stike date ..

    Will have to look up 22nd on predictions ..
    I think there was 22 and 27 ..
    Jules Dutches Antipodal Quake above Hawaiian Islands is a great example of his theory .
    Its a given in my opinion ..
    Its just not right the USGS and Esmc havent listed it ..😲😞

  319. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Generals corner on the boarder of Northern Territory ..South Australia ..Western Australia


  320. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Another quake just inside NT boarder
    only few hundred km from previous 4m at generals corner ..this one on western fringe of central Ranges ..

  321. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    I note these quak3s as they are intraplate qakes and could be a warning of something higher to go on in Indonesia ..
    I dont think its in respose to a higher quake that was there iver last few days ..
    we will c ..

  322. jules104 says:

    Hi Rhona, Star48. You have a great point there Rhona about the intraplate. Could be leading to something larger for Indonesia area. Just came up on phone app, 5.3 Philippines. 😳 Well I hope nothing bigger for Australia and no EQ tsunamis for Indonesia area. 🙏🏻😇🌟
    I saw Dutch was calling for up to 5.8 off N CA, but waiting for the whole of CA swarming beforehand. I think it may be swarming now. So who knows maybe soon. Just hope it stays off Coast. I really don’t trust that the USGS is reporting correctly at times if at all though. As I’ve actually seen the proof numerous times now over the past year of them not reporting quakes. Really just shameful. I don’t understand why they’d continue to do that. Glad there are others out there keeping watch.
    Things seem like they are picking up around the globe now. Maybe due to the M class solar stuff going on that you mentioned Star48.

  323. jules104 says:

    Rhona I found some old posts on meteorites which also include ship burning. Here’s that link. I’ll try and look for more. This says 27th-30th

  324. jules104 says:

    Here’s a good link I found for solar flares, the Botswana EQ. Also it shows a large mudslide that happened in Java, Indonesia. I guess it took out a village. Here’s that link. It’s short.

  325. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    thank you heaps for meteor links ..
    when you count forward 30 months from the 10th month on prediction date 10-15-15
    that says 1-30 ..It fall into April 2017
    Hmmm not sure about the 1 ..
    I wondered about that Botswana quake ..thinking it super rare ….
    and the mudslide is heart wrenching…
    solar flare interesting too ..
    Im reservedly looking at around 27th or 22nd of April for the meteor ..
    blessings and thanks for searching them out ..
    oh yeah I dobt think we will know the v 555 thing till its over ..

  326. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona.
    Northeastern Iran, 6.1, 10km depth.
    Fiji, 4.9, 596km depth

  327. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48.
    5.3 EQ, 20km depth. Andaman Island, India Region.

  328. jules104 says:

    Thanks Star48. That’s interesting. Sounds like things are warming up faster than usual. Not a good sign.

  329. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    I justvposted this on Cyclone Debbie onbAustralia flood thread but just incase you missed it N.Z is facingvevacuatoins on tail end ofcDebbie ..
    What a wrecker she has been unbelievable http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-06/new-zealand-pounded-by-ex-cyclone-debbie-heavy-rain-flooding/8420838?pfmredir=sm

  330. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Sorry about typos above fingers on phone moving to hurried. .

    • star48 says:

      no problem…by the by
      I think you should post this addendum
      Under cyclone Debbie thread…? What do you think?

      Side note..2 EQ in Georgia..2.7,2.5.
      More activity in the last month..Kentucky, Tennesee,Kansas,now Georgia…
      It is waking up…the big M

      Also 3.5 mag at 3 forks !Montana….today..
      A friend of mine on Cascade Range and Yellowstone Volcanic site..posted 4 Reports of Magmatic activity today..l

  331. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Drones being deployed for Boston Marathon.. On Monday…

    Ps how will they know if all drones are authorized..?

  332. rhona says:

    Star 48
    Yes I made a mistake when i said I posted on Aust Floods
    I already posted It on Cyclone Debbie thread. . before this thread ..but thanks for picking that up ..
    I agree How are they going to know .Well maybe they will know but general public wont ..
    Maybe they have a mass tagged tracking system and know when intruder comes in
    UFD .Unidentified Flying Drone ..
    and thats not meant to be fascetious…
    Also Geysers is swarming ..
    yes Noticed Georgia ..watching the big M..

  333. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Sorry thought I posted on NZ. I went to find old predictions and guess just got lost in it somewhere along the way. 🙄😳 I agree what a wrecking ball Cyclone Debbie has been. She just has overstayed her stay! Could that be the destruction that hits two areas. Like countries? I was assuming that was a tsunami but maybe not. Hm. No worries on typos.
    Also, I saw that activity in Yellowstone too and noticed swarms going on in CA also. Not sure if the slow slip event up in NW is still going on or if it’s stopped yet. But I am a bit worried that N CA and/or Vancouver will get hit with a quake fairly soon. Also any thoughts on which volcano will go you too? I’m remembering the Roman numeral 5, V and have thoughts of Vesuvius. But surely not right?
    Not sure how they’d tell who’s drone is who’s but you’d think they must have some sort of system where they could tell if there is a rogue drone. Well we’d hope so anyway right?

  334. jules104 says:

    This is a good one from Dutch. He speaks to the swarms at the various Super volcanos. Taupo in NZ, Mono Lake, Yellowstone. Talks about the depths. Also shows slow slip event PNW swarms. The US starts around minute 26:, but the whole thing is pretty good.

  335. rhona says:

    Jules week 6 of slow slip ..yikes ..
    thanks for link as an informative uodate as usual ..
    So U Tube fiving him a hard time ..shame ..
    Vancouver a big watch this week then .

    • jules104 says:

      Rhona actually I don’t think dutch knows when the bigger EQ will strike. I’m not sure if the slow slip has finished yet or not. It’s after it’s finished. Did he say it had stopped? Anyway I think the last time this occurred it may have taken a while before the actual EQ happened. He doesn’t have much past history to go on. Guess we will see right? 😕

  336. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Philippines moderate high swarm
    5.4m apt 106 deep
    5.5m at o depth
    5.7m at 1 depth
    4.8m at 134 depth
    Wawa 4.7m at 3.5 depth
    Talaga 5.9 at 42 depth
    not finshed for them yet in my opinion so a watch ..

  337. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    this one in N.Z. is an alert to me given its onlt 45miles from NewPlymouth
    and its deephttp://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=582541

  338. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    That is disturbing…will watch…
    Also side note….
    Albania–5 mag…could be bad for faults in that area…
    Also more activity in and around 5’s all over. Globe..ominous …

  339. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona…I was thinking the same thing, disturbing. With everything going on and this slow slip event, it’s got me on high alert. Ive been researching all of the old EQ predictions over the past week and it has me feeling like a clay plate is going to break and shatter somewhere. Either that or a major eruption letting off the pressure. 😐

  340. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. This latest update early this am. Around minute 40, someone tells him to check again on slow slip they think it’s ending. So I believe the last slow slip event took about two weeks before the bigger quake. I think it was Nov 2012. A mag 7.7. And he also talks about the Philippine EQ after.

    • jules104 says:

      Star48, regarding the Philippine EQ. On this video previously linked at minute 43:20 he explains what he thinks is going on then calls for Okinawa and Taiwan watch. I don’t think too big. But Dutch has also noticed lately a ratcheting up of EQs around the globe. Which leads me to think there will only be a larger quake coming up or a volcano eruption like Eric’s calling for. Are you thinking there will be a larger one with a tsunami then? I’ll try and keep watch for the area.

  341. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Thanks for Dutch ..
    Taiwan is always a risk are if there is activity happening around there .
    sendi g love and light to Vancouver with slow slip easing up ..wow that map was something to see with all those swarms ..
    Hopefully it wont cause too much havoc .
    the 7.7 he is looking for ..
    its just been so protracted. ..
    Mother Earth is keeping us on our toes ..
    Stay safe you two

  342. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. Noticed a 5.4 West of Macquarie Island earlier. There was an eq up by the North Pole yesterday. Would that be near the antipodal then? Also lots going on off of Panama and on Chili in 5s. Just got 4.6 in Philippines.

  343. rhona says:

    Hi Jules
    here is a map of Antipods I will add anothwr interactive one next post below ..
    It seems Ireland is antipod of Maquarie Island ..

  344. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Here is an interactive map of antipods ..Have fun ..https://www.antipodesmap.com/

    • jules104 says:

      Thanks Rhona. That’s hilarious. The first one you sent I couldn’t figure out anything. You must have read my mind. The second one, right up my alley. 😂 Well since it was West of MacQuarie Island I played with it some and it actually seemed below Iceland more so. Just by eyesight. Probably right on Ireland if right on the Island though. What that means I’m not sure. Probably just left overs of deep Pacific quakes then.

  345. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Just type in city or country in search bar and first map is where you typed locatiin start
    second map scroll down to is antipod .😁😊😂😂😂

  346. star48 says:

    Volcano eruption update…

  347. jules104 says:

    Thanks Star48. These volcanos are amazing. Would love to do one of the volcano tours some day . Way too much unrest going on right now for me though. 😳 Do you have any thoughts on a possible impending large eruption?

  348. jules104 says:

    Star48, 5.8, Samar, Philippines, 10km depth

  349. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Philippines also a 6m at 102 depth
    and http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=582940
    I think one of above is the one you reported as well Jules .

  350. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    maybe not there is quite a distance in depth differences too ..
    Its really a high mag cluster ..
    a bit od a worry

  351. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48.
    4.8 Fiji, 593 km depth

  352. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Hundreds run for higher ground as they thought Tsuni would hit and Butang went without power ..Philippines is really going off in moderately high quakes ..

  353. rhona says:

    sorry that should read Batagas for above power cuts pilippines ..

  354. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    This report on damage on the 10th April

  355. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    another offshore that two on land and a swarm 5+ off shore ..

  356. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    I just noticed this one off Oregon coast ..no doubt you have seen it too ..

  357. jules104 says:

    Rhona I saw that one 7 miles off the coast of Bandon right south of us. Seems like a lot of 4s going around. A 4. Mag showed up on my app off the Mediterranean right after but then it was taken off I guess because it is no longer there. Hm. 🤔 Thanks for keeping watch.

  358. jules104 says:

    Have you two heard of this deep sea mining? What in the world is wrong with people? Ugh.

  359. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Mo Its the first I have seen it ..
    Oh my goodness what are they thinking ..
    Im really taken aback how these things get the go ahead with little thought to the people it will affect ..
    Its not enough we have oil And gas wells diturbing the sea bed ..Now Mining ..
    It doesnt surprise me they didnt present any facts on research of affects ..of course they wouldnt ..
    This makes me sad ..
    Thank you for article ..
    will send light and love ..
    again im bewildered ..

  360. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Sea of Japan
    deep obe 4.5m at 457km deep http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=583387

  361. star48 says:

    Volcano eruption report..

  362. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for sinabung update …not surprising given earthquake activity .
    side not for New Zealand .
    after cyclone Debbie reached their shore too ..creating surges etc now cyclone Cook
    is bearing down on them
    http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-13/new-zealand-braces-for-second-major-storm-in-two-weeks/8441894?pfmredir=smhttp://m.philstar.com/314191/show/1a770841e9bdc74f7d12bd272d8ea182/? prayers for N.Z.

  363. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. 5.4 EQ Fiji Region, 464.km depth. Philippines just now 4.5, 10km depth. And off N Island NZ 4.5, 397.km depth right after Fiji.
    Rhona, wow poor NZ now another one. Praying for them sending light energy their way. Going to look up this “cook” in old predictions. Too familiar sounding.

  364. jules104 says:

    This is Dutch’s 10:00pm update from the 12th. He speaks about the Philippines, the volcanos, slow slip event on West Coast. I’m not finished watching but so far really interesting. Here’s that link.

  365. jules104 says:

    4.2 Manado, Indonesia, 312km depth

  366. rhona says:

    Wow the map of earths magnetic field is awesome ..leading science into amazing territory ..
    Im also thinking you could be right about a hot spot Greenland Melt ..
    Thank you once more for thought provocing links. .

  367. jules104 says:

    Star48, that is pretty amazing. Thanks for the link. I was wondering though why there was so much red color in North America but not in South America. Just the magnetics?

  368. jules104 says:

    4.6 Fiji, 528km depth. There’s been a lot of deep EQs lately over in that area.

  369. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Thanks for update on Fiji
    Yes thats really deep and yes its a watch over there as Dutch said a 7+ is probably coming when it transfers east to Indonesia or philippines ..

  370. jules104 says:

    Antofagasta, Chili 6.2, 125km depth

  371. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    Venuatu 4.3m at 632km deeeep
    wow That could be a precursor to Indonesia or Philippines
    or NZ..http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=584397

  372. rhona says:

    Star48 Jules 104
    South of sri lanka in sth Indian ocean
    5.7m at 40km deep

  373. jules104 says:

    Rhona, You could be right, that Vanuatu is pretty deep. Have you noticed all of the different places on the globe that are getting hit lately with larger EQs?

  374. rhona says:

    jules 104
    hows this one Tonga 4.4m at 296 deep .
    They listed it as fiji region ..
    Yes I have notic3d they have gone up a notch to high 4s basic 5s in general ..and in additional areas from the norm ..

  375. jules104 says:

    Rhona here’s another now. Fiji Region, actually South West of Tonga. Looks to be in the South and middle, between Tonga and Fiji. 5.0, 520km depth.

  376. jules104 says:

    Rhona, Star48. This is Dutch latest. A bit worrisome for that slow slip event.

  377. jules104 says:

    Star48, Rhona. Here’s another deep one for Indonesia. 4.5, 557km depth Banda Sea. Do you think the 6.2 EQ in Chile was the South American EQ that already hit then? And so Philippines is next?

  378. jules104 says:

    Star48, I think that’s great the military is at least looking into and talking about that “Spidey sense”.

  379. star48 says:

    Volcano report …Smithsonian ..

  380. star48 says:

    Check all the way down at Supervolcano monitoring…( red)
    And see recent activity…hahaha..

  381. jules104 says:

    5.7 Vanuatu 40 km depth

  382. rhona says:

    Star 48
    The spidey sense reminds me in its description of what we are doing here ..
    I think its great they are digging into this phenominum. .That has been documented for over many conflicts of war over the years ..
    Thae Volcano activity is not at all surprising
    and the quakes near by ..

    Supervolcanos all are April March too..
    Including Yellowstone ..
    Interesting to see big brothers accompanying the lesser family members by comparison ..
    questionable reasons hmm
    Thanks for all those links
    Yes The Banda Sea deep
    one is adding to the serious trend in deep quakes to my nieghbors to the north ..
    prayers live and light to the Islands its not looking good .
    Jules 104
    DUTCH went into grwat detail with Vancouver and the slow slip ..he is really alarmed it seems he is being vigilent with this one ..
    Take care PNW.friends

  383. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    There we go
    Venuatu 5.7m at 40km depth
    hopefully thats eased things a little ..
    not so sure http://m.emsc.eu/earthquake/earthquake.php?evid=584596

  384. jules104 says:

    Star48, I see the Island Park Super Volcano up there in Idaho has had recent activity. There really are so many over these last two months that are seeing activity, pretty amazing. How about the side note at bottom…In case of a supervolcano you could have total collapse of civilization in worst case scenario. 🤔😧 😂 Ya think? Oh my, praying for peace and calm within the planet.🙏🏻

  385. jules104 says:

    Rhona I hope that will ease it. Just another 5.1 Sola, Vanuatu 10km depth. Yes prayers love and light to the Islands. 🙏🏻🌟💜
    Not really sure what to think of this PNW slow slip event. Guess time will tell. Staying vigilant. Blessings 🌷🐣

  386. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Star 48
    Hu you two .
    yeah Jules thats twice within an hour of wach other for sola Venuatu ..
    Its Volcanic for sure seeing as they gave 9 active volcanos .2 in the sea..

  387. jules104 says:

    Now 5.6 Antigua Barbuda Region, near Montserrat. 40km depth. I know I’ve heard Dutch say those come from the Central American area as they travel east… I’m pretty sure. Really so much going on now. I noticed Montserrat has a Plymouth also.

  388. rhona says:

    jules 104 Thanks for
    the Plymouth notation. .thats great spotting
    Yeah I saw those and thought of Dutch ..
    wonder now Plymouth or new Plymouth

  389. star48 says:

    Rhonda, Jules104,
    After doing a little background on Cayce’s and Nostradamus ..regarding..
    Volcanic eruptions and EQ’s…
    Here are some interesting readings…could be related….
    So 2 comments following this comment coming


    Side note maybe time to find another thread? Like Florida Mall or? It is getting close to 500 comments…

  390. star48 says:

    Rhona, Jules104,
    Nostradamus ..

    Side note or Mynamar boat thread…any suggestions..?

  391. jules104 says:

    Hi Star48. I started to read some of those links you sent. Very interesting. I’ll have to look at them more closely a bit later though when there are no extra kiddie voices asking me questions etc. 😉 I wanted to let you know also that I was thinking the same thing, that this thread was getting pretty long and we needed a new one. 😂 Just pick one and let me know. Thanks for all the wonderful links. Can’t wait to read through them when I get a minute of quiet time. 😌

  392. rhona says:

    Star 48 Jules 104
    Myanmar boat thread is great
    meet you there guys ..
    agree Jules?😊😃👍👌📪⛵

  393. jules104 says:

    Rhona I believe that China is going to see that something has to be done about North Korea and better that they do it than the Western Alliances. What do you think?

  394. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    I agree ..absolutely I dee China not wanting Australia attacked as well ..they have so much interest here ..
    Im wondering if its northern west Australia or M.T. hope not Perth ..it seems so far its Thousands of miles away ..but our shore are vulnerable to subs etc ..this has been revealed often ..we just dont have enough patrols ..its so vast ..

  395. rhona says:

    When I say I hope not Perth its just that where the population is highest ..hope its nowhere anywhere at all ..
    prayers love and light North Korea is disabled and taken to task about its arrogant inhumane outdated regime. …
    I believe Eric and spirits prediction about Kim un is correct He will be stopped ..he will be answerable to his wick3d choices . there is nobroom for his type any more on this planet ..
    C you latter Kim your time has come ..thats how I feel

  396. jules104 says:

    Rhona, I completely understand not the high population areas. Though I don’t believe you have to worry there in Australia. I’d bet anything he’d put up in the air anyway would be shot down at this point in time. I do believe he will be taken out from within and with the help of China. Even his own people will or do see it. They understand he would take down everyone with him and they will act accordingly in the best interest of their country. I hope I’m not wrong. They have been living in the dark ages for a while now. Sending love and light to North Korea. I agree the Universe has no place for such dark leaders anymore.

  397. rhona says:

    Jules 104
    Yes I know the article did say that a missile would be intersepted. . Praying for love and light in the manner that kim jung un is decommisioned .

  398. rhona says:

    jules 104 Star 48
    c u at Myanmar

    • star48 says:

      Accidentally put a comment on Florida mall thread..,
      So please disregard my email…as I was sending it the moment you made decision….

      Mynamar it is! Not Florida…

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