US Navy Ship Attacked

Is this the prediction, if so the violent act failed?

Note the number 7 on the ship as it relates to a precursor they gave a few days ago:

Spirit also presented two complete countdowns, two predictions are about to happen.  “The earthquake happens now.. San Jose.. damaging.”  Spirit also showed the second event by saying ‘7’. I need to look at several of the old predictions to see if 7 is apart of the message the only one that comes to mind is: Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7.. The bombing is coming. The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.   The port under attack”

The predictions:

Saudi Attack    I had a visual of a map that showed the ocean around Saudi Arabia, Spirit marked two (maybe 3)  different areas.  One of them could have been on land? Then the visual switched, I was looking down on the ocean from the sky to see multiple plumes of smoke coming from the ocean.

I had a visual of a large hanger with destroyed metal parts being layed out.

“A suicide mission.. 40”

This might be related to previous predictions. However in previous messages they talked about the US?:

Predictions 4-21-16  “Protect America, ships and ports will be targeted, right here right now.”
Where exactly? Spirit pointed down to the ground saying ‘Here’
Then I had a visual of California.

US Terror Attack 2  ‘Next’   USS spelled in very large letters.    “The battleship (s).. a calculated stealth attack.. while in port or bay.. ISIS.. suicide bomb”



38 thoughts on “US Navy Ship Attacked

  1. i dont think so… the video said a missile attack.. your predictions say a suicide bombing. this attack was never going to work which is why they probably didnt give it to you as a prediction (no one was going to be harmed). I think your prediction has yet to unfold.

  2. Do you think that this could be something to do with Syria or Isis ? A suicide bombing maybe. The whole of the middle east is in crisis.

    • It might be about the war in Yemen. The Saudis have brutally attacked Yemen to gain control but they have consistently killed civilians, the US is on the sideline supporting the Saudis, which could be why they are attacking. To be clear that is just a guess, no one has reported who tried to destroy the Navy ship, it could be Daesh.

      • Just hope it settles down, I fear for the future of humanity at the moment xxx angry words and nasty thing never help the world live in peace.

  3. Not a connection. As you state, the first will be San Jose earthquake and second prediction is with the 7s and ‘British’. Seems Spirits want you to remember the order of them to be able to know when the second one has happened. There has been no earthquake in San Jose that was damaging. That’s my opinion. Remember, how you get to your meditative headspace and let the information flow unhindered without thought. Keep up the good work.

    • Jon,
      That’s what I was thinking. The events are out of order, but that could be just because of circumstances, or anything really. Honestly, the thing I’m most concerned about is terror attacks on U.S. soil. The election is 29 days away, so anything could happen. The fact that all the timelines passed has me irked. I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it’s too quiet. Anything could happen at any minute, and that’s terrifying.

      • Hi Em and Eric. I remember a brief ‘scene’ in my dreams with my grandpa back in 2013. Hillary had won against the nazi that my grandpa was telling me about in the dream. I didn’t know who the ‘nazi’ was. Keep in mind, Hillary did not decide to run until late 2014. Anyway, the brief ‘scene’ he showed me was election night and the next few days. Like KKK people were trying to hurt lots of people because she had won. National Guard was there. I told my CIA friend about it back then. I feel he believes me now and will keep an eye out on election night. My republican grandpa died in 1991. He has only visited my dreams a dozen times. Three were extremely vivid and were what is going on now. I’m not a conspiracy theorist either. I will say Hillary’s face was in front of me and overlapping it was both Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. It seemed peaceful after a bit. What that means, I can only guess. But I do know calm does come. It is about 8 or 10 years from now that grandpa says it gets really out of control. Country split into four parts? Eric’s visions seem to be similar to what I saw back then which is why I follow this site. Makes me feel not so alone. Thankful he has this gift too. The only other weird thing I can think of was grandpa talked about ‘infiltration’. Something about refugees would have bad people hiding in them that make it to America. I argued with him on this because we should help refugees. He said it would be dangerous. I’m only the messenger and saw what I saw.

  4. Interesting to note, On October 17, the Bay Area was buzzing about baseball. The 1989 World Series was billed as the “Battle of the Bay” between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants… Just prior to the game, at 5:04 p.m., with live cameras on the field, a magnitude 6.9 quake rocked the San Francisco Bay region. The quake was centered near Loma Prieta Peak (approximately 60 miles south of San Francisco) in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    The Giants beat the Cubs in the 13th inning last night to stay in the playoffs. They will be playing at Giant stadium tonight, the game starts at 5:40.

  5. This is interesting. We all know about the cursed Winchester House in San Jose. Yesterday this happened…See the reason why the lady sealed the room…SAN JOSE, Calif. — A new room has been discovered and is open to the public at San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House, a Victorian mansion that was home to a widow of the Winchester rifle fortune.

    The home’s preservation team recently opened the new room, which is an attic space that has been boarded up since Sarah Winchester died in 1922.

    Winchester boarded up the room after the 1906 earthquake because she was trapped in the room and she thought evil spirits were responsible for the quake.

  6. Gotta say I’m lost with all these predictions locations and timeframes at the moment
    For example I thought I read that the earthquake was predicted for last weekend but a few other incidents happens instead

    • Gotta say I’m lost with all these predictions locations and timeframes at the moment
      For example I thought I read that the earthquake was predicted for last weekend but a few other incidents happens instead .
      I remember a few months back you predicting that Russian plane crash was going to happen anytime now then next day I turned the TV on and it had happened
      Why are things a bit more confusing these days ? This isite not a dig at the work you do in any shape of form just curious

  7. im patiently waiting for the next prediction to be posted to clear some things up on whats about to unfold. I probably check this website about 4 times a day.

    • The earthquake is at the top of that list. But they have not verified and unfortunately the countdown ends tomorrow or the next day. But I am still trying to bring clarity.

  8. Small plane crash in CT, near Pratt and Whitney factory. Student pilot is/ was Jordanian. It is undee investigation by the FBI.

  9. They did it again today that makes three now. Hopefully the rest of the prediction doesn’t unfold but it sounds like an air attack if you had a visual from above.

  10. Something odd judt happened. and i feel
    like an idiot but
    I woke up from sleep for no reason
    and checked this site.
    I just posted something accidentally
    to an august thread but i dont know
    why or how i got there and i did not
    click on the wrong prediction It just went there
    when it should have been here.
    Is anyone having thoughts about
    a 777 Airplane ? Not a flight number but
    the type of plane? Mari

  11. I’m already scared as it is, but the whole thing with Russia-America is getting out of hand. I really pray nothing happens.

  12. Had a dream l saw a red plane in the sky, it was acting eratically.Suddenly it turned around and landed. Saw ambulance , a famous person on this plane was rushed to the hospital. I saw people on the street (it seemed this famous person had died) and the people on the street were very angry .


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