Violent Protest

This prediction is happening.

In other news the Spirits are shifting focus to Argentina and Egypt.

Predictions 10-30-16   “Pennsylvania.. violence erupts.. around the 8th-10th”  Pennsylvania might be symbolic to the US government ‘Pennsylvania Ave’ as they say. Which could imply violence after the elections.


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  1. Joey Avatar

    Wow, who knew there would be such a strong reaction to the trump election?

    1. Linda Blair Avatar
      Linda Blair

      Hi Joey, I knew this would happen.

      1. Mary Avatar

        Not surprising.

  2. Bridget Aboussafy Avatar
    Bridget Aboussafy

    If Hillary gets installed as president, there’s another prediction that bears looking at, and that’s the John Titor story. He spoke of a He/She president, and that due to trouble during the election process a civil war breaks out and lasts 10 years. This is definitely an outcome that we don’t want to see manifest, but the precursors are now in place. Eric it might be a good thing to see if Spirit can corroborate that portion of the John Titor story, although who knows if we can prevent a civil war?

  3. Johnny Avatar

    Hi Eric im a long time follower im happy to see you posting again as well. After been ready every post i find it hard to believe you were wrong or spirits were wrong i think you are its just about timing! Minorities are already pushing back harder and louder! Plus electoral college who is still that last people to say our official president. We hopefully still have a chance i just think that most of your predictions you have mentioned are unfolding regardless of what the news and people are saying you weren’t the only one who felt failed at predicting the next elect president.
    God bless america!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Who ever got in as president you we’ll always have protests, if Clinton had of got in you would have had trumps supporters protesting. No one is ever happy can’t please everyone. We had it happen over here in the uk when David Cameron and Nick clegg made the uni students pay more money on their loans, they were a few frightening days over here back in 2010 but after a while it calmed down, so here’s hoping it well calm down and soon. Trumps won end of .. X

    1. Sharon Avatar

      Such liberal garbage. What did Democrats think of the rioting, violence & beating up of innocent people, spewing hateful garbage by republicans when Obama got in?? Oh thats NEVER happened. Sad Eric if you didnt just give free reign to hateful onesided liberal comments your predictions would hold more weight, seems to be a spot for liberal venting. Hillary followers preached Love Trumps War & then turned around & started protesting & violence outbreaks dont imply conservatives would stoop to that level because we didnt do ANY of it when Obama was elected. The country needs to unite with what will be a great president. Our country now has a bright future without the threat of a corrupt person running it. Educate yourself on the electorial college it is necessary and HONOR the democratic process which was supported by a majority of the country AS YOU would have wanted had Clinton got in.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        And to both you and Lisa, what has this to do with Eric and his excellent predictions? What psychic predictions have you two EVER made that have come true? That’ the purpose of this site, to share that of a psychic matter, not to push a political party. Talking the pros and cons of politics, and only politics, is more fitting to the pages of a Murdoch rag. Worst person our country ever produced.

      2. Gloria Avatar

        Sharon, You are also spewing garbage on this site. Eric & most others would really like it if all people sharing on here would omit responding about the election, unless it pertains to a prediction. As someone else stated there are plenty of other FB sites for this. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

      3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I have never preached hate, if i have please point it out.

      4. Kim Avatar

        Sharon, please find a site that fits your beliefs.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Everyone, please calm down.
      We’re all stressed out after the past few months…we’ve all been scared at the way things were going, what with terrorism and pre-election worries and everything else.
      This is not the time to tear each other apart.

      Let’s try and focus on the predictions, okay?
      (Not trying to sound like anyone’s mother here, just a suggestion!) (Smiley-face)

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I totally agree, we (I) have lost our way in the purpose of this site, to bring awareness to tragedy in the hopes of altering it, thanks Sara!

  5. Francine Avatar

    A suicide bomber, claimed by the Taliban, managed to get into Bagram Air Field and kill 4 US servicemembers. Which prediction was this?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I actually do remember the prediction, it showed 4 or 40?

  6. Pete Medium Avatar
    Pete Medium

    Great to have you and your Team back with us Eric. Those of us gifted ones are no doubt sensing something big is on the brink of ‘erupting’. I even woke at around aest2.00am convinced there had be an earth shattering event.

    1. Karben Avatar

      Wow, I am sure you are right Pete Medium. None of this seems real. I keep reading about different dimensions of ascension 3D, 4D, 5D etc. and wonder if that’s what I’m feeling. It is great having Eric and his team back.
      Eric – Crown Weather is reporting a possible late season tropical storm developing in the western Caribbean early next week, looks like right below Florida.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Can i have a link to that thanks

      2. Karben Avatar

        Crown Weather has a facebook page and website

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      3. Karben Avatar

        “Tuesday 11/15/2016 – 9:45 am ET/8:45 am CT: A broad area of low pressure, designated Invest 90-L by the National Hurricane Center, is located over the southwestern Caribbean this morning.” Crown Weather

        Eric- Do you feel this storm is the one that could be heading to FL?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          We still have that incomplete prediction, its very probable.

  7. Sharon Avatar

    My point exactly if you read what I wrote. Almost all comments last few days are regarding the election & it has no place on this site, or so I thought. Im sick of reading all that it, seems more political than psychic related is my point exactly! I can get the latest political mud slinging on the news, thats not why I have been coming here.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Hi Sharon,
      I agree, we need to focus on the predictions and not politics.

      I just wanted to point out that Lisa wasn’t bashing conservatives in her earlier post, she was just saying that it’s impossible to make everyone happy, and she was using the protests as an example of that.

      You’re right, we all need to unite now no matter who won. It was a tough election year, but we’re all still Americans.
      For whatever it’s worth, I’m sick of politics too, and will be glad to hear less of it in the news, so I’ll try to make this my last politics comment.

      Just wanted to let you know I understand your frustration, and also point out that Lisa didn’t mean any harm in her comment.

      1. Sharon Avatar

        🙂 thanks

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, its time to move on, get back on my works in altering tragedy, threats in other parts of the world

  8. Pete Medium Avatar
    Pete Medium

    I have high admiration for this Australian Astrologer who is currently in the US.
    The article is well worth a read. Here is but an excerpt:
    “While Sanders message filled stadiums, Clinton’s mainstream meander struggled to draw crowds. But the Democratic machine didn’t want to acknowledge that. Leaked party emails proved they saw Sanders as a hindrance.
    While Donald Trump was talking of building walls, the Democrats actually built one. To keep the ‘Sanderites’ out of their convention. At 18.54 on July 26 with the leadership Sun squaring the public Moon, Sanders dutifully nominated Clinton for president. But it was hardly by choice.
    The big mistake was cutting Sanders right out of the race. Again it reeks of Neptune, the planet of socialist politics. If you don’t flow with the Neptune, it works against you. Sanders could have been an aid. He could have added commitment, experience and integrity. But politics lost the day.”

    “There’s a clear message to be taken out of this election for the major parties and the media. Listen to the people, instead of trying to constantly manipulate their thinking. The people have had enough of that. And they’ve thrown a Tyrannosaurus Rex into your congressional coliseum. Let the games begin. Politics will never be the same again.

    1. Gwenyth Avatar

      Didn’t know Ed lived in the US. I enjoy his worldly commentary. He is very insightful.

      1. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        No he doesn’t live in the US. He’s currently doing an Astrological talk/tour there.

  9. Pete Medium Avatar
    Pete Medium

    Eric, have you been getting any info from Spirit concerning a mass exodus from the US to other nations? I haven’t, but I have had more than a few emails telling me that Canada’s immigration web site had so many Americans looking to migrate there, that the web site crashed. Similar story for New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica and Mexico.
    Thanks, Pete.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Pete, I have not seen that.

      1. Nick Avatar

        Speaking on New Zealand, we’ve just had a major quake (6.6 on NZ scale, 7.4 on USGS). Ton’s of aftershoks

      2. Pete Medium Avatar
        Pete Medium

        Ok thank you.

  10. anthony Avatar

    Holy Father, put everything in the usa in divine harmony and perfect order. And so it is. And so it shall be.

  11. Mary Avatar

    Here’s my thought. Maybe the SPIRIT was right that Hillary did win the election. Meaning she won the popular votes not the college electoral votes. It’s two different type of votes. So the SPIRIT was not wrong at all.

    I’m not going to worry and let the course takes place. I’m with the protestor in all cities marching down the streets being heard by our voices.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Mary.

  12. Rhona Avatar

    Swc just thought I would post this here ..wrong thread but note worthy
    N.Z 7.8 quake Christchurch went for 2 minutes Tsunami warning one wave already hit at over 2 mtrs
    whole east coast told to go to higher ground …
    no reports of injuries or severe damage .. live and light to N.Z.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Rhona, SWC,
      Water draw was 2.5 meters,,
      Here is updated
      Map: New Zealand tsunami threat downgraded; people in green and white areas on the map can return home, land threat remains for blue areas – @NZcivildefence

    2. Tot Avatar

      It was very scary as it was in the middle of the night. Very sad that 2 have died and possibly more as they get to areas that have been cut off.

      Eric, you posted last year a prediction for a large quake to hit this area, to hit in November 2015. Well it has happened this year in November. Blessings to you.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        That was my thought too.

  13. Rhona Avatar

    here is that report again .
    apoligies last one didnt work .

  14. anthony Avatar

    Mathew 21.31 to all those christians, jews and muslims from the father.

  15. Karben Avatar

    The Trump International Hotel is on Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. Mary Avatar

      A ugh. ..that makes sense. Violence occur on Penn Ave as Eric predicted.

  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Argentina. Reference, 6.2 EQ.

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric. SWC,
    New Zealand cannot “get a break” coming right on top of EQ.
    New storm is fast approaching New Zealand, bearing down on regions worst affected by powerful quake – NZ Herald

  18. Barbara Stetter Avatar
    Barbara Stetter

    Eric, do you think Trump Tower is the location of th NYC terror attack thag you predicted a while ago. I’m thinking of its famed second floor. Its been a long time since I visited but it did have a two story entrance lobby with a waterfall wall and an escalator which led to retail shops. Just wondering since news reporting ISIS threats to the Macy T-giving parade??

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Barbara, I don’t believe so.

  19. anthony Avatar

    1. anthony Avatar

      1. anthony Avatar

        their is NOTHING that is impure that can be born again

  20. donna B Avatar
    donna B

    Maybe THIS is what the spirits were speaking of: SHE DID WIN by 2 million popular votes! She was elected by the people and if not for the electoral college she would be President: So the Spirits were correct that she would win. Just not taking in account of the electoral college, Article below..interesting:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting thought, thank you. Lets wait an see what unfolds. The Spirits really want the focus to shifting back to our mission.

      1. donna B Avatar
        donna B

        Yes, we have to have full focus. I agree.

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