France Terror Threat

Did part of this prediction happen?

Predictions 9-3-16   I had a visual of people wearing ski mask likes planning sinister acts.

Violence arrives in France… the young.



31 thoughts on “France Terror Threat

    • Hi star48
      One of erics posts did mention women
      so i hope this is one that has been
      foiled.. Thx for info
      Hope u are well!

  1. Swc happy this one was averted …
    Well done to officials.. police …
    More than sad radicalised young people can think this is the mission in their life to kill others … continued sustained love and light to France …

  2. ERIC swc just came across this article it is in tandem with a famine prediction ..
    “In India a great famine is coming this year one of the worst.
    They also pointed Africa the refugees of Syria and other parts of middle east
    The famine is coming with a vengeance it starts this year…
    Will come back with article link not copying properly…

  3. Eric, SWC,
    A black widow? Engaged 3 times!
    More: Prosecutor says woman arrested near Notre Dame Cathedral was engaged to man who killed 2 police officials in June, was also engaged to man who slit priest’s throat; says current fiance was arrested on Thursday – AP

  4. Eric, SWC.
    Controlled At Gare du Nord.

    Video: Officials conduct a controlled explosion at Gare du Nord train station, Paris, after earlier evacuation due to suspicious package – @matthewwoolfldn

  5. Eric, SWC,
    More: US State Department says newly designated terrorist Omar Diaby ‘credited as the chief reason behind why so many French nationals have joined militant groups in Syria and Iraq’


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