Predictions 6-5-16

“Russia will invade again..  To take another territory..  A cold global freeze follows.”

Though our focus recently has been about terror related events, the Spirits point to a new threat, a renewed cold war between the west and Russia. We are about to pivot again to natural disasters.

“The UK will stay.”

That has to be about  UK’s EU referendum.




About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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61 Responses to Predictions 6-5-16

  1. anthony says:

    I can’t believe Russia would even entertain the idea. Usa general to China about the south seas. Better get on board. China lecturing canadian politicians on human rights. North Korea. Seems like the military is running this world. Well we have seen the results played out many times.

    • anthony says:

      russia invades poland article explained. below is article from russia saying its upsurd that they will invade poland. See the problem is Reincarnation exists and there is probably a general and some others who at one time invaded poland away back. So they are having the same THOUGHTS which makes them angels unaware. These thoughts/words go to the stars as god looks down upon them. the government who have seers in the spy agency pick up thru the angeltic message system and walaaaa you have this article below.
      So in short someone in rushia is planning but just playing games of outcomes once again.
      were at the beginning of time were your thoughts turn to creation. This person at one time had authority in a past life and caused alot of shit. Good news is there is checks and balance in place now in rushia that this would not happen. If this person was MADE AWARE OF THIS all war would stop. This is happening world wide and looks like coming to a thud. What is ridicules is the current church structures as they have no answer and no direction as it does not comply with what they teach. Time for the old dogs to learn new tricks.

  2. pat45 says:

    Cannot believe that they are saying the UK will stay in the EU. If this is true then it must be through devious means, the amount of people who are behind leaving is higher than those who want to stay, but the government have sent out voting cards to people not eligible to vote. People do not trust the government and Cameron, they have lied so much. I just hope they are wrong for our children’s future and for our sovereignty. Also cannot believe that Russia will try and go against the west, both these predictions do not seem logical at the present time.

    • Is there any other reason for the message. They never said it was for the vote, however I can’t imagine it being for any other reason.

      • Elaine Skinner says:

        Pat seems to forget that Scotland is showing at least 75% voting to remain as will Northern Ireland who is even more pro EU than us. Only England seems determined to vote out. If it is remain that means Scots won’t have that trigger to have another Independent referendum, we were kind of hoping Brexit would win so we could start the path of our next and hopefully successful IndyRef.

      • caseyatthebat says:

        The UK will stay the course in Sierra Leone until Ebola is defeated…..another possibility?

      • benmadigan says:

        Odd prediction, considering the polls are currently going for a Brexit vote.
        Which would of course precipitate a phenomenal constitutional crisis in the UK.

        Of course as Pat45 above says “If this is true then it must be through devious means”,
        And indeed Westminster is already making noises to that effect.

        Strange coincidence – posted this yesterday

  3. Christophilos says:

    This is a time of change. And when there is change, there is chaos. This change is the time when evil will lose it’s grip upon mankind. Yet evil has already lost but does not accept it. That is why we are seeing it’s panic being played out in those of mankind who are more attuned to the dark than to the light. Notice the attacks on those who expose the dark energy and those who man the front lines against it’s expansionism. Evil wants power and uses governments and media to gain and maintain power over others. Take heart. It’s time is limited. But it’s demise is not yet. Wherever government rules rather than serves, it has been corrupted. The EU, as others, is disguised as benevolent, but is really a means of government by the few over the many.

  4. Andrew35 says:

    Eric is there any way to find out where Russia may invade next? None of their neighbors are safe, but it would be helpful if you could clarify the country or region. Thank you.

  5. Dawn says:

    People who believe the referendum is already decided for ‘leave’: There are a large number of undecideds as yet, and all it will take is something that makes the potential impact feel ‘real’ for the poll numbers to swing back. Or a message of concession from the EU suits. Lots can happen in the next fortnight or so. Today the markets took a serious hit, and if that continues then I believe people will get scared and go back to voting for for what they know. The gap in the polls isn’t that big it can’t shift back with events.

  6. Chewdy says:

    I said in a previous post my clairvoyance showed me Trump holding a four-leaf clover, which he slowly lowered, and it turned red. I said at the time I thought it meant he wouldnt get the nomination – after I posted I realized I meant that he wouldnt be elected. But it was too late to change it.

    Today I woke up thinking about Eric’s visual of Russia invading another country. The verbal thought I got was “The threat is coming..they would be nuclear” Russia..? N. Korea..? I dont believe it, but it sure would be exciting.

    • mari says:

      It could be that lunatic in north
      korea will send another missile out that will misfire as usual but accidentally hit
      an unintended target and this could be
      interpreted as an intentional act of war.. I imagine this could agitate putin
      a bit…

  7. Goetix says:

    if uk stays, they will be bound to economically collapse with the rest of the EU…definitely not good

  8. anthony says:

    They will invade syria in a major way and surround isis. Usa should take a side. General of the usa better get his act together. Take over turkey on the boarder. Assad won’t be around once this war is over. Jordan and egypt. All together and push.

  9. rhona says:

    Putin has his eye in Georgia this aricle is from 2015 the black sea is a draw card to contol…
    I had a 2016 article that mentiined his interest in Georgia but i list it se if i can find

  10. rhona says:

    Swc un this article dated 10 may 2016 Putin snubs leaders of Ukraine And Goergia but adresses the people in a freindly congratulatory manner in as I see an effort to reach their phsyci in a minupulative manner doesnt take much to c what he is up to …history repeating itself

  11. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Canadian jets scrambled to intercept and observe drone at 6,000 feet plus.,near Ottawa airport.
    ” Cold War” or terrorism?

    Canadian fighter jets scrambled after drone spotted near Ottawa airport – CBC

  12. rhona says:

    Star 48 both possibilties are a serious reality check for all security branches
    and a statergy to lock into detroy or hack into the master controls of these drones im just brainstorming and no military idea at all.. Its scary they list them at the altitude they were at so many reasons for concern .not the least being colliding with a jet……thanks for aricle I hope we can find better eays of detecting these elecronic bugs imagine a swarm of them ….this is upsetting..
    Blessings to all

  13. jules104 says:

    Update on US Troops on Natos Eastern Flanks. This Military news article speaks directly about Russia. Thought it may have to do with the prediction in future.

    • jules104 says:

      Hi Star48, that’s not good. I am not surprised though. Thanks for the link. My family is visiting so if it seems I miss something I apologize now. I will try and keep up. Thanks for all the great news articles and updates. Something other than just politics all the time. Thank gosh. Blessings and Peace to You.

  14. rhona says:

    Jules 104 Hi hope your well and on top of the world again…thanks for the article …this one is frim march 2016 interesting how he want to cancel visa requirements for Georgia

    • jules104 says:

      Hi Rhona. Thanks for thinking of me. I am doing well…a little bit of a sore throat still but good non the less. I’ve had family visiting over the last week and so that’s why I have not had to many chances to post on Erics site. I rather miss it and my site family. Thanks for the links. Something is a foot with Russia and my guess is we will soon find out. I am praying for the Euro2016 games and for all of the US and World really. There is just one thing right after another lately. Whether it’s earthquakes, volcanos or terrorists. Blessings will try to keep up while my family is here. 😉🙏🏻

  15. rhona says:

    I just doubled up …on didnt register at my end properly sorry

  16. rhona says:

    Wow Star 48 national sevurity concerns i have said before and once again
    God bless America and all her citizens i truly hope and pray for your countries safety in all aspects

  17. star48 says:

    Russia puts US on notice,
    We(Russia) will respond to entry of US naval vessel into Black Sea

  18. star48 says:

    ( I pulled this article on 13 th missed posting..)

    Baltic states on war footing nervous– NATO trying to deter Russia.

  19. star48 says:

    Eric,SWC ,
    Russia moves tanks to European border amid reports of deadly Crimea shooting

    RUSSIAN tanks have been sighted moving along the northern Crimea border with fears growing that a European invasion is imminent.

  20. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Kremlin tweets politician Mikhail Zurabov has been removed from post as Russian Ambassador to Ukraine – @KremlinRussia_E

  21. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Russia accuses Ukraine..of armed Crimea incursion.

  22. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Update: Igor Plotnitsky, head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine, wounded by shrapnel in attack near his car; officials call it assassination attempt – Reuters

  23. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC, the latest.. ( all related posts are now up to date)

    Russia’s FSB security service statement: ‘In the small hours of August 8, 2016 commando units of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s groups of saboteurs made two penetration attempts. Both were prevented by FSB units and cooperating agencies. The penetration attempts were accompanied by heavy fire from the neighboring country’s territory and Ukrainian armored vehicles. The fire exchange left one Russian military serviceman dead’ – TASS

  24. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Ukrainian President Poroshenko says he has ordered all Ukrainian units near Crimea and Donbass regions to be at the highest level of combat readiness – Reuters

  25. star48 says:

    Chief of Russian presidential staff and longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin has been fired – AP

  26. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Moody’s warns that increasing Ukraine tensions are negative for Russia’s credit rating – Reuters

  27. star48 says:

    Eric, finally..
    Putin hints at war in Ukraine- but may be looking for diplomatic edge..

  28. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Russian naval and land forces carrying out military exercises in disputed region of Crimea, Ukraine amid growing tensions in region – Reuters

  29. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea region of Ukraine for security briefing – Sputnik

  30. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Norwegian Parliament considers US Marine presence in Stjordal, about 700 miles from Russian border – Wall Street Journal

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