Florida Airport Shooting

This prediction has happened. Such a tragic nightmare. Please pray for the victims.

Ft Lauderdale is on the outskirts of Miami. Not a mall but airport.

Predictions 1-3-17   Spirit talked about “6 minutes” (sometime around the 9th) as a very dark moment. They showed a large bullet, as if to say they are bringing up a ‘shooting’ from a previous prediction. — ELP

Predictions 12-12-16   I had a visual of crowds of people running out of what looked like a shopping mall or strip mall. I could hear gun fire as people ran.  I briefly saw the shooter in the background. Then the police arrived.

“Shooting spree, in less than 3 minutes.. Suicidal attack.”  (Sometime around the 14th or 15th) — Spirits Voice

The location implied Miami, however there was another message of someone acting insanely in LA.


8 thoughts on “Florida Airport Shooting

  1. Bringing forward this prediction as the airport is known as the Ft. Lauderdale/HOLLYWOOD Airport,
    Predictions 12-21-15
    I had a visual of a man sitting in his car, depressed, then it faded to black and I could hear gun shots, people screaming.
    This message could imply 2 different predictions:
    “In Hollywood, at the Shindig,  the mad one reacts insanely, seeking revenge.”
    They confirmed the location by saying LA, they also symbolically referred to the ‘mad one’ as a mad max.

  2. These predictions are frustrating to me. I did immediately think about these predictions this morning (PST) when I heard about the shootings. But the predictions sound like oracles, somewhat opaque. And that’s the frustration. Oracles are open to interpretation, and then something happens that sounds like the oracle and people say that it was predicted. I wish the spirits were clearer and more direct instead of speaking in symbols. I do understand the concept that the language of the spirit world is different from the language of the material world we live in. But how can we warn and take action to change the future when the “oracle” is so general without clear human language? I am one of those people that want clear direction……Eric, you know I stand with you. Please know that I will try my best in my own limited way to warn and seek action against predictions of disaster. I just would like the spirits to be more clear, direct, and descriptive in human language. God bless.

    • Look I’m not trying to bexplain critical of Erics work , however I do agree with Juan I feel were going backwards rather than forward with the predictions

      Eric you say the spirits want to focus on events now what is round the corner but to me it feels like a riddle every prediction you make no offence

  3. It looks like–so far, at least– the shooter had mental issues, but may have been influenced by terrorism. He’d apparently gone to the FBI in November 2016 and said there were “voices” in his head trying to get him to watch ISIS videos….so it sounds like a weird mix of terror-attack and mental illness. Maybe mental illness that was exacerbated by terrorism propaganda.

    Do you think this is the start of the attacks in America? Is there a time-frame yet?

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