Florida Airport Shooting

This prediction has happened. Such a tragic nightmare. Please pray for the victims.

Ft Lauderdale is on the outskirts of Miami. Not a mall but airport.

Predictions 1-3-17   Spirit talked about “6 minutes” (sometime around the 9th) as a very dark moment. They showed a large bullet, as if to say they are bringing up a ‘shooting’ from a previous prediction. — ELP

Predictions 12-12-16   I had a visual of crowds of people running out of what looked like a shopping mall or strip mall. I could hear gun fire as people ran.  I briefly saw the shooter in the background. Then the police arrived.

“Shooting spree, in less than 3 minutes.. Suicidal attack.”  (Sometime around the 14th or 15th) — Spirits Voice

The location implied Miami, however there was another message of someone acting insanely in LA.


LAX Shooting

Another Spider. I believe the ‘fat’ spider might represent excessive acts that are spider related. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 10-19-13
“In 15 minutes” that puts it around the 1st or 2nd of November.
Are we talking about the spider or the hurricane?

The Facts on November 1st: A Transportation Security Administration agent was reportedly killed and several more people injured when a gunman opened fire Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport.