Terror Attacks Arriving Soon

Zero ( a prediction is about to happen as the countdown closes)


“Warn them.. the attack is now arriving. They cannot stand off to the sidelines and watch this happen, this time we put up a fight.. rally the troops.. its time to act.. share it with everyone.. it only takes a small shift to shatter the unstable future.

Around Saudi Arabia.. ships targeted.. even commercial ones.. keep an eye out.. guard the seas and the oceans.

By using the smaller ship with explosives their mission is to attack the nuclear ship.. you can see it. (The implication was a US ship)

In Miramar.. they plan to use an explosive device.. around the parade.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written

18th is marked.

In regards to the airplane I need to get more details. Is this a part of the list of events or a separate situation?  By saying ‘you see it’ might be a reference to a southern California (San Diego) prediction since this is where I live.

Whether or not they are saying August 5th or in 5 days on August 8th, we are expecting the start of multiple attacks targeting the United States.  The question remains what does ‘1’ mean? I am starting to believe there will be gaps of time between one attack and another.

This is the first time Spirit has a direct message for you to act. This is their first real attempt to fight back on the future they predict and they are asking for your help directly. So please help us put this post, this prediction out there for all to read. The more awareness we bring the greater the opportunity we have to change this nightmare. The future is ours to conquer.

To help you convince others to act please remind them of the previous terror attacks we predicted: Paris Terror Attack  Terror Attack in Brussels  Denmark Terror Attack

Here is a list of previous predictions that might be related:

Saudi Attack   I had a visual of a map that showed the ocean around Saudi Arabia, Spirit marked two (maybe 3)  different areas.  One of them could have been on land? Then the visual switched, I was looking down on the ocean from the sky to see multiple plumes of smoke coming from the ocean.

I had a visual of a large hanger with destroyed metal parts being laid out.

“A suicide mission.. 40”

This might be related to previous predictions. However in previous messages they talked about the US?:

Predictions 4-21-16  “Protect America, ships and ports will be targeted, right here right now.”
Where exactly? Spirit pointed down to the ground saying ‘Here’
Then I had a visual of California.

And.. The ship (s) destroyed..  such horror.
Predictions on 12-9-15   I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow. It looked like a bomb went off.

Predictions on 11-16-15   I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.

Predictions 4-23-16 US Attack  I had a visual of the number 1 being written.
“In one, the rain will pour.. the US is under attack!”
I had a visual of military base. “Miramar will be attacked, Miramar.”
Spirit again pointed down. “Here!” (As if implying California or even more specific here in San Diego)

Predictions 5-28-16  I had a visual of  a black spider with a fat belly crawling towards me.
San Diego spelled out.
“The multi attack in the US.. their plans, its acts now coming together… Soon it will unfold.”
“Again airplanes, Again! Another threat, Another act.”
I had a visual of one massive lockdown, then I could see people in airports stuck unable to move at all, sleeping in chairs.

Predictions 6-8-16  I had a visual that I was looking down at a stadium, or music hall. Then there was a large explosion in the stadium.

Then the visual switched and they drew a large 8.




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  1. Thomas Avatar

    Eric, Why don’t you have a FB share link?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I do, its at the bottom, with a list of other social media outlets, it says; ‘share this’ followed by small boxes. All you have to do is click on the Facebook box.

  2. Sonndra May Avatar

    I say each one of us call Miramar and anyone associated with it that we may know, and get a name to send the prediction link to. They may sit up and take notice.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Does anyone know of a parade??

      1. berkeleybabe Avatar

        Eric, I couldn’t find a parade but noticed a similar word: padres. The Padres are playing 8/1 – 8/3 and 8/5 – 8/7. I see there is a 5 in your prediction. I know this is a long-shot, but thought I better mention it.

      2. berkeleybabe Avatar

        Eric, just found Fleet Week in San Diego Sea & Air Parade, Saturday 9/10 11:30am start. It there is a break between attacks, this is about 1 month away.

      3. Mary Avatar

        I wonder if it’s related to Rio and/or San Diego or SF?

      4. indigoblue65 Avatar

        Hi. I’m contacting Mirimar to send additional messages. But I can’t help but think of the Olympic opening ceremonies…after considering this and the remote viewers that were posted, I still feel Rio is in danger. Also, I had another terrible dream about 4 days ago of 5 Arabic looking men in orange worker jackets hiding in a basement bathroom, laughing and planning attacks. I heard the gunfire, felt the terror. The guns were very loud and close to me. I had a similar dream before the Nice attacks and now it’s happening again. I’m not a psychic but I do believe anyone can feel such evil….I’m in England and we just had a murder yesterday with 6 injured on the streets by a jihadist madman. It’s happening everywhere and I’m feeling it. I’m also married to an airline captain and I do know that most western airliners are quite secured….I’m happier flying than being on the ground. So a hijacking would most likely come from a nation that is less secure….but of course anything is possible. God bless all of you and know we’re in this together. I just wish I knew how to help more….love to you all.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi indigoblue65, I think what you are doing by contacting Miramar is awesome and a great help. Each of us together in whatever capacity we can help and spread the word and make others aware is going to help change the prediction for the better and hopefully put a stop to any attacks planned. Your dream is interesting and makes me think of an old prediction that has orange pieces placed in cups (arranged). I think it happened already but it’s the orange I’m seeing. Could be people who work the event or people who have just put on the outfits to look like they work at this even/place. That’s very probable. Praying we can make a change for the better and stop any attacks. Blessings

          1. indigoblue65 Avatar

            This is interesting as the orange was so pronounced. I ran from the loud gun fire and then these men were huddled outside the bathroom door I was hiding in…i saw them as if I was in the group but they didn’t know I was there. I studied their faces and can still see them. But I noticed more so the orange vests they were wearing. The bathroom was strange….it was like a basement but the upper half of it was a long window that looked out onto a field which looked like a high school running track. But before I was running down an alley that was very European looking and it was tightly wound and hilly….with cafes and flowers hanging….very steep. I’ve seen places like this in France, Italy and Spain. Like the dream before, I felt the terror and woke with tremors and a few tears. Thank you for listening as it helps. Again, I don’t think this is psychic, im just very sensitive and feel things deeply…like most. Hugs and love, Jules

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Thank You for sharing indigoblue65. That sounds a bit frightening. I think you may be having precognitive dreams. Others here may be able to explain better. I think it’s very plausible that you are seeing something that may happen in the future. Really interesting because I think this is happening to a lot of people right now. My younger daughter dreamed about the Phoenix serial killer last night. She didn’t know anything about it neither did I. She saw the person right down to the tattoo they had. I sent a description to the FBI just in case. So you never know about these things. Can you draw? Maybe try and draw the faces you saw in your dream. Or write down things you noticed about each man. I’d start keeping a journal of your dreams and see what you collect. And you can always share any dreams you want with us here on Erics site. We are mostly not skeptics here. Blessings.

        2. star48 Avatar

          Thank you for sharing your dream/ vision..you are helping ! Strike up a conversation with an acquaintance or a friend..tell them about the site…we are following a directive by spirit to get the word out..awareness…

          We can than influence and hopefully change the outcome…

          Do you can help by chatting up..like minded individuals..who will know some other like minded individuals…do on and so forth…that is action…that is a positive forward motion that can bring great results!

          1. indigoblue65 Avatar

            Of course I will. It’s awareness that can change so much and Eric’s work is wonderful. Thank you for this reply…made my day!

          2. jules104 Avatar

            All I have to say Star48 and indigoblue65 is…YEAH GO SWC!!! 😉🙏🏻

  3. berkeleybabe Avatar

    Here’s the phone number for the Marine Corps that is tasked with protecting the Miramar base. Contacting any place on MCAS Miramar:
    Director Assistance call 858-577-1011

  4. donna B Avatar

    Eric there is a gay pride coming up in Cleveland, Ohio, I am posting this on college board where I am, college students can be observant and open. Maybe we should try putting a link on college classifieds as a general post with a link to the website? I’m going to try it. Thanks for the post Eric

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Hi Donna B, thanks for getting the word out. That takes courage. Interestingly enough I had a dream about 4 days ago while I was trying to meditate and I fell asleep. It was a dream of a college shooting. What I remember is that the shooter entered a building by a loading dock. The shooter was represented by a disturbed former student. I remember security people with dark shirts and a cartoon penguin on the back. This dream went into another dream with a large birthday cake by the side of a road next to garbage like the remnants from a small town celebration. A van pulled into a warehouse and several clean cut men emerged with baseball bats and metal poles and started hitting people. I found 2 schools with penguin mascots, Youngstown Univ in Ohio and Julliard in NY.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Luna Tic,
        CONFIRMATION. Birthday cake! Rouen…

        Fire kills 13 when birthday cake falls to floor!


  5. Em Avatar

    So, do you think that string of attacks will occur starting the August 5th in the U.S.? It’s possible that the pilot’s death at Miramar last month was a signal of some sort. I think you could be right about ‘one’ being a break between the attacks, as isn’t likely they wouldn’t attack multiple locations at once due to their wanting to inflict as much damage as possible while dragging it out. It’s also harder for them to do it here than other countries.
    First planes, then ships & ports in the U.S maybe?
    Most of us had the feeling or premonitions that something was going to occur on the first of second of August, so maybe they changed their plans?
    Sorry if this is confusing.

  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Washington, DC, Metro General Manager Paul Wieldefeld on officer facing charges of attempting to provide material support to Islamic State: ‘The allegations in this case are profoundly disturbing. They’re disturbing to me, and they’re disturbing to everyone who wears the uniform’ – Fox5


    1. Em Avatar

      That’s so messed up and scary. Thank God that they caught him before he could help carry out a terror attack.

  7. Etc Avatar

    Could this be it? It looks like they have family day/graduation ceremonies weekly on the Parade Deck.
    “The Parade Deck is the large area of asphalt where recruits practice drills and marching. Formal ceremonies are held on the Parade Deck…”

  8. etcettera26 Avatar

    There is a parade deck where they hold ceremonies and graduation (looks like every Thursday)
    “The Parade Deck is the large area of asphalt where recruits practice drills and marching. Formal ceremonies are held on the Parade Deck.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

    2. berkeleybabe Avatar

      Great observence etcettera26!

  9. myseventh Avatar

    The reference to Saudi may just be a the place the attackers are from or were finance by, similar to the people who brought us 911.

    1. gym07 Avatar

      I had that same thought yesterday. I think you’re on to something.

  10. Luna tic Avatar

    This is an article from 7/28/16 that says that Iranian military boats are encroaching on Saudi and Kuwaiti waters. There has been a complaint made to the UN and apparently Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have banned Iranian boats from their waters and shipping due to oil restrictions. http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/kuwait/iranian-military-boats-encroach-saudi-kuwaiti-waters-1.1869805

  11. Elaine Avatar

    Of course, the metal parts in a large hanger could be plane parts from a crash. They would be putting it back together looking for clues.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It could also be the ship

  12. Ada Avatar


    Could “in one” mean that they will all happen around the same time but in different places as in “all at once” or “everything happens at once”?

  13. Rob Avatar

    The attack seems to earmark what happened with the USS Cole. A small raft of guys with explosives. Attacking a nuclear powered ship. most likely US. Planes maybe a US Carrier could be attacked the same way the Cole was. Any Carriers in the area?

  14. Jules104 Avatar

    Eric, do you have any ideas of which ship it could be when they say “the nuclear ship”? If it happens during the Fleet Week I would guess there would be many more ships down there. I read that the Canadian and Mexican Navy were invited to participate also. Is the USS Boxer down there? I’m pretty sure they participated in the strikes recently on ISIS. A lot of ships are named after States. Could you ask if there is a state name attached to it?

  15. jules104 Avatar

    Eric this was under the 11-16-15 post, but on 9-16-15. Spirit said, “Thursday..18”, could that be August 18th, it’s on a Thursday.

    1. Em Avatar

      I think you could be right on that date. I just found a note that I wrote a awhile ago with dates that I thought attacks could happen, according to Eric’s predictions & my premonitions. I had marked August 18th for the San Diego one. I also wrote August 25th for a reason I can’t remember.
      I’ll try to figure it out.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Em that’s strange. I was looking up posts/predictions today and noticed the dates 24th and 25th more than once and I almost posted on it but decided to wait. I’m worried about all of these Fleet Week/ Parade of Ships that go on around the country. US Ports and ships.

    2. Em Avatar

      Gosh I didn’t even think about those. Those events would fit description of some of his predictions perfectly.
      Just a side note: I also wrote down November 24th (which is a Thursday) & also happens to be Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving there are obviously parades and football games, which would coincide some of Eric’s previous predictions about a multi-stage attack. It’s also a sacred holiday for all Americans.
      I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself thinking about it, but I just have a really, really bad feeling about that specific day.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        You have to listen to your intuition and gut feelings Em. I think that’s really important. I just hope we can foil these attacks. Praying we can change the outcomes.

  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    just so no one freaks out..

    If you are Nevada this month and you see foreign planes…..it is an excercise..
    ( I feel relieved Israel, Will be flying with UAE, Pakistan…my opinion)


  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    ISIS, showing execution of Egyptians. In Sinai…also threats to Israel..
    Coming soon?
    Video by Egypt’s Islamic State affiliate threatens Israel
    A video purportedly by Egypt’s Islamic State affiliate delivers a threat to Israel, saying the Jewish state will soon “pay a high price.”

    The 35-minute video, posted on social media this week, also purports to show footage of alleged attacks by IS militants against Egyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula.

    It ends with footage depicting what is said to be the killing of two Egyptian policemen, each shot in the head.

    Egypt’s branch of the Islamic State group is spearheading an insurgency in northern Sinai that had simmered for years but grew stronger and deadlier after the 2013 ouster of an Islamist president.

    The video’s authenticity could not immediately be verified but its contents and production style mirrored previous IS propaganda material.

  18. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Significant and Thought provoking action taken by Marines…

    US Marines order 24-hour pause in flight operations for all non-deployed aircraft following crashes – Marine Times


  19. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Just on wire..Russell sq attack..knives..
    Will post ASAP.

  20. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    will post on this thread and UK thread…as I mentioned it on this one..

    Reports: 1 woman dead, several injured in knife attack in central London; man arrested – PA, BBC Radio


  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC.
    Metropolitan Police say terrorism is a ‘possibility being explored’ after knife attack in central London


    Hotbed of Islamic gang?

  22. rhona Avatar

    Eric Swc “They cannot stand on the sidelunes and let this happen …this time we put up a fight…
    Baring in mind Spirit said multiple attacks and pointed San Diego …
    This is reminicent of Pearl Harbor which we have noted previously ….
    The USS San Diego arrived in Pearl Harbour June 29 2016 …
    http://www.google.com.au/url?q=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D52zLGWFPQis&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwi9uMvI16bOAhWGnpQKHSKPAZQQFggYMAE&usg=AFQjCNFSBYzEFlxDXTxFb7DuiA5IQGHuxA i have other info on her activities there …will post soon …thought it worth a mention

  23. star48 Avatar

    sent this post to Stars and Stripes …newspaper…
    ( I hope it was the right site)
    Can someone else send it to them just in case? Ni am terrible via FB and sending through that channel. Thanks…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Star48, I sent a warning and the post for 3-8-2016 to the Washington Bureau Chief for the Stars and Stripes. I wasn’t really sure who to send it to on that long list. Maybe everyone should send one. I’m going to try the FBI now.

      1. star48 Avatar

        you did not send this one?
        3-8-2016 is not listed. When you check are you sure that I’d the reference you sent?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          No no I sent this one Star48, don’t panic. Sorry I just put day month year. I copied this specific link though. And wrote title. So hopefully they can figure it out. If not well…hm. No I’m sure they will get it.

          1. star48 Avatar

            Jules104, SWC

            we could have some assistance and contact the paper in San Diego?

            Or other publications –
            it should be multiple people that spread the post..
            Otherwise they would just dismiss it as a one off….

            So far our marketing skills need help!

            As well as media experience-
            Twitter or any of the others!

            Come on SWC!, Some assistance…..

            I keep thinking of the plane on Tarmac…Hijacked?,
            then the post with bridge —came into my mind…

            One disturbing thing from the post was the missed…one.. The 8..
            Not happy about that..

            I hate to miss this window…to change some or all of it!

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Just did FBI. I went to homeland security but they always redirect to FBI if it’s terrorism. But I did that one anyway. Janesville, CA just popped up 4.7 from European. 4.4 USGS. I’d never heard of Janesville. But says Northern CA. Sorry off track. Is that sort of big?

              1. star48 Avatar

                Janesville ,CA B is not that far from Mount Lassen!
                Which erupted in @1914/15. I would have to look it up..
                But right At WW1 timing… Sounds like magma I’d moving..,

                There have been a lot of 2-3 mag.. This is hum –4.7 per European? Than that is correct..USGS has been downplaying and not listing EQ’s .
                I need to check depth..,I will get back to you.,

            2. jules104 Avatar

              I signed a paper earlier for grandkids speech therapy and my daughter just said Mom you signed the date wrong. I said what? Of course 3-8-16. That a flag? Need to fix it I guess on Stars and Stripes. Strange.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona brought up the RIMPAC going on in Pearl Harbor. A link I read said Hawaii/Southern CA also. I also noticed it’s the 25th one. We had an anniversary for 25. It ends on Aug 4, so tomorrow. Don’t like so many ships all together in one spot. Praying they are all safe.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 thanks yeah uneasy feeling..
        also researched fires on us naval ships it was the remark in prediction 11-16-15
        ” fire looked red and yellow burn one sees as fir is burning out”
        Uss Harry S.Truman had a fire in board in august 2015…thought maybe a hint
        she is or has been in mediteranean…

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Rhona ugh last reply didn’t go. Okay short version. I researched in past why a fore would look that way on a ship, researched Truman and Eisenhower this night. Almost put on but don’t think I did. You didn’t get anything from me did you? They switched crews or ships or some weird thing. I feel it’s going to be a ship from recent Operation Inherent Resolve maybe. I hate to limit the ships. 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit was working with the USS Boxer during that OIR (attacks on ISIS). They are at Camp Pendleton. Think ISS Bocer may be in San Diego but I don’t think it’s so big. But I think that’s the one with a 4 on it. I know there’s been a 4 somewhere in these posts. Also the ships have numbers so can you think of any numbers that stick out that would seem odd in the posts for attacks? Sorry it’s a mess in my brain. lol.

      2. rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 sorry didnt notice Janesville will check it out….

        1. star48 Avatar

          it is in the area of Mount Lassen..there were 2 2 seconds differance in timing..
          4.4. 4.7 downgraded to 4.5. The was also a 3.1 in Cobb , CA between clear lake and geysers..
          All volcanic areas…

          1. star48 Avatar

            Should read 2 seconds differance,,,depth listed as 0.

            1. jules104 Avatar

              That’s on the European site. USGS was like -2.? How does that work? Sheesh Lassen not good. Okay back to attacks. I may have to continue tomorrow. I am looking up the paper though. Send a link atleast. One of these days people are going to listen, hope it’s now. Blessings Star48, Rhona

          2. jules104 Avatar

            Did u see the depth? What does it mean,it’s above ground? Hm

  24. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules104, update..
    USGS..2.8 Janesville 1.9 km deep
    Swarm ongoing at Janesville 4.4mag..2.1 km deep ——/ 3.4 mag 2.1 km deep
    4.5 mag–2.8 km deep——3.1
    The Geysers. Another area between volcanic fields 3.1.mag –0.1 kmdeep

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Well that’s not good when you put it that way. “Between volcanic fields”. It sounds like there is no between Star48. Thanks for checking on that. I noticed another volcano 24 miles from Rome it said. I can’t remember the name but it was on a link u sent earlier today Star48…a volcano they thought was extinct…is not extinct. It’s getting interesting.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi Jules 104
        This was the first free reply box so using it
        I havent been able to come up with any other numbers that stand out..
        we have 25 which is USS Somerset which is named after Somerset Pennsylvania…
        24 maybe…and as you said USS Boxer 4
        We could go 466 for 66 clue …i did look it up but didnt write it down now its left me …
        Jules is Ace you mentioned the singer?
        if so he showed the stars and stripes thanks for wanting to involve my guide ..and i asked for confirmation ..so waiting ..
        I hope they take note ..great that you did contact them Jules …

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Rhona for all that info you collected. Yes Ace, your Singer. I always think of pilots when I hear Ace hm…🤔 I actually thought of the 466 also. I’ll look for the ship name. Let us know if Ace has any info for us. I hope there are a lot of people putting Erics prediction on FB, warning others, etc. Praying these attacks can be stopped. Blessings

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Rhona I looked this up for Em and noticed this. Pier 66, Somerset 25. At the Seafair in Seattle from 3-7 August. See link. I have to get the other one.

  25. Conanbab Avatar

    It also noted about a aniversario.Aniversario perhaps a birthday, then today ‘s birthday on August 4 Obama

    Enviado desde mi iPad

  26. susannemschuijt Avatar

    This Saturday if the Canal Parade in Amsterdam (part of Euro Pride). A high profile event with boats parading the canals of Amsterdam. With tenthousands visitors

    1. star48 Avatar

      Susannemschuijt!, hi,,,,
      Your comment rattled a thought loose..there is an old posting about. Airport —
      In Netherlands..
      Here is the reference..I am interested in what you pick up?

  27. Conanbab Avatar

    23 July 2016 is 17 Tammuz. 17 Tammuz starts the Hebrew period of mourning of three weeks leading up to the 9th of Av. It was on the 9th of Av that both Jewish temples were destroyed 666 360 day (Biblical) years apart. The 9th of AV in 2016 is 13 August 2016. 23 July to 13 August is 21 days.

    The Nine days

    “The Nine Days are the darkest days on the Jewish calendar. They are the final days of a three-week mourning period that begins on the 17th of Tamuz. The Nine Days begin on Rosh Chodesh Av and lead up to the Fast of Tisha B’Av (the 9th day of Av), the saddest day on the Jewish Calendar. All through the three weeks, we observe signs of mourning. During the Nine Days, this observance intensifies.” [link to http://www.torahtots.com]

    The first day of the intensification will be the 1st of Av 5776 or 5 August 2016. This intensification will culminate of the 9th of Av 5776 or 13 August 2016. There is an event in America’s past, a decision that was made on the 13th of August 1971. President Richard M. Nixon met with 12 of his advisers in a secret meeting at the US Presidential retreat of Camp David. The decision was made on that date to sever the US Dollars link to gold making the worlds reserve currency pure fiat. From this point on our monetary system was no longer based on Gold but based on Faith and confidence. Nixon announced this decision to the American people on 15 August 1971. [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the info Conanbab.

    2. star48 Avatar

      thank you for the opening a window of knowledge..
      It is a chilling time period..

  28. star48 Avatar

    In today’s edition of Times of Israel.. You could have knocked me over with a feather!

    Confirmation? WOW.

    IS plans to hit US air bases in Mideast, warn Israelis who hacked into IS web group | The Times of Israel


    1. Luna tic Avatar

      holy cow!

  29. CMT Avatar

    Naval Base San Diego Hit With 32nd Hoax Bomb Threat
    The alleged threat was reported about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.
    August 3, 2016 3:26 pm ET
    SAN DIEGO, CA — Naval Base San Diego was targeted by another in a string of hoax bomb threats Wednesday morning, Navy officials reported. The latest in a series of more than 30 mostly handwritten messages allegedly threatening the military base was found aboard the USS Essex, which is docked at Pier 7, base officials reported in a Twitter post. . .

    1. star48 Avatar

      CMT, hi…
      That pretty much proves that the are ” preparing the way”
      It also shows that they trying to lull the authorities, as well as see how they respond!
      They are also proving that they have access.
      I hope the authorities are smart enough to see what is being done ro wear them down..

      Eric/ spirit says it is soon..,today onwards…
      I expect that the spiders will call everyday….or leave notes….

      1. jules104 Avatar

        I agree Star48. And we need everyone to “chatter” and warn authorities by calling in, sending messages, using their FB etc. Just one or two of us is great but more is better I think. I know we can shift this like Spirit said. Prayers.

      2. Kelly Avatar

        Maybe when it rains?! Mexico is preparing for earl.

        1. star48 Avatar

          Kelly, Hi !
          I have to reply this far down from your comment …sorry…

          I think we were on the topic of San Diego…is that what you were referring to?
          I am not sure if rain is forecast ? As I no longer live in CA…do you know if it is going to rain?
          I am not sure of the final trajectory of Earl..after Mexico…Have you had the chance to see?
          If so I would love to know…please feel free to let us know..any information..
          Nice hearing from you!

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Wow CMT. I hope they are increasing security. I’d maybe say these are trial runs and meant so they ignore any real threats. Sheesh. I hope there are a lot of people talking about Erics prediction, posting on FB, calling into authorities so they pay special attention. Spirits said it only takes a small shift to shatter the unstable future (change it). Blessings

  30. Sara Avatar

    I don’t know how accurate the source is, but I found this article that talks about an Israeli security firm that hacked into ISIS “dark web” forums. And they found that ISIS was planning a series of attacks on US military bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Which reminded me of the “Saudi Arabia” and “military base” predictions.

    I’m still not sure what I believe about psychic ability, but I thought you should know about it.

    http://news.softpedia.com is the website, and the article title was: Security Firm Says It Uncovered New Terrorist Attacks After Hacking ISIS forum. Was just published August 4th.

    1. star48 Avatar

      it was an Israeli Group that hacked and got lists and priority targets..
      It was in the Times of Israel newspaper – also on TV..it was reported..
      I posted it on Saudi Arabia thread and Terror attacks arriving soon,,
      Please see original article..

      1. Sara Avatar

        Oh, okay. I didn’t see that you’d already posted about it.

        1. star48 Avatar

          no problem….need your imput…please do not be put off..
          It is important that there are many reviewing and looking for information…I really do appreciate your help..
          The amount coming through and that needs to be reviewed is HUGE..
          Please help?

  31. star48 Avatar

    Eric, arrest in Ohio.
    Federal authorities say Charlotte, NC, man arrested in Ohio, charged with conspiring to provide material support to Islamic State – WSOC


    Was there buried gas canisters found in Ohio? I seem to remember something? Anyone?

      1. star48 Avatar

        Columbus OHIO too… ( what a memory)


        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, you do have a great memory! I can’t remember what I did yesterday or ate for breakfast even. Hahaha. Good job.

  32. Em Avatar

    Star & Jules,
    Do you guys both have they feeling that these attacks are going to start August 5th or 8th, like Eric said?
    Btw if you guys need help doing anything, just ask!

    1. star48 Avatar

      Em, ,
      we have been teasing. Rhona, Jules104, myself..

      The problem….we need help –getting the word out..the post.,

      The ” new media” Twitter,etc. we are hopeless…
      We are unfortunately old school..

      To know how to set up a stream of information, for discussion about being watchful in SD..
      Or how to get out posting on other forms of media…do you know how?

      Between the 3 of us..i have FB page to share..but the amount of friends is not acceptions lie.
      And frankly just a itsey tiny drop in a bucket..
      Need you and others to help with a path of action and understanding —
      the multitude of channels of information..and how to post to them?
      Will you assist?
      Spirit has asked us to gather the SWC, to spread the word……
      All assistance,suggestions and direct action will be appreciated…for now and the future…

      This is our chance to fight back in a constructive way, as spirit requests…our clan of Spiritual warriors…to act..

      1. Em Avatar

        Yes, I will figure out something to do in the most effective way! I’ve have another idea of a specific event. Another psychic, jeanne mayell, has a website where she makes predictions, that most of the time turn out to happen. She has predicted that there will be a marathon tragedy in September in upstate New York, which correlates to an event that Eric has predicted before back in 2014. He predicted a shooting in NY with the visual of people at a ‘run or walk’. I’m going to look through events that coincide with a marathon or any kind of running event that month. Hopefully I can find the most effective way to alert authorities or coordinators.

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Well said Star48. You always explain it all so well. I hope others will help spread the word. Blessings All SWC

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Em, I’m not really sure of a date. I just feel soon, soon. That ugh feeling. I think just trying to get the word out there is helpful. Anybody who does/has social media access can add Erics prediction for 3 Aug 2016 and try and warn others. Send messages to different places/authorities maybe. That’s all helpful. Whatever a person can do I think will help shift this into a better more positive outcome. Thank You Em! Blessings

      1. Luna tic Avatar

        I’m in too! I have been trying to analyze any patterns in predictions that have happened in the past to possibly narrow down time frames on current predictions. I’m not big on FB but I do relay EQ info for Calif to my family. I will pick my kids brains on sites I can post Eric’s predictions to. Their generation has such a large knowledge of different media sites to communicate on especially non traditional.

        1. star48 Avatar

          Luna Tic,
          ! I hope there are more on that site that will respond….?

        2. jules104 Avatar

          Thank You Luna tic. That’s great help! I agree on the younger generation and all of their social media sites. My kids are always telling me “I don’t know how you guys did it!” Haha, we picked up the phone and actually spoke words. My daughter just said “I’m contemplating on how you had to go to the library and look everything up, you couldn’t just pull out your phone and google it.” No, “Google what’s that”, right? I’m surprised we even survived just listening to her talk about it all. Ha! I figure we will come in handy when everything goes out some day. LOL. Anyway, great idea and thank you! Blessings.

  33. Sonndra May Avatar

    Eric, this could be it! Tomorrow the 5th, in Rio, THE PARADE OF ATHLETES into the Olympic STADIUM, (may also be called the parade of nations). I heard a promo on the radio about the start of the Olympics while driving to work this am, and the PARADE came to mind and I got such a sick feeling with chills. Hope i’m wrong. Hope other nations are helping Brazil be prepared for attacks.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Good catch Sondra May. I hope and pray it’s not.

      1. Sonndra may Avatar

        Thanks Jules104. I found more prediction elements and posted near bottom of this thread. But the weird thing is, half the time I post, it identifies me as berkeleybabe! I think the spirits are playing with me! Anything Berkeleybabe is really Sondra May. Let’s see what happens when I now hit post comment.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          That’s weird I agree. So are you both? It showed up Sonndra may this time. I think it will auto fill for you sometimes. Maybe check the boxes before you push send. Otherwise I think your right…Spirit is just messing with you. 😇lol

  34. Em Avatar

    Eric, Jules & everyone,
    I happen to have a social media platform that has a lot of followers. I just posted a message asking everyone to be extremely cautious and careful this month, because I have a bad feelings that more bad things are coming this month. Hope this helps in some way

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Em. That’s wonderful to hear. The more the merrier I think on our end.

      1. Em Avatar

        Thanks Jules! I’ve gotten a good response the last few minutes.
        Someone that lives in Brazil said that they and several other people are worried about an attack happening during the Olympics in Rio.
        Praying it doesn’t!
        Looking into the most effective other ways I can spread the message. It can be really hard with all the skeptical people unfortunately.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Wow that’s great you already have responses, that’s so neat. Just think about how many other people each one of them will touch base with. There are a lot of skeptics but oh well they will catch up. You are just further down the path then they are. When it comes to things that are unseen like this, all we can do is try and make others aware and hope they listen. I have faith in Eric and Spirit and humanity. Blessings Em

    2. star48 Avatar

      Em, thank you!
      Your sojourn to help is truly appreciated….
      This is spirit directly..asking for the first time…we must respond…..

  35. star48 Avatar

    ignore the sceptics….after awhile they will see the fruit…
    Be bold…be assertive, be confident….

    You will see…flags, sign posts that spirit will give you that you are following the right path..
    A series of numbers you will see often….or something, that is a remembrance of someone that passed…or a song —
    -synchronicity ….

  36. star48 Avatar

    did you get a chance to read Sonndra May’s comment on this thread?

  37. star48 Avatar

    I laughed out loud, when you replied to Luna Tic, about how useful we would be when things go out…
    I flashed back to my early years. I was a wholesale purchaser of products.
    Before computers.. I did the buying for ready? 40 thousand items…on a low point system!
    I look back, shake my head…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh my yes. My daughter would be speechless. I love the look on her face when I describe how we use to do things. Like we were all Neanderthals and have come out of the cave now. And I don’t think I’m that very old yet. Heehee.

    2. Em Avatar

      About the parade in Rio? Yes. Praying the nothing happens tomorrow.
      About the flags, I’ve started to recognize some lately. I have the strongest premonitions about events that have to do with runnings, probably because I run often. Are old memories being brought up common flags?

      1. star48 Avatar

        sorry to take so long to get back to you I took a break..
        A flag is usually an affirmation…unique to you and your guide..even if you have not met them, yet. To you remember ghost and the penny?
        Not that it goes flying in the air!
        It is if your struggling with something or a decision .or you ask for help.
        After you make it…a song comes on that reinforces what happened or a number sequence…you have noticed At odd times is the same..
        An acknowledgement …
        Mine have changed or evolved — I still have knowledge of the flag, because of timing..,
        And in my case humor…my guide likes to tease me….

        Eg. I was looking for a new home..I asked to be guided..
        I mentioned that I had to have trees…out loud..
        So for days &,days I drove.. North -no trees…I started laughing..what? Where are my trees?
        Finally I got to A river area…still no trees.
        .I finally asked two people walking by where are the trees? Oh you have to go further north…which I did..finally I came over the hill and there were trees everywhere I looked..
        I booked a hotel to start looking around.

        I asked the front desk where could I get something to eat..they pointed me to an Irish pub..down the street..
        I walk in and an old codger looks me up and down..says..
        What are you looking for here…I was taken aback told him a new home,life ..he asked me my politics…I told him..he smiled ..said your staying..got on the phone, had somebody,
        not a realtor- give me an idea of areas,prices…and took me around for days to help me..!

        So I was not in the area for 30 minutes..and I was already on my path to my new home, and life ..it was only weeks later I found out the man ( codger)was the ” godfather of trees,”
        He owns millions of acres of trees, and has logging interests!.
        By the way my home has trees..I have laughed long and hard about the whole episode…
        So you see..that was the cheeky affirmation..

        Sorry to be so long winded..but each milestone or challenge can be a differant flag..
        Or signpost..always positive -always significant to you..and can be silly or teasing..
        Hope this helps…

      2. em Avatar

        It’s okay! Thank you for that explanation. Will be looking more into it.

  38. Em Avatar

    Jules, Star
    Is there anything going on August 5th besides the beginning of the Olympics?

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      A big festival in Golden Gate Park from Aug 5-7 http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/. If you look at the lineup it seems like all ages. I pray nothing bad happens. If I weren’t on the other side of the country, I would definitely be there, especially for Radiohead.

      1. em Avatar

        Luna tic,
        Thanks for finding that. I live on the West Coast, so def will be praying

        1. pat colbert Avatar



  39. berkeleybabe Avatar

    I just wanted to add more items from past predictions that fit tomorrow. It started when Eric asked if anyone knew of parades. So: tomorrow is 5th. 5 was in this prediction. The Olympics in Rio starts tomorrow with opening ceremonies which includes a Parade: all the athletes march into the stadium under their country’s flags. Stadium was in a past prediction. Parade under a past prediction. There is a huge rocky mountain above Rio. Rocky Mountain was in a past prediction. Rio became a global port for exporting GOLD. An important book was delivered to the “emperor” of Brazil on a steamship called “The Golden City”. Rio is full of gold medals right now. A past prediction or comment had a plane flying around from the back of a rocky mountain followed by an explosion of The Golden City. Praying this is a big old coincidence.

    1. em Avatar

      Yikes, that’s really scary. Hoping that nothing happens.

      1. Sonndra May Avatar

        Yes, Em, very scary and I pray it’s very wrong! FYI. Another thing wrong is half the time I post my name gets changed to berkeleybabe. Should always be me: Sonndra May. spirits are messing with me. haha

  40. PAT Avatar



    1. Sonndra May Avatar

      Whoa! You are right Pat, there are no coincidences!! So glad you were watching him speak.

  41. Eibhlin Avatar

    I live in Bahrain. Home of the American 5th fleet.. I find this prediction chilling, but plausible.

  42. Eibhlin Avatar

    I live in Bahrain. Home of the American 5th fleet.. I find this prediction chilling, but plausible. Talking about Saudi prediction.

    1. star48 Avatar

      you brought in a thought..I had missed the 5 th Fleet…

      Thanks you…you will notice even on this posting there is a 5 at the very beginning…

      Is there anyway you can let people know about the threat?
      Give it to a newspaper? Or blog in the area? Facebook? Anything to help bring awareness ….so people are not in danger? Please help!
      One notification could help derail it….please assist us..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Eibhlin, Star48. I posted added link a while back on the 5th Fleet. I can’t remember which post I put it under. It had to do with all of the 5s going on. I think it also spoke about smaller Units/Divisions that come off of the 5th Fleet. And I’m almost sure Miramar and San Diego came up in that. Hm

        1. PAT Avatar

          I want to continue getting predictions from Eric; however, all the responses from everyone else with no reference to my comments I want to delete. How do I do this. I cancelled subscription to comments, but it deleted entire site.

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Pat I’m not exactly sure how you would do that. I don’t recieve any comments from a post until I actually comment on the specific post myself. Otherwise I need to go to the site itself and see what is happening. I believe once you have commented on a specific prediction, then you become part of that thread. That is my experience anyway. There may be a way to turn that off? But I don’t know what or how to do it. Blessings.

          2. star48 Avatar

            Pat, Hi,
            what are you asking for?
            I am trying to understand your request..

            1.No response to you comments means you do not want to participate –is that what you are saying?
            2.You want to only hear from Eric?
            3 Or you do not want any comments from the other threads?

            Hope you want to participate…as we need all the eyes and brains we can get!
            Insight ,as well as working as a team ( clan). With differing opinions and outlooks is key..

            So ,waiting to hear from you on information, thoughts, insight,hunches,visions, dreams,
            And or knowledge….blessings..

  43. allen Avatar

    eric is their any big ships, in California, that are used as floating musuems, and are not active anymore? they need to check these floating ships, in or around engine rooms, didn’t think, they would be open to the public? as always, thank you eric and everyone, for making a difference…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Allen I saw there is the USS Midway Museum, floating ship. So yes. Not sure what else is down there.

      1. star48 Avatar

        There is also the Star of India? There in SD too? Right?

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Not sure but I did see something named that. Is that a US ship? Is that with the Fifth Fleet? I wonder about Canadian Navy ever being in our bays also. Remember a mention to New Brunswick a while back. Bay shaped like a C ?

      2. star48 Avatar

        Maritime museum…Star of India is there…open til 8 pm I think

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Oh yes thanks Star48. Interesting ship. I can’t imagine sailing all the way to India on that. Can you imagine? It would be wonderful for about one day then I’d say what was I thinking? Way back when huh. It’s beautiful though.

          1. star48 Avatar

            there maybe other ship or ships in the maritime museum area..
            It has been a few years for me being on the ship…( private group)
            I know it is haunted….I have to tell you…I loved the ship..always went down to Dana Point for the Tall Ships!

            1. jules104 Avatar

              I’m at the playground with grandkids but I want to know all about the ship and it being haunted Star48. May have to take a break while I keep eyes on.

    2. star48 Avatar

      I posted in a comment further down the place, the Star of India is there,, open til 8 pm at least..unless private party…( haunted ship by the way)

      1. allen Avatar

        thank you star48.! i don’t know how, what i saw ties into current events or a year or two into the future, i never was good on timing, or trying to interp, what i do see. what i can say, after that really bad man. leader, who fools thousands and thousands, who be put to death, by help, from higher realm, peace will come to earth, but, much has to happen in between, so everyone, never ever lose hope, that in most peoples lifetime, peace and quiet times for earth, will come.. i wouldn’t be alive to physically witness this, but, as i said before, the greatest theat, for people, will come from the weather, and the changes, that effect everything, everyone, keep caring, sharing, and learning from each other, that is where the biggest change for good will occur…………

  44. jules104 Avatar

    Could this prediction from 1-25-16 be related to Miramar/the US Military Base bombing?

    1. em Avatar

      It probably does tie into this current one. I checked out your link and scrolled down to the bottom. Eric said something about an eclipse. This is going out on a limb but I searched eclipses for 2016. On August 18, there is a partial lunar eclipse. Eric also said in the post that the Spirits use the moon as their view of the future. So maybe this event with Miramar will occur on August 18th? We talked about that date yesterday.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi em. Yeah I can’t remember if anything happened with a black van by the water yet. Just feel like I’m grasping at straws sometimes. Any little piece of the puzzle that holds a clue. Ya know? I so want to stop this from coming to pass. The eclipse I’m not sure if that was in relation to how things are going to change this year for the better. It is sort of strange the partial eclipse happens on the 18th. Praying for the Olympic Ceremonies tomorrow.

  45. jules104 Avatar

    Just wanted to add some light here. I was looking for events in San Diego and saw that there is a Team Refugee competing at the Rio Olympics. What strength they must have to go on like this. It’s wonderfully inspiring. I may have to root for them all. Here’s a link.

  46. jules104 Avatar

    Also in relation to the 40 in this prediction, could this other prediction on 7-3-15 be related somehow with the two dual dark scorn 40. It’s talking about a man and a women and a large explosion. (I think we were looking at the NE at the time though) The act ends with bringing out the horse of war. Here is that post.

  47. star48 Avatar

    SWC, side note.
    Arrested ISIS sympathizer claims more in Mexico.
    We know they are here already.. .maybe more waiting in Mexico?

  48. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Parade Tattoo,
    and a kick off of 25 days at Festival in Edinburgh. Started 8/5/15


    1. star48 Avatar

      I forgot to highlight festival being going on for 66 years…
      (466 reference?)

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Star48, I noticed that. Didn’t mention on purpose. I keep seeing those numbers lately. Hm.

  49. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, bizarre 4 shows up again..
    4 incidents..
    FAA says 4 incidents involving green lasers pointed at aircraft, 2 in Louisville, 2 in Lexington, under investigation – WAVE


  50. Em Avatar

    Star, Jules &
    Do you guys know if any events that are going on August 8th that we haven’t talked about? That was the second date Eric mentioned.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I will try and see Em. May take a minute. But yes let’s look and see.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Em I’ve been looking and there are just so many things going on all over the country. It seems it could be almost any number of them. I hope people will just be really vigilant. I’ll keep looking though and let you know if something stands out.

    2. Sonndra May Avatar

      Em, I just realized if we put the 5 and 8 together, it is today 8/5. (or maybe not) It’s great trying to figure out all the clues spirit gives us so we can prevent something; yet the clues can fit so many different scenarios! Not giving up though.

      1. Kelly Avatar

        Hi star48, i referenced when it rains it will began. Its in the san Diego prediction.

        1. star48 Avatar

          did not catch that ,glad you made reference..
          Could be actual or metaphorical ?

      2. Em Avatar

        Sonndra & Jules,
        I think you are right about the 8/5, today. It’s the most logical conclusion at this point. Praying that nothing happens in SD or at the Olympics open ceremony! I think it begins about 4:30 pst. Thank you all for your vigilance and help!

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Em, Sonndra May. Me to! Hope all is calm today. Praying Rio Opening Ceremony goes well and nothing in San Diego. 🙏🏻

      3. Em Avatar

        I believe the rain is metaphortical. It represent Eric’s and everyone’s sadness and grief.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes, its a symbolic message that it will be very emotional for me and others.

  51. star48 Avatar

    SWC, Eric, monitoring.. BParis…Eiffel Tower..

    Updates: Paris’ Eiffel Tower evacuated due to suspicious package; police on scene – BFMTV


    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s not the distraction elsewhere is it? For the Louvre? Hope and Pray not.

      1. star48 Avatar

        that is why I am still monitoring it..
        It was first reported 2 hrs ago..
        Thought it would be cleared…
        Just had update come up 23 minutes ago still going on…
        I thought of the same…distraction potential..

      2. Em Avatar

        This is scary. Hope nothing happens.

  52. Em Avatar

    I know this is kind of offtopic but is about San Diego
    A few months ago ISIS sympathizers made threats against the LGBT community in SD, saying “You are Next”.
    I have a bad feeling about this.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Em, join the club!

  53. star48 Avatar

    Rhona, Jules 104, SWC,
    Stepping away.need to eat..lunch
    . Still no update from Paris! Can someone watch…please till I get back?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Alright Stat48. Still no updates yet 2:18

  54. star48 Avatar

    Jules104,Rhona, SWC.
    Okay, back…
    Haha. Kept taking mini looks..burnt my lunch/dinner!
    Oh well anybody read the last French news?
    I have to wait until it is on news feed with English banners…
    I am on edge ….keep waiting……….
    Feel today is key…..

  55. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Please note..
    monitored and found the end of the Eiffel Tower incident..false alarm
    Here is the link she supplied…Great Work!

    1. Em Avatar

      Star, Jules,
      Update: 5:25 here on West Coast. Nothing urgent breaking on news here or out of Rio.

      1. star48 Avatar

        thanks for keeping watch..truly appreciate your action..

        I not sure if you knew there was a bomb scare. In Rio..Beach volleyball arena.?

        Luckily nothing came of it..,
        Puts everyone on edge…it may happen more times than we would imagine,
        We must monitor…

        I am going to sign off..need to be ready for tomorrow…very early…thx again..


    2. Sonndra May Avatar

      Star48, I
      I’m not sure how broad tour interest was in French attack…. But just read this. No news yet on terror related or tragic accident. Many dead.: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_FRANCE_FIRE?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-08-05-23-24-45

      1. star48 Avatar

        Sonndra May, Hi,
        yes I saw that..
        I struggled with listing it or not …..Rouen,,,
        However I read two articles that it was definitely an accident…not terror related or a hint..
        The authorities could be downplaying it.. Or it is truly an accident..
        ( I loved Rouen) the church, the town.,
        Do I am giving it the pass …because of the two Seperate references..
        Do you feel something?
        We are all anxious…and unsettled…is that what your feeling too?

      2. rhona Avatar

        Sondra May Apoligies I doubled up on your Paris Fire link …as if they havent had enough lately …

  56. Sonndra May Avatar

    Star 48 just left you a French post abovrpe where Ki bought it most relevant to your concerns today. Also seems athletes made it into stadium ok in Rio. Prayers for the days of games.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Sonndra May,
      I replied, I hope you see it’s? Thanks for your information,and follow through..
      Truly appreciate your help and assistance..
      Going to sign off —right now been at it since early this morning PST..
      Talk to you tomorrow..💤

      1. Sonndra May Avatar

        Star48, I think time will tell re: France incident. Doesn’t seem terrorist at this point. Often the event is later than we think. Mixed emotions…. But maybe we succeeded in preventing something terrible. It may be perverse, but only in our fears being accurate are we successful in being right. Yet we want to stop what we expect. And in doing so we appear to have been wrong. Crazy isn’t it. We just have to put prevention ahead of everything and realize we’ll never get credit for success in preventing. We’ll just be happy the worst didn’t happen, which is the best outcome. God bless France, God Bless USA, God Bless our efforts,

        1. star48 Avatar

          Sonndra May,
          It was a confirmation..
          .Luna tic had…dream / vision! Of the Birthday cake
          So Luna tic..hit the target!

          Birthday cake started the fire when it fell over..13 dead..

    2. Sonndra May Avatar

      Ooh, lots of misspelled words. Sorry!

      1. Sonndra May Avatar

        In two above posts. Good night. We’ll take up the fight tomorrow.

      2. star48 Avatar

        Not to worry…..side note the birthday party( Rouen) was for a police officer …

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Star48, I don’t know about you but I’ve seen so many police involved deaths accidents etc., it makes me wonder about the time line.

          1. star48 Avatar

            timeline with police officers?
            Does that mean it is the timeline?
            Or are you thinking it is later, not now?
            The police are our thin line of defense…so naturally we are sensitive to reports of deaths, incidents, attacks. And we are becoming more sensitive because of what is going on in the country….
            Is that what you mean?

            1. jules104 Avatar

              Star48, sorry always hectic on weekends. I was referencing this prediction about the police being attack then protect the Louvre. It just seems like I e noticed a lot of Police being killed lately. It’s most likely a coincidence due to the times were in. Here’s that link. It does speak on San Diego also I noticed. So something like a timeline( next) to Louvre, San Diego?

              1. star48 Avatar

                Jules104, Ah, Got it! Yes, timeline seems in synch…

            2. jules104 Avatar

              Star48, went back and reread 6-16-16. What stood out was the Stadium (Rio?), the Louvre, San Diego. Three attacks back to back.

  57. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    one more post.. it came over the wire…just now.
    Man arrested in Melbourne following joint counter terror operation – Sky News Australia


    1. rhona Avatar

      Swc star 48 paris fire http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/08/06/11/41/at-least-13-reportedly-dead-in-france-bar-fire……….again thoughs and prayers are with you France

    2. rhona Avatar

      Swc star 48 jyst a litte mote info in that report …thanks for that Star …glad they were onto it http://www.9news.com.au/National/2016/08/06/14/48/One-man-arrested-in-counter-terrorism-raids-across-Victoria

  58. rhona Avatar

    Eric Swc singapore and Batam Indonesia are only 25ml 41 km across Singapore straites from one another…so they are saying if they did have a rocket it wouldnt be acurate but would hit a random area …thats bad enough..

  59. CMT Avatar

    Predictions 4-2-16
    Posted on April 2, 2016 by Eric Leigh-Pink
    “Brussels.. On Tuesday.. next Tuesday.. the policeman will be attacked in the most heinous way.” Spirits Voice

    Predictions 4-1-16 “Again the second time really!” The spirit said with an angry dismayed voice.
    “Brussels.. bloody.. butcher.. the meanest way to commit horror..”
    I had a visual of a cross at first it seemed Christian, but then I saw myself walking down a hallway of a hospital. As if the hospital was the target.
    76 – Historically that means the 6th. . .

    This looks like it fits into the prediction above,

    Belgian police officers injured in machete attack

    6 AUGUST 2016 • 4:31PM
    Two Belgian police officers have been injured after being attacked by a man wielding a machete in the city of Charleroi.

    The assailant was heard shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as he attacked the two female officers, according to Belgian police. He was shot and wounded at the scene of the attack, outside the city’s main police station. . .

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Good catch CMT. It seems like there have been a lot of Police attacks lately.

    2. star48 Avatar

      CMT, great job..!!
      .loved that you referenced the comment
      and the relevant posts. Perfect!🏅⭐️

      1. CMT Avatar

        Hi Jules104 and Star48, Thanks, but unfortunate these attacks are happening so often now.

        1. star48 Avatar

          CMT, do not get discouraged ! Here I want to share a vision Eric got from spirit about the future…
          I think it is important for you to understand that we will make a differance!
          Please read…

          And realize that your participation could make an impact! Blessings!

  60. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    FBI made arrest…
    Detroit — FBI counterterrorism agents have uncovered a link between Sebastian Gregerson, the American Muslim arrested Sunday after he allegedly bought illegal grenades, and an al-Qaida leader who radicalized underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, The News learned Friday.


  61. star48 Avatar

    New York, is preparing….
    Nor rampaging shooters !


  62. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Re blast heard at Olympics… Noisy. Area cordoned off..

    A bomb squad is investigating after an apparent blast shook the area near the finish line of the men’s cycling road race.

    Reporters could hear a loud boom on the press tribune and felt the ground shake as the cyclists had about 70 kilometers to go Saturday.

    Controlled blast of unattended baggage.

    1. em Avatar

      I have news alerts on. Do you think that Eric’s last predictions about the stadium is the most likely scenario for Rio?

      1. star48 Avatar

        there are many venues, that could fit
        There is one that mentions cold weather costs.

        Than there are a couple more related to sports..

        So unfortunately…it is hard for me to know….however with all the world attention you know that Rio is targeted. Terrible…

      2. em Avatar

        Yeah, unfourtunatley it’s extremely scary for Rio, especially since they aren’t as prepared as the U.S. and Europe.
        I’m really worried about here in the U.S. since there are so many targets and threats. Nothing happened yesterday, but it could happen any time.

        1. star48 Avatar

          it is a certainty.
          Spirit has warned us…it will happen…

          Too many police force and army personnel are being overwhelmed.
          Here is a perfect example…

          Border between Italy, France..
          Taken by surprise…

      3. em Avatar

        You’re right, it’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of when. I just looked back to Eric’s UK terror attack prediction. I believe that this is coming in the next few days also. At the end it says soon after afterwards ‘the US. will be attacked’ and ‘in a weeks time 3 locations attacked’. The first is likely to be California, just as Eric and others predicted. Not sure if it will be three simultaneous attacks in California or if it the attacks will span to other states like
        NY. Praying they’ll be stopped.

        1. star48 Avatar

          that is why it is imperative…we need to get more eyes on the predictions…
          More people, more awareness.
          Chance to change the outcome…please if you can suggest any plan to increase awareness —
          Media marketing plan? please send to Eric!
          That goes for anybody….please …
          Spiritual Warrior Plan….do not be Ghost readers! 👻👻👻👻👻

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Star48, Em. Sorry been busy all day. Grandsons birthday coming up. Been trying to check in though. Thanks for all your hard work you two.

  63. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    NATO-led Resolute Support mission says reports of Islamic State capturing a US Army member are false – @ResoluteSupport


    1. rhona Avatar

      Star 48 that a relief ..family worry enough ….always have our service men and women in my prayers …and our police officers the home gaurd …bless them all…..

  64. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, —- Thailand…
    10 explosions! NO injuries…
    10 explosions reported in Thailand’s Yala and Narathiwat provinces ahead of country’s constitutional referendum; no injuries reported – New Straits Times


    1. jules104 Avatar

      Glad they just targeted lamp posts and nobody was harmed. 🙏🏻

      1. rhona Avatar

        sounds like a a weakening of there recruitments resolve perhaps Jules aiming at lamp posts half hearted effort on their part ..maybe theydid what was aked but they were reluctant ..
        I know it still an attack 10 for goodness sake ..
        I would like to think prayers are helping

      2. rhona Avatar

        Swc Yeah I see sorry not well..
        Protest bombs against referendum..

  65. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Kabul
    2 professors at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, 1 American and 1 Australian, abducted at gun point, police say – ABC News


    1. jules104 Avatar

      I hope they can get them back quickly. Really tired of these spiders. Praying for them.

  66. star48 Avatar

    for the people keeping scorecards..

    ISIS 31 terrorists arrested this year so far..


  67. star48 Avatar

    SWC, is the new talking points?
    Islamists having Mental Illness? No terror?

  68. star48 Avatar

    A posting from another thread…
    Jules194, requested..to be brought to this thread..( I thought could go here)

    August 7, 2016 at 10:52 PM
    Jules104 ,
    I found that number reference you were looking for the other day?..


    “It would be 3250 deep.” (the exact wording was thirty-two and fifty.) They also gave the message of 77 and mid August”
    By the way 27 is in there too.

    Do you want me to put on thread on attacks for you?


    1. star48 Avatar

      SWC, Jules104, is this why you wanted to post this reference

      An emerging terror threat tunnel bombs!


      1. Jules104 Avatar

        Star48, 7.6 Loyalty Islands

      2. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Star48, miss my SWC. Did you get 8.6 Loyalty Islands.

        1. star48 Avatar

          is that the 7.8 that was downgraded to 7.6. Than downgraded again by usgs 7.2
          No Tsunami alert for Hawaii.
          Tsunami alert for Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia.
          Drop around 16 km
          ( ps you know Dutchsinse does not have live streaming on right now…)
          Only FB

          1. jules104 Avatar

            Probably Star48. Hard for me to keep up right now. Thanks for all EQ and tsunami info. Hope nothing more. Saying prayers.

      3. jules104 Avatar

        Star Did you see It also said “new”? There’s a prediction where Spirit says New and Eric is thinking New York. Could it be referencing these new type of attacks?

  69. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Philippines, Aug. 8 (UPI) — Three people were kidnapped by suspected Abu Sayyaf insurgents, a Philippines’ military spokesman said.

    Although no group immediately claimed responsibility, the abductions would bring the number of people held by Abu Sayyaf, an Islamist separatist organization known for violence in the Philippines, to 27. Seventeen are foreigners; 2 Canadians were be header this year..

  70. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    ALERT…FBI. Investigating..

    FBI investigating non-specific threat sent in letter targeting Bank of America skyscraper in Atlanta; building remains open – Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    1. jules104 Avatar

      We did have a “Georgia” somewhere in a post.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Thanks Jules104,
        I will put in that thread too..
        To accommodate other readers..thx bunches…🌾

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Here it is Star48. Georgia, bombing, 18 are in this post.

  71. star48 Avatar

    I have a what are they thinking ?

    DHS gives tour in areas..most Americans are not allowed.in at airport!


  72. Sara Avatar

    So , I am new to the site and have been trying to help figure out some of these predictions…so what I have come up with is what about the 9th? The 27 and 18 both add up to 9. Also the 9 appears multiple times in some of the older predictions related to this as well. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Sara.

  73. star48 Avatar

    SWC, suspicious package in Brentwood, CA. …W.LA.. Causes evacuation…
    Good grief…

    Photo: A suspicious package forces evacuation of Wilshire Bundy Plaza in Brentwood, per Los Angeles fire officials – @ABC7


  74. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Washington DC
    just on wire..

    Union Station in Washington, DC, being evacuated; cause not yet known – @TheRyanSaylor


  75. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    All clear given at Union Station in Washington, DC, after fire alarm went off, forcing evacuation – WUSA 9


  76. star48 Avatar

    Kuwaiti authorities say they’ve arrested 10 Iranians accused for illegally entering its territorial waters – AP


  77. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC ,
    Video. -Destroyer – USS Nitze harassed by Iranian patrol boats ( practice ?)

  78. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC, Tarmac..intentional..
    Photo: Pickup truck crashes into nose gear of Denver-bound Southwest Airlines plane at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Neb. – @davidpostier


  79. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Photo: Fire crews continue battling 2-alarm ship container fire near West Seattle – @GaryKIRO7


    1. Jules104 Avatar

      Star48, Just saw your link you added. Did you see that this was right next to the huge 18 wheeler size propane tanks? They are lucky those did not explode. I am curious what the cause was.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules104, nothing has been said..I thought it strange with the Fire on the Oil tanker near River in Houston.,,
        So far nothing on what both were caused by…strange both on the same day..
        The oil tam
        Maker is out a spill is being cleaned up and the river opening is blocked.. Ummmm

  80. star48 Avatar

    Should read …oil tanker….a small spill from the fire…

  81. Joseph Avatar

    Nuclear attack! Houston Texas completely destroyed! Nuclear weapon smuggled across southern border in a truck. Taken up the service elevator of a high building and set off. One of the terrorists, the driver.
    I don’t know how to spell his name, but its pronounced smaudi or smaudgi. 9 jihadists envolved. I think 2018? Sept 10? Never good with dates

  82. star48 Avatar

    South America..
    Chile 🇨🇱 Peru 🇵🇪
    Multiple planes were forced to make emergency landings in two countries on Thursday following a string of bomb threats, reports said.


  83. star48 Avatar


    Netherlands 🇳🇱
    7 arrested in foiled twin terror attack plot.


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