Denmark Terror Attack

This prediction has happened. Red Roses, Valentines day?

Notes on 1-25-15  I had a visual of a radical man wearing a flag of red and white on his back. He was a radical mad man who was making horrible plans.

Notes on 12-31-14  I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.

The Facts: Copenhagen Shooting: Multiple Shots Target Cartoonist drawing prophet Muhammad at Islam Debate

6 responses to “Denmark Terror Attack”

  1. Sam Avatar

    Spot on again you did say beli one of my comment you thought the flag was Denmark!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Now just as the spider represents terrorism, the red and white will represent Denmark. So the next time they have a prediction in Denmark we will have a much clearer understanding of it.

  2. Daniel Sale Avatar

    Just breaking tonight: @BNONews 3 injured, including 2 police officers, in new shooting in central Copenhagen – police

  3. kelly714 Avatar

    Another shooting 2 miles from original shooting 1 confirmed dead. Eric I hope these people are caught!!!

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, article outlining timeline for attacks as well as ending..

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