Notes on 9-2-14

“In Chile a warning
the ground will break on top of the people.”

‘N e t h e r l a n d s’ was spelled out in red, however they spelled it wrong with two tt s instead of an H. There was a feeling of a threat.
I had a visual of an airplane on the tarmac
I had a visual of a large spider slamming through a mountain tunnel and racing down a highway.
“One.. One.. Rage”
I had a visual the Spirits were circling the last two days at the end of the calendar week, which if you looked at a calendar would be Friday and Saturday.

I had a visual of Washington State, there was a major storm rolling in, flooding.

Eric’s Comments: As many of you know the Spider represents a terrorist, or school shooter, or a madman. “One.. One” could be 11. They actually circled the dates at the top of the calendar month. That would be September 5-6 or October 3-4. But I question that amount of detail.





62 thoughts on “Notes on 9-2-14

  1. “the ground breaks on top of the people” I wonder if Spirit is indicating miners trapped underground, or people below the surface (an underground transport system) perhaps. Worried for the Netherlands. Praying for the Low Lands to keep them safe, I have family there. “one, one” did they mean November or September 11?

  2. Eric would the Netherlands have to do with The Hague? Could the two tt’s instead of th have to do with the actual pronunciation? There is no th sound in the Dutch language. It’s actually very hard for foreigners to master the pronunciation of the sound th. Perhaps the terrorist comes from the Netherlands if we are talking about 911/US? For Chili, since the ground breaks on top of the people…would that be a warning of a landslide?

    • I did not get a city with it, just Netherlands. Even though I pointed out 11, it does not mean a date, could be one on one, one lone wolf, etc. If you look at a calendar 9-11 does not match up with the Calendar message they gave. I hope that helps. I am very curious to see if they are circling exact dates of Sept 5-6, Oct 3-4, Nov 31st-1st. Another final note, the 5th is already marked in previous prediction as around the time the ‘horror happens’

      • Just a thought. The country “Netherlands” though incorrect, gets called “Holland” often. There is a tunnel under the Hudson River that connects Jersey City, New Jersey to Manhattan, New York called “The Holland Tunnel”. Supposedly one of the highest risk areas for a possible terrorist attack. Probably not anything but wanted to mention it incase. It sounds like there are plenty of tunnels also in Europe (Netherlands) also. Hopefully these terrorist plans will be foiled.

      • Hey Eric. I hope I’m not sounding to pathetic but I am wondering what the significance of the circling numbers would be? Are you saying that it would be amazing if the Spirits were to actually be giving us exact dates/time periods, or that 5+6= 11, 31+1= 5, etc? I’m sure it was something simpler than what I am imagining. LOL. Just wasn’t sure exactly and don’t want to miss something important because I feel stupid asking. :/

      • Think about it like circling a date on your calendar. They clearly are circling a Friday and Saturday, but is it more exact then that since its the top of the calendar? Or is it just a broader message or Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday. In the vision though the calendar was blank, they just circled the last two boxes.

  3. The more I think of Chile, the stronger the feeling I have if massive slabs of rock, crushing those underground, I get an image of a long tunnel, like a shaft for a lift, that seems to stretch for hundreds of feet.

    Europe has been on high alert for several weeks now from terrorist attacks. The prediction for the Netherlands and the lone wolf refernce makes me think of a prediction before the summer about lone wolf attacks. Let’s hope the powers that be manage to foil this attack

  4. If you pronounce Netherlands in Dutch, you get “Nederland”, which could explain the double t’s, you almost get the same pronunciation.

    There has been a lot going on in The Hague in reference to unrest of the terror group IS. In that city there seem to be areas where there are a lot of supporters of this group. There have been demonstrations and tension because of this, as many Dutch feel that these people do not belong here because of the fact that they refuse to adapt to Dutch customs and laws. Also in another city IS supporters were arrested and their children placed in child protection services.

    I don’t know if Spirit means that because of these tensions there will be an attack as a response of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. The sound in the Dutch language very difficult to pronounce correctly as an English speaker is “Sch” like in the word Schipol. I have had a sense of fear for my Dutch family for many months now. I hope that my fears are just that and dont become anything in our sense of “reality” on this level. Ive seen glimpses of bomb attacks, a man with a long curved sword running through a crowd in a market area and also a wall of water, not a tsunsmi, but a lot of water like flash floods sweeping through a town, all in the Netherlands i think they were warnings of what may be…

  6. Hi Eric,

    I follow your predictions and I read everyone of them. I was wondering if the spirits gave you a time frame for the Washington State flood. You see, I live there right now and I am about to be moving cross country and I am just hoping that I will have safe travels.

    Thank you.

  7. Maybe I’m totally off but when I read of Chile, I immediately thought of the earthquake prediction. There has been a lot of seismic activity on the West Coast of the Americas lately and Chile would also fit with the tsunami prediction.

    Also, has anyone considered a terrorist connection with the dikes in the Netherlands? That would also create widespread flooding. I will say though, I feel like the world is so outraged against ISIS they won’t prevail in the long run. Our collective voice is rising, hatred has no place in this world. Intolerance has no place in this world. We do have the power to stop them and I believe we will.

      • Eric sorry I spelled it wrong. Dike. They are basically the same as levees. The Dutch are the Masters at flood control. They have to be. They also have sea gates and dams along with extensive levees. New Orleans had the Dutch help them with flood control and they even wanted to build White Sea gate but of course the Federal Govt said no to expensive. Remember the story of the boy who has his finger in the dam? It’s a Dutch Story. Hope that helped.

      • Jules104 is spot on. The Netherlands sits below sea level so the country requires an extensive network of levees (dikes) to keep the sea water out, otherwise they’d be under water due to storm surges. I believe they also have a series of dams and floodgates and the windmills are used as pumping stations, although I don’t know the frequency with which these are used.

      • The windmills were used for pomping the water but nowadays it is done by machines. Anyway, it is done on a regular basis. When heavy rain is forecasted, we lower the canals and ditches so they can absorb more water. We also have sea gates (named Oosterscheldekeerkring) that can be closed when storm and spring tide occur at the same time. This happens only once every few years.

        I actually live at the lowest point below sea level in the netherlands so i hope they won’t be messing with the dikes (dijken).

  8. Eric,
    I could not help but dig a bit further into your vision that u were given. First Rotterdam is in the netherlands. There could be your two “tts”, also there is a beautiful passenger ship that tours Rotterdam called “spido”. World port days is this weekend5, 6,7. There is also an underground and under water aquarium that attracts many people..the most
    compelling of your vision is the
    famous Rotterdam Red light
    district. There is your red sign..
    I hope I’m wrong

    • Hi Rebekah/Eric. I was just thinking about Rotterdam with the two tt’s also. Was trying to google tunnels and came up consistently with Rotterdam and the tram tunnels under The Hague City Center. I believe there are two trams that travel underneath that center and one is connected to Rotterdam somehow.

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  10. An explosion at a subway station in Santiago, Chile today injured 8 people. The explosive device was inside a trash bin in an open area at the metro station.

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